George Paris, a coming pugilist, sprinter, and clog dancer 29Jul1904

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George Paris, a coming pugilist, sprinter, and clog dancer 29Jul1904 - ? rnvnnnv V Budget From Dawson Brings News of...
? rnvnnnv V Budget From Dawson Brings News of Yukon Politics. Politics. Dawson, July IS. (l!y mail) At an enthusiastic' meeting of liuukcr Liberals tt Forty Seven Hull, 47 below. Hunker, Hunker, last evening, what is to be kiiowu us the Forty - Seven Hunker Liberal Chili was formed, with Han Croniu president, and J. W . McNeil secretary. About twenty Liberals signed their names to the roll and became charter members of the club. The hall was well filled, there being about W "f the best known uieu of that part of the creel; present. Speeches were made during the course of the meeting by ex - Mayor Henry Mucuulay and Johu Grant, of Dawson: Kobert A. Grimes, of Dominion; and Dan Croniu, Hunker. The addresses were putriotic in theme, and were listened to with the keenest Interest by those assembled. Several resolutions of confidence iu the officials officials of the administration were ptssed lit the meeting. The first expressed confidence in the administration of Sir Wilfrid Luuiier, and pledged the support support of the meeting to maititaiu the Liberal party in power. It was ordered ordered that a copy of this be signed by the president and secretary and sent to the premier. Another similar resolution, resolution, iu which the club expressed confidence confidence in Minister Siftoti, and endorsed endorsed bis general policy, was passed. A copy of this will be sent the minister. A third resolution most emphatically endorsed the local administration of Commissioner Cungdoa and expressed satisfaction with and confidence iu the manner he has conducted the business of ihe territory, and in particular because because he will not countenance any wrongdoing from any source. STING BY A SPIDER. The poisonous sting of a small black ipider caused Dr. Green, the Eagle mining operator, a wee1: of 'sect: suffering. suffering. Besides the pain, the doctor's (right arm was render J useless for li'verul days because of iul'luiiinuitioii . The Uocto,' was stung on ihe right wnst, Just a short distance above the lower Joint of the thumb. 'Ihe wrist immediately immediately began to swi :1, tin I iu 21 hours the whole lower arm was affect - ed. The inflammation has now disappeared, disappeared, however, and he will soon l.av. - the use of his 'iiu again. This is the second time the doctor has bee - i slung by n spider in the lower river town. He states that the spider is the only poisonous insect he has ever ieeti iu this country. FOSTEK POWEIiS AlUU'.STED. Foster Towers, a well known young Uau about town, lias betn arrested on l j charge of theft. The charge was laid, J. C Murray & 'o. Towers was, taken to the guard - room, but friends ; '.uimeiliately took steps to secure his feleaso on bail. The arrest came as 1 I surprise, particularly as the infor - j iation was gworu to by the young man's ' linployers. He was woikiug lor .Miir - i ay St Company at the lime, delivering ! toodt in a rnuall express wagon, lie had held the position for a long time. The alleged theft is said to have been made at the company's warehouse, in which was stored a giant quantity of liquors. It was reputed last night that iu the neighborhood of Sim hi worth of these were missing. The alleged thefts are presumed to have been carried carried on during a petiod of several months, as no great amount has ever been missed at one time. MANY LEAVE DAWSON. Dawson Is losing a considerable part 1 of her population at present, due to the strong movement to the outside. 'I lie Selkirk, leaving on Friday night, took ut 31 passengers. Last night the Whltehorse sailed with 25 more. All but four of the latter steamer's passen - ' gers are booked for through passage. A COMING PUGILIST. George Paris, though l,e cntne to Daw - ou with no more claim to promise tl nn that of sparriug partuer of Billy Woods, is ooniing in for a great share of public attention. He first showed his ability as a sprinter on July 4, snapping snapping up the 100 - yurd putse. Next, he surprised local talent iu some of the cleverest sand aud clog dancing ever seeu here. Now he comes forward, accepting the challenge uf Joe Millett, who recently offered to bet $oOO that he could stop any man Ml the territory, burring, of course, Hurley and Wods, iu four rouuds. LAN'DMA UK TO GO. An old lundmark on the Bonanza road will shortly disappear when Joe Xee begins begins tearing down the roadhouse at tl'l below, that for over six years has sheltered sheltered the weary musher ou his way up and down the creek. Nee has recently purchased the Tardell place, on 01, just below his old locution, said to be the finest and best equipped hotel on Bonanza Bonanza creek, and will move his slock of affability and good cheer to the latter location. SMYTHE FKEE AGAIN. Captain Smythe, erstwhile skipper of the Florence S., who has lu'en in custody custody for a week or two, held under a capias sworn out by rainier Brothers, has regained his liberty, Mr. Justice Dugas signing the order for his release late yesterday afteruouu. Sniythe's discharge was due to a compromise and settlement effected with the complainants. complainants. The judgment and ots previously previously seemed by Palmer Brothers, and upon which the capias was issued, amounted amounted to about !!UH, of which sum Smythe paid S.'iki in cash and collateral to the value of $!!, which was : ceepted as settlement iu full of the debt. Bar rister Talior, acting for the plaintiffs, signed consent to the release, upon which his lordship issued the order directing directing his discharge. fOREST FIRES STILL CONTINUE TO KAGE WASHINGTON STATE. IN Seattle, July 2ft. Forest fires started started yesterday on the western shore of Vashon island aud by tiiiiht hud increased increased their area until several hundred acres were covered. A telephone message troui the island late last night said that no reports of damage o houses or improvements improvements had come it,. All the settlers settlers are at work figh'ing the tire. The blaze from this fir. , added to that from a lire on the mainland south of Colby, and another still further south and in the vicinity ofCig harbor, lighted up the sky last night. From Seattle the Jlames could be plainly seen. There are sever::! thousand acres of valuable timber u nd iu the urea being burned. Forest fires near Lester are still raging, raging, with practically unabated violeuce. and there is but little or no chance of putting them oat for luativ days to come - The loss ahv. - id aggregates about SW.IMJ, uudthe entire town of Lester may be wiped out if .i change of wind comes and sends the flame iu that direction. direction. 'Ibis iiitormatioii is brought down by Deputy Stale Fire Waidtm Kief, who returned from the sceue of the trouble early yest'iduy afteruoii. Accoiding to Mr, Kief, the fire is absolutely beyond control, ami the only chance of extinguishing it is to allow it - to burn out on the "hog hack" at the foot of the vallev, where the timber has been pretty well Cut away. When he left Lester the wiini was from the east, currying the flames away fioni the town. Should it change to the west, there is every chance in the World of the flames sweeping directly over Lester aud razing that place entirely. entirely. END ISJLN.SIG1IT PACKEKS DF.CLAKE UNION MEN ARE DESERTING IN DROVES. Chicago, July 211. - Word reached the union headquarters yesterday afternoou thut two trninloads of while and colored colored strike - breakers gatheied in Buffalo. Cleveland and Cincinnati, were stopped bv strike sympathizers, who Hugged the trains between Whiting and Hammond, lnd.. and the strikebreakers were driven ol'r and scattered. The trains belonged to 'he Erie & Lake Shore railroads. Their coming and the character character of their p:: engers had bei n fore - toll bv railroad min in sympathy with the strikers, and the attack followed. Two hundred iioti - unio i men were diverted diverted from tlit ir destiiuitiou at the stock yards in consequence. Yesterday al'teiti i 1"." men. members of the union, deserted all the Ar - strikers and returned to work at mom - .V Coiunanv s olatit. Twenty - eight of this number are carriers. The others are skilled butchers, who w - ere formerly employed in the cattle, hogs the as a n the of both drowned river missed ou gallery revolver. he new with the a commercial village If are dose. A control tlie above of lo t Tt." o!" In tic;, W is Hack, rod 1:1 and stenni tlie i - - h and the engM a lie 1ns: daugi loc ot n.iKi lloll are tiler thus biting lover, fiom

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  2. 29 Jul 1904, Fri,
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  • George Paris, a coming pugilist, sprinter, and clog dancer 29Jul1904

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