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content2 in 1924 - Timely Views on World Topics PACIFIC...
Timely Views on World Topics PACIFIC POSSESSIONS OF U. S. AND CANAL MAKE IT SECOND WORLD POWER, SAYS TRIPP til 6UTHIPP "France is very busy. Her exports are now in excess of her imports, thus the low price of the franc Is actually helping her to Improve her general situation, reports Guy K. Tripp, chair m a n of the board of West I n g h o u s c Fiectric, who' has Just returned from a round the world trip. "England -is -is not yet out of her ilifficul t I e s, her employment: problem problem being serious. Her, Labor government, government, though complacently accepted accepted by most Kncli r h in e n. 1m apparently inherently unstable, a,iu if Premier Macdunaid is not sufficiently sufficiently radical be will likejy be deposed deposed by his own party, while if he does become radical, there are enough Conservatives left In England England to force him out. "The immense potential strength ot the British empire is, however, a factor of the highest Importance. Great Britain controls practically every strategic point in the great trade belt passing through' the Mediterranean and encircling Asia. Among these points are (ilhraltar, Malta, the Suez Canal, India. Straits Settlements. Singapore and Hong Kong. As long as rhe retains these outposts her position as the leading world power can hardly be jeopardized jeopardized by diffieull ies at home. "Incidentally, the United States possessing Manila, the Philippines, Hawaii and the Panama Canal, ranks second as a world power. "But behind every phase of the individual and commercial Htuation in Europe lies (iermany. She possesses possesses 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 a 1 c 1 industrial resources, resources, both as to physical plant and trained men. and she will quickly place herself in position to challenge the leadership of any other nation just, as soon as s he can free herself frem her picsent difficulties. "In the Far East Japan is an out-standing out-standing out-standing figure. She alone of all the. oriental nations needs no extensive extensive help from Europe arm America. Though the destruction i aiised by the earthquake w as enormous, enormous, if was not an unmixed evil. The destroyed cities will be rebuilt on a very much better scale and the buildings will bo us proof against earthquakes as it. is possible to in ike them. The Japanese are doing the rcconstructional work themselves, themselves, and the technical and financial financial experience thus gained will undoubtedly undoubtedly be worth the price to this progressive and energetic nation. ' "in the Philippines; China, India and other Asiatic countries there are prospects for extensive industrial industrial development, but generally speaking, it will be done by Europeans, Europeans, Americans and Japanese. There is. apparently, no racial desire desire for improvement and progress as we understand thrse words. "China Is a conspicuous example of the. Oriental tendency to resist Occidental ideas. If the accounts of .Marco Polo, who traveled through China In about. A. D. inno, ure to Ir believed, China, is no further advanced advanced toward our standard today than se was 1,000 years ago."

Clipped from
  1. The San Bernardino County Sun,
  2. 03 Mar 1924, Mon,
  3. Page 12

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