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 - THE CHESS - BOARD. .Stcinitz Will Come His...
THE CHESS - BOARD. .Stcinitz Will Come His Career and One of His Greatest Games. Steuiitz will come! Last Monday the following message was cabled to London : "Sieiuitz. Simpson's, lol strand. London, Morgan, 22 Old Broad, till) - pounds. Everything accepted. Start. ''THOMPSON." According to the conditions Mr. Stcinitz baa ten days' graee prior to starting. The match w ith Mr. Martinez will therefore probubiy begin early in Kovcuiber. MR. STElNlTZ'fl CAREER. Mr. Steuiitz has been the acknowledged champion of Kurope since 1H73, when lie won first prize in Vienna. Aside from this his reputation rests on three remarkable victories : lie heat Anderssen 8 to 6, overcame Znker - tort 7 to 1 and bowled out Blackburoe with a round 0, scoring 7 loO! ONE OF HIS GREATEST GAMKS. One of Mr. Steinitz's greatest games is the following rtie with raulsen in the Baden liaden Chess Congress: - y. MTK iMeillllZ. 1. '."K4 - i. Q Kt I - ' 0 3 - . 1' to K B 4. 4. Plod. B lack Paulsen. PtoK4. QKttoB3. P it V. CI to It 5 clu These in'ov'esciiJu'tutetlie "Stein!tzCnll,lt." Observe the sequence. 6. P to Q 3. The best answer is P to Q 4. 6. K K t to B 3. B to K Kt 5. 'tJBlP. Castles. 8. K to K 3. lo K 4. . Bin K 2. Q toQ R4. HI. 1'tolJ H3. Bx Kt. 11. K x li. Q to It 4 ch. 12. K to K 3. Q to It 5. 13. P to Ci Kt 4. 1' to K Kt 4. 11. B to Kt 3. Q to It 3. IS. P to Kt 5. U Kt to K 2. l(i. li to K lisq. K Kt to H3. 17. K to B 2. Kt to Kt 3. 1H. K to Ktsq. U to Kt '2. 10. (JUiQ2. ltoKK3. 20. ) toQ It 4. R to Kl sq. 21. l'to Kt 0. The first move of a good eiuliiur. 21. 1! P X P. 22. R x Kt. Q x K. 23. B to Kt 4 ch. K moves. 21. Kt lo (J 5. Q to Kl 2. 25. Plo It 5. 1' to K 11 4. 2fi. P i Kl P. Q B Px P. 27. Kt x P. Kt to K 2. 2H. p x P. (J to I! 2. 21. Pto ltd. Kt to B 3. 30. 1' to ( B 4. K t to It 2. 31. Q to It 2. Kt toKt4. 32. Kt toQ 5. it x Kl. 33. Px Q. KlxP. White mates in three moves. WHAT "OUR BOV8" ARE DOINO. At the Home Club everything is hustle and prepara1 tiou: Klson is getting himself toiether; llililebtirn is hrushiiifi: up; Miehaelis' play will give the atf.iir an ollicial east ; Neill piloses n moment from the study of the Klowini: pu,ur - 9 of tlieolonv to wonder at Hie ways of a wk - kod worlu; Harbour proposes to give - sieinitx some "l)o:miyanl" moves; Henderson hopes that "lliehoys will lie easy on .steiuilz," and Kaiser smiles as only Kaiser can smile. AN EVENIN'O AT THK CAMDEN CUF.S8 CI.CB. I.f;st Tuesday evening we spent a most enjoyable time at the Camden Chess Club, which occupies the pleasant second - story room of the Microscopical Society building. Third street, just below Market, Camden. The Cmiiden Club is evidently a live atfair. for about thirty 1,'entloineii were present, all taking a keen interest in tiie lisiine. Among those present we noticed President llr. Wood, Secretary and Treasurer Snvdcr, and Messrs. William Ilidillc, l - 'ew smith, llr. Wroih, llr. Hamilton, liicliards, KeiL,'liton, Walsh, Zinzhoinier, Taylor, Livingston, Pool, Bilrrondis and Ball. The Camden Chess Club meets every Tuesday and Friday evenings. MACKENZIE AND Itl.ACKBCRNE. Mackenzie is playing Blackburne a match in London for the best two out of three games. This is their hrst game: WKiTE - Blackburne. . Li lack Mackenzie, P to K 4. U Kt lo li 3. P x P. B to H 4. 1. P to K 4. 2. K Kt to 113. 3. P to Q 4. 4. Kt x P. 5. 11 to K 3. li to B 3. (i. P to Q I! 3. A novclly in which Mackenzie's subsequenl considerable light. C. K Kt to K 2. 7. Kt toB 2. li to Kt 3. H. tj Kt lo It 3. U to Kt 3. !. l'to II 3. KltoQsii. 10. (J tot) 2. KttoK3. 11. Kt lo 114. Pto (13. 12. Kt x H. It I' x Kt. 13. litoij 11 4. Castles. 14. l'to K Kt 4. Kl to B3. 15. Castles Q It. KttoK4. lli. II lo K 2. Kt to 114. 17. I! x Kt. Kt P x K. in. Plo K H4. Ktto B3. 111. P to II 5. li to B 3. 211. Pto Kt.S. Premature. Black is too well boused. 20. Q to K 4. 21. H to 113. It X P. 22. IC to Kt sq. It to It 2. 23. Kt to K 3. Kl to It 4. 24. Kt to Kt 4. I) to K 2. 25. ' to Kt 2. K to H sq. id. l'to IK!. Q lo K 3. 27. P x Pell. K x P. 2S. H lo Q 5. K I to li 5. 211. Q lo K li 2. i x It, Bravo! Captain .Mackenzie. "You have made a stroke wortliv of Jlorpltv. 30. P x a And Mac - forced a mate in five moves that is as pretty us a picture. J1E DIDN'T RKMKM11ER IT. A quiet yonnjj maii recently went into the store kept by Hie well - known player, Mr. Jacobs, and, alter some casual remarks, said, " Mr. Jacobs, woo won the recent chess tournament that was played in the Philadelphia Chess CP.ih?" "Has there been a tournament ?" responded Mr. Jacobs, in innocent surprise. " Why, yes." pursued the quiet vomer man; ''don't you remember, '''li pl'iitd iu it .i'"osv." "(ik. thill little uiUtir!" replied jMr - Jueobs; 'l believe I do recollect something about il. I tliink Caplain Miehaelis won il; bill, then, you know, I and the other good players retired from it long before the tourney was over." A NI'AV MAST'Ul - MOVE BY KAISER. A new master - move. plauned.with ei.htnienon aside, by the well - known problem expert. Julius A. Kaiser: No. 2S2. Black. - ll J 7 3, 6 WllITK. W lute lo piay and mate m two moves. l'LAYS THAT WERE PLAYED. B to K 3 moves first In No. 2S0. H to K 8 is wr'ng because of li x Ut ch. Solved by Alberlus, Anon, Si. It. Barren, Emerson IJelinotl, Henry C. Brown, (I.e., II. Calkins, K II., Jacob Klson, K(l. Katon, I . (i Fox, li Henderson, ('. Hot', IC J. A. Kaiser. Aivnist Krucfrer, Lanisolt, li. M. elll, .lames Huberts, Salilti, Sicilian, ( M. stout. J. Herman Tro.xell, 11. Wells, 0. 11. u C. D. P. IIni:;i"n J. Yo'.ite' .eke ''i. 2st beius wilh (J to ft o. S.'it. Iiu. - relt. ,'.r"iiryC. Illown, A ,," - ers from A Ibertus, I. iTn, 1' H.. J. A. KaiJer. Aii.:M KrW'r, .11(1 l"tKo!.ens. Siflri. 'I. Wells, P.ilbirl Wiiiii, O. Young, Zeke. I'., V. D. P. lUiuiiloll, J. Al.I, THE WAY FROM At'STRIA. Soniethiiig all the way from Austria must be good, of course. The gent leinan who places the seven and three men thus on the board rejoices iu the name of llerrinan Lehnev INo. 2H3): Wiiite - K at K li 7. Q at K Kt 7, B at K (J, Kt at K B 4, Pawns al U it 4, u II (1, and K li 3. pUlf.ACK K al i si, Pawns at K 2, and K R5. White to play and mate iu three moves. ' I a

Clipped from
  1. The Times,
  2. 22 Oct 1882, Sun,
  3. Page 7

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