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:^6IS: M.GHT. JANESVILLE DAILY lE^T^eF^^nKVUMOES— On tijc eighth amiiversaiy d their sailing from San Francisco, the Gazette presents the names sBHcJ present siatBS «1 tne 35 men -ol the Janesville imit al the 192nd Tank battalion who came back. Shown here arc 22 of the men •«mo iionored "their cornrades April 13, 1947 at the memorial dedication at the armory. Front, left to right, Albert Bartz, Emil grtrmjdt. 35,-ofaer Bartz. 'VVa^^!e'Buggs (kneeling:*, 'Pbiltp Parish,DeJmon Bushaw. William McAulif/e, Boyd Riese. Alva Chapman,, "asyiijani'fvolari dajeelingi, Carl liickolE. John Spencer, John Stewart, Dale Law-ton. Leo Dorsey and Lloyd Richter, On the M-4 -lanii, -oroiight ±roir. Eoek Island for the •dedication in 1947, Jeft to right, Emerson Rex, Forrest Knox, Daniel Courtney, Joseph CGonneli Berbert Uumer and lewis Wallisrfi. Stir\'ivors- not pictured. Earl Burchard, Lester Buggs. Wesley Elmer, Henry 2£ntB;. Onis "Einefert. Joha Wood, Soijert Soefam, B. C. Kubly, Alfred Laagley, George McCarthy, Owen Sandmire, Donald MmmFBTsarf oi Tanks' Departure tor Manila fffJH MSiaviirors in Civilian Work: 6 in Arrrvf 'Z Sgb'- vears ago loda:.- tie W •^mten Janes viites coraoany xil Jtae 122nG Taiu; 4>attaiiori sailed 'fejfn Sari Tiaaasco to IVianila. •"ae:-- tef: Or„ 26. 1941. lor the 'SuiOTpineE 10 remforee BUT gar- •^aeoij "there, aaaianaed ar SSaniia «r. TiaaJjEgiving a&y, T\ov. 20, Shortiv ijsereaftfir. on I>ec. "7. t-Hsey -wei-e BuadenJ:-- piiw ^ed into lassior. sgains: the Japanese^ «2S ^itiEg- a frrioufi staying- battle *>en Bataar.. uniii April S, 1942. *Geneml UlacArthur has paid *Sfeh ^tribute to tise battalion's rasec&rd. "Xoday there are 35 survivors i«cf 4be «Hnpar!v v.'hich left here •'Oct. 25, 1940. for Fort Knox, tfetsr Camp Polk and then Ma- irxSiL Sixty-four gave their lives tin -faatlie or were victims of janassacre and disease in Japa- rnKe .prison casaps and in tbe ^«inking of prison «hips. The -aisemorial at the Armory dedicat- S«d to their brawn,' on April 13. -•3B4T. testifies to their deeds and 'fio tfaeir memory. Six survivors are stiU in the sanny. Two have returned to ^Saak outfits, surprising as it may 'mean. The>' are "William McAu- fjfflce and George McCarthy. Of the others whose employ- |«ent is known five work for •lasher 'Body and Chevrolet, two ^^are in the post office here, two «Te apprentice carpenters, two •sTOTk -for Cardinal ins lines, one i:iias his o%vn barber -Ehop, one *wi»rks for the railroad, another sis an electrician, one is employed ftat barker Pen Co.. one is anas- )<8enibier at Hough Shade and one -<workE for Highwav Trailer at isEcteerron. 16 Xrive in -iaitesvUlP • The men have isettied for the ivaosi part into a norma! life. JSJaSeen live here in Janesville. fMost of the survivors are mar*l»ed mar*l»ed and have children, some one •Jciiild. some two. A fev.-. unfortu- «3iatei>-. are sti!; suffering from iafter-elfect? of- their imprison janent in Japanewe prison camps. . latest information on these isundvcrs sunplied by them and .J±>y IVIrs. Fred Bruni. t?' the Tank *GQ3npan;. Auxiiiar\', is as foJpows: foJpows: Alberi Bartz. married. 41? Iv. yBliiTf street. Janesville. bartend- ser. 3riggs Cxfmer tavern. IBober: Banz. married. RitM- anond. Ii:.. Cardinal bus driver. •R-otjer- Boettm. BKtrried, one '*ov. 41€ "Montrose «rreet. Saiina. lEan. , licsrer EuggJ. married, one boy •iand one gir,. 520 S. Academy "fStreei. Janesv iiie. Fisher Body. Tlaynt Buggs. married, two .•^iri.s. 455 K. Chatham street. ••-to«s%lLi.e, post offiis mail car- ;awr. xar: "Bwrcherd. married, -one ,bov. 330 Harding street, Janes' Janes' yilie, Chevrolet division. I SassAtoK rat Wort Knox i M.'Sgt. Delmon Bufihaw, mar- iried. one bov, Hq. Co. Div. 'Trains. Tliird Armored Di%-., Fort iEnox. Kv. 1 AHa Ciiapman. married, one I bov. 812 HiiJwaukee avenue, ;Jane.sville, fireman, CM.St.P. 1&P.R.R. Dannie Courtney, married, one I ooy. one girl, route 3, Janesville, i Fisher Body. I Leo Dorsey, l.ake Tomahawk i sanatorium. Lake Tomahawk, iWis. Herbert Burner, married, one boy, 303 JC. WBinnt street, Janes- \-ilie, electrician, W. 3. Allan Electrical Co. Wesley Elmer, married, 1136 Bitchert street, Beoit. Forrest Knox, married, two boys. Box 229, Clinton, Wis., me- ciianic. Cardinal Bus lines. Wtfa Field ArfiiJerj' First Lt. Henry Knox, married, one boy, Batt. B. 50th Field Artiller\'. Artiller\'. Fort Jackson. S. C. Robert Kubly, married, 135 Mountview drive, Tustin, Calif, Alfred Langlej', Monette. Ark, Dale Lawton, married, one boy. 329 N. Pine street, Janesville, Janesville, Chevrolet division. William McAuliffe, married, one boy. Heavy Tanks, Fort Lewis, Wash. j Pfc. George McCarthy, 120645234, Co. B 32nd Med, Tk, (6n„ Fort Knox, Ky. I Carl Nickols. married, two ! boys, 314 'K. Palm street, Janes- J vilie, Parker Pen Co. I T/Sgt. William Nolan, mar- JTied, one child. Signal Corps. I Fort Sheridan, IIL I Joseph O'Connell, married, one I child, route 2. Janesville. \ Philip Parish, married, one girl. 1200 Maple comt, Janesville, Janesville, barber shop. Emerson Rex, Durand. IIL Lloyd Richter, married, one girl. 1422 S. Second street Janes- vilie, apprentice carpenter, J. P. Culien and Son. M/Sgt. Bovd Riese. married, one girl, 2123 W. Welis street, ! Milwaukee. Wis. Orvis Rinehart, married, 1416 1 S. Osborne avenue, Janesville, Chc\Tolet division, Owen Sandmire, married, c/o Oscar Mayer, Madison, Wis, Emil Schmidt. 21 N. Peari street. Janesville, assembler, Hough Shade. Donald Schultz, Walworth, Wis, Jolin Spencer, married, one boy, 606 E. Fulton street, Edgerton. Edgerton. Highway Trailer Co. Robert Stewart, Williams hotel, hotel, 20 VI. Franklin street, Janesville. Janesville. post office clerk, Edward Trebs, Evansville, Wis. Lewis Wallisch, married, one girl, 1015 Harding street, Janesville, Janesville, apprentice carpenter, Schiefelbein Schiefelbein and Wright. John Wood, married, one boy, Wiiitewater. rngbt Buried Here Mrs. Bruni reports that reburi- World's Grassland in Poor Condition Berkeley. Calif. — OW — The earth's land area is 30 per cent grassland, says Dr. Arthur W, Sampson, University of California California professor cf forestry. And much of this area has been devastated devastated by poor grazing practices, he says. He pictures large parts of Africa, Africa, Spain, Greece, India and Palestine as wrecked by such pracOces. In the United States he estimates that existing range is producing at only 52 per cent of its original canacity and that 55 per cent of the range has less than half of its former capacity. Good range should have a dense stand of perennial grass, le says. The six taUcst buildings in the world are in New York City. They are the Empire State, Chrj'sler, 60 Wall Tower. Bank of Manhattan, RCA-Rockefeller Center Center and Woolworth. CsU Timor AnthoriMid Belmf Servicse asencj- wecuotx. «is. Wuks When Most CaUsShut Cont delajr! At the first vamlng »nl«e orsneeie, put a few drops of Tick* Vn -toKSol in each nos- trU.IlorUuiedintlme.V»-tro-jiol telps present many colds from develop, icg, Kelieves bead cold distress last. Try It! Follow di- ^ rerttons Jn package. incBVA ^nio-ifoi al in this country has taken place for the following Jane.svillc men of the tank company: Cp!. Jack Bruce, First Lt. John Bushaw, Pfc. Robert Harrie, Cpl, Harold Keegan, Hgt. Ronald King. Pfc. Thomas Samek, Sgt. Ernest Walsh, Sgt. Stanley Walsh, T/4 Kenneth Hadevig and Cpl, Robert Hubbard, Evansville, and Pvt. Glen White, Hanover, have also been reburicd. The remains of Cpl, Alton Goff, Delavan, and Pfc. Joseph McRae, Jane.svillc, are expected to arrive shortly. ^THE most IS ON THE PUMPKIN ...IT'S county construction U. S. project should installment county. Willard Federal road of the highway next year some decision orojcct JUt of Evansville and Intersection The will line and the Janesville has been before were done new Rock two miles opened the present Highway 51 , Next extension north of property over blacktop Highway Eventually bo carried road definitely thus flow highway highway Instead Janesville. The the an aid in set up county flevoted trunk work, $100,000 this east of approved' therefore money to There county of treasury county's of the • EXTRA COMFORT • EXTRA SCENIO BEAUTY • EXTRA OONVENIENCE by GREYHOUND Atitumn-painted gcenery . . mild, criip weather . . UBcrowded hotels and t»- »ort» — all combine to make Fall the ideal Take* «-Ti1p Time. And it'i go easy, so convenient, so low in cost by comfortabl* Greyhound SuperCoach. EXTRA SAVINSS, TOOt MAUISO.V % ,15 CBtXN BAV 3,40 cmcMAt i.m TWi.N <iTir,K fl,in LA (,'KOKKK ••'.in nL'I.L'TH ^ S„1ll r.w ('i.AiBe 4,411 KUCHI'.KTER ti.M BITTE 2«.(I.^ GREYHOUND TERMINAL 65 H I'rniiliLn HI. i'liiiiii' IIIIUI GREYHOUND Just living get fabrfc you the 1260

Clipped from
  1. Janesville Daily Gazette,
  2. 26 Oct 1949, Wed,
  3. Page 8

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