Documents Tell Of Sale Of Russia: Astounding Revelations of Duplicity of Bolsheviks Leaders Revealed

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Documents Tell Of Sale Of Russia: Astounding Revelations of Duplicity of Bolsheviks Leaders Revealed - :- OFSIEOFiSl - Astounding Reelaticrf cf Da...
:- OFSIEOFiSl - Astounding Reelaticrf cf Da Crpcity cf Bolshevik Leaders Revealed by United States-GEHMAfl TRAIL LAID BARE Evidence In Records cf Perfection of . Hun Plan for World Conflict Before Serbian Aesaeafnatloru . AMSTERDAM, September 16 Hints that the Bolshevik rovrrn- r.rt may ffk alliancra With Olhrr . rowers are contained la a cote ad- Irescd tt the people's comraiasars xri Soriels by Nikolai Lenlne, the r-Isherilt premier, printed fa the Prartla, of Petrorrad, and repub-lis hed ta the Loka! Anreljer, of Der- Ln. The note reads: -The-potioTi on the Czecho-Sle- r rak front U becoming: more danger cutiT, We are dally- tccomlnr IX'rexiinirly conrinred that alone we "are powerlea. Por the Sorlet for ronirT.i there Is only one way out. r. a me Iy, to cone lode a defenslre and -cffenalre alliance with another foer. . '' ... "In ordrr to aa?e the power of the workers and peaaanta, we must sot erra recoil from an alliance with Imperialist." - - . Vt'ASIILVGTON; SeFmber 16-Tvidence in documentary form of ; the payment, of German oM to Lenlne and Trotrky, cf the tale of T.uiaia to Berlin by the Bolahevik jrovernment'a leaders, and incident- ally of Cermany'i perfection cf . V!ani for worU conquest Ions' b fore the Serbian assassinations, has Lren laid before the . world by the United Statea jrovemmect in -the first instalment cf a series cf of- ' f irial documents disclosed through the committee on pablic information. . Obtained. In Russia by American .' erfnts these documentj ahow fur . ther that before the world war was four months old, and more than two years before the United States was drawn into it," Germany already was fettinsr afoot her plans to "mobilise destructive agents and observers" to - cause explosiona, strikes and out- " rases in America and planned the employment cf "anarchists and es- . taped crimlnala" for the purpose. First of Series of Articles. - The Uuenlan intrigue items to have 4ee5-fitle4-down to the last detail of arrsntement with typical German sys- wUI be revealed completely in r' a aeries of seven articles provided by the commltrts on ..public information, the -first of which Is herewith pre--r-ited. ' - f - Kot only do the disclosures prove that Lenlne. Trotaky and their band - ' are paid German agenta They skew - that the Bolshevik revekatlea wkJer 1 SirTTV AkWesSflsV IBlt PsKTs sBfT 0f MttF - err in eaeeeeee mm tbe world eel. . 4om has seen, aetaally waa arrsed mr iii uerMtaieseieral staff. Ikey abew kew the raid agents if Ger- w.eay leirarra Iliaeli it the Dreat. '"" -peaee- eoifemeei hew '"" sUff ifrteera eeeretly kare - beea received by the Uolahevtkl ae satiltary adrlaerst kew, .they kave ' AplfS wB the) in la aa ysjl esi a ie aatieai wltk which nia.ta eu St'uee er at pea re, kew they rffrrti- . . 1.17 iiti aireetea the Be4ahe1k fer- tt eewaimie iilley "er s Sb 1HV ISBlftTaTSC 1 lairie4eaal y ?f ,h ad dea-radaUea ef lias. - '"V new kiw a .lrke4 Gersaii rensiaadrr was detailed to "defend" ' i agaiast the Germau araay - " -" - vatrn ii uermaa la-tHgue aad domlaatlea almost beyond realm of iuaainatlea. V Originals and Phctoflraoha. Orlrlnala of documents, photon-anas - of orlglnala and typewritten circular j om ijtnem marked very secret" or " lB . " .many or them bearing - -".iuhhju. me iojnevjn lead ; in'inwiwi, rnvmm or thnn contain : nirnniTi m cornraae Trotxky" or " i V. ' wini'rise ine oamn ,.- r., rfOTra. rKme or the -orlrtnais. It is shown, although deposited In ths - rrt r.niTM ol lne lioiahevlkl. were - required to be returned later to renre- eentatlvea of the German general staff In letrogrsd that they might be de- strored. But evidence cf them remained In the fabric of roguery and r i mmcin iney nt perfectly -Jhen Bolshevik leaders, themselves. imuraiM meir comrades " that - the German -government had required the " . . . ine raer or tne German lm . rni ranx oepofltlng M.mOjo rold ruMS 5:-S.0O0.W In a Ftockhblm bank far Lenlne and Trotsky and that at the ame time the accounts of the bank had I l -audited" to conceal the pa-menta. The first Instalment cf the revelations - arpting herewith. is prefaced by an i...-i!M n.nrami oy tne committee on r-iibllc information which tells briefly . what the documents will prove. This crucial resume of the rirliir The committee on public Information- releases ior r'it!ication herewith a series of communications between the . rman imperial government and the s. Russian itoi.oevix rvemment and be-' tween the Bolahevik themselvea and . also the report thereon made to Georre Creel by LV.rar Siaeon. the committee s special- representative in Russia during the winter of m7-lS. These documents show that the present beads cf the Bolshevik government Ienlne and Trotiky and their associates are German agents. - - "They ahow that the Bolshevik revolution was arranxed for by the German . great general staff and financed by the Grrman Imperial Bank and other Ger-man financial inatltutiona. Betrayal of People. They show that the treaty of Brest-" IJtovsk was a betrayal of the Russian "people by the German a rents. Lenlne .and xrotxxy: tnat a German-picked r-orhmander was chosen to -defend" retrograd aralnst the Germans: that German officers hsve been secretly r-; : cei red by the Bolshevik government as military earner, ss erles on the-em ' baesJs of Russia's allies, ss officers ln the Runan army, and ss directors of the Bolshevik mIMtary, foreign ard do. -.rrestic policy. Tkey shew, la short, that tke peeeeat Belahevlk revrra-urat le nt a It aula a srevensaeit at ill. hat a Gerniaa a-evermeit, act-ier aelely ! the latereota ef t.rr-reaay as betraying the Itnasisa people, as It betray Keslas sstarsl allies, for the kenefU ef tke Imperial " l.rraii sreverameat aleae. Tt-ey show also that the Bolshevik - leaders, for the same German imperial id, have eruw:y betrayed the work-i l: r -classes of Ku:a whom they pre-f - f"d to represent. The. document are some seventy In - ri'jmber. Many sre oririiials, annotated by the Bolshevik oriciais. There- rs.'-i't'T sre photocraphs of emrtnals. -si.ow.r.g annotaUns. And ther cor-. r"frate a- th!M of typewrHten clr-P cT.l.-irs. cf htrh or.iy two originals' sre - T-OF8e!ed. but all of which ft perfectly the N xwit-rn of German la- t-'-) and German gi.ilt. l-.e trtl (Jocumf-t j a rhotcgrsph of a report made. to the T;ihevlk leaders fr two of thrir ai.' tints informing im that. In scrc-rlance with their 1n- ructions, thrre tad b-rn remove 1 rr the archives of the. Rvjslan mm- ;trr r- tne (e-tnan Ir-; er.a.I.lac "..w'i.-".s coney to Ccxa- nM Lenine. Trotxky and the re the preparanda of paee In Rum that at the um time "ail the of a bank la SWKMim hM been au-1 c".td" to co-ceal the j- rmcnt cf moneyjand e-to Lr.J.r.e. TrotzVy r.d their associates J by crcer or the wrman imperial .Kanx. i Indorsed by Lenine. tv. rexrt Is indorsed by Lenlne. with Ms initials, for deposit la "the se- secret dpartmr.t" of the Bolshevik files, XStiXS i, tni Wna! of a report seat by Ger- man general h WAt'r.-r'K leader, wirnwj uiem tuxi he had i J st arretted an arent who had In his potisee-in m wr.srinai oroer the German imperial wn reierrea xo la document No. 1 and pointing wt that evidently "at the proper time steps w,r not taken to destroy the a bore n)ntioned documents." Ijocument ao. locol rr.ed by several Bolfh ers ar-Wated Xovember 2. lil that "fj-'t Instro'-tlons of the r several iwmrnTit ieao 17. showing represnta tires of the German f neral staff Petrograd ana witji id consent the cotj'vU of peoT!rs commissars." wktv, Trefikr . and LeriAS were the head. two nrr!minaUn German Circa- Urs Kad also been "taken from the de rrtmnt of secret serrlce of the I'etro- J lrrise department of the German cen ral star In I'etrorrad. On the otten the protocol tbe German adjutant se- Vrowjedsres recejpt of the two lacrlmi-rattnt circulars with his cipher sitTia-tnre. And to complete tbe erldence the rtrclars are thernselres penciled with the cipher sUrnature of the head of the German secret service bur ran. Sent Back to Berlin. ThoM two circulars apparently bad 4.a L .1 tV. w AAeftA VfeeASvlekea A e-aet S in vermn mjw uiuvtv w Tfce ' German general . Stan: evMeauy wished to ret them back In order to destroy them. By the order of the German sneral staff .and with the eon-ant" of Lenlne and Trotsky they are turned over to the Germans to be de stroyed. IVhyf Deeaase ' ther are ewwetsaive yreef that mm Jmm , ltle. the Ceraeaa a-wvrraeaewt was rrerr-img for war, aeveral weeks kef ere the aasMlaatlew of tbe Aaetrlsa arch- 4ake, wktck eras saade tke wretext for war. One circular is an order from the Ger man reneral staff, dated June t. 1)14. In form! nr "all lndustrtai concerns" tn Germany to open the sealed envelopes r?rn:'nf nl&l'rZS. !iZmJZt r:itl", iTX. r. .thM l.jn ii,au aw fcsssi xva ivi VU w w ea av which the excuse bad not yet beea found. . ., I "Destructive Agents" Mobilized. I offl-The seeead rirewUr Is aa irder fresa (ke Gersaaa general staff of tke kjgm sea fleet, dated 5erraWr 2. lttd, ralllag fer the SBehUUatioa ef "all de-st net I re ageats aad ekeervers'' la tbe t ailed States aad Canada far tha sr- p mt preveatiag tke sslliig if sklaa Knee nd Eiglaid. Tk rder ealU tor etsleeleaa, strike, delays. aniieaeats aa aiiiiewjtie,- aa it reewsameads tk eaaelersaeit if "an- . . . . . . . . It 'IVese proofs - of 4 German conspiracy against th nations of u- rendered to the German secret service In I'etrograd on order of "the repre sentative of the German general staff ln I'etrograd." And they surrendered them in conformity with a working agreement between th Bolshevik leaders and th German general staff, of which agreement a photograph I Included In th series as document No. 6. rrorn General Staff a. V It Is dated -October. 1317.' It Is from a division of the Oermaa general staff. It Is addressed to the council of th people's ' commissars, of which Lenine and Trotsky were the head. It begins: In accordant! with th agreement which took: place In Kronstadt In July of the present 'ar, between official of our renersl .staff and leader of th Rulan revolutionary army and democ- racy. Messrs. Lenine and Trotxky, lUfkolnikov. ana Uybenko. th Russian oivifion oi.owr general stan, operating in inianu n , oroenng xo x-etrograa officers, tor th disposal of th Informs lion department or the staff." Among the ofneers named; are Major Lubert, whose Cipher a i mature is given as it appears on th two surrendered German circulars mentioned above (document No. S). and Lieutenant Hartwlg. whose! cipher signature is given as it appears on the receipt for the two circulars. And sn indorsement on this letter from the German general staff record that the German omcers assigned to Petrograd had appeared before the military rev- olutlonary committee" and had "arreed on conditions with regard to their mu tual activities." "Mutual Activities." ; -What their "mutual activities' wer to b is sufficiently Indicated by docu- " Kwriu o& I a letter signed ln cipher by this Major j Lubert and hi adjutant. Lieutenant Hartwlg. They notify tke Belahevlk leaders a January IS. 181ft. that "by order of tke German areaeral staff tk thermal Intelligence section "has la-formed as t the neites aid the rkir. acterlatlcs of the mala eoidldatee for lectio" to the Hiaaiai Belahevlk I Teat rat executive eommlttee aad tk a-eieral staff orders as to laalatoa the eleetloa of tke following people. They add a list of Hanlia leaders itlafaetory to ' the German areaeral staff. Tkelat 1 headed byTrotsky aid Leal e. They were elected, aad tke reel of tke preoest BolakovUc x-eewttv cofmttteo wer chooea fiem I the same Uermaa list. Document No. 3 elves evidence' r th quid pro quo. It is a chotorranh of a letter from the president of the Oer-1 man Imperial Bank to . the - Rmlh- I commlssar. of foreign affairs. it li marked 'very secret" and dated jVnu! ary S, 191t It says: -Information ha tixuT Deei receirea dt m. rmm Rtnoi.. i holm that 50,000,000 ruble of gold have been transferred to be put at the disposal cf the people's, - which 1s the-tltle of the Bolshevik lead, era. "This credit." the letter continue, "haa been supplied to the Ruasian n. ernment ln order to cover the cost of the keep of the Red Guards (the Bol-shevik revolutionary troops) and asl-t a tors in th country. The ImDeriai German government considers It appropriate to remind the soviet of peo- f lie's commissars of the necessity of ncreaslng propaganda In the country cf RuMia and Siberia to th exiatinr (Russian) government Is troubllnr the jvernment la troubllnr the I (f erman government.' n . v . , , More Money Sent. Fear day later tbe same president f tke German liiscrtal baak, seat an other iV00,000 ruble 4 tk same aa- drees to provide for tke leading of a Basal .rerolatleiary leader t VI Slvoetok to ret aesseosloa of tko Smm I aaeae aid American war materials at that poet it aeeeoeiry to destroy hem. A photograph of this letter la given aa document No. 9. There were earlier paymenta, out prooaoiy none later than these. None was necesearv By thi time th loot of-an empire lay open to xne woiiniriai ana tne Ger mans. ' i Xlort aim mean t or an are two nhoto. graphs or lurxner comcnunK-auons rrotn the Oerman Imperial Bank, given as documents No. I and No. 1L One la a letter addressed to the chairman of the council of people', commissars and. the other is the -"resolution or conrerfence of representatives of the German com mercial banks." received by the chairman of the Bolshevik centra executive committee and indorsed oy hi secre tary. Together they give a complete synopsis of the -term on which Ger many intends to nave control of all RuKian industries. - . -, Commercial Monopoly.. . - For five year from the signing of peace. English. French and American capital in Russia are to be ."banished" and "not to be allowed in th following industries: Coal, metallurgical, machine building, oil, chemical and phar- maceoUcaL" Thee industries are to be developed under the control of a "supreme advlwry organ consisting of ten kursian specialists, ten from German industrial orranlsationa and the German and Auetnan banks. Germany and Austria are to "enjoy the unlimited prtvi'rre of, sending mechanics snd q:a.i."ird workmen into Russia." "All ovhrr foreign mechanics and workmen are rot to be allowed to enter at all for five years after the conclusion of pace between Husia and Germany. I'rivate banks in Russia arise only lth the consent "ot the union of Ger. man ard Austrian banks" snd f forth. Axd. tis conirixacy between German fori uu, s e books" I tn i ci .-vovemoer J - i I - 1 la j .ox j-sin 01 i I j j 1 - j or I I j In 2S. I I J S. mm l It i l I I are la to inal I I I I land. I of I th I era! the th man -Another 8) the man I wer ... . not had Russian had, , L terial of be to their two tnc AJa. Th lars 2 in where Ward, in three their Intent By them ting lon - . it who The port later able I (which slan Been Th both tv... each With note. ' '.-- - 7 -Petrograd." " To ' la Trot-xkv. I of has the Zinovieff. 2. th of -vteff by -Bank been who Note mrr-mj-sara

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  • Documents Tell Of Sale Of Russia: Astounding Revelations of Duplicity of Bolsheviks Leaders Revealed

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