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 - THE' PAPER WITH •,/QUA •,/QUA LITY-".-...
THE' PAPER WITH •,/QUA •,/QUA LITY-".- P,URCHAS~ ING POWER FOR THI: ' ADVERTISER ' NUMBER'296 EXTRA-; and',". sur- continued; to -the'-Free of.. the William-. slaying,.of Sheriff spectacular strife., Sunday the the nipiie!,,than: the' the inten- the wake Herrin itself—its to .killing as furnished Thus 'a, the first of ; t!le the city .authentic And, they that.line .. news ' of also the -Anna Herrin of the ser- .nd to bring, <* ^ au turday's Fray Stories of Fatal Cigar Store Battle Told by Both Factions. May^Be Unable to Find Coroner's Coroner's Jury. Some Say Young Killed Thomas and Three Others, But That Thomas was Killed From Bullets; From Outside. (By Associated Press) Til., Jaiv . 25—Versions by twq purported wit- '• : .HBRRIN, jiven today nesses 1 of "the shooting 11 here Saturday night said that! S. Glenn Young, > Ku Siux Klan 'liquor raider, fired but one shot'and that Deputy Sheriff Thomas milled Young, '«' '.'.-,'Ellas '.'.-,'Ellas Green, an official of the.min- ers' union,: related that he was in the cigar store when Young came in. Then-the door, in the rear opened 'and' .n came' Oi'a Thomas. '. , : "Ora had- his hands on 'his~two au- :omatie's, then Green' went between Young and Thomas and then sudden- s' Voting drew one of his guns .and fired but didn't hit anyone. Then Thomas came out with his two auto- natics and iii-ed twice and Young fell. •Vt this shooting came from the outside." outside." • Adherents of. Young say that Thoni- is^.fired first. Young 'entered s'ar stove,' acc.orrting to version, to buy cigarettes and then in and .in-, spine-man-. atl n ' er " !V ' aiK " e <J between Forbes and War- shooting' ncr ' Y °un.g's guards, and opened fire forc-j home,I William regular news, ( received from William pressman. an force out. on Press sold when Youn S allrt the bullets entering his p(iler Piercing his heart. Then Young gave the greatest ex- j hibition. ; of. marksmanship of his career career by killing Thomas as 'he fell. unteer information on the shooting,' Glenn's. version o{ the killine announced announced that Thomas was not killed " •by Young, but by a i'oung supporter firing from the outsidvj of the e: : ;ar store..Glenn also believed that FcV>es and Wander were killed by their tivii comrade:-,, as Thomas was the only auti-klansmeii who was seen ti. ise any weapon.." "I was with a group of auU-JU. ns- men who-came out of the city lull, about a block away from the," Glenn said. "Then I heard a shot and saw where the bullet had hit a. concrete concrete post". I saw Glenn Young and several others in the street. I ci.n't say who fired that first shot or where it canfie from. From there, I went to the " cigar store and then went, into the basement of the building ;.nd when I came upstairs I saw a bu:ieh of on the outside'. -'-"Yc; ng went to get a package of cigaret as. While in -tliere Thomas came in : rid. had his back toward Young. To: ng < drew- his .guns and ..Thonsiis whoc ed ;UK!" drew-5iis. Young, got behiat a man named ' Green. P/ou't Thomas!' Gveen said. 'Don't I wouldn't shoot -you.' " s'v ot, w 3. *y. (By.; Associated Press) (•By Asboclated Press:) 'HERRIN. 111., Jan. 20— The dr of a. new peace today loomed above the erstwhile turbulent ''horizon 'in ! au- con- 19TH Persons completed Tor dainty, musical 19th. of taking -. the o£ cpnv staged for : American giving big pio o£ has an full :o£ to finish -with HERRIN, 111., Jan: 26—Faced with Herrin, although militiamen still re- many conflicting theories as to the rnained close to the scene of recent exact manner in'-, which S. Glenn'action. Young, Williamson county raider, his i. ' Following a stormy 'outburst in' companions, Ed Forbes' and Homer (which S. Glenn Young, Klan liquor Warner, and Deputy Stieriffl Ora Thomas, anti-klan leader,, came to d'eatli in Saturday night's shooting affray, indications were today that the coroner's jury Syould hii unable to arrive at any definite explanation of the affair when it meets- tomorrow. A jury empanelled yesterday to view the scene of the., shooting .in an 'unpretentious 'unpretentious little cigar store on Main street, but returned no verdict. Mrs. Young, wife "of the slain klan raider, said thac eye' witnesses would raider, and Ora Thomas, deputy sheriff. sheriff. Hie recognizoil leaders of the .is- tactidiis. were shot and Kill id. u rainbow glow of quiet predicted ail end to the gun play that Had won *ar reaching notoriety for Williamson county. Ed FprhBS and Hoaier Warner, b" th reputed, Klansmen and henchmen of Young's,- also met death in. the i- in of lead on; the main street of'He; in in" the' usually quiet vicinity of a it- tie cigar store. testify at the proper time that her j Young died from a bullet thror»h husband had ' been lured into a trap"""" ' *"" ' ' ' and shot from behind. •'Hope,-ivas 1 expressed by everyone thai Williamson county's days of turmoil turmoil we're over and that further action action would not be seen that would add in its notorious record for hlood- his heart, although lie was shot c so . in the right breast. .Thomas recei-ed several wounds in;his :•-.'•. ana d sd on the v-ay'to a hospita... • !:t-. is as shot in the base of the skull. died in a hospital, A company of militia headed by' and it this night talent shed although many were not so optimistic. optimistic. : The .body, of" Young today lay : in state at the First Baptist-church: A red cross was near the foot of the cofliii and klansmen are on a vigil. The purple; robe of the klans- men- ha.d been N replaced p by street clothes. The body of Young and. the two companions and that of Deputy Sheriff Ora Thomas, Yoimg's avowed enemy, .were in their-homes. *• Kiansftien ,au,d anti-klansmen offar- ed widely.'different versions of ' the 1925 outburst. ' But there is one version version thaj; s.e<?ms to take precedence o-ser the othois Acc-oiding to tins sloiv the light stalled at the filing of a shot fiom the vumity of ihe -Major Tlobert.Davis, arrived at 2 a. m. yesterday from , Carbcndale ;ind took charge of the situation". Adjutant Adjutant General Carlos S. Black staied last night that further movements of troops into Herrin was • not contemplated contemplated unless .further, trouble developed'. developed'. General Black stated 'that ad-" •diiional 1 troops would be ordered to the city at the first sign'of additional trouble^,; "But," he "said, "we hope the , soldiers now on duty will be able to_ handle the situation." • C. E. Anderson, mayor uere, who was in Chicago at the tiuiB of 'he outbmst left Hieie n.ght foi 1- i Hie 2nd will be available v, ill show a of the foil wave Gmopodii hotel about 9 10 Satin day AS the report of tho explosion of the caiti'idge sounded the cits ,atli evening s activity of the little Young and seveial otheis weie eied iu i lestaiuatit about a block Tvvay at the sound of the shot they lushed to investigate In 'the cigai stoie Young and Thomas met and when the sinoke had cleaied away rin, saying, "This-.will wind up trouble in Williamson-county." the leadei <s of bot'i the TClau ana U Klau factions drad fiom now OL IB will be peace arid quiet. Veision" oi 'he battle iaij It is kno-nn 110^0%°i tlut ths shooing took place m the Caiiai\ dgai sf>ie and barber shop, operated in front of thn Duiopean hotel, a ippited 1011- of anti Klan Accounts agiee that a s,hot was fir- l a lew minutes betoje the gpne™,! Young and two of his followei severe I ftisil!ade fjom aa - aHey adjaccn. to dead, while Thomas lie on the flooi a lestaurant operated by Young "he dymg % , bullet lodged haimlessly-iu a t le- Tohn G Glenn an autiklansman Pfia " e poie Ros<3 L ' ze >nbi, a He.-m who 1= J ibout the only/ man who did n&t take pait in the shooting to vol (Continued Fron> Page On&)

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