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The Idaho Statesman (Boise City, Idaho) - YW AwfuJ Catastrope'at Neg'o Baptist Convention...
YW AwfuJ Catastrope'at Neg'o Baptist Convention in Alabama, TWO THOUSAND PEOPLE N TERRIBLE PANI Immense Audience Mistakes Word " Fight" for "Fire" and Starts for Doors, STRUGGLING, FIGHTING MASS OF HUMANITY Men and Women Fight Fiercely to Escape -- Weaker One* Trampled under Foot -- Seventy-Eight Bodies Taken Out and a* Many More Ser- iouely Injured -- Frightful Wrtneeeed -- Booker T. Washington Pr***nt. the church, and wl ih the firemen succeeded In releasing thfe negroes their positions In 'the entrance. The dead bodies, were quickly removed, and the crojtrd Ins de flndliyr an outlet came pouring out. Scores of them then- footing and -oiled down the steps to the pavement, sustaining broken limbs and Inierna Injuries. SICKENING SIGHTf. In an htur the church had been practically cleared and the sights which greeted the eyes, of those who had com* to aid the Injured were sickening; Down the Mstes and a ong outside of the 'pen the dead 'bodies men and woirten were strewn, end cries of the maimed and crippled heftrt-rendlng- In h fen mlhutes the work of removing oodles was, jegun. | PHYSICIO'S CALLED The Shiloh church is. locatet just the edg4 of the scuth h gh Hind, fashionable residence section p' the city. and all the physicians I v l n that part of the to^n went to! tne assistance^ 6f the Injured. As many of the suffering i negroes, as could be fmoved by the amlulaflces were taken to the hospitals an] the rest iv ere out on the ground ind there he) slclans' attended hem At least 15 died before thev could be moved the ground. » ' WASHINGTON ?^ESEIJIT. During the | stampede Booker Washington and several otheij prominent negroes, were on the stage and were unwilling witnesses to t^ie fr ful catastrophe. one, of those Ir the choir or In the pu pit were Injured the least, so for a "few mlnjtes attempted to restore order, but, I see- Ing their efforts were f litre, waited until the strugg Ing crowd lad advanced far enough for them to pick the dead and injured. Most of tl^e dead are wom»n, and the physicians say In many esses fainted and qled o' suffocat on. A remarkable feature of the co-amity Its that no blood was seen on any of victims. They ( were either c-ushet 1 6r died from, suffocat on. Vfeei " Birmingham. A l a , Sept. 19--In an awful crush of humanity caused by a stampede in the Shiloh (negro) Baptist church at Avenue-G and Eighteenth street tonight between 65 and 70 persons were killed and as many more seriously Injured. Th catastrophe occurred at 9 o'clock, just as, Booker T Washington had concluded his Address to the national convention of Baptists, and for three hours the scenes around the church were Indescribable Dead bodies were strewn In every direction and the ambulance service of the city was utterly unable to remove' them until after 1 o'clock. Dozens of dead bodies were arranged In rows on the ground outside of the house of worship awaiting removal to the various undertaking establishments, while more than a score were laid out on the nches inside. TWO THOUSAND PRESENT. The church is the largest one for ne- groes In Birmingham, and the- pastor says there w ere at least 2000 persons in the edifice when the stampede began Instructions' had been Issued to allow no more to enter, but the negroes forced their way inside the building and were standing in every aisle. Even the entrance to the church was literally packed. Just as Booker T. Washington concluded his address. Judge Billou, a ne- gro leader from Bow, engaged io an altercatiton with the choir leader concerning an unoccupied seat, and. it Is said, a blow was struok. Some one in the choir cried. · They're fighting'" PANIC STARTS. Mistaking the . word "fighting" for "fire," the congregation rose en masse and started for the door. One of the ministers quickly mounted (he rostrum and admonished the people to keep quiet. He repeated the word "quiet" several times ,a,nd motioned to his hearers to be seated. Again the excited congregation mistook Hie word "quiet" for "fire" and renewed the. struggle to reach the door. FIGHTING MASS. Men and women crawdel over th* benches and fought their way into the aisles, and htose who had fallen were trampled upon like cattle. The min- istejro tried again andy again to stop the stampede, but no power on earth co^ild stay the struggling, flghtSfe mass ot humanity The screams o*\ women and children added to the horror of the scene, and through mere fright many persons fainted, and as they fell to the floor were crushed to QUEEN 0- DIES VERY SUC Seized with Attaex of Syncope ·t Table E«*in ( Light Dinner-- Her Majesty Passes Away Before Physician Arrives. Spa, Belgium. pt, 19-- Marie Henrietta, queen of Belgium, died suddenly here ton-git it* 10 minutes to S o'clock. Ne t ler her husband, mVm- bers of her faml /, nor her majesty'» doctor were p reseat at the t me death. She w'as s fated at a table eating a light dinner when she was seized with an .attack of syncope. Guillame, who. In the course of the day, had remarked ufton cer-ain dls- quletlpg symptoms In the queeri's condition, was summoned immed ately, but her maftesty w'as dead before he rived. Twdl 'members of her suite with the queen curing her last moments. ' / ^-^^BW«*«B» f MURDER M,YST£RY fcOL/Ep 3YPOLCE DEATH TRAP. " " " The level of the .floor is about 13 feet 'from the groftnd and long steps le*d to the sidewalk from the lobby just outside the main auditorium. Brick walls extend on each side of these steps for six or seven feet, and these proved a veritable death trap. Negroes who had Teached the top of " the steps were pushed violently for- w a r i . and many fell. Before they tould move others fell u on them and m 15 minutes persons were piled upon each others to a height of 10 feet. This wall of struggling humanity blocked the entrance, and the .Weight of 1500 persons was pushed against it. More than 1t persons lying o* the steps underneath the heap of bodies died from suffocation. FIREMEN CALLfc BOUT?. Tie white m*n who were In tne rear of the church when the rush began, escaped -and. realizing th'e seriousness of Jie situation, rushed to a corner near by and turned in a Are alarm. The department came quickly, and the , arrival of the wagons served to scat- ' ter the crowd which Had gathered around the front of the church. A ·quad of police was also hastened to New York,, Sert. 19.-pThe mystery the murder pf Mrs. Pulitzer, whose nude body was found In Mor-ls canal near Jersey City, his been solved. announcement was" made late tonight by Captain "Titus of the detective bureau, who connects 1 directly with the murder a man named Hoo e- a young man formerly connected the Brooklyn crasader. The worn in visited Hooper a* his apartments was killed in a tuarrel. All iday long detectives followed clues They asserted conf dentially :hat they were close on the rail of murderer, and developments tonight prove the correctness of the r theory. The first important e\lden»-e developed early. It was the idettiftcation of the hatching strap and the weight used as a Sinker tor the body by livery stable keeper In Hobokei. These, he said, were placed by' him in a at the special rexjuest ofy a, man who hired the vehicle from hl-n on Wednesday night and whose pho-ograph he has identified, "he horse s,ud buggy were returned tl ie following morning by the same man. The nude w om m's husbanc says saw'her last on Tuesday night, she left th?lr apartments for the pose of purchasiag some rolls ard fruit She r k ' nojt return and tUe theory is tha- ^he met her murderer, went with him to hi^ apartment* that tben. as 11» reault of a, quarrel, he killed her. Toung was seen about 9 u'clock Wednesday e\entig, when, he appeared In the si reel In froit of the house and asked Alfred Da^fey, a about 16 yearn o' age. to^-db into house and help h m carry ou a The boy says he AMented, and helped Youns carry dow» a heavy runk, which Young sax] was full of In front of | the home" was in attached to a Ugh tuggy in which trunk was placed. Young got In, according to Dabn«y,j and drove rapidly down Sixth avenue. . The pqllce say they have learned that on Thursday moraine; Toung returned to the house about T fc Between 8 and «'ock, Toung.ll Is took the same trunk from thi house the office- of the WW s Far-» company In Sixti avemie, near Fifty,- nlns; street, there be asked that It shipped to Chicago. JTbe Oidtco police have been notlflefl and w l ) for its appearance. '

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