Soviet Leaders Paid Agents of the Kaiser: Documents Obtained in Russia by U.S. Show Lenine and Trots

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Soviet Leaders Paid Agents of the Kaiser: Documents Obtained in Russia by U.S. Show Lenine and Trots - THE ITHACA Thursday, Sept. 1 9 Tomorrow...
THE ITHACA Thursday, Sept. 1 9 Tomorrow Pictures Presents Tomorrow JAPANESE ST4R HAYAWAKA Birthright" RURAL ENGINEERS HAVE CLAMBAKE AT FRONTENAC Members of the engineering department of the College of Agriculture held a clambake at Frontenac Beach Saturday afternoon.' Following a shore dinner games and sports were enjoyed. A baseball team captained by E. T. Hiscock defeated one led by I. J. Wilcox. 32 to 28. M. Glanister and George Carey were the leading sluggers. Twelve Members of the engineering department and E. G. Hurlbutt of the grounds department were in attendance. , WS S' Miss rnjitn iu ENTER CANTEEN WORK Miss Elsie S. Church of 9 South avenue, has been accepted for canteen work in France. She is to hold herself in readiness to leave at any time, which may be in a few weeks, or possibly not for months. Miss Ciurch is a daughter of former Professor I. P. Church, and a graduate of Cornell University with the class of 1917. w-s-s- Soviet Leaders Paid Agents Of the Kaiser Documents Obtained in Russia by U. S. Show Lenine' and Trotzky Sold Out Their Country Washington, Sept. 16, (by the Associated Press). Proofs "removing any doubt that Lenine and Trotzky, the Bolsheviki leaders, are paid German agents if indeed any doubts remain are laid before the world by the United States government in the first installment of an amazing series of official documents disclosed through the committee on public information. Secured in Russia by American agents, these documents not only show how the German government, through its imperial bank, paid its gold to Lenine, Trotzky and their immediate assistants to betray Russia into deserting her Allies, but give added proofs, if any be necessary, that Germany had perfected her plans for a war of world conquest, long before the assassinations at Sarevejo, which, as the world now is convinced, conveniently furnished her pretext. These documents further show tnat before the world war was four months old, and more than two years before the United States was drawn into it, Germany already was setting afoot her plans to "mobilize destructive agents and observers" to cause explosions, strikes and outranges in this country and planned the employment of "anarchists and escaped criminals" for the purpose. Almost ranking in their sensational nature with the notorious Zimmerman note proposing war by Mexico and Japan upon the United States, which was first given to the world through the Associated Press, these documents lay bare new strata of Prussian intrigue, a new view of the workings of kultur to disrupt the Allies, standing between the world and Kaiserism. They disclose a new story of human treachery for gold which might almost well be described without sacrilege as placing its "perpetrators on a pedestal with Judas and his 30 pieces of silver. The intrigue appears to have been carried down to the last detail of arrangement with typical German system. It will be revealed completely in a series of seven articles furnished by the committee on public information for publication. Not only do the disclosures prove that Lenine, Trotzky and their band are raid German agents, they show that the Bolsheviki revolution which threw Russia into such orgy of mur der and excess as the world seldom has seen, actually was arranged by the German general staff. They show how the paid agents of Germany be trayed Russia at the Brest-Litovsk "peace" conference; how German staff officers secretly have been received by the Bolsheviki as military advisors; how they have acted ,as spies upon AMUSEMENTS Orders Now . Stat Sale Tuesday 10 a u im-u ,ij nmrnu ', y in "In Pursuit ol Polly" Attraction "The Slave Auction," Son of Democracy" Series. Night, 7:30, 9 Bal., 15c; Orch., 20c or Guardians, 10c at All Performances, 'imnii itmi nn iit'iiiiiiriiiiiiiiilril -i ' m the embassies of the nations with which Russia was allied or at peace, how they effectually have directed the Bolsheviki foreign, domestic and economic policy wholly in the interest of Germany and the shame and degradation of Russia, They show how a picked German commander was detailed to "defend" Petrograd against the German army and an extent of German intrigues and domination almost beyond the realm of imagination. Originals of documents, photographs or originals and typewritten circulars, some of them marked "very secret" or "private," and many of them bearing the annotations of the Bolsheviki leaders themselves; some of them containing references to "comrade Trotzky" or "comrade Lenine," comprise the damning record. Some of the originals, it is shown, although deposited in the secret archives of the Bolsheviki, were required to be returned later to representatives of the German general staff in Petrograd that they might be destroyed. But evidence of them remained in the fabric of roguery and into the vacancies they fit profitably. The Bolshevik leaders, themselves, informed their "comrades" that the German government had required the return of the order of the German Imperial Bank depositing 50.000,000 gold rubles in a Stockholm Bank for Lenine and Trotzky, and that at the same time the accounts of the bank had been "audited" to conceal the payments. Second Installment "Washington, Sept. 16. The part played by the German Imperial Bank in financing the Russian Bolsheviki movement, the care taken by the German military authorities to prevent spread among their own people of the Socialistic preaching of their Russian tools, and the plans laid for German control of Russia economically and financially during and after the war, feature the disclosures in the second installment in the sensational series of secret documents which the American government is making public. Copies of the documents carry the file numbers of the Reichsbank or the German general staff, and in some instances notations by Lenine or Trotzky, the Bolshevik leaders now shown to have been in the pay of Germany since long before they overthrew Russia's new democratic government and virtually turned the country over to the Teutons. Big Deposit of Gold One of the Reichsbank memorandums to the commission of foreign affairs (Lenine) shows that' 50,000,-000 rubles of gold has been placed to the credit at Stockholm of the representatives of the commissars to cover the cost of Red Guards and agitators. Another of a few days later tells of a credit of 5,000,000 rubles for the assistant naval commissar in the Far East, who is intrusted with the task of carrying off or destroying the great American and Japanese stores or war materials at Vladivostok, a scheme that probably was well under way when the landing of American and Allied forces at Vladivostok ended the sway of the Bolshevik there. A resolution adopted by the German commercial banks under the auspices of the Reichsbank outlines an elabor ate program for control of Russia by Germany and the barring of America and the Allies from the Russian com mercial and industrial field after the war. What has happened to this scheme is not definitely known, but it is suggested that it may be the subject of one of the secret sections of the German-Bolshevik treaty. Lenine Called to Account How Lenine and Trotzky were betraying their Socialist friends along with Russia is disclosed by a sharp note to Lenine from the Nachrichten Bureau, demanding to know what steps he would take to make good his personal promise that Socialistic and agitational literature would not be circulated among German troops. Trotzky wrote on the margin, "I ask to discuss it. L. T." The concluding document of the Installment is a German warning on January 29 to Lenine that unknown agitators were circulating propaganda telling in advance of the plans of the Bolsheviki to openly surrender to the Germans as they actually did later. Role of the Reichsbank The following documents show in detail how the German government financed the Russian Bolshevik revolution through the German Imperial Bank. They show what rewards the German financial and industrial Interests demanded in return for the German support of the Bolsheviki. And they show how the Bolsheviki leaders betrayed their own followers and abandoned the preaching of their social revolution wherever the Germans ordered that It should be abandoned. W?S S' Movie Booking House Must Change Practices Washington, Sept. 16. In a decision establishing a precedent and ex-pected to have a far-reaching effect upon the motion picture business, the Federal Trade Commission today ordered the Stanley Booking Corporation to desist from practices designed to force film producers and theaters to deal with each other through the corporation. Specifically the corporation is ordered to discontinue: Procuring the cancellation of contracts for the exhibition of moving picture films made between its competitors and the producers; Procuring films which have been announced for exhibition by its competitors and exhibiting them in the same neighborhood in advance of the date advertised by such competitors, to hinder, harass and embarrass competitors; ' Making contracts for films on the condition or understanding that the lessee or purchaser shall not use films produced by a competitor. Making threats and employing methods of intimidation to compel theaters to pay commissions on films, booked directly from the producer or film exchanges; Making threats against independent exhibitors that unless they book through the agency their supply of films would be cuf off; and Threatening producers and Clm exchanges with the withdrawal of patronage in order to induce them to cease supplying certain of their competitors with films. 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  • Soviet Leaders Paid Agents of the Kaiser: Documents Obtained in Russia by U.S. Show Lenine and Trots

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