Socialists Divide, Assail Hillquit: Jewish League Denounces Pacifist Crowd as Traitors

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Socialists Divide, Assail Hillquit: Jewish League Denounces Pacifist Crowd as Traitors - SOCIALISTS DIVIDE, ASSAIL HILLPT Jewihli Lcnguo...
SOCIALISTS DIVIDE, ASSAIL HILLPT Jewihli Lcnguo denounces rncifist Crtwd as Traitors. CALM THEM KAISER AIDS BnbW Wise "From Pulpit Also Lnslies American Bol-gheviki. Wat against Germany and Its Kaiser fcy all Socialists In America, together with the overthrow and elimination of Morris Hilhjult and other recognised leaders of the "Beds" in this country, Is asked by the Jewish Socialist League of New York in a sensational statement Issued yesterday. The document is signed by William F-dlln. president, and Benjamin Kaphir, secretary. Trotsky, Ienlne and Scheldemann are denounced as traitors to tho Socialist cause In tho statement. HIHqult's attitude toward America's participation in His war Is condemned, and he is characterised as a "iravellet" of "German ruling Socialism." The statement Indicates a bieak in the ranks of the Now York Socialists over , Speaking to tno tame purpose. Itev. Stephen S. Wise, rabbi of the Free Synagogue,' aroused Ills congregation In Carnegie Hall yesteiday to frequent outbreaks of applause when he asserted that "the peace mongering of the American Bolsevlkl should cease." The rahbl said that tho Jewish Holfhevlk leaders, among whom he classed a "former candidate, for Mayor of the city of New York." should at once be withdrawn from leadership in Jewish life, at least for the period of the war. Socialist League Statement. The Jewish Socialist League statement reads, in part: "The German Kaiser is marching w;lth an army on I'etrograd. on the free Russian lepubllc. in order to destroy it, tu drown It in blood, and to reestablish the sullied throne of the Uornnnnffs. "The heart of every conscientious revolutionist and Socialist is now tilled with pity and Indignation. The majority Socialists of Germany and Austria have betrayed liberty and Socialism. "The. Russian proletariat has been deceived, . misled, outraged ! Perverted idealism, Socialist naivete, German gold, treason. Irresponsible leaders, poverty and helplessness these have rendered the Russian people unfit for the struggle. "Tho trade mark of American Social-lam has always been Scheldemann, ud with this Scheldemann trade mark American Socialism sought to get the market. Its traveller was Morris HIII-qult of New Tork, and Its champion Bergerof Milwaukee. And when the world war broke out, while America was still neutral, Hiliquit and Berger found it Impossible to condemn Wilhelm and Scheldemann. Tho American Socialist-, through their politicians, Justified the treachery of the German Social Democracy against the nations, and Mr. Hill-quit expressed his open 'revolutionary' approval of patriotism of the German Social Democracj-. "A convention was called in St. Louis, wham assembled the Socialist politicians f tho Scheldemann 'revolutionary' ntamp, together with a few naive Ubor leaders who are blessed with Innocence and dense Ignorance. They invented a convenient formula for this mysterious war revolution. "Soon the reactionary deception was changed Into a bacchanal of business and politics. The offlclal Socialist press, which la run by a cltquo of Ignoramuses And politicians, and which has no aim eacept profit, lgan to coin monej' and raise Its circulation by misrepresenting the alms of this revolutionary' war. The world conflagration has been a source of unlimited prosperity for that institution of darkness and demoralization. The uro-Germans of yesterday over night ueca,me, 'pacifists,' internationalists,' 'Socialists,' and preached the Kalier'a peace to tho Jewish people. "Like Criminal lemaa-ogne." "The field was fertilized for the. 2X111-Quit campaign. In the midst of the war, while Wilhelm was burning the earth with Ills fire and poisoning the nations with his propaganda, a programme of peace was preached here. Like criminal demagogues, the American reactionary majority Socialists shamed and outraged the holy spirit of the war. "And Morris Htllqult declared publicly that he would buy no Liberty bonds, thereby strengthening tho slavery bonds of Kalserlim. For the money which he would not give for Liberty bonds Mr. Hllinuit wanted to go to Stockholm to attend the German Socialist peaci conference, the miserable prelude to Brest-Litovsk. "But now the peace farce and pacifist crime weni brought to a miserable end. With a conqueror's pride, the German Kaiser now Is marcnlng into pacifist Russia. And now that Russia Is ruined and tho war has been interrupted Mr. Hlllqult has audibly declared for war-. "Like one man all the workers and Socialists of America must unite to fight Kalserlsm, and if necessary even above the heads of their demagogic and blind leaders." Address li?" Ilnlibl Wise. Excerpts from Rahbl Wise's, sei mon are equutly forceful. "Iset us rejoicingly proclaim," he said, "that Ihe Bolshevists are not Jews', though some Jews have been Bolshevists, any mo're than pro-Germans in America are Jews because n handful of ,Itwf have been pro-German. The Bolshevists are nntl-Jewlsh nnd the Jews nro anti-Bolshevist. Jews are anti-Bolshevist and anti-German because we know that there Is no room In a German ruled world for the Jewish people. Two curses of tho modern world have come out of German j-, autocracy on the one hand and militarism on the other, whicli together have created tho scourge of nntl-Semltlsm. "As far aH a handful of Jews In the American Bolshevik propaganda are concerned, who represent or misrepresent Soelalistn. nothing need b said, for they have never had any association with tho Jewish people, and they are ns antl-Tcwish as they arc anti-Russian. But the rase is different touching a man who has had and continues to have posts of responsibility In Jewish life. "Tho only decent thing for any Jew Invested with anj place of responsibility "In Jewish life, who chooses to espouse the Bolshevik programme with all Its fateful consequences to American life. Is voluntarily to withdraw either permanently or In any event temporarily from Jewish life. If ha refuse to do thu decent thing, to withdraw voluntarily, hit withdrawal ought to bo mado inevitable hy that great number or American Jews who abhor Bolshevik propaganda, who are first and lust and ever Americans, who know an I know that any compromise with I'russlnnism would not only be fatal to the Republic but would defer perhaps for centuries the liberation of tho peoples and Justice between the nation of earth." a II to in of is a to I

Clipped from
  1. New York Herald,
  2. 04 Mar 1918, Mon,
  3. Page 14

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  • Socialists Divide, Assail Hillquit: Jewish League Denounces Pacifist Crowd as Traitors

    BobbyFischer – 12 Mar 2018

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