U.S. Junior Champion and U.S. Open Champion

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U.S. Junior Champion and U.S. Open Champion - i CONNECTICUT By G. E. AVER Hartford Chess Club...
i CONNECTICUT By G. E. AVER Hartford Chess Club Cloned until Sept. 6 This article was prepared early in the week, and at that time John Owen had received 14 entries to the New England Championship Tournament starting at the Hotel Statler in Hartford this coming Friday, Aug. T.Oth. Hie dead line for entries was on Friday, just passed, and no doubt ninny more have been heard from. An encouraging note is the fart that several from Vermont, who have not pre viously wen in New England, competition, have heard of the tournament through the "Chess Review," and expect to attend. State News A letter has been received from Bill Newberry, President! of the Connecticut Slate Chess I Association, suggesting that our summer outing be held on Sunday, Sept. 15th, at the home of former president, Isaiah Spector, near New Haven. Correspondence has been had with William J. Sanders, Commissioner of Education for the state, with regard to a state-wide chess tournament for junior players, which brings up several suggestions to be considered later. U.S. Junior Champion 1 The tournament for junior chess players, held at San fran-cisco, was attended by 33 players, mostly from the coast, and was won by Bobby Fischer of Brooklyn with a score of 8'j-Ij. U.S. Open Champion The tournament held at the Manger Hotel in Cleveland has been concluded. The last infor mation we have from a New i York newspaper is that with one round to b concluded. Donald Byrne of Ann Arbor was tied with Bobby Fischer of Rrooklyn for first place. Arthur Bisguier, former champion, trailed by ' game, and may now be in first place, Chess-School Chapter 23 Rook & Pawn endings viewed at different angles. Often the question arises for the defender, which way to stop the enemy pawn. In our diagram below we see how it should not be done. m b a &js ej w m jft-i fm &J BiJ kJ a i a m a o n 53 kti Jk x.i'tt U B n El Black to Move; White Wins We see' at once Uiat Black has only one maneuver at his disposal. Disastrous would be 1 . . . R-Rl, 2. R-R8 etc. or K moves because of the instant queening of the P. There regains only: 1 . . . R-R3ch, 2. K-Q5! R-KN3, For the time being everything seems to be ?oing just fine for Black: his R has stopped the enemy P from behind, and if he would only find time to play his K to B3, the P must fall. But with his next move White sees to it that Black remains limited in his choice of moves; in fact, after White's move Black has virtually only one move at his disposal; the play continues: 13.K-K5!! K-N5 forced! 4.R-R1! K-N4, tor 4 . . . K-B6. 5. R-Blch followed bv R-B7 in conjunction Iwith K-B5-B6 etc.) 5,R-Nlch K-R3, so near, and yet so far (6.RxReh KxR, 7.P-N8Qch and wlni. Game Selection This game was played bf Donald Byrne in the U. S. Open Tournament at Milwaukee in 1953. Byrne. White Pitaehak Black N -KB3 P-K3 B-N5 BxN ch P.QN3 R.N2 P.Q3 QN-QJ P-K4 N.Bl N-K3 QxB P-B3 QPxP KP x QP Q-Ql N-B2 PxP NN4 Q.Q2 R.Q1 P-N3 N.B2 N-Q4 PxP QxN RxB R-K4 0-0 Q-Bl R-B2 Q-Bl resigns 1 P.Q4 2 P-QB4 3 N QR3 4 P-QR3 5 PxR G P - B3 7 B-N5 8 P-K4 9 R.Q3 10 N-K2 11 0.0 12 BxN 13 Q - R4 eh 14 P-B5 15 P - KR4 16 P-K5 17 P-B5 18 PxP 19 B-K2 20 P - B6 21 QR-Q1 22 Q - B2 23 P - QR4 24 NxP 25 P-K6 '26 NxKP 27 RxN 28 QR-K1 29 Q - R3 30 RxR 31 R-K7 32 Q - QN3 33 KR-K1 Over Estimate I BALTIMORE m William III. Dawson Jr., fined $10 for disorderly conduct on a street corner, had boasted to Patrolman Joseph Hudgins: I "If you lock me up It will take three policemen." i The magistrate asked later how many officers made the arrest. Patrolman Hudging, about four inches shorter than the 6-3, 190-pound defendant, replied i I "Just one, your honor."

Clipped from
  1. Hartford Courant,
  2. 25 Aug 1957, Sun,
  3. Main Edition,
  4. Page 40

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  • U.S. Junior Champion and U.S. Open Champion

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