Murder of Susan Hancock, attributed to the "Servant Girl Annihilator" serial killer

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Murder of Susan Hancock, attributed to the "Servant Girl Annihilator" serial killer - THE EIGHTH VICTIM. KUKIAL. OF MllS. HANCOCK...
THE EIGHTH VICTIM. KUKIAL. OF MllS. HANCOCK YESTERDAY AFTER- AFTER- THE INQUEST NOT ( OXCLUlEI-OTIIER OXCLUlEI-OTIIER OXCLUlEI-OTIIER POINTS I.V THE CASE. The funeral of Mrs.M. II. Hancock took place at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, from her late residence on East Water street. Mr. Hancock, being DETAINED AS A WITNESS before the jury of inquest, was prevented from being present at the interment of his murdered wife. By the fleath of Mrs. Hancock eight victims are counted of the heartless fiends who prowl around at night, filled only with thoughts of murder nud other crimes. The blood of these butchered and MANGLED WOMEN cries to heaven for vengance; an outraged outraged community culls for the enforcement of law; determined officers, backed by good citizens, swear the law shall be enforced. enforced. Be patient. As stated in yesterday s issue of the Statesman, after the death of Mrs. Hancock Hancock Dr8. Burt and Graves made a post moetem examination. and the following is their report: December 29, 1S85. On the 28th inst, at 9 o'clock p. m., in the city of Austin, and about two and one-half one-half one-half hours after death, we held an autopsy on the body of Mrs. Susan Hancock. The examination developed THREE WOCNDS ON HEB DEAD, as follows: One, cutting through the upper part of , the left ear, through the soft tissues and fracturing the squamous portion of tiie left temporal bone, for about one inch. One wound about one inch above and to the left of the left eye, making an external external wound about one and one-half one-half one-half inches long, in a horizontal direction. THIS WOUND PENETBATED the soft tissues 'and the instrument used fractured the left parietal, the frontal, the eplhenoid and squamous portion of the left temporal bones, at the point of their articulations one with the other. This fracture and the first one described made one fracture, both running together, the bones being broken and comminuted for a space of three by one and one-hnlf one-hnlf one-hnlf inches, between the left ear and left eye. These broken pieces were forced into the brain substance, TSAIiING THE MEMBBANES AKD BBAIN and involving mostly the middle lobe of the left side of the brain. The brain for two or more inches around the fracture was filled with clotted blood in a state of partial decomposition. The other wound was in the right ear and done by a sharp pointed instrument, piercing through the auditory canal and through the bones, fracturing them and PENETRATING THE BRAIN for two or more inche. The wounds on the left side were made by an ax, a hatchet, a smoothing iron or some such instrument. instrument. No other wounds were discovered. These wounds were the cause of her death. AY. J. Bdkt, M- M- D. Ii. S. Gbaves, D. The above report was submitted to the jury of inquest, which BEGAN ITS INVESTIGATIONS yesterday, but not having gotten through with the testimony, adjourned until today. today. In order that no injustice may be done the stricken family of the murdered woman, by the formation of wrong im-pressions.the im-pressions.the im-pressions.the reporter of The Stathsmah will say that the parties spoken of in yes terday's issue of the paper, as misbehav ing in the pkesence or death, were a newly married couple, entire strati gers to Mr. Hancock and his daughters, who dropped into the house to tende their services. There being but one chair in the dmmg room, the young wife natu rally took a seat in her husband's lap. Mr. uancocK himself defined their con duct as a little out of place, considering the surroundings. His eldest daughter, past sixteen years of age, was so prostrated prostrated by hkb mother's death, that restoratives had to be frequently ap plied o her and given internaiilv. The younger daughter was also deeply bowed down with grief. The afflicted old gen tleman speaks of his two daughters with great admiration and love, Haying it is cruel aud wicked that the shafts" of sc-in-dal-aionrera sc-in-dal-aionrera sc-in-dal-aionrera sc-in-dal-aionrera sc-in-dal-aionrera sc-in-dal-aionrera sc-in-dal-aionrera should be hurled at two such pure and innocent girls. C. F. A. in as in

Clipped from
  1. Austin American-Statesman,
  2. 30 Dec 1885, Wed,
  3. Page 6

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  • Murder of Susan Hancock, attributed to the "Servant Girl Annihilator" serial killer

    staff_reporter – 23 Mar 2018

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