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Chess by Isaac Kashdan - CHESS BY ISAAC KATHDAM IMH1NATI0MAI ;k'9 AMitm...
CHESS BY ISAAC KATHDAM IMH1NATI0MAI ;k'9 AMitm Mrt M Chew k ; -, LA. Ii i J, .,(. EESIIEVSKV WJSES T.YO IN B1SGUIES MATCH '. Grandmaster Samuel Reshev-eky had a rough time in the second week of his match with U.S. Champion Arthur B. Bis-guler. The latter won two and drew two of the four games contested. Reshevsky, who had scored In tha nrst three games of the match, idH leads by 43, Three more games are scheduled at the Manhattan Chess Club in New York. Hans Kmoch is the referee. Examination or the game scores indicates that both players must have been considerably short of time at critical stages. Some of the moves could hardly be explained on any other basis. " , . , , In the third game, as an -in stance, Bisguier moved 30 R-N8, evidently missing the forced checkmate that followed. Re-shevsky's 37Q-Q8 in the fifth game was little better, eince it meant loss of his queen, turning a gooa game into a Hopeless one. Following are the third to fifth games of the match; THIRD HATCH CAMS NIMZO-INDIAN DEFENSE Rrhesk White 1-P-Q 2-P-QB4 hit m, tm Br A. Akirbtem BLACK I 7., 3-N-CBJ 4-P-K3 8-B-C3 6-N-BJ "7 -O-O 8- BxBP 9- P-QR3 10- PxB 11- B-NJ 13-B-B 13- O-KJ 14- KR-Q 14-N-R4 16- B-N3 17-M-BJ 3-B-N5 4- B-R4 e-o-o 5- P-Q3 1-B-N3 8- P-B3 9- ON-OJ 10- B-B1 11- R-K 12- N-B 13- P-QR4 M-N-K3 15-N-GS 1S-P-R3 17- NxNoh 18- PxP 19- P-R5 29-N-P2 ai-N-Nt ReshevslW White 18- B-R 19- BxB 20- P-QB4 21- N-N3 22- PxP 23- RxR, 24- BxN 25- Q-B2 2S-P-R3 27- R-QS 28- K-R2. 29- NxP 30- Q.QI 31- R-0(tch 32- N-NSch 33- NxPch 34-R-R8 mtbt Blsmiler Black B-B3 QxB Q-K3 N-N3 KxRch PxP OxB Q-K4 P-KR4 e-RSch P-R5 R-N R-N8? K.-R2 K-R3 . Bieck M-KB3 P-K3 B-N5 -P-B4 P-G4 O-O PxBP GN-G2 BxK B-N2 0-B2 P-K4 CR-Q P-KS KLR-K . N-B FOURTH MATCH GAMS EOT LOPEZ fttgulr RethevskytBlseuler ReihrvskT White Black. White Black 1-F-K P-K-t 22-PXB P-CM S-N-KB9 H-QM 23-P-NS RPxP -R3 24-Q-N4 Q-KN3 N-B3 25-OxP Qx B-K2 26-BxQ P-B3 P-QN4 27-B-B P-05 P-Q3 28-PxP BPxP O-O 29-B-K N-B3! -ob4 aa-B-Rzca K-R2 P-B4 31-B-QB4 B-N5 N-B3 32-R-B B-B6 R-K 33-R-R2 NxP P-N5 34-B-Q5 R-N8 B-B 35-P-B4 K-QB t-m 36-P-N3 PxP PxP 37-R-R2ch K-N3 OxN 38-PxP P-B4 R-N 39-R-N2ch K-R2 R-Q 40-PxP R-N3 K-K2 41-B-KS Resign FIFTH MATCH CAMS NIMZO-INDIAN DEFENSE teshevskr Blstmler White 1- P-04 2- P-QB4 3- N-QB3 4- P-K3 5- N-K2 6- P-OR3 7- N-B4 ?-P-K4 -B-KJ 10-O-O n-p-es 32- BPxP 33- OxB 14- N-03 15- N-N4 16- N-BS 17- R-N 18- NxBch 19- P-QN3 BYRNE Reshevskr White 20- B-O3 21- N-R4 22- BxN 23- KR-B 24- R-B6 23-PxR 26- Q-B4 27- R-QB 28- P-R3 29- P-N3 30- R-Q 31- K-B 32- R-B 33- K-N2 34- K-B3 35- PxP 36- Q-B5ch 37- Q-Q6J SHADES EVANS IN Black M-KB3 P-K3 B-N5 P-QN3 B-R3 B-K2 O-O P-3 P-B3 BPxP BxB P-K4 N-B4 N-N6 Q.Q2 S-QR4 QxN KR-B Biseulerl Black P-QR3 O-Q PxB CR-N RxR Q-B2 R-OB e-R2 K-B K-B2 N-K -N N-B3 G-N4 P-04 NxP K-K Q-Q6ch WESTERN OPEN TOURNEY Donald Byrne of Ann Arbor, Mich., and Larry Evans of New York tied for first at 7-1 in the Western Open Tournament, which attracted 123 contestants to MiiwauKee. Byrne was awarded first prize on the Sonneborn-Berger t i e-breaking system, outscoring Evans .402 to .357. In the last round Evans, who had been leading, drew with Hans Berliner of Washington, D.C., while Byrne defeated Tibor Weinberger of West Allis, Wis. The two leaders were the cnly unbeaten players. Berliner tied for third at 6VHV with Samuel Popel of Detroit and Povilas Tautvaisis of Chicago. Junior Champion Bobby Fischer took sixth place With 6-Z. Following are games from the tournament: SICILIAN DEFENSE p!o Plscher White Black 1-P-K4 P-QB4 I-N-KB3 F-Q'J 3- P-Q4 PxP 4- NxP H-KB3 5- N-OB3 P-QR3 6- P-B4 P-K4 7- N-B3 0-B2 8- B-Q3 ON-Q2 9- 0-0 P-QN4 10- Q-K B-N2 11- P-QR3 P-KN3 12- Q-R4 B-N2 13-P-KN4 PxP 14-BxBP O-O 1J-Q-N3 N-K4 16- NxN PxN 17- BxKP Q-B4ch 18- R-B2 . N-R4 19- B-Q6 OxN 50- PxQ NxO 51- BxR RxB 22-PxN BxBP 23-R-N B-C5 24-P-OR4 B-B SS-PxP PxP KING'S INDIAN DEFENSS Pam Byrne White Black 1-P.04 M.KB3 S-P-OB4 . P-KN3 B-N2 0-0 F-Q3 P-B4 P-QR3 P-KJ Elo White 26- RxP 27- K-NI 28- KxB 29- R-QB1 30- K-B3 31- K-B4 32- P-N4 33- P-N5ch 34- RxP 35- R-N3 36- K-B3 37- R-N3 38- KxR 39- P-B3 40- B-B4 41- B-05 42- P-B4 43- K-N4 44- K-B3 , 45- K-B2 4S-K-N3 47- P-B5 48- B-KS 49- B-BS Resigns. Eyani White 24- P-B4 25- aa-a 26- NxN 27- RxR 2B-i-R2 29-RxOP "in-pp 31-P-K5 Plucher B acs BxP BxR B-K3 K-N2 K-B3 B-OR P-R3 PxP n-R P-N4ch B-R6ch RxRch K-K4 B-02 P-B3 B-K K-05 B-N3 B-R4ch B-C8 B-K7 KxP K-05 K-K6 n i rt f- 1 WHITS White matet In three. TIMES PROBLEM 2880 Br P. Matouick l BLACK JL fciiiia S;v;. -m f 1 I g WHm 9 White mitei In three. SOLVING COSIEST ENDS TODAY. Our special summer solving contest ends with today's problems. The winners will be announced In two weeks. First prize is a year's subscription to Chess Review, leadinpr American chess monthly. Second prize is six-month subscription to the magazine. Send solutions to Chess Editor. Los Angeles Times. They must be postmarked not later than Aug. tt As both Droblems are three-movers. the main variations must be given to obtain lull credit. Selutloa te Problem 1815: Q-N4ek Solution ts Prebltm R7: N-Q If KxN. 2N-B7: If K-OS. 2 Q-SlB4eh ir VI ?iW. 1 O-Rtch: If P 1.1 IvN ni BxN, 2 P-04ch: 1( B else, 2 P-B4chi U P-R4, 2 M-B7Ch. SOLVERS' LIST Five Dolnts D. E. Blowers. J. A UlTdlll. 1.. viiiiici. ... uiia.u.) v.. Francis, J. Freed, W. H. Griffith, D. B. Habberfield. D. C. Halgren. Dr. J. A. Healy, A. Huebsch, N. Hullgren, w. w. lrwin. J. .autman. r. a. i-ee, J. E. Maendl, E. A. Meuer, W. S. Moore, M. Morris, J. H. Murray, S. J. Myzel, E. E. Penter, R. Ploetz, R. S. rrlngie, M. Kuoin, u. t. cnu-mann. G. Serrano. L. S. Shapley. L. Simon. R. N. Travers, L. A. Victor, V r IVraidsni. T. Zwonkln. Three points S. A. uesicK. two Joints G. Chandler, G. H. Francis, . D. Frierson, D. Htnrichsen, W. Hu- ber, S. H. Katz, m. Kosen, J. atrong, J. P. Walsh. One point D. Beviil, R. T. Eflwall, U Kvans, J. nnnegan, s r.lnaslwrff. R. A. Heeseman. G. F. Olineer. D. SauL J. Valentine, C. L. west. Byrne Black B-Q5 NxP RxN CxRch B-K3 P-B5 BxP PxP 32-Q-K4 CN-02!33-P-BS R-M;34-KXP N-t; N-B2 P-N3 KxNP N-N4 NxN N-R K-P2 BxB C-B3 R-K R-N 5 35-OxQ 3fl-KxB . 37- PxPch 38- RxP 39- K-B3 40- K-K4 41- P-R4 42- R-RS 43- R-fi5ch 44- R-BS 45- K-B3 Drawn 3- P-KN3 4- B-N2 B-P-K4 -N-K2 T-P-Q5 5- N-B3 -P-QR4 JO-BPxP 11 C-O 12- P-RJ' 13- P-E3 34-B-R3 IS-PxP 3H-P-NI 17-Q-Ol ISNxN 19-R-P3 . I1-B-R9 51- OxB 52- Q-K3 23-ft-a KVASS TO EXHIBIT Larry Evans, who is visiting Los Angeles, will give a simultaneous exhibition at the Lincoln Park Chess Club In Long Beach next Saturday evening at 7:30 p.m. The charge for playing is S2 a board. Players are requiested to bring their own sets. Visitors are welcome to the exhibition. CSCP MEMBERSHIP DRIVE The current membership drive of the California State Chess Federation has as its goal an increase of at least 1000 members by May 31. 1958. That is the datP of the 25th annual North-South match, which promises to be the greatest chess event In California his tory. The CSCF sponsors a number cf regular tournaments among which are: the Nortnern, wn tral and Southern Champion ship Tournaments which serve to se ect aua iners tor me aiv nual State Championship Tour nament: the California upen Tournament, which last year at Santa Barbara attracted So entries; the State Women's Championship, and the nationally famous North-South match. Plans are now under way for State for beginners and slightly more advanced players. This will be an opportunity 'to gain tournament experience for those new to this field. An announce ment concerning these tourna ments will be forthcoming soon. In addition to conducting tour naments, the CSCF publishes the California Chess Reporter, considered one of the finest pub lications in its field. The 10 is sues a year give complete and detailed coverage of all Califor nia chess activities, with anno tated games and a problem sec tion, Specimen copies of the maga zine may be had by writing to uutnrie Mcuam. Kcutor. Mi Kearney St., San Francisco 8. Membership in the federation is S2.50 a year, which includes the Reporter. Membership fees should be ' sent to Dr. Ralph Hultgren, Treasurer, 1501 Le Roy Ave., Berkeley 8. KAKISII WIXS IN EXPERT CITY TERRACE TOURXEY Ben Kakimi defeated L Thompson to wind up his sched ule with 6Vj-W for an easy first in the City Terrace section of the Expert Candidates Tourna ment Kakimi won six games and drew with D. Young in the fourth round. Second place was taken by R. Clark, who finished with 5-2 by beating Young in the . final round. Young tied with E. Am- don, Thompson and J. Zizda with a 4W-2V4 score. Other final scores were: Miss G. Erus, J. Hamilton and W. Irwin, E. Norman, 34; and L. Hillman, B. Ponce, H. Rader and D. Rob- bins, 2-5, Following are the results of the last round: BOUND SEVEN ft. ITafciml l!T. The-mMOn D. Younff ,. 0R. Clark 1 P-KK4 E. Amdoa ...... 1 Q-R7J. Ztsla 1 B-B8 D. Robblns 0 QxBch 1 E. Norman ...... 0 ttxw - RxP KxP K-N2 R-Brh R-B8 P.-B7 K-N3 K-R3 R-K7ch R-K.3 J. Hamilton w. Irwin . . . Mlsa G. Erus B. Ponce H, Rader 1'L.Hkiman SANTA MOXICA EXPERTS IX FINAL PLAY TOMORROW A close finish is in store in the Santa Monica section of the Expert Candidates Tournament, which will enter Its final round tomorrow night at the Santa Monica Chess Club quarters in Lincoln Park. R. Harshbarger, who had been leading all the way, was downed by A. Michaeison In the sixtn round. . Michaeison, who also won an adjourned game against R. Sale, is now tied with Harsh bareer at 5-1. Right behind the leaders, with a score of 4V4-1V4, are Sale and R. Seltzer. A group who are tied at 4-2 also have a slight chance for the top prizes. They are: A. Cherestes, G. Palmer, I. Szanr and N. vatsos. Following are last week's re sults: bound rnn A Mlchaelaoa ... 1 'R. Hanhbsrter I 8illr O R. 8-itier R. eie A. Knpaer ., 3. Oto iT-. P mi .... B. Collins A. r"mond ., 3. Mmta K. Forrest .... W. Barnaul ., T. Campbell afljoumtd. in 1 J Jaffrar O N. Vatsoa 0 ACrieresM 1 O. Olson ..... O P. Wraneell . . , 0 L. Narf m .... 1 O. Anderson . 0 C. Lowtrj . . . O JDrBlM ... i O cajtlfberTT wsa nfln!hfd smmea from itnh round A. H.cnaeUno beet R Sale. P. WranteU fct C Uwir sod J, jafirar and A. Kempner drew. STEIXER RAPID TRANSIT Hy Rogosin, scoring 11-1, took first prize In tne regular Tuesday evening rapid transit tour nament at the Herman Steiner Chess Club. E. Ruben and arranging a spries of regional) Frankenstein tied for second tournaments throughout theiat 8-3.

Clipped from
  1. The Los Angeles Times,
  2. 28 Jul 1957, Sun,
  3. Page 51

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