Connecticut Chess by G.E. Avery

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Connecticut Chess by G.E. Avery - CONNECTICUT CBIE By G. E. AVERY Hartford Chess...
CONNECTICUT CBIE By G. E. AVERY Hartford Chess Club Closed I'ntil Sept. C According to notices sent to chess players in New England, the dead line for entries to the tournament to be held at the Hotel Statler in Hartford from Aug. .10 to Sept Aug. 23d. Be sure to send in vour entry to John C. Owen, well-known :6.cretary e Avon noaa ivuil, V-Uiiii. i avuiuin. ui hit- may be delayed until Friday, !Aug. 30, by 7 p.m. I Several entries have already been received, but many who are expected to play have not vet made their decision. It is (hoped that most of the best players in Hartford will take part. If not top notch, why not enter ithe B section which will be 'paved if 12 so enter. Robert G. Mitchell of Ware house Point, a former president of the New England Chess As sociation, and well known to players in this vicinity, will act as Tournament Director. National Open After the first week of play in the National Open at the Hotel Manger in Cleveland, Allen Kaufman of the Marshall Chess Club in Ne v York has undisputed possession of first place. He has won all games played. Several are now tied for second place, Arthur Bisguier, jpresent champion. Paul Brandts, K Burger. Bobby Fischer, Edmar Mednis, Robert Byrnes, AJiiuei i xvcinuicA. (Bridgeport Championship ! Richard B'riedenthal has won 'he Bridgeport City Chess Cham-3 1 pionship for the fourth straight vear um a score of 7,i-ll2. He did not lose a game, but played three draws. Second place was taken by Herb Benjamin, who soorpd 7-2. Other players in the cnampionsnip class were savin, 16-U' r' UK's Wallach. Olte, Penner, Ishkan, Edmonds and Murcko. ;Ten players entered a Class A section, which was won by Pat Billingslea. John Ishkan acted as Tournament Director. Chess-School vnapier si The ending of Rook and Pawn vs. Rook. The key to these endings is the "Lucena Position." The win lis assured if it can be reached; it was first discovered by Lu-eena, a Spanish author of the 1 fifteenth century'- In the diagram lit is Black's move, hut whatever he does, he loses. 3 possibilities are open to him, (II to move the K, (2) to move the 1 R on the R file, (31 to leave with the R the R file. but of if our 30 is a for 2-6 5-1 O n at dis-test the O u TA 1 if Black to play; White wins As mentioned before there are 3 variations to be considered: the 111) 1 . . . K-K2, 2. R-Klch K-B3, 3. K-B8 and White queens. (2l 1 . . , R-K7, 2. R-KR1 K-KJ, J. K-R8 and White queens and taking ai ing de- Now we come to the main vari- this ation, (3) 1 . . . R-R6, 2. R-B4! the R-R8, 3. R-K4ch K-Q2, 4. K-B7 forty-six R-B8ch, 5. K-Nfi R-N8ch. 6. K-B6 :R-B8ch (or 6 . . . R-N7, 7R-K5 and: and R-N5) tor 3. . . K-Q3, i 7. R-Qlch K-B3, 8. R-Q8 (etc. I. 7. K-N5 R-NSch, 8. R-N4 and 4 White queens: and now we know-draws; win,;why the white R had to go to the fourth rank. I Clearly, these lines don't apply to the K Pawn, as the only es- tnn ,. Alt- cape tor the white K can be cut and off by both black pieces. win,! AlUKh Glad- Ga.m Selection ihs 5fme, . was PJ'0,'?,. .in .Czecho-blovakia in 19o4. White ?ff.eius, bo1h Rooks 01' sacrifice, but black cannot take either. . rachman Dr. Ellin White Black 1 P-Ql N-KB3 2 P-QB4 P - K3 3 N-KB3 P-QN'3 4 P-K3 B-N2 5 N - B3 B - N5 6 B-Q3 O.n 7 0-0 P-El R N - QR4 P x P 9 P - QR3 B - K2 10 PxP N-K.'i 11 P-QN3 P-Bt 12 B-N2 B-KB3 ,13 N-B3 N'xN ill BxN Q-Kl 13 R-Kl Q-N3 16 B-Bl N-B3 17 R - B1 N - K2 IS P - Q" PxP 19 N-K5 BxN 20 R x B Q - Q3 !21 R-K3 R-B2 ;22 PxP P-QR1 23 B-B4 N-N3 24 Q-Q4 P-B: ,25 R-Kfi QxRP !26 B-X2 Q-B1 27 RP P-Q3 :28 B-R3 R-Ql ,29 R-Kl R - Bl 30 R-Kfi R'2 -Q2 31 Q-K4 Q - B2 32 P - R3 P - BH 33 R x P PxP 31 B - N3 K - RI 3 ) R x N p R 36 Q - RI ch tc?:i;ns he in A it-hat j

Clipped from
  1. Hartford Courant,
  2. 18 Aug 1957, Sun,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 34

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  • Connecticut Chess by G.E. Avery

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