NY Times 28 Dec 1904 Ingram NW Irvine

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NY Times 28 Dec 1904
Ingram NW Irvine - ' : SZT City JtwMlfciTHO tWi'J. ' returned...
' : SZT City JtwMlfciTHO tWi'J. ' returned Port-au-Prince, Port-au-Prince, sea. ..-v-ii la the Sis ' ':' ot up. Tho of and j had Is "' h -at .- .- ; ot of to although W-- W-- old the the J Flour-noy, in by his t all for ' '-.i '-.i . of of . ! In j TEXT OF PRESENTMENT AGAINST BISHOP TALBOT I ' - - ' ,T eSSSSBSSBBBSBaSBSassBJSSBgJ - . : Accused of Lying In Letter About Dr.. Irvine: Deposed Rector. DR. BODINE TO HEAD INQUIRY Presentore 8peclfy Many Statements ' ;8ald to be False In Bishop's Letter ; ' to the Rev. Dr. Upjohn. ;' - Following is th presentment to the case gainst Bishop , Bthelbert Talbot of the! Protestant Episcopal diocese " ot . Central : Pennsylvania on new - charge - growing ; out of bis connection with the deposition of . Dr. Ingram - N.- N.- W. Irvine of Philadelphia from th priesthood: - ; . j Z " The undersigned.' m virtue of the Can- Can- ' onlcal authority reposed in them, present; the Right Rev. Ethelbert Talbot. D. LL. D Bishop of the Protestant Episcopal ; Church in the diocese of Central Pennsyl-J Pennsyl-J Pennsyl-J vania. as being guilty , of conduct anbe. coming a Bishop of the Protectant Episcopal Episcopal Church In th United States of America!, tn the several specifications hereinafter; more particularly set forth, to th end that1 hi may be tried' upon said charge which la laid within five' years last passed, which trial is hereby demanded under tho provisions provisions of Canon IX.. Title 2 of the Canons of the General Convention of the said church in such case mad and provided. , - . : f - "Specification 1. Th said presenters do hereby present and allege that Bishop Talbot Talbot la guilty of Immorality tn having written written a false, libelous, and untruthful letter regarding tho Rev. Ingram N. W. -Irvine. -Irvine. D. D.. and mailed, or caused the letter-to letter-to letter-to be mailed, to the Rev. Dr. Samuel Upjohn, President of the Philadelphia Catholic CJub. A copy ot tho letter follows. "Specification 2. That Bishop Talbot 4s guilty of lying In having written, 'May X therefore say to you that this man was aeposea nearly two years ago ror gross immorality immorality and for lewd and lascivious conduct conduct with women. For referene see the proceedings "of the ecclesiastical court before before which the Rev. Dr. Irvine was tried. In which no record will be found of any such charges. -.: -.: ' 5 4 -"--.;.-: -"--.;.-: -"--.;.-: -"--.;.-: -"--.;.-: -"--.;.-: .----. .----. .----. .----. .----. .----. -" -" Specification 2. That Bishop Talbot Is guilty ot lying In having ' written, tha t Irvine for thirty years has been in th ministry and that for twenty ot those years he has been under ecclesiastical discipline. (Here papers from three Bishops as well as letter, arwt Attir f1nruinnt, ,m vm references.) . " Specification 4. That ' Bishop Talbot Is guilty of lying In having written that he ished once in your diooos. ' and Inhibited and made to leave repeatedly.' . ; , "Th charge ot lying la aet forth In spec? uica uens covering ail but two of the. remaining remaining paragraphs ot th letter, following following the paragraph reading: That all his Irvine's talk about a divorced woman be- be- sAwuuiiiuuwKivu uu uwa raivmt vy me la-baseless.'. la-baseless.'. la-baseless.'. : .- .- ... iV-V.,.JL. iV-V.,.JL. iV-V.,.JL. LETTER 'TO- 'TO- IRVIJJttrjvX The presentment in support of the charge -of -of lying sou forth the following letter: ,..v " Diocese of Centra. Pennsylvania Blsb- Blsb- - opric . . ..... 4 ; , - " ' South Bethlehem. Penn., Feb. . 1899. - - wy uear irvine: to woman to whom you refer ia bv canon Trnmmiml tmA . cannot believe she will havo th presump tion to present herself at th .Holy Communion. Communion. ' If you think there la any danger of her doing ao It would be better for you t Irk.., - " . . . . . . . " nu uu iciiii. way ill mumai to her her true condition. Of cours you have no discretion In the matter. It she should present herself before you can speak to her, and you think, she does In Ignorance, then you can speak to her afterward.; There is no reason In this case to mak any row if ma uung monageci quietly ana firmly with a little for what you Mr on th matter of tha inU- inU- tnna. AffaAflAnatalw wam --'---a --'---a --'---a --'---a --'---a --'---a --'---a 'WMwaaw Wu s ;. . " ETHELBERT TALBOT " .vvmvii,, w mi umtfw .t tying are as follows: . ;' .. ' . ; " Specification That Bishop1 Talbot , IS guilty of conduct unbecoming a Bishop,' of breach , of hla ordination and consecration vows against involving other- other- Biahopa la controversy, by writing untruthfully as followa: . , . ' inat eignt Bishops have. grave charges against him. (Irvine) that the -Venerable -Venerable Bishop of Qulncy wrote me upon his deathbed deathbed that Irvine had outraged two girls . In hla city, and Bishops Whi taker. Whitehead. Seymour. Scarborough. Potter, Dean, Ail. mm Ts.Ia, , K a in. -" -" and a host of others wilt bear out all X have said as .to bis oharacter. . leref ore, the- the- presenters, tin- tin- view of the reasons aa set forth in th above spec!- spec!- ncauons, ao ssk that Bishop Talbot be presented - for trial before a court of his Another letter . introduced as aa exhibit In support of Specification 8. Is as followa: . South Bethlehem. Nov. 250. ifcos. ; "My Dear Irvlnen " What a nice time we all had at Huntingdon. Huntingdon. I did enjoy it. My dear Ingram, you wilL before many years, take a foremost foremost place in my diocese Tou have the ability, and no on would refofc more than I to have It so. My cordial regards, please, to Mrs. Irvine and sister,' and especially to that lovely daughter and th granddaughter. granddaughter. Think of it, -verily, -verily, you and. 1 ar getting old.-.." old.-.." old.-.." "Affectionately yours. " : . ETHELBERT : TALBOT The Rev. Dr. : Morgan Dig having de--dined de--dined de--dined de--dined to serve as a member of the Board cf Inquiry which Is . to hear ; th ' charges agamst msnop jsxneioert xatoot or Central Pennsylvania, the presentment In the case has been forwarded to th Rev. Dr. W. B. Bodine of tbe Church of. the Saviour. In Philadelphia: who will act as th head of th board lit plae of Dr. Dix. Herbert Noble of William Street will represent tbe presenters before ; the ecclesiastical trial board, which will meet to tak up tho ess at Reading. Penn., on Jan. 10. THE UPJOHN LETTER. . The charges are based entirely en the following following letter written by Bishop Ta'bot to the Rev. Dr. Upjohn. President ' of the Catholic Club of Philadelphia, la 10C2, a copy of which was sent by him two years later in July. 10(H to the Rev. Dr. Jc"..a Pulton, veditor of a church paper put::. " J In Philadelphia: - ' tiioorm of Central Pnnylvanla. ' - - Btabop's Brat, South BfU.rnfecro. Waahiartoa. D. C, tL Faul'a Pay, j; i Dr. Fultoa knows all about htm. Mr. bttr tw. Cpjoha: Ia sa.ing thro-: thro-: thro-: h I d.lphta 1 tkapp4PMl to nm th. R.. Kr. s . aad he ntsUoiMj th. fact that '""--f '""--f '""--f '""--f C

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  • NY Times 28 Dec 1904 Ingram NW Irvine

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