Reshevsky Displays Championship Style

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Reshevsky Displays Championship Style - COUmEW-POST, Camdnw, N. J Tkundny, SopUmbgf 1?,...
COUmEW-POST, Camdnw, N. J Tkundny, SopUmbgf 1?, 1 93T 52 Cf-ftM IFift Sam Laird: Reshevsky Displays CIiaiiipionshi) Style The match between Samuel Reshevsky and Donald Byrne, which started off as if it were to be exceptionally hard fought, turned out in the end to be one-sided. Reshevsky was the winner by a score of 7-3, a full point belter than in his earlier match with U. S. Champion Arthur Risguier. The first six games of the contest between America's only grand master and the younger Byrne were drawn. However, Reshevsky, adhering to the Queen's Indian Defense whenever he had the black pieces, went on to win the final four games. Uneven as the nnai score proved to be, nearly all the games were hard fought. Except for the ninth, all were adjourned or drawn. Reshevsky has announced he will compete in the nevt national tournament, to be held Dec. IS to .lan 6. He last played in the 1955 tournament at Long Beach. Calif. New York's Manhattan Chess Club, scene of the matches between Reshevsky and Byrne and Bisguier, now is staging another match between sensational young Bobby Fischer, newly crowned open, junior, and New Jersey! champion, and R. T. Cardoso, Philippines junior champion, Because Bobby has returned to school, the match is being held on weekends. Games will be played this Saturday and Sunday and the match will conclude on Sept. 21 and 22: Election of officers of the Camden City Chess Club for the com ing year is scheduled tnday night at club headquarters, 175 Whitman ave. The fifth and final round of play in the club's summer tournament will be held Sept. 20. Word comes from Russia that World Champion Vassily Smyslov and the titleholder he dethroned last spring, Mikhail Botvinnik, will meet in a return match for the championship next March 4, The chess world mourns the loss of Max Pavey, one of America's outstanding players. Titles won by Mr. Pavey include the U. S, speed crown, New York Stale, Manhattan Chess Club, and national championship of Scotland. Mr. Pavey was a member of the American team that played the Russians in Moscow in 1955 and a vice president of the U, S. Chess Federation. lie was also a prominent bridge player and official. A resident of Brooklyn, he died Sept. 4 at the age of 39 from pneumonia. Following is the score of (he eighth game of the Rcshevskv-Byrne match, perhaps the hardest fought of the whole 19. It, went to three sessions and clinched Reshevsky's victory in the match. To his credit, Byrne refused to play for a certain draw when ho had a queen and four pawns (two doubled) against two rooks and three pawns. In a brilliant exhibition of end game da v. his opponent then gradually eked out the victory. f ljhlh fiamr tltHA S IKIIMN I,H;NSK ntrnr Knhrvikjr Kirn llr.l,,.L. Black K-n Rill -OR RxP 11x1' Rll I-B2 K 1)2 n 1 7 1 . b : W K2rh ! R-Q-Vh Ii-K.ih H-R? PlluP R-P7 R-QJ FITkRJ r SatisfiesYou EetweenMeals yet Wrigley' Spearmint is so lighl and wholesome you can chew and enjoy it often day. Wlilli- 1 KI-KB3 P-KKI3 a-Kia Cmtlri P-Q.1 PK4 KI-R4 P-KH4 Ki-QB.l Kt-83 r-Q4 rp B-K.l PxR KI-Q4 KIP BxKt Q 04 QxR B'QI P-KI4 r-M PxP k n P-Bfi Q-KI7ch BxKP PR? B-Hilrh 0-R3 KxKI n-Ki-h Q-QMh K-KR DxQ.h 1 Q Ki2ih 57 Q-Qrh 1 Q-K4rl 31 OxPfh 40 lj-K4ch 41 g-R4rh 4 2 Q-o:,rh 41 g-B4oh 44 Q K4ch 4S QxPrli 48 P-B4 2 3 4 S (I ? A 9 10 1 I 12 11 14 15 IS 17 M ID I 20 2 1 22 21 24 21 27 2 29 HO .11 .'12 33 S4 Hl kr Whit Kt-KBl 47 Q-07ch P-QKI3 41 KKt B KI249 K-B P-B4 SO P-KRI r-Kti si p-n;, p-qi 52 r-Rn Kl-Rl 5.1 Q.R4 P-Kl 54 Q KM P-OI11 51 B KI2 57 KlP 51 K-K4 Q-KH KK I K-K2 K-Ql K-Kl K-m KlxP (SO KI-K2 til PxKI S2 BxB SI oks K-Hl 64 Q.! Wl'2 P.IIU'KMt Kli-K 61 K B! R.QSrh O-HS SS K B4 n.QS KirPS7 Q-B4 Tl-BSrh K-K(rh K-KtS n-Kl2ch P K4 S9 K-RS K'Kji, IUBi-KKi K-K1 70 0 01 RfAt-KtR 0-0 R(i.KlVh KH-KB 72 X-RS H-KlT KxB 7.1 K-HS R-KI2 KI-B5 74 0-05 H 0H7 OxH 75 O KU, R B4 i K-B73.K.t' K-qV K;B2II 0 K'1 "'2 I -Oh2 Si..' - n'1 ( 2 1 -R irh K-KI2 7(1 K Kl7 KxP SO K-B7 K-K2 St K-KI7 K-02 fit K-RS K-Bl SI K-K7 K-BJ S4 K QS K Kl2 85 Q-Q K-B2 S Q-K't K-KI2 87 0-UKI5 P-OJ RIB.1I-B2 K-H2 S8 Q-K.l H-R2 KR-B Rcuni K-KI3 R 114 KH-R1 H-Rdi KR-R2.1! KR-0B2 K-R2 H-QKI2 Japanese seem oblivious t.i the noise around them, For foreigners the only solution is entinn nniu they become adjusted to the quaint oriental ways.

Clipped from
  1. Courier-Post,
  2. 12 Sep 1957, Thu,
  3. Page 52

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  • Reshevsky Displays Championship Style

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