National War Training of German State Economy

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National War Training of German State Economy - JUST: SO, 1907. ENGLAND AND GERMANY, NATIONAL...
JUST: SO, 1907. ENGLAND AND GERMANY, NATIONAL WAR TRAINING OF GERMAN STATE ECONOMY. BY AUSTIN I corns now to the reason of modern German State economy and its reflective action upon the life of tha body politic By the former I mean tha economic interests of the nation trade, commerce, etc., and their political adjuncts, the Army and the Navy, which may be classified aa Power; and by the latter the national education and feeling which derive from it, or the expression ol the national will to aupport and assert it. And first I will take the reason, which, indeed, for all comprehension of modem Germany, it ia quintessential to understand. In all history of the evolution of peoples no contrast is more striking than that presented by a study of Goutho's " Hermann and Dorothea " of the ago which inspired and read it, and of which it was a faithful reflex and that of modern Germany; with its scientific aociqeracy, its ecientifio purpose and propulsion, its aystematised national education, and the new materialistic idea of State reason and direction. The Song of the sublimated Ego In philosophy of Kant and Fichte, in poetry of Goethe and Schiller, in politics of' Old German Liberalism, in practical life of individualism and the Schoppenhaner doctrine of the will to live what la It now but the dirge of an old-world ideology the last stare of Lohengrin incantation I To-day Germany is governed by what may be called the anthropological conception of life by the submersion, that la, of the individual In the man, of the purpose and will of the I in the central aervioe of the whole. This anthropological conception of Ufa is, In fact, the key to all German unity of national and individual design. Whether the Idealism invoked by the words Catholicism, Islam, Protestantism, or that which found anch poetic expression in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in England, France and Germany, or tha idealism which culminated in HABRIBON. architectural design of single aim and conatrnction. There is no longer - need for Pan-German, agitation. The buccaneer Navy Professors no longer preach the gospel of battles and battleships, Hohenzollern architectonics and immediate world conquest now AU Germany is All-Germanic. It first astonished us with the outbreak of Anglophobia daring the Baet war. It is revealed in the million membership of the German Navy League ; it was demonstrated nationally, at tha last General Election. It has become part and parcel of the modern German education. First of all, said a' distinguished lady to me, " I teach my sons to be men of German spirit and Empire. Bo bb good as yon can, as wiso, aa truthful, as useful as you can, as generous and as upright as you -.can ; but, before all, know that you . axe a German, and because a German a soldier, and because a soldier an economic factor in the national .whole. Tour duty as a citizen is to know how to fight and die for your country, yonr first thought should always be of Germany and its destiny." And then she told me how other mothers taught their sons In similar spirit, training tbssn to believe in tfie future Jsf Germanio Empire and expansion, in the Kaiteridu or idea of Emperor, in the Army and the Navy and in ths teaching of the School of Treitscbke. Protestant, Jew, Catholic, many a Socialist even one and all are now ardent supporters of the Emperor's Navy, believers in the future of Germany, upholders of the AU Germanio ides of 'Tentonio predestinate ascendancy. To put it succinctly, Pan-Germarrism has merged into itself, and lives, exultant and expectant. Is the scientific purpose of modern Germany. This acentifio war training of the Gorman people is especially notable at tha present moment, in the face of recent evidence of the decline of the military apirit in France and the loose talk of disarmament

Clipped from
  1. The Observer,
  2. 30 Jun 1907, Sun,
  3. Page 6

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  • National War Training of German State Economy

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