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Milner - JPc 1907 - AIJinilTTrqRAWEi - SLAVE AITew York...
JPc 1907 - AIJinilTTrqRAWEi - SLAVE AITew York Court Decides to Carry Out the Purpose of WilL From the New Tork Son Eldridge Cooper a seventy - year - old ex - slave ot the Cooper estate In Columbia County Tenn Is to continue to receive the flOO a year that Judge Cooper allowed him until the Judges mental faculties began to fall two years ago And besides Eldridge is to get J22S arrears In a lump sumalthough the hundred will reach him as before in quarterly instalments Eld ridge lives In Louisville now since tne 01a home place In Columbia County went to rack and ruin The negro will not be the only one to benefit by an order made In ther Supreme Court yesterday by Justice Truax Several or Juage coopers relatives sisters brothers and nephews and nieces are to get the same annual sums out of the judges estate which has been In the hands of the Trust Company of America as trustee of his property since the Judge was pronounced mentally incompetent a couple of years ago Under Justice Iruaxs order Addison CooDer a brother and Miss Martha A Cooper Mrs Eloise C Stockwell and Mrs Mary A Sansom sisters are each to receive 1000 a year and 2250 arrears William F Mllner and Rosamond Milner a nephew and niece ot Judge Cooper will divide between them 1000 a year and 2250 cash and Christine Cooper another niece will receive S0O a year and 1000 cash Besides these payments out of the Judges estate Michael J Mulqueen tho referee will receive 1200 for his services He aked for 2500 John B Stanchfleld and John K Berry who appeared for the petitioning relatives asked for 7600 but under Justice Truaxs order will divide J500 between them In full payment for all services rendered Mr Berry also gets back 769 which he advanced in disbursements The Coopers were a great family in Ten nessee Matthew D Cooper father of Judge Cooper owned a big plantation He married three times the three Mrs Coopers being first cousins The first Mrs Cooper bore three children of whom the oldest William F Cooper is the present Judge now eighty - seven years old and suffering front senile dementia Henry Cooper the second son was a United States Senator from Tennessee until 1882 when he died Christine Cooper is his only living descendant Mrs Mary A Sansom now seventy - seven and living on a small barren farm In Columbia county was the third child of Mrs Matthew D Cooper The civil war swept away the Cooper fortunes The hundreds of slaves were freed Eldridge the cook and his wfte alone remaining with the family The thousands of acres passed Into other hands and the family was scattered throughout the Southern States William F Cooper turned lawyer and was for many years a chancellor in Tennessee and later served on the Supreme Court bench He was a judge of the Supreme Court till 1SS0 when he resigned having reached the age of seventy and moved to New York Judge Cooper has always looked after the welfare of his sisters and brothers and their children even before the death of his father which occurred in 1S78 From 187 to 1902 when the judges mind first began to show signs of weakness ne never missed a single quarter in sending to each of his sisters and brothers the allowance he mada them from his income Beginning with 100 a quarter he gradually Increased the allowance to 250 every three months for each of five sisters Two of them are dead Ir other ways also the judge befriended his relatives Whea his sister Eloise married Stockwell the latter - bought a home for 6000 giving his notes in payment The Judge secretly bought up the notes and presented them to the surprised Stock - veils Miss Martha Cooper has alwavs been looked upon as the head of the family She tcok charge of the father In his latter years Since the remittances from her brother ceased she has worried until her health Is broken because pt his condition She is absolutely without means save what he allowed her When the remittances first ceased a cousin of the Coopers would run up to Npw York to remind the old Judge that he had skipped a quarter As soon as he was reminded of it he would send the regular allowances remarking I overlooked them It is one of the pleasures of my life to send them and finally it will be all theirs anyhow The Mllners were reared by Mls3 Emma Cooper row dead and both ate confirmed invalids as Is Mrs Stockwell Among all the seven who are now to receive their allowances again there Is not one self - supporting or independent All they own between them is a one - seventh interest In a tract of barren land in Lewis County Tenn All the judges letters showed his steady determination to care for his dependent relatives His account book was put In evidence showing each quarterly payment from 1890 to 1903 as well as the other items of his expenditures from day to day In that period The last entry In the notebook Is in 1901 and after that Judge Coopers mind and memory were too feeble to enable him to keep up his old systematic habits He lived quietly but expensively at a private hotel In the heart of the city and when he was first pronounced Incompetent the manager bf the hotel was made the committee of his person But after some months this proved unsatisfactory and Homer Folks was appointed as committee of Mr Coopers person while the Trust Company of America acted as committee of his estate

Clipped from
  1. The Washington Post,
  2. 13 Jul 1907, Sat,
  3. Page 6

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