Memphis Daily Appeal Memphis, Tennessee Saturday, December 28, 1861 p4

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Memphis Daily Appeal Memphis, Tennessee

Saturday, December 28, 1861 p4
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following by we out and short just it guns into only it it n was Wc fell far wc and fortunately rre as not the us, ol" a ot ii s TIIK PUDK F. BLOCKADE I'roelmmation of fior. MSrrloi . V iir.KK vs, By the Constitution and laws of this government, 1 am. as the chief magistrate ot tne Mate ot Arkansas, sworn to support and to see faithfully executed such laws and Constitution, Constitution, and by iuvokiug the power of the said government, if need be, to secure and guarantee to even- citizan of said State," the enjoyment of life, liberty aud property, repelling any encroach ment of the same, coming from whatsoever source it may ; and whereas, it is made known to rac, that Col .Solon Borland, commandant of the Confederate Stales forces at Pocahontas, Ar l.ansas, lias, by proclamation or general order ' is -tch commandant, assumed without lawful authority, to lay an embargo upon the lawful trade and commerce of the good people, citizens of the State of Arkansas, from its coufiuot upon the Red river, to the remotest corner and parcel ot ihe republic. And by said proclamation or general order, has forbidden the exportation or transmission lrom the Commonwealth ot many of the varions staple commodities and products of the country many ol which articles exist among the good people in superabundance, and must needs he exchanged with their neighbors of the Southern States, it not for money, yet for other products, aud commodities of prime ne-a ne-a -- -y. useful nay indispensable to the comfort and well leing of themselves aud families. And whereas, also, the said commandant, in violation of tlio most sacred right guaranteed to tlie free people of Arkansas by their Cons! Ma lion, directs that those pursuing the said la.vfuH avocations ot trade, it found offending against his genera! order, shall, by the military authority vested iu himself and his subordinate officers, be arretted and imprisoned, at will, against law, and in defiance of the civil authorities of the sovereign State of Arkansas; and that the property property of any and all persons so offending, at the ili of said military authority, shall be wrested from them and arbitrarily condemned and dis-posed dis-posed of at the will of the private purciniser, whose cupidity might ueeds make it agreeable to get his neighbor's goods aud property at prices by himself stipulated. And whereas, also, other rep?a'ed acts of insult, insult, injustice and wrong have by the subordinate subordinate officers of the Confederate States been contumaciously contumaciously aud without provocation insultiusrly off-red to the State of Arkansas and its law fully oonstituted authorities, of w hich I have again and again asked redr.-os at the bauds, as well of those as my own, whose duty it is to protect the constitutional rights of the several States forming forming the said Confederacy, and to secure to the citizens thereof the enjoyment of civil liberty; and it being my solemn duty, as far as in trie lays, to inete this out to the humblest of my fel loiv-citizeus. Now, therefore, be it known that by virtue of the authority in me oy law vtsted, as Governor ot the State ot Arkansas, I do hereby annul, set aside, revoke ami countermand the said genera order of the said Col. Solon Borland as totally unauthorized aud unwarranted; deciaiiug that the fr-e export from, and interchange of, commodities commodities in the State of Arkansas aud among her cilieus, lie to them restored and guaranteed; mat me win oi .'-, corpus be issued by all authorized tribunals, and the sauie be eulorced by the projier officers, supported by the military power ot the Mate of Arkansas, to the extent m eeSMTf for the liberation of any and all citizens arrested by tne said .Solon Ifjilaud or his omoen. or any officer, Confederate or State, because of the exportation, shipment or sale ol their own propeny, or the purchase of property from others in such quantities, aud at such prices, as may be agreed upon between the buyer and the seller, r-gardiiig a despotic exercise of milita'y power more dangerous to the peace and happiness of the peojile than the temporary enhancement of prices proposed to be redres-sed by said general order; denying that the said Colonel Borland is, in any man-er. authorized to assume control of the interns affairs ot" the State of Arkansas, or the civil rights, or lawful trade, of her citizens; deprecating, nevertheless, at all times monopolies and extortion. But t:.o legislative branch of the government !. , ing just recently adjourned from this capiial, Laving failed, if they might have done so by law, to hx a table of prices upon the property of citizens, or to pi event '.he Iree export of the surplus surplus products of the country. Now, therefore, unless the pressing necessities necessities of the people shall imperatively demand from the military authorities of the State of Arkansas, Arkansas, a forced interference with the ordinary laws of trade, I deem it a wise policy to trust the eradication of such abuses to a wholesome moral moral sentiment, inaugurated and enforced by the people themselves, by example aud an elevated pu riotisin, rather than by the power of the sword turned against those whom it was intended intended to protect, and thereby reserving to the State of Amansas, through her authorities, the right to regulate her DWB internal affairs, free from tiio interference of all other governments, or their officers, as well in time of war as in peace. In testimony wheieof, I, Henry M. R-ctor, Governor of the State of Arkansas, have hereunto hereunto set my hand and caused the seal ot the State of Arkansas to Lc affixed at Little Rock, this the -Jtithdy of December, A. D. tS6l. HENRY M. RECTOR. By, ii- 'jtju&Xith "john . Smith, a.. Secretary of Stale. A F FA I Kf THE OAST. i li vm th- SavaunaU R-i-uMicitu, Hi rmialws 24. the ner will and ot WashiLg-ton, and and ley, has been of few jierform-t rs at there some had This this Taune-hill's is will Those ern La next 1038 naval tant ply on guilty man he rouod possible

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  • Memphis Daily Appeal Memphis, Tennessee Saturday, December 28, 1861 p4

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