Documents Tell Of Sale Of Russia: Astounding Revelations of Duplicity of Bolsheviks Leaders Revealed

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Documents Tell Of Sale Of Russia: Astounding Revelations of Duplicity of Bolsheviks Leaders Revealed - marginal the e-to Is the the jreuw. eqniva-lent...
marginal the e-to Is the the jreuw. eqniva-lent Vladimir no Ban proof Una his tuiur . and cf the tkat .7wtVl-tVEi ZJe- tv wk the 1-! mmm sax-atwrest the Hewed wttsv-erftbeert nor No. 2 at FarOco-lar because of Its uer- in tie It uv- i.jnuun the mln-Ur oa a was ta there, j emotion haa there with which 1 No. tne Trot-tky th 2TH the to docu- - with aown j rr. , in u tm courtter-revo! Lenine. mentioned an behind What th of ' from of former Petrograd: 1311. in ' th war ' into ., the ' Mek-. one ' th la ' to . by la-4astrlals -aek mt . . Klettea- lm-. , be-las Ras-ala. ma-altleis. eeaatrle-. embroil- -wkom . ' .. a recelv-lag " re-aaest. -. pen- I nalistic venture, but was supposed to of haTe gpjjt with him In Russia. Th evl-Major a dence that he is still agreeable to Ger- J govern-1 im i J 1 responsl- in I I 1 0 I in ujman 0f the All-Ruasian Soveit.- Luna- - dax.rer to the causa of world so-ctaligm. By order of the staff. I fc-ave tha honor to rernest the sub-Rlttlnf of this Question to special discussion m the presence of tbe repreeetatlTe of our staff and JXr. Ton Schoenemann. ' For the head of the department: ; ..' - M. WAAL. Note The erorld penalty.' tht, fora. was aroarent to some German. i Of the personalities named in the let ter, fecaeidemann, the leader of the ae - 1 Gorman jroTernment-supportinr wins; of --'" '-r mm lu uhjm. nouot. Once before be had been named I In re 1100 to 115 umss relations" of the BsajanUheriiU with the impertal rorernmOTt.'WTWns a letter from Ber- Ln Aujrast 25. to a "Mr. Oibenr- 1 w.hlc e stated that ISO.OPe kronen I bad been placed at Olbers-s disnoeal at I Fuerstenbenra cOce thronrh the Nia I (document No. IS). Now mers- J ie.trof l emolay. Is trying- to help Scbetdemaea ta cover-bar rrn old trails. Radek la a clever Polish-Austrian Jew. who came from Switzerland with. adenine tit and -Trotsky between them siajrea me pqduc piay-actina; at Brest- I wri ocaoenemann was ine ac- rr G"nan rerresentaUT. of the I Rolhcv-(k farln w-. i. "iotm. on Dcnoenemann was the te tn document No. S. Pima is a hnrir of German Dronaranda mootr with headTuarters at Copenhagen, and , ta credited with being th directing fore ornina oua. iiave photograph of this letter. " - DOCUMENT Na.5. " (6R Great general staf?,' central AbtheQung) , Drrlslon . .v Section M. October. 1ST. Berlin.) . Secret department No. XL To - the councfl or People Commissars: In accordance with th agreement which took place ta Kron-atadt fat July" of th present year between officials of our general staff and leaders of the Russian revolutionary array and democracy. VleasTS. Lenlne. Trotxky, Raskolnlkov and . Dybenko. th Russian division of our general staff operating In Finland is ordering to Petrograd officers for th disposal of the information department of th staff. At the head of the Petrograd division will be th following o facers, who us th Russian language perfectly and who are acquainted with Russian conditions: Major. Lubert. cipher signature. Araefer.- Major von Roe Ike. dphr signature. Schoott- Major Bayermelster. ciphee signature. Ber. Ueutenant Jlartwlg. cipher alraa-ture. Henrich. . The espionage department, la ac-cordance with the agreement wltk l'- V"ln1' TroUky and Zlno-7ltt'. h-av th surveillance of the ro reign embassies and military mission, and on the counter-revolutionary movement and also will per form the espionage and -counter--' plonare work on the internal fronts, for which purpose agenta will be assigned to the espionage cities. Co-incidently it is announced that at th disposal of th government of people's commissars are assigned con- suiiani to me ministry of foreign affairs, Mr. yon Schoenemann. and to the ministry of finance. Mr. von Toll, chief - of th Russian, division German general staff O. Rausch. Adjutant U. Wolff (and belown the same letter to tn commissariat on zorenm an airs. ;i n omcers Indicated ln thi paper! have been before the military revolutionary committee and have arreed on condition with Mu-ravieff Boul and Daniabtvie with regard to their mutual activities. They nave an come under the direction of their committee. The consultants will appear as called for. Chairman military revolutionary- committee, council -of workers and anldlers' denutlea. A. JOITFR- tary. P. KRUSHAVITCH. . ' , . Note-Here 1 the worklnr enmn If Rausch wa, then in Berlin, he presumably came Immediately afterward to retrograa; x w more pro Da Die that the letter waa written in Finland than Ber lin, in some owor lexierneaa on which Berlin is printed - the word I run throurh with a pen. Btatlonerv w. hard to get in Petrograd. Major Lubert Dec ame ine neau ox me iniormatlon Intelligence bureau (Nachrichten bureau). K.ronsiaai w miuaummer bead auartera of Lenlne. Raekolnikafr ferred to in connecUon with the project to sell the Russian fleet to Germany Dybenko was the commissar of the nee i. in imw minniw. a anving man and keen witted.- ZlnovielT is the president nt th Petrograd soviet, during th wmier mo mvav iwwmiui or ma local bodies of the Russian , soviet. He 4 JOWlSn ana wru-eaucairo. JOIIIr in the letter of Bolshevik acceptance of the German compact, again stands forth for what he Is. the spokesman, after Lenin, in bji maiier 01 supreme lm-port an ee to Germany. , Have photograph of th Joint letter. DOCUMENT NO. 6. v , (German General Staff, Central Dl- -vision. No, SIX November 19.) To tbe council of people's commissars: This Is to advise you that th ' following persons have been put at i the disposal of the Russian govern- ment as military advisers: Major -Erich. Major Bode, Major Baas, Major Zimmerman, Major Anders. Lieutenant Haase, Lieutenant Klein, -Lieutenant Brelta. ' . These officers will choose a cadre of the most suitable officers from the list of our prisoner. . who will like- . wis be at th disposal of the Rus- . t slan government, as was agreed , at the conference in Stockholm when : Lenlne, Zlnovleff and other were traveling throurh to Russia. Head i of the' Russian Section, German General Staff, O. RAUSCH; Adjutant, U. WOLFF., Note Major Anders took the Russian name Rubakov. and Major Erich th Russian nam Egorov. Lenine and Zlno vielT passed - through Germany and Stockholm together. . Have 'photograph oi letter. . . ' -DOCUMENT NO. 7. y; (G. u. 8 Nachrichten Bureau!' Section R, January 12, ' 1912. Conflden- tlD . ' r Te the CoaualsSar ef rorelga Af-, fairs t By order of tko local departs- meat ef tke Gersaaa geaeral staff, tke . latelllgeaee : eeetla kas . formed mm mt tke aamea aad tke . ekarieterlatle ef tke aula candidate for re-eleetloa ef tk eeatral eaecntlve eommlttee. Tke geaeral -staff erder as te listst a tk ' eleetloa of tke followlisr people t Trotaky, Lealae, Zlaovleff, Kame- . aeff, Jffe Sverdlov, Laaickirski, VMaOUoatairaorisiaa, siartov, Stek-lev, Golmaa. Fraase, Lander, Milk, Preobrajeaakl. Rollers. Stader, Gelberg. Avaaeeov. Volodalakt. Raskoliik-ov, Steckka. Peters aad IN'eihit. Please laform the pee- -Ideat ef tke eeaaell of tke geaeral atafrs wisk. Head ef De -pirtmeit. AGASFER; Adjutant, IIE.'VRICIL Note The Indorsements ar "copy handed to chairman .council workmen and soldiers' deputies. N 956." - . "Deliver to Comrade Zinovieff and to ecret department"; signature Illegible, January 12, fell in the early part of the week of the all-Russian Soviet convention ln Petrograd the week after the forcible dissolution of the-constituent assembly. The election came at the end of the week and was a . perfunctory re-election of practically the .whole former executive committee of com missars. Lacking ths exact list. I nevertheless can state that the present executive committee was drafted from this group.' The name there surprising to me is that of Martov. the leader of the MemshlviK, though it is my recol lection that this party or opposition was allowed representation. tiatA wtt, rmtirv in m 'ph. Martov is an able writer, was asao- hut lm pertinent. Madame KoIlontaL the only woman on this list, waa the commissar of public welfare. She was Mnt abroad for foreign propaganda la February, but did not get beyond Scan- dinavi and later returned to Russia, Kameneff. who went out of Russia with Vniinntai uvnrht tn Tinm hn was arrested by the Finnish White OuiMi (not the Germans) on the Aland utanda. and his release wa the subject nerotiations. He la TroUky brother- - law. Kverdiov was temporary chair- chsrskl Is commissar of education Stekeloy is editor of the official paper Isvestia. voioaarsxy, wno nas lived in the United States, was In close confidence with 'Lenlne.. He was killed ia Moscow the last week in June. Agasfer. who delivered the order in behalf of Rausch. is Major Dubert. Have photograph ef letter. LEIGH RILET. Director New Division Committee, on . Public Information. ' MORE OF GERMAN DEAL. Documents Throw Light on Plans , for Russian Business Conquest. WASHINGTON, - September . It More about the German method of Germany i In buying control of Russia from th Bolsheviki is recorded in the-second instalment of the Sensational series of secret documents which the American government is making public Copies of the documents given out carry the numbers of the Relcbsbank or of the German general staff, and in some instance notations by Lenlne or Trotxky. the Bolshevik - leaders, now shown to have been tn the pay of Germany sine long before they overthrew Russia' new democratic government and virtually turned the country over to th Teuton. There are illuminating explanatory note by Edgar Sisson of th committee oa publio Information, who directed th Investigation which resulted ln th discloeures." One of the Reichsbank memoranda, dated last'Januarr, announces to. the commissar of foreign affairs (Lenlne) that 60.000.0C4 rubles of gold has been placed to the credit at Stockholm of th representative of the commissar to cover - the -cost of Red Guards and agitators: Another of a few days later te.i of a credit of 5,000,000 ruble for the assistant naval commissar In the far east, who la Intrusted - with ' th task cf carrying off or destAylnr the great American and Japanese stores or war material at Vladivostok a scheme that probably was well under, way when the landing of American and allied forces at Vladivostok ended the- sway of the Bolshevik! there. A resolution adopted by th German commercial bank under th auspice of the Retchabank outline an elaborate program for control of Russia by Germany and the barring of America and the aCiea from the Russian commercial and industrial field after th war. What has happened to this scheme is not definitely known, but 'it la suggested that It may b th subject of one of the secret sections of th German-Bolshevik treaty. - - I - How Lenine and Trotxky were be traying their. Socialist friend along with Russia la disclosed by a sharp note to Lenin from th Nachrichten (German In tell bureau demand tng to know what etepe be would take to make rood hi personal oromisa that Socialists and aritatlonal litera ture would not be circulated among German troops. Trotaky wrote on th margin, "i ask to dlscu.a It. L, T. The concludinr document of tbe In stalment ta a Oerman waminr on Jan uary 29 to Lenlne that unknown agita tors were circulating proper a nda tell tng in advance - or - the plans or . the HoisneviKi openir to surrender to : th German, as they actual r did later. . The following document show In de tail how the ' Oerman government financed tbe Russian Bolshevik revolu tion through the German Imperial Bank. ?ney enow what rewards the German financial and Industrial interests de manded In return for th German Sup port of th Bolshevlki. . And they show how tne Bolshevik leader betrayed their own followers and abandoned th preaching of their . social revolution wherever the Germans ordered that It should be abandoned. DOCUMENT NO. 8 . : Reichsbank No. 2. January S. 131S Very Secret . . Te :th Commissar of. Foreign Affairs: ' Information ha today been 'received by m from Stockholm that 60,000,000 ruble of, gold ha been ' transferred to be nut at the dlsuoeal of tbe representatives of the. peo- ' pie's commissars. This credit has -been supplied to the Russian gov-"' ernment in order to cover the cost of the keen of the Red Guard aad agitators In th country. The im-. portal government considers It appropriate to remind the soviet of peo-. pie' commissars of th necessity of!. Increasing their propaganda tn thK country, as the' antagonistic attitude of the south of Russia and Siberia to th existing government is troubling the German government. It 1 of great Importance to send experienced men everywhere ln order to at up a uniform government. Representative of the Impertal Bank, Von Bchanx. Note Members ef the Red Guard were paid from 12 to IS rubies a day, where as soldiers were paid hardly that number of kopecks. Thi letter ahow where the money came from. The Bolahevik government also required factory own ers to pay regular wage to tneir tfeorkera while the latter served In the rRed Guard. The notation on letter in dicates that it was referred to Men- shinskl. the' financial minister, whose expert counselor was the Oerman, Von Toll. .Menshinskl personally conducted tbe wrecklnr of the Russian banks. maneuver that deprived ail -opponents of Bolsheviklsm of their financial mean of warfare.- It was. a classic Job of de struction, done in Th name or recon struction. Have photograph this letter. f DOCUMENT NO. 9. Reichsbank No. 8. January 12, 191S. - tterun.) .very secret. -r To 'the Cemmtsmr- of Forelxn .Affairs; I am instructed to convey th agreement of the Imperial Bank to the issue - of a - credit of .o.ou rubles for the dispatch of the as sistant naval commissar Kudria- ahoff. to th far east. On arrival at Vladivostok he should visit the retired officer xf tha Rus-, slan fleet, Mr. Panoff, and instruct Buttenhoff and Staufacher, "who are known to Panoff. to com to see him. Both the mentioned agents will bring .with them ' Messrs. Edward Shindier, William Keberlein . and Paul Dies (or Dexe). With these person it ia necessary to think out a plan ror carrying out tn Japanese and American war material from Vladivostok to the west II this is not possible then they must Instruct Dies (or Dese) and hi agents to destroy thev stores. Shindier must acquaint KudrlashotX with th Chinese agents at Nikoisk. These persons should receive the agreed. amounts and should be dispatched to China s to carry on an agitation against7 Japan. President of th Impertal Bank. Von Bchanx. nOl-XI ixil Vim,u was USTUongn a m, I t . .1.1 A . I dhn?.',t.,raB n.ot bT Kudrtaahoff. H waa kiUed on hi passag through Si- berta two or three week later, and it I waa reported that a great sum of money was taken from his body, by hU mur- derers, who were said to rbe two Cos- sacka. Most - of the German arenta named In this letter were sUll activ I In Siberia in tn spring, ,as shown by document o. z. Hav photograph of this letter. , , DOCUMENT NO. .10. rjRelchsbank No. i. Jan. VL 1911 .To the Chairman of th Council of -'People's Commissars f My Dear Mr. Chairman Tha ln--. dustrial' and , eornmerclal organizations in Germany interested in trade relations with Russia hav addressed themselves to m ln a letter, including several guiding Indications. Permit me to bring them to. your attention. - - - r 1. The conflict of the Russian revolution with the Russian capitalist absolutely does not Interest German manufacturing circles. In so far aa the question does not concern Industry as such. You can destroy the Russian capitalists as far as you please, but It would by no means be possible to permit the destruction of -Russian enterprises. Such a situation would produce a constant ferment In the country, supported by famine of material and, in con-, sequence of that, of products also.; The English, American and French capitalist take advantage of . this -disorder and understand how . to establish here corps of their commercial agents. - It Is necessary to - remember that German industry lav th first years after the general ' peace will not be in a position' t; ; satisfy tha purchasing demand of . the Russian market, having broad ' similar parallel tasks in the near, east to Persia, tn China and la . Africa. ' . ' . ' ' i - 2. It 1 essential, therefore, to conr : duct a canvas and gather statistical Information with regard- to the condition of Industry, and. in view of . the absence of money in Russia, t address ln businee . conversations whichever ia desired of the group of German commercial bank. -3., 'Trade with Germany may be ln - the' first period almost exclusively exchange for wheat and for any remaining product to receive household necessities. - Everything which exceec the limits of such trad should be paid for in advance to th amount of 15 per cent, of the market -value, with the payment of the remaining nuarter tn a six. months period. In place of such an Arrange-, ment. probably. It would seem to h possible to permit, privately, the tak. inT of German dividend shares on the' Rusnian financial - market, or solidly guaranteed industrial and railroad loans. - In view of the Indicated Interest of German manufacturers and mer chants In trade relation in Russia,' I cordially beg you. Mr. Chairman, to Inform me of the view of the rov-i ernment regarding the . question touched upon, and to receive tha assurances of my sincere respect. Representative of the Imperial Bank and Etock Exchange ln Berlin,; G. van Pchans. i Note The enraging attitude of the German manufacturers toward RussIm capitalists is the feature of this letter. 1 ' . I a . on -aw.. Jky ma.n on gent special tnre gin "L mav was AND Main

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  • Documents Tell Of Sale Of Russia: Astounding Revelations of Duplicity of Bolsheviks Leaders Revealed

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