Memphis Daily Appeal Memphis, Tennessee Sunday, December 18, 1859 p2

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Memphis Daily Appeal Memphis, Tennessee

Sunday, December 18, 1859 p2
 - DI Ct EMErTK' The Wai oton Coaalilmttoa...
DI Ct EMErTK' The Wai oton Coaalilmttoa contains a from Hon. R. W. Johbsob, of Ar- - -n mciato.-r ot Hon. T. C. Hikb- bax of tbe same S ate, from which it is an- Hrinated a djel will result. Both sent emen ' - ia Waahine-tan eitr. and a few days will determine the result of the iunder-atandicc iunder-atandicc between the two. The following Is the letter a'. laded to: Dbas St a : Dirine mt abasac at Little H..rl- r. - tn liave accumulated Tor me. Tbev mak. it clear that I cannot, with propriety, propriety, leave the State withoot a farther pobh-'r.erlaratioa of my intention. I declare in a public apaecn in now town, ts Julv. ISM, that it war ay fixed Jetennina-rion Jetennina-rion to retire from the pabl-c service, and that my name would Bert again be seed for reelect reelect ior to the Senate cr any other cfBee This (at wae noticed at '.be t me by the pub-Uc pub-Uc press. , The writm of these letters are my friends. Thev urrre m to declare myself a candidate far re-f lecrtoo to the United '8-atee S-nate o: ' for the core rnorahip.and they Ail soebiefir on aeeount of Col. Hindman's turbalent and;; conrae 1 cannot, with all my des-o-tinn tn tue will and my deference to the o in-fatc. in-fatc. of rrT frienda, (rire my consent to the fnrtbr :e of my name for either pfSce. Col. Hindman's attmrted disruption ot ine nmirr anri harmony of the Democratic party I il ee'fesh, and ir. lens than twelve months wil' be of -mall amount. He is represnted to have availed my political acU sery bit-rr)T. bit-rr)T. hat without personal insuh. This 1 do not object to ; but he has ir erery other way sjonrht r be offensne, and partic lerly by a EtMoen and ceneral denunciation of the fam-Krot fam-Krot Jcbnaoas, and to add to bis offenaire-re. offenaire-re. be rl-d:ed hissaelf in his public speeches to risit Li'tle Rock, and to denounce them to their faces. The S4'h insUnt was the day net apart for this p urpose, and was public to all. M "truer W. nfty ss:les to attend this appoint-Bient, appoint-Bient, and to afford hitn tbe oppnrtuniy. He failc tn a"r ,i and redeem his plrdce. His f excuse was false in spirit and paltry ir. feet : and the whole affair I pronounce to be another another of his ingenious derices to win for him-netf him-netf a narte-of 'courage, and to fl nr on others , aa iicputation of ccwardiee. Hs conduct in the few years he has been tare is, to tnr triad, that of a bully, and an tmpos'er in the ranks of honor. Hia j-oeition aa a member of Conrreas secures secures for bias mv notice In eiain ansounciaf to mr fellnw-citizens bit w:sh to retire from public life, I bee to Arre mT deep sense of prati'ode for the theT hise cor.'!Td upon me, anr: cncbaieinc confidence thev haee for aa many year. cry respectfclrr, R. W. Jomrsru. .nfiV th th of lWcmer t bonir. th- occupy meas-nrea, their " .w the I Pnrx Bi-t-rT, November 28, 1R59. VABHIrsCTOll ITEU.16ESfI.. ous leader, I " .

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  • Memphis Daily Appeal Memphis, Tennessee Sunday, December 18, 1859 p2

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