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Amanda Slimer - Euchre Club - Mr. was Mr, In of of regal was and a by the art...
Mr. was Mr, In of of regal was and a by the art for meg-nlflcent was bod-Ice Agnes by exquisitely H. of of and in a-horn tomorrow Dr. a at sat W. F . Bent-ley H. C. tha by " or re Dur- the A of a bs- e '"has. Lew. Mr. and Mrs. John Warrtagtoa. Mr. and Mrs. Morris White. Mr. Peter Rudolph Keff and Mlaa Tales. WCtoaa A Keener served the daUckms Baeaa. Mrs. Deeuui wore a handsome feUe ef aid roes brocade and pMat lace. ' Mlsa Doaae wss in stripes taffeta Iras-den pstera. s Miss Tate was In blue. Mr. and Mrs. Albert Mitchell and Miss Llda Mitchell left for the South Friday nlgnt. hoping that the warmth and sunshine may restore the roses te their daughter's face again, The wadding of Miss Edith Law, daugbter of Mr. George Wallace Law. and Mr. White. of Thomaavllie. Ga. takes place at the Hotel Glancoe the last of the month, and It is to be a very quiet. Informal affair. Miss K arras ut. of New York. Is the guest of har niece. Mrs. Hall, of McMillan street. Mt. Auburn. Miss Farragut is a grand aiere of Admiral Farragut. and a moat charming young woman. The musical department of the Woman's Club. Mrs. litis Burt Chairman, held meeting Tuaaday morning at the club- rooms. Mrs. Wei mer sang several beautiful ballads. Misa Allee Laws read a pacer on "Tbe Munodlc HV-hool; Rise of tbe Opera and Oratorio." Mrs. Burt gave a piano selection. Mrs. Kelly's - selection ' of song added to the complete programme. Mr. and Mrs. Perry S. Heath went down to Louisville Wednesday to attend the mar rta-e of Mrs. Heath's slater. Mlsa Geo r if I a Conway, one of Loutaville's brightest belles. to Mr. Herbert Stetson, of Boston. ' Mr. and Mrs. C. N. Llndley (Mary Louise I Denver have returned from tbelr wedding tr p abroad, and are beaul.f ully established at the Hotel Alms. Mrs. Llndleys "at home" days are Mondays In February. Mrs. C. M. Holloway and daughter. Mia? Holloway. leave the nral of the week for a trip to Lookout Mountain. Miss Hoi loway Is rapidly convalescing from her re cent Illness. Mrs. C. K. Holmes has recovered from her recent Illness, and will give a luncheon for Mlsa Amelia Hickeniooper Friday. Feb ruary a. Mr. Richard Trevor came on from St. I,oijls the r.rat of tbe weak for the Trevor-Hall nuptials. Mrs. Coleman Bishop, of Washington, D.C., a leader of the Delaarte aytem. will give a series -of talks here during the month of February. The first, "How Not To Grow ld." will be given st Mrs. McDonald's. Ir. Clifton, on the 11th; the second will be on tha 1.1th, at Mrs. Matthew Addy's, and the third at Mrs. Murray Shipley's, on the 15th. The ladles of Grave Episcopal Church. Avondale. will give a rake sale on Satur day afternoon, February U. from 2 to 5, In the parlh house of the church, for the ben efit of the Aid Society. Mr. K. Burton Holmes was the so eat of honor at a little dinner given by Mr. and Mrs. George Dominica, In Avondale, Thurs day svenlng. Mrs. Walter Ilofer. of Avondale. will en tertain with an afternoon at cards Thurs day, February 13. Mr. snd Mrs. L. Welskopf have moved from Lincoln and Melrose avenues. Walnuf Hills, Into their new palatial home. Forest avenue, Avondale. Mrs. Samuel Taft entertained with a card party Friday afternoon In honor of Miss Schenck, of New York. Mrs. L. H. Garrard is enjoying a short trip to Florida. Dr. and Mrs. Joseph Klcketts have moved from Broadway to the Lorraine Flats, East Third street. ' Mrs. John Kilgour is tha guest 'of her daughter. Mrs. Edmund Miller, at ths San Marco, New York. Mrs. Leopold Burckhardt and Mrs. Elliott are horns from a very gay visit In Indian apolis. Mrs. Mooes F. Wilson is homa from a visit In New York. I Miss Lucille Peebles has returned from a visit with the Carsons. In Washington, D. C. "Trilby afternoons" have become quite the fad East, and Friday afternoon Mrs. John Henry Martin, of Avondale, had the first entertainment of the kind given as yet In this vicinity, and "Trilby" wss discussed In its entirety, with charming living pictures set In a superb gilt frame, with society girls posing. There were papers read, and muaio and song. Tha programmes were charming blta of art, ornamented by a Trilby head, with tha words. "Ah! Poor mamma! She was ever so much prettier than that' The afternoon waa a pronounced auccess. The engagement la announced of Miss Mary Shoemaker and Mr. Gibson, of New Orleans. Miss Kathyleen Law. of Fern Bank, has gone to Flndlay, Ohio, on a visit. One of the presents received by Miss La- leah Boyden and Mr. Wlllard Howe Wednesday was a beautiful piece of sllvsr from a club of which the father of the bride haa been a member for many years. The givers of the gift were Colonel Leopold Markbrelt. Mr. W'orthlngton. General Goshorn, Mr. Lars Anderson and Mr. Keohler. Mr. William A. Keyl and Miss Pearl Punshon were married at the residence of tbe bride's parents, on Summit avenue. Price Hill, on Thursday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Rev. Dr. Tyrrell officiating. After the ceremony Mr. and Mrs. Keyl left on a bridal tour to Eastern cities. It was a very pretty home wedding;, attended by the immediate friends of the contracting parties, tbe bride Is the dsughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Punshon, and haa been a leader: In a select social circle. The groom Is wall known and popular. Those present a the wedding were Rev. and Mrs. Tyrrell,! Mr. and Mrs. Frank Merchant, Mr. and Mrs. Will Earley. Mrs. Keyl. mother of 'ithe groom; M!s Gillespie, sister of the groom; Misses Luella, Helen and Emily Perkins, sisters of the bride; Miss Myrtle Merchant, Miss Mary Farrel. Miss Josle Farrel. Miss Mary Holloway. of Wilmington. Ohio; Mlu Mary Holloway. Will and Frank Per kins, brothers of tbe bride; Will WUUstjos. James Duncan. "Wldney Sprowies. Mrs. K. 8. Tbarp gave a delightful m leas ers dinner at ner home on Congress avenue, Wednesday, January 30. Those pres ent were Mr. and Mrs. Elliot:, Rev. and Mrs. ollard. Rev. and Mrs. Van Horn. Rev. add Mrs. McHugh. Rav. H Irene. Mlaa Thatp and Mrs. Nichols. i Oscar M. Stork, of Elmwood Place, and Miss Ac us t a Kartells, of Cincinnati, went fij Hamilton, Ohio, on Wednesday to be married. I The young ladles of the M. E. Church ok Elmwood will give an entertainment at the church on Thursday evening. No admission: will be charged. j Mrs. Katharine Eeiep, of Northalde. leftl on January -Ji for Bridgeport. Conn, where she will make ber future horn, with har daughter. Mrs. C M. Harden. Mlss Lovell, of Covington, entertained ths Luncheon Club Thursday, and among the guests were Miss Porter. Miss Hamilton, Mian Ford. Miss Miller. Misses Kenedy. Miss Heam. Miss Davis. Miss Berry, of Newport. Mlsa Margie Boyd and guest. Miss Barber ,of Duluth. Mian. Dr. A. T. Uogemeyar has returned from the East, and Is now at his home. No. 1U West Eighth street. The twentieth anniversary of the mar-riago of Mr. and Mrs, Frank P. Thompson waa rolebrated In a befitting manner at the handsome residence of the couple on Mansfield street Monday evening. In honor of tbe occasion every nook and alcove of the pretty borne war, decked with potted plants and -flowers, the fragrance of which was wafted In gentle aephyrs through the spacious drawing rooms, a feast of stories that recalled tbe halycon days of youth was followed by the d lac use Iris of an ample mono, after which th, hght fa elastic was tripped until streaks of morn announced the coming of another day. Quito a gathering was present, and Mr. and Mrs. Thompson wero rajaejabered with many substantial gifts. ' The B. 8. Monday Euchre Club was entertained by Mra. Dorger at tbe resideae, of ber mother. Mrs. Wettere. of Dayton street, last Monday aJTurnoon. The prises were very bablsueie. of DoMon and Dresden china. The members present wars Mrs. U. Mnklhsansr. Mrs, Fran FXa. Henrietta BaUaaf, Miss L, Brooks. Mrs. J. Wladisca. Mrs. Albert SchwlO. Mrs. J. Sergei. Miss X. Alms, Miss Amanda Slimer. Mrs. r. Wajtterer. Mrs. Derger. Mrs. A. Bess, Mrs. Leon, Mir Oeorgs) Kilmer. Mrs. J. Devtea. Mrs. J. Kreljner. Mrs. F. pfaff entertains tbe club Beat Monday, followed by Mrs. A. Rek. bs gives a very large party on the 14th. tor which ever sO tartta-Oons have been sent oat. sir. nanry c Bohm, of West Seventh street, gave te bis friends last Tuaadar night a supper la celebration of his forty-fifth birthday. The event of the) evenJaa was a presentation ef a Use oak desk from tbe employes of tbe flrso. Music and dan- nog were kept ap an til the wee a ma' hours. The Queen City Rallriad Clerks' Associa tion, of this city. wlU give a recevilon and hop at the sew Odd Fellows' Tempi, on next Friday e-venin. February S. Indications are that It will be attended by some of our moat prominent railroad as well as society people. The committee hi charge. Is untiring In its efforts to make it a grand Burceas. The association Is composed of clerks employed in the general offices of tha different railroads entering Cincinnati. xne committee having charge of the arrangements are as follows: George E. Net sel, H. D. Winans. J. Schloss. Jr., A. Grtm- melsman. R. L. Stokes and R. BrophiL Mr. and Mrs. Jamas H. Flnnlgan heve returned home from New York and Philadel phia. Miss Jessie Wunder enterta'AS with cards W ednesday. February . Miss Keeler. of New York. Is the guest of Miss Florence Voight, of Walnut Hills. Miaaea Llllie and Anna Buscb, of Philsdel-phta street. Covington, left yesterday for W aabington. D. C. and Philadelphia. A happy crowd of young people gathered at Hayden Hall on last Tuesday evening to hid adieu to the charming guests of Miss Carrie Bernard, tha Misses Hoffstadt. of Madison, Ind. Ths dancing was kept up until early in the morning. Among thoee present ware: Misses Delia Klein. Marks. Hannah Able, Sarah Levy, Minnie Bloch, Pauline Hecht, Lehman. Jennlnaa. Lillle Mode. Heckley. Maud Bernard. Carrie Ber nard. Mrs. A. Bernard. Mr. and Mra. M. Raer. Mr. and Mrs, A. L. Flatau. Miss Lille Harris of Louisville, Miss Emma Hoff stadt. MIks Mamie Hoffstadt. Messrs. Leo Mode, Theo. Rosenberg, M. Able. M. Levy, livnj. Bloch, Samuel Loewenstein. Samuel Hecht. Clark, Eugene Adler. Harry Moun-UiK. I. Judah, Julius Baer. J. J. Doty. Rich- irda. Lane. Dr. A. M. Goldberg, PhU Pollita. The fifteenth anniversary of the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Welland was cel ebrated In elegant style at their home, on Curtis street. Walnut Hills. Tuesday even. Itig. In honor of the event every nook and corner was fragrant with potted plants and flowers. A sumptuous supper was served, the table being handsomely decorated with Sowers, after which dancing, was indulged in. The Twigs, tbe swell society club, of'Day- ton, Ky., gave a reception and dance on the evening of the 1st. " , Mrs. Evii Mae Meehan entertained a few of her friends with euchre, at har home. r riday eveylng. I'pon last Friday evening Miss KaUe Lo gan entertained with a candy pulling at her noma, oak and Melrose. A large number of guests were: prenent to enjoy the occasion. Mr. and Mrs. Edward Bee'be gave a euchre party on January a at their home. Price Hill, in honor of tha fifteenth anniversary of their wedding. The first prises were won by Mr. Charles Dechamps and -Miss Reny Dec h snips. The booby prises were won by Mr. Walter Dresback and Miss Rosa Drucker. An assembly will be held In Newport. Ky.. February 21. at Odd Fellows' Halt The fol lowing are ths patronesses: Mrs. A. J. Par- 11 n. Mrs. J. W. Shanks. Mrs. George Wedder mann, Mrs. Richard Spalding, Mrs. 8. W. Blgataff. Mrs. J. T. Hodge, Mrs. H. P. Bu- ohanan, Mrs. T. B. Toutsey. Mrs. Georaw P. Wllshlre, Mrs. R. W. Nelson. Mrs. R. C. Taylor. A reception was given during the past week by Mr. Oeorge W. Lamb. Bellevue. Ky.. In honor of his cousin. Miss Stella E. V. in Lams, of Louisville. Ky. The evening was enjoyably- passed In gsmes. dancing, music, arc Refreshments ware served Among ths guests were: Misses Ara Miles, Llllie Mette, Kittle Stetter, Lillle Harding, Mora Mette, Lalla Met. Dora Stetter, Alice Emlg. bble Vance. Alma Jolley, iMsna Hardltig; Agnes Beyland. Grace Blakeney, Messrs. Frank Beeves. George r.mig, j. Arthur TroxelL Walter Beyland Harry Hendricks.. Harry Moreton, Albert KSDoe. Hiram c.o. John Blakeney, John Krapp, Charles leaves and Geo. Lamb. The Ladle,' ll Society of tha M. E. Church of Bond- Hill will give a "Shadow Social" at the hoVie of Mrs. O. L. Perln. Fri day evening, Ferfruary a. All Invited. Miss Lutta Wao. of Covington. Ky.. save a luncheon last Thursday complimentary to ner guests, Miasaa Janl, Staton, of Brook- vllle. Ky.. and Lcfra Penn.. of Amelia, Ohio'. The North Side ub gives their second an nual soiree dansaee at Masonic Hall, Fri day evening. MerCB L Wedneedsy lka: n delightful Informal gathering took p?rics at Mrs. J. H. Ober witte. of the NoriKk. Last Tuesday elinlns a taffv-Dullln wa given at the residence of Miss Grata Mor- ai. o aicaiiiinn street, walnut Hills. Dancing was slaolcndulged In. Among those present were MIssH Emma Burghelm. Olive Brown. Sadie PaiVar. Charlotte Bura-haim. a,iisaoetn Henemn, Salli, Morgan. LJda Berry. Greta Morjjan. Messrs. Harry Hous ton, tieorg, Cohnan, Ed Wehemer. Ed Moehlman. John tBerry, Harry Wehemer. Will Berry. Lou Raent and many others. Mrs. James H. Lsfevre and daughter. Miss Edith, of Portsmoc.-b, Ohio, were the guests of the family of Mr. Charles W. Zell during tne week. e Mrs. K. C. Bovfers and Miss Krtith vr Zell will depart lot St. Augustine about the last of the week, aftd before returning horn, wlU visit Lake Wmh. An enjoyable peVormance for a worthy charity ought to rouse general Interest. The Associated Charities and the Foster Home are to hare Snelr coffers replenished to a degree by thspuplls of the Cincinnati School of Expre4son. who win give the third of a series o& entertainments at Odd Fellows Temple oniThursday evening. February S!8. Tbe clever young folks who have been taking part 1$ these plays ara to be congratulated on telr success. The excellence of the prevtoss entertainments given by the company of Amateurs affiliated with the Cincinnati School of Expression justifies the belief that it ho third of the series will prove squally &s successful. The proceeds are to be equally divided between the Associated Ch.arw.les; and the Foster Home, two most worthy l&oiitutlona. On next Friday evening. February S. at the Columbia Congijesatlonal Church, ths Tusculum Banjo Ctu assisted by pianists, t soloists, elocutionists. A violinist and the Murray Quartet, wllgtve a concert for the benefit of the church.: The proarranune Is an labors ta on, and pfomisss assay doUght- ;u An enjoyable evenftsg was spent at the beautiful residence) e; Miss Nannie Burk-hart. Rath aveeoe, Walnut Hills, Wednesday. January su. Tls hostess entertained ner friends with a cany pulling, after which nrjisie and dancing sV indulgsd in. Among t lines present wero Atlas Aline Cosgrove. Mlaa Alice Marsh, Mjaa Mam la Cosgrove; Messrs. Ned Strauss, E. Brewster, Charlie McOea, Richard Roatlsi John Brewster and ' 1 Mlaa TutU Be had. ofjT.lnrtan avenue. CUC-ton- gave a party In saor of Mr. Oeorg, rUriacberger, who ha? ; accepted a position In New York City. an wher, ho will make hkt future, home. Danng anal atiigng was the pastime of the evaplng. Asaong those present wero Misses Mai gust its Banns. Lull, Banning-, Nettn Wstnsr. Clara Bennln-ger. May Schad. Ella svjber. J as sis Graves, Tuttl Schad: Mansrs. 'Oscar T. Ricard. Oeorg Rmksabargsr. : 'Robert McEvliley. J. H. AbbihL W. Laroy iyne. Louis Rink-eoberger. Jr Fradartc GroU and A. O. Smith. - . ' t V - A progrssslv tackt ttlvea at the rent-denoe of Miss) Carrie Bshwsaa. on Ohio aveawa, waa a .oailgattsu affair, srara won br tee Maasri BUckly. Msanty and kbasa Ann'ig thoso whonar- on by S. Go who Mrs. and day ner charming Fannie McKlb-ben; Jr.. ana the i-tta the i spending stay her editorial Detroit but that Mt soon California. The elaborate Those Miss Mra. Mra. Craighead. A Miss Moaa-aient affair. palms About and wore ware of allk. black wt Walter J.nrs. Wut-ehat. Mra Fred Mary ilaa-oart. lake T. Eaca-braok. Ba-amok Mra. party Tbe of ftu an where Mr. visit M base spent atr. Mr. ma The hrouk. atr. my-cmr was sad

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  2. 03 Feb 1895, Sun,
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