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I I 1 f lit f. E"-'?T E"-'?T E"-'?T 1 iwinv.fiiii.v.vito , - '"w." r iiMP,Wi wmiiiiii-ii.ii.uj.ui.. wmiiiiii-ii.ii.uj.ui.. wmiiiiii-ii.ii.uj.ui.. .. ii. i. i .i 1 w,nnn I h ' ft '' 'k V ' aV..S) ...... ..s.X t:' . ; 1Lfl a" t I XT TENNESSEE WILLIAMS found in his native Mississippi delta country the scene for his play, "Summer and Smoke," which has arrived on Broadway. The set above, by Joe Mielziner, shows the interior interior of a rectory and a doctor's office, withthe state of Eternity brooding over the town of Glorious Hill, Miss. The play deals with a cultured minister's daughter and her childhood beaux, a young doctor. In the scene above, Margaret Philips as Miss Alma phones the doctor (Tod Andrews) after he has gone roistering and forgotten his promise to"isit her. ASHEV1LLE CITIZEN-TIMES. CITIZEN-TIMES. CITIZEN-TIMES. ASHEVILLE, N. C Sunday, October 17. 1948 B 11 Asheville Theater Guide The Plaza Theater is offering "Key Largo" all this week and the Imperial Theater is presenting "Apartment for Peggy" also in a week-long week-long week-long run. "Key Largo", which stars Humphrey Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall, based on the stage play of the same name, and is directed by John Huston. "Key Largo" is a small winter ; Paramount resort in the Florida Keys, to which PJaza All this week "Key Largo? with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Lauren Bacall. Imperial All this week "Apartment for Peggy" with Jeanne Crain and William Holden. Today and tomorrow "Dear I'M" . jZJ - r'J J $-4 $-4 $-4 1 l&j ? "er New Tennessee Williams' Play Has Definite Emotion Jolt NKW YORK- YORK- (A) A n o t h e r one' rise, her moral vender crrks Tennessee Williams' drama came 'and, again in compensation, takes to Broadway last week. And the to sensual existence. This play, "Summer and Smoke," has a , t , doesn.t make solid definite emotional impact. It also . has a lot that is imperfect. But nse a bnef recounting. How-the How-the How-the central role alone, both in the ever in Williams detail, his corn-writing corn-writing corn-writing and playing, gave me the ! passionate concern with the char-same char-same char-same sort of emotional wallop jacter and in a superb performance Williams composed in his Pulitzer j by Margaret Phillips, his somewhat Prize winning "A Streetcar Named ( tilted psychology takes on a ray Desire." iOf reasonableness. J. P. B. In "Summer and Smoke," which! opened at the Music Box Theater,! C. ; . Williams has designed a pen lady oCI CCtl'Sl Cllfl loaded with psychical complica- complica- - c tions. She is proper, almost prim'iif tSeSlm OCIY8 in her insistence on morality and to elegant small town civilities. She LlZdUCtll Scott loves a young doctor, a thorough sensualist who indulges in wine HOLLYWOOD. UP Lizabeth Scott and women and seldom in work. d f f against the Their proximity hvmg next door. sneers f Broadway, throws them together conversa-i conversa-i conversa-i , tionally, and the girl's love for the? A scn?en actress has to be better lad is returned, although not in i than a stage actress, she remarked kind. Her attraction for him be-" be-" be-" the "Too Late For Tears set. onrnr a Knrt of rPKnpr-tfni rPKnpr-tfni rPKnpr-tfni rimira. n the stage, your characteriza- characteriza- uion jtion can be broader; on film, you . j imust De suoue. a sweeping gesture Therefore, m the end. when the;won-t the;won-t the;won-t rin nn th. rm- rm- evrvtiinr - - - J - CT girl wants to marry him or even indulge in his own sensual style of unmorality, the boy sees her moral attitudes are best and decides to has to be in your eyes. "You have to be more alert in film work. On the stage, you have " wjiour weeKs or renearsai ana at least '"1 become like her, a decision if our verks nf trennt.s nn th. mA no.-nr.iru no.-nr.iru no.-nr.iru u.y n uB't- uB't- lULiuciii. 111 oeiore you nit isroaaway. in ilouy-which ilouy-which ilouy-which his father dies. But when wood, you have 10 davs to look at girl learns he does not love the script and then about 28 days and is about to marry some-; some-; some-; of shooting."

Clipped from
  1. Asheville Citizen-Times,
  2. 17 Oct 1948, Sun,
  3. Page 32

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