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Dorsey/Buggs3 - u.c « t r"-"* .-~r-—j_ yellow jaundice, etc.,...
u.c « t r"-"* .-~r-—j_ yellow jaundice, etc., in pines. held CpL Buggs was_ftet_asslgned j; *o being .sent to banataan *si caught up with hospital and who helped him so much at San Fernando after the bad days at O'Donnell. Another is Naomi Flores, who helped in the Philippines. "She helped us much more than others who got public, recognition in American magazines," magazines," he reported. Drop* to e» Pw»iL Although he found condition better in Japan than in .the Philip- better in Japan tnan in .we ramp- liberation caw we remains 01 uie pines, CpL Lester Buggs had tough- city from a troop train as it pass- «. r.niv*f* in «M»nV WMTtfrtft thMI Ad +Vlf*nlcrtt ftlftf HH»a er going in many respects than Dorsey. His work did not take him to the docks where e*tra food could be stolen and he suffered from malnutrition, almost becoming becoming blind at one time. He suffered from beri-beri in Japan and had all the others, malaria, -"-*——•- uggs w him. He spent nearly a year there as a patient. Although he was almost blind from malnutrition at that time, he has been informed by TJ.'S. physicians in this country that his eyes now test 20-20. ; . While in -Honshu camp 17, Just wime m .«uu~™ ?^£_-> «"* €0 mUes across tte bay from Nat gasaW of atomic toomfci iam£he became BO sick that his weight became GO sick that — -.—„— dropped to 60 pounds, the weight he recorded when liberated Sept. 13, 1345. • Admitting that liberation for him » have .been postponed many more days,'he summarized the entire experience as "A tough go." Explaining the liberation, he said, "We were sure glad to see the Americans come in. We bawled like babies when we saw Old Glory on that ship." CpL Buggs said he felt the concussion concussion of the atomic bomb which struck Nagasaki and after his liberation saw the remains of the ed through that area. "Everything was levelled," he said, "even the big steel and brick buildings, big trees and everything was an occasional steel frame of a former building but that was ell, he said. Worst memory ot the entire period of his imprisonment he said, was the death march to OTkmnell. "We just dragged ourselves along the road expecting to reach something something pretty good but it wasn't there. The best we had was Cabanatuan Cabanatuan after the Americans had cleaned it up." He went through the unfortunate experience of being bombed out of his barracks by American ; plane* which completely destroyed the American section of the camp but did no damage to .the* part occupied occupied by the Dutch and British. "•So we moved in with them," he said. . . , " . Although most of his army life was spent under the worst of'con- ditions, he feels that it could never be worse and so has a desire to continue as a member of the armed armed forces. "The rest of my life could never be as bad as what X have just gone through," he said. MEW sEHmunr HEAD SpriBffleld, HL—<«—The Rev. G. Christian Barth, pastor, of Concordia Concordia Lutheran church in Cincinnati, Cincinnati, has accepted the presidency presidency of Concordia Seminary here and will take over the position by the first of the year. He formerly was president of Concordia college in Milwaukee. Columbus found cotton growing in the West Indies, and the natives making cotton doth.

Clipped from
  1. Janesville Daily Gazette,
  2. 16 Nov 1945, Fri,
  3. Page 5

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