The Iola Register, Iola KS; 22 Sep1877; Pg 1; Vol XI; #39

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The Iola Register, Iola KS; 22 Sep1877; Pg 1; Vol XI; #39 - a a licans attempted to hold a meeting. Ellis...
a a licans attempted to hold a meeting. Ellis appealed to the colored men to return with him to the school-bouse and participate in the meeting; that they had a rightas American American citizens to hold political gatherings, and that the Democrats dare not offer violent violent interference. The m.iJority ot the mon returned with him, but the others, being afraid of trouble, went home. WhenEllisand his party arrived on the ground a few color- people were still there, and there were present present about seventy-five Democrats in club uniform, and armed with double-barreled shot-guns. The Indepenent candidate soon arrived, and had a conference with J. D. S. Davenport, Chairman of- the Democratic Executive Committee, who was there armed. armed. They asked if the Democrats were there for the purpose of preventing the lu- ilependcnts and Republicans from speaking. Davenport, replied that they were there to preserve the peace, and did not intend that any ISCESDIAUY SPEECHES should be made; that Ellis, who was particularly particularly obnoxious- to the Democratic party, would not be permitted to address the meeting. meeting. Ellis insisted that he bad a right to speak, and would do so at any cost, but, after after a consultation with his friend, ho agreed, for the sake of avoiding bloodshed, that he wonld take no part in the speaking. The Democrats sUted that they had no objections to FInly and Hicks speaking, and gave the assurance that they should be protected. protected. FInly was the first speaker. When he took his position on the stand a unifonn- cd Democrat, with shot-gun In hand, was stalIon9da few feet behind him, for the m.nnifest purpose of intimidating the speaker speaker and to prevent him from giving expression expression to bold •raggrcssivc sentlmcnlii. The armed Democrats stood In front ot the speaker, and he had hardly finished his first sentence when they broke out in stiout.s. These derisive demonstrations were repeated repeated at tite end of almost every sentence, and it was with the greatest difficulty that Finly could speak in a connected way. The Republicans Republicans present were thoroughly intimidated intimidated and remained quiet. FInly persevered persevered in his efforts to speak and appealed for a •luict hearing. His appeal was met with the most boisterous applause and clapping of hands, undoubtedly meant to turn toe occasion occasion Into a farce.' The remarks that he did make were of an extremely moderate character; character; he had no violent abuse for the Democratic Democratic party; his utterances were not incendiary; incendiary; it was simply an effort at a temperate temperate statement of - the reasons why the people, without reference to partv, should vote the Independent ticket. He' told the armed Democrats that he was not there to stir up BAD BI.00D, AT yon nic, and had useful, to ns and this the and and that can ray are

Clipped from The Iola Register22 Sep 1877, SatPage 1

The Iola Register (Iola, Kansas)22 Sep 1877, SatPage 1
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  • The Iola Register, Iola KS; 22 Sep1877; Pg 1; Vol XI; #39

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