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PAGEFOtJS THE CARBONDALE DAILY FREE PRESS | MONDAY, JANUARY 26, .1925. QUIET REIGNS (Continued On (Page Four) 'policeman, Said that the shot was fired, by Thomas •and directed at him: They with .others had just left ,the Herrin court house, where "a- night session had been held SpectatoVs Red and Thomas is reported Have, gone to the European hotel,' a- block distant, as a call was sent for Young oMnpathi/ci s to mobilize The anti klan % ei sion is that Young and his companions tlieieupon went ,to the hotel t'o seek Thomas and "shot it out." The.klan accountJs th*t Young and others weie attacked as they passed the building Young adheients point eel .out that,-Forbes: was .shot .from above, .-because -the .'bullet penetrated his skull in a du'ec^ion indicating it might have b.een fired from, an tipper flr""~7 f -i w%\3i--*>" rfp'WPi™ M ^x^:^^yi i h V /•//', , II &«<'#•««•*' 4 P T~ ' i ' -1—'LL-JSkM^Sii •sivuiue .'.''.. in ^ winter car •••'.-' The Fordor Sedan provides roorn for the whole family. Yet it-is a light, easily handled car—the kind you want for the months of changeable .weather and difficult tlriving conditions. It is fitted with carpet and curtains thalTharmonize with the color tones of the two wide, deeply upholstered seats. It enables you to keep comfortably warm, yet have plenty of fresh air since the Fordor Sedan is equipped with Cowl Ventilator and -windows that lower by revolving' regulators. 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DEALER VISITO'RS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME AT ALL FORD PLANTS window, they said Thomas' hody vias lemoved to one nndei taking establishment and the bodies, of the otheiR to anolli"! place It was announced thp inquest into the killings would be held Tuesday, although Coionei McCown indicated the mvestisatjon be suited to day f The -young widow of S Glenn "Young totally blind as tie irsult of assissns bullets aimed at her hus band lds(^ August (old vitilois ye r tei \ tli it Young, although freqiientlj llml a gunman, fueci his fii&t shot in Williambon county when he fired at Deputy Bheiiff Oia Thomas in dc fi»n"e ol his lite yesteiday Viewed the scene ot the shooting, but retuinect no yeulM-t No definite plans'fot. funeial of the two leadei-3 had been'"made' S inday night but it -ft as thought troth would be OHiied here "ioung Tupsdiy and Thon as piobably Wednesday Mi 1 - Young, who although giipf stiicken 'stood up well undci the suain, lennncd (o her husband's ho tpl listidquaiteis last night She &tas' od with tnends aftei fcpfndmg most ol the night at thp undertaking pai tab Saturday right fche was acconi Primed by hei sisiei Uom Pitoki, neii heie Her plans weie indefinite ard the aancp continued until past i o clock An horn 01 t\\o lalei news of tn,c sliootme ^cached Cov Si^all He im mediately communicated with. Adjt Gen MB] Carlo" R AV Black \\ ho dispatched Dai is in charge of a headquai tei s battalion of lo>t> mon to IJeirm fiopi 'Carbondale a few miles Ka} Davis, accompanied by SPI geantf, »Blanchard Ljons and Allen, ipaehcd heie at 2 o'clock Uiifa mom m^ The to^\n \as in charge of some si"£tv spocidl policempu all armed They wcie/-joundPcl up and relieved is yet but it was piobablP •she | of then ,rung "Later howevei trie would letutn io Potok i and live for real IMis lonng \\ho has bern Imng in a local ho*Pl since hei lettun liom hospjlJls at AUantd, Ga, ind Iloehcs ter Minn whe e fmal eiffoitb weip inide to sjve hei \ison \,as plauil/ grief-stricken.,-. Scores of men-, and women called to condole her over her husband's death; 'Mr. Young was.' killed by a bullet that entered his heart from.the back. Someone behind-"him fired that shot, not Thomis who had ilieady filed twice upon him Tbcie w^ll be wit nesses it (he inquest who \\ill Ustilj to tins' tact And thev will testifj tiuihfully that niy husband was tricked into entering the Canary-cigar store. That someone fired a shot while-lie talked in a restaurant a block and a half from the scene} of the murder. He walked out to. investigate, turned the coiuoi ind dime to the citfu stoip Theie thej opeupd flu upon mm and he liretl the first shot since he came LO Herrin at his : murderer Mi .noun.? ha 1 no i elisions pieju dice or racial hatrej'i of any kind. He loved me, he loved our little 2;' mouth-old boy. Bobby. He hated nothing but the wrong and always '[strove to xiphoid the right. "He had refused conn Hess offers of money to betray, the c-.iuse for which he worked—offer's of bribes that have been made right in my presence. "Those who lme>vr him' in Herrin loved'him. His only -oneiiiies were those who refused' to accept the responsibility o£ decent citizenship, those .whose aim was to evade the laws that h e. upheld. -' "And now they have killed my husband. But the work which lie has begun will and must go on". It was his li'fe, it resulted in his death: It cannot have been in vain." Sheriff Calligan, a bitter anti-klans- man f was quoted as having said that he expected quiet to be restored he considered Young the storm center. A feeling of relief was apparent among members of both factions who Iiac'l long been anticipating a cla'sli between Young and Thomas. Many were inclined to consider Saturday night's affray as the culmination- of a personal feud. ' The usual tenseness after Herrin riots was largely absent and citizens expressed hope it would be the last outbreak in the- series of disorders that have taken thirteen lives since last February. An inquest over the four bodies will be held Tuesday morning-, according a tune at Irist Tuth rnothei T ho has taken, ciro of hei 2 cai old e'lnrt din m B trip county. tioub T fcb i) Williamson (By Associated Pi ess) HERRlr? in, Jan 25—Altf the i ed iplotch oii its name had'been! .enlarged by HIP shoot. i"g of S Glenn Young- Kl in IcaaPi ind three otheis m the .pectieulji gun bittle list inght kliakiclad militiamen af,ain r-itiojlccl the sliects oi Hei in todaj I on" lines uL ] eople stood outsidp the undei taking pailois where loung-, body 113 to i (Jimpsc oi W lliTnsoii county s s pctipl as lie lay m dc"th guns weip letnined upon piomise of HIP mui tint they -would rrTurn peace tully fo th<!ir homeb "When <Jaj light came Heirm was rjuiPt _ The militia established head- 'juditers at the city hill and distrih uted .men through the business section., They kept the crowds moving. The bodies of Young and his two fcl lo\veij» weie taken to the JenKns & Ob..'.undertaking establishment.. 'That' of Thomas was 'takerf^to the A.' T. Doerr undertaking,establishment. Litei in the day the puiple robe was put- about the body of'Young and a line began to form- outside the building All aftei 110011 and tonight 01 nn jt led past flip body ot the man cied The ited with having 'cleaned up Wil £01 body lay »aibed in thf pu» pip in»ieial liamson countj to present, plans. \ A jury impaneled robe,, said to designate a "kjleagle of the Ku Klux Klan. The hotly of ".Deputy Sheriff 'Ora Thomas, Young's deadly enemy, \\liom he Killed in tin blood} piMel battle, was'not on vidiw. The bodies of Young's, two body gu ids who wee killed \ ith him lay bcsido- that of their cliiei' foi awhile, but were removed to their homes here lute this, afternoon. Running through the throng" outside of. the funeral parlors; as well as through the whole town, wo.s a rift in opinion—a rift, that followed klan and anti-J;!;m lips. There was a/iirtterence of. opinion over what precipitated 'the. fatal gun battle, over the outlook for. the future, |over the details of the,battle' fought iii a cigar store underneath ?lie European hotel. Kian proponents' claimed that the. Thomas faction," bitterly anti-klan, had staged a', fraim-up. On the other hand, those inclit kl in favor of th* d'cputy sheriff. 10 >!:• the view that Young and his sit bodyguards started tbo fight, p wliieh % startled Herrin shortly after 9 o'clock, o.s it was in the midst of its Saturday iiiight entertainments. - '- ' - .. No eye-witness of'-, the hffaii;., could be faund, although it is knov'ii that there were at least four. . Tlie three men of Young's group who 'escaped unhurt from., the fray are known, but no one could be found who divulged their names. A" fifth man was seen running from the scene of'the gun fight, bleeding and holdiug^a'newspaper to his head. But he did not .go to. the hospital for medical attention. News oi ; the shooting swept the town. Several blocks away at "the Elks' club a lar; gross. 'Mi'iny of the battle scene, but returned later Shei iff Gooige Galligan of William 'son county did riot come to Herrin 12 for ?6,000 If 111. ;e dance was in prp- tho dancers loft, for ;00 ICO MW WHY-- Lois of Feojils Don't Practice"vfliaf THey Preacfi? Srawn for this paper attPi thp sun battle in which one ofjW? his -deputies, whom, it was said, he valued highly,, was killed. HP, remained at Marion. He has not .been seen in Herrin -for some time. Young, according- to fujends., had the intention of settling in Herrin"and becoming a .permanent resident.' Thev said he had been initiated \yith the local klan about six months ago, but held no -office.-' He was generally looked up . to, however, as a leader. DANVILLE, 111., . 25—Glenn Young's meteoric career as a gunman .and man killer lasted less than six years.. For a long time people arouiid Danville who had known the tilery modest young man as a salesman iir an East Main street department store refused ^to believe .that he an'fl the Williamson county terror were the same. ' Young's opportunity came when the night watchman fell out of the sec- ,ond story' window of the sto're and i',T,s killed! Young'replaced him. He met Misr, ?.iaud§ Simcox, daughter of George Simcox. a. United States ,'deputy marshal from Jackson county", sent here when Judge English was appointed. She was private secretary, to the Federal judge for. about a' year, when Young married "her .here.' The father-in-law then secured Young 'a place iu the marshal's office, where he soon'became known as fearli'ss.' fliy Associated Press) ^HEREIN, 111.,.Jari.^25—In all a toi of thirteen lives has been taken in Williamson county's klan and,- anti •klan' strife. Constable Caesar Cagle •a.kla'nsinari, was killed last Februar; S, when the Herrin hospital was rid died with bullets. Jack Skeleher, one Of the'alleged'assailants'of Glenn Young and wife near Okawville, was killed July 1 when he resisted'arres at the Herrin city ^limits.- Seven men including both adherents and oppon 9iits-of the kl;\n, were fatally wound •K! August .30, when Sheriff Galligan Deputy Thomas and-other anti-klans men 1 'attempted to seize Young's bu-1 let-riddled sedan in a gaVage. at Her fin. On each occasion one or more were wounded in addition to those killed.' .-. ;' furnished. ' W. furnished. in! Let us hope that the "convict who escaped from the eastern penitentiary in an ash-can was a brand plucked from the 'burning.—New York HeraldTriliune: M. 2% per at stenographer. giving and

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