Chess Problem No. 506

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Chess Problem No. 506 - PROBLEM No. 506 By B.. J. de C. Andrade...
PROBLEM No. 506 By B.. J. de C. Andrade .Woodford) Black (6) White (7) White mates in two moves " SOLUTION NO 505 (Baxter)' 1 K-KKM K-KKM K-KKM llhreat 2 B-Kt2). B-Kt2). B-Kt2). K((KL2)-B4: K((KL2)-B4: K((KL2)-B4: 2 Kt s P. or 1 . ' Kt-OJ: Kt-OJ: Kt-OJ: 2 Kt-K7. Kt-K7. Kt-K7. or 1 . . . Q-115: Q-115: Q-115: 2 !' X O. or 1 . . . KMK31-B4: KMK31-B4: KMK31-B4: 2 R-Q.4. R-Q.4. R-Q.4. or 1 . . . Kt-B5: Kt-B5: Kt-B5: 2 R-K.t5. R-K.t5. R-K.t5. An cxceUeBt Key, followed by Interference and self-blocking self-blocking self-blocking play. Nor B X Kl ctl. Q x B. Fischer's great win The 15-year-o!ci 15-year-o!ci 15-year-o!ci 15-year-o!ci 15-year-o!ci United States champion, champion, Bobby Fischer, has just broushl off another astonishing victory in the current American championship by winning Reshevskys queen in only twelve moves. Reshevsky is considered by. many the world's greatest player outside Russia. The game went (Fischer, White) : 1 P-K4, P-K4, P-K4, P-QB4: P-QB4: P-QB4: 2 Kt-KB3. Kt-KB3. Kt-KB3. Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3 Kt-QB3 : :i P-Q4. P-Q4. P-Q4. PxP: 4 KtxP, P-KKt3 P-KKt3 P-KKt3 : 5 Kt-QB:i. Kt-QB:i. Kt-QB:i. B-Kt2 B-Kt2 B-Kt2 ; 6 B-K3. B-K3. B-K3. Kt-B3; Kt-B3; Kt-B3; 7 B-QB4; B-QB4; B-QB4; Castles ; 8 B-Kt3, B-Kt3, B-Kt3, Kt-QR4? Kt-QR4? Kt-QR4? (correct is P-Q3) P-Q3) P-Q3) : 9 P-K5. P-K5. P-K5. Kt-Kl: Kt-Kl: Kt-Kl: 10 BxP ch. KxB; 11 KLK6. PxKt (11 . . . KxKt: 12 Q-Q5 Q-Q5 Q-Q5 ch:ieads io.mate); 12 QxQ. Reshevsky 11 IB " iiijiL lip a WMA WWi ill

Clipped from
  1. The Guardian,
  2. 01 Jan 1959, Thu,
  3. Page 5

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