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content3 in 1923 - Walker to Meet Lewis in England ' Ted Is Great...
Walker to Meet Lewis in England ' Ted Is Great Favorite in Britian Sporting Club Rules May Upset Dope in Match By ROBERT EDGREN Ted Lewis has been fighting with very good success among Che Eng lish welters and middleweight, and has even bowled over a tew hcavyj weights. Lewis made such an 1m pression on the English fight fol lowers that they thought he could go after heavyweight champion ship honors. 1 Ted thought so himself, although he might have known better after being whipped with ease by Mike O'Dowd when Mike was almost out of the running himself and had lost his championship title to Johnny Wilson, the cheeslest champion since Al McCoy's time. Just to lead up to challenging Dempsey, Ted was matched wltTi Carpentler, the logic of this being that after he hod made the Frenchman Frenchman look like a Joke Dcmpiey could hardly dodge a meeting. Carp, may have been soft for Dempsey, but he can whip all the Leweses that can be piled Into a rlng with him. Naturally he knocked Lewis for a goal with the first punch he let go. Lewis la now back in his own class, and Mickey Walker Is going over to England to give Lewis a chance at the world's welter-weight welter-weight welter-weight championshlip during Derby week, the greatest sporting week of lite year in England. Mickey ought to heat Lewis handily, and will unless he runs up against some 'novelty in the line of counting "points". Willie Willie Ritchie went to England and lost the world's lightweight title to Freddy Welsh on a single point, the referee crediting Welsh with S6', points and Ritchie with 85 points. Bout Awarded on "Mark" Plan The National Sporting Club Rules say: "The referee shall de cide nil cqntests in favor of the contestant! who obtains the great est number of marks. Marks shall be awarded for attack, direct clean hits, defence, guarding, slipping, ducking or getting away. In the Ritchie-Welsh Ritchie-Welsh Ritchie-Welsh contest the, referee added up the "marks" cred ited to the fighters, In the 19th round, as marked down round by round on tho back of his progrsm, and found that each man had 814 points. In tho 20th round Welsh whs credited wun 6 points ana Ritchie with 4, which gave the world's championship to the English English boxer. From all accounts of tTie fight Welsh did most of the scoring by "slipping, ducking or retting away." He must have run like a rabbit in that last round. Mickev ought to understand all about this system of point scoring before he goes to England with that' title. Lewi never haa been strong for "slipping, ducking or getting away," but If thero are "points" in it and a world's championship- championship- he may practice up and rival even Freddy Welsh as an artful dodger. Mickey Ought to Investigate Purse Another thing Mickey ought to look up before going to England to fight. Ho Is to get J37.O0O as his end of the purse. Mickey should Ktlpulate on that amount being post'ed to his order in America. Payable In full after the event, and not subject to English taxes. If Mickey hns to pay Johnny Bull's rievuKtiitlng income tux. and then I'nrlo Sum his bankroll for tax and surtax on the whole $37,000, he was supposed to get', Mickey won't have enough left to buy toothpicks both ways on his trip abroad. Worse-he Worse-he Worse-he may wind up owing tax money Instead of getting anything for the fight. And If Lewis outslips, out'- out'- ducks and outruns him In "getting away." thus scoring a winning number of "Marks." English style, where will Mickey head In? It used to be that American box ers could have a lot of fun taking a short trip over to England and cleaning up a lot of English box ers for a miscellaneous set of titles ,iiid flock of small purses, and bring back their winning. But as thlngi ire now, what's the use'.' It Heitriy Leonard nnd Sailor Friedman meet ut tho I'olo Grounds July 2. as scheduled at present, to Ight hi' weight for the lightweight title, we'll xre one of the best llght- llght- a eight such since. Leonurd met Tendler. Friedman is a clever and dangerous lightweight, and has thinned out the list of Benny's challengers considerably. Billy Gibson says today that while Benny carries a few pounds of extra weight the fat is all around hips and legs. "That can be rubbed off," says Billy, "and with a week or two of training and rubbing Benny Benny can make the' weight as easily as he did two or three years ago." If Leonard does make the weight easily he'll upset the dope of many fight followers who already figure Benny among the welterwelghtors and as a natural challenger for Mickey Walker's title. May Bar Freshmen From Competition The college Freshman Is the lat est victim of meddlers In athletics. It is now proposed to bar Freshmen Freshmen from competing In intercollegiate intercollegiate track and field championships. Just what reason can be advanc ed for this proposal is a mystery. Perhaps the college athletic sharps think athletic sport too strenuous for Freshmen. Or perhaps they've exhausted the subject of sleuthing out Imaginary college professional ism and can't think of anything else to stir up some excitement RUBE BENTON BACK IN RED FOLD CHICAGO, March J. C. "Rubo" Benton, erstwhile American Association Association pitcher, probably will be one of the hurlers on the Cincinnati Cincinnati National League club this season, returning to his old club after eight years, six and one-half one-half one-half of which ho plajed with the Jew York National League team. That was indicated yesterday when K. M. Landis, commissioner of baseball ruled favorably to-the to-the to-the pitcher. In a controversy regarding his eligibility. MYATT WATCHES CLUB WORKOUT CLEVELAND, O., March ""j Glen Myatt, Cleveland's $50,000 catcher, who Is suferlng with an attack attack of pleurisy, was able to watch his teammates practice yesterday, but will not be ablo to don a uniform uniform for several days, according to advice from the spring training camp at lakeland. Flu., today. Walter Lutske, the Indians' new third baseman, and Frank Drower, attracted the attention of those watching yesterday's practice by their butting, fielding and base running. ST. LOUIS CLUBS WORKING HARD ST. LOUIS. Mo.. March 9. The St. I.ouls major lenrue hu-ehull hu-ehull hu-ehull tennis nre getting -down -down lo hard work In spring training, according; to word received here today At the National's camp, llraden-town, llraden-town, llraden-town, Fla., two workouts dally are bring held. The Americans, at Mobile, Ala., staged a nine game yesterday which the regulars won Irnm the 16 to 4. BABE RUTH IN GOOD FORM NEW ORLEANS, la- la- March 9 "nabe" Ruth was declared today to fHOU Befc? SI HO You 00 -T&pTaxsj, -T&pTaxsj, . JfLi'T V0 KNOUJ,OLt CHA?!' J I 1 ItfST 'r f ThiHK Vol) - THJS H. HJ AUJ about unless they go after col lege athletics class by class. Next year they may want to bar the Sophomores, then the Juniors, then the Seniors, and after deciding the athletic sport Is too exhausting for post-graduate post-graduate post-graduate students may move to substitute afternoon tea hops for all the rougher forms of exercise It! Is silly to bar first-year first-year first-year men in college from the sports they fol lowed all through high school, and perhaps even In the grammar schools. High schools and prep schools all have their active ath letic teams that compete in school meets and school championship meets. When prep-school prep-school prep-school athletes enter college rtiey are likely to be near the top of their athletic form in track events, baseball, football and basketball and other sports, They are fit to go right along com petlng, especially under the superior coaching usually given In colleges. A let-down let-down let-down for a year would be more harmful than beneficial. Incl dentally, there is no better way for a Freshman to "find himself" In college than through going out for one of the college teams. (Copyright 1923 by the Bell Syn dicate, Inc.) be in great shape by Colonel T. L. Huston, part owner of the New York Yankees, notwithstanding his recent attack of flu at Hot Springs, Ruth was expected to don a uni form today and go through the Umbering up process by Jogging around the park a number of times CHICK SHORTEN GOES BACK TO MINORS ST. TAL'L, Minn.. Much !.-Chick !.-Chick !.-Chick Shorten, outfielder, has brr added to the cah consideration thi Cliff Markle, pitcher, complete th purchase price paid by Cinclnnat to St Paul for Rube Benton, pitcher, pitcher, it was announced here today following following word that Benton had been declared eligible. TEXAS PEOPLE WELCOME WHITE SOX SEGFIN. . Trx.. March 9. The Chicago White Sox. led by Mnnnger "Kid' Glea.Hon, smiling and enthusiastic enthusiastic over his squad's condition and his team's chances In the American league, trooped out today today on a diamond which has' been groomed for week for the first workout here. Met at the sjatiou by BOO citizens nnd the firemen's band, the player were taken In automobiles In a parade parade through the dceoratnd streetn lo their hotel. The arrival here Include the $100,000 third busemun Willie Kamni. from the 1'a.eiflr Coast Iagun two shortstop nnmr.j Taylor and nn InficldT named Rosenberg. Rosenberg. EDDIE COLLINS MAY BE HOLDOUT CHICAGO. March . r.c oi ts tf posstblo holdouts enlivened today's rnnorls from the tralnlnu tiimns of Chicago's mnjur league I useball dubs. From Mnrlln Spi-lns. Spi-lns. Spi-lns. Tesa. wnn re nor led that the attitude of Eddie Collins, bore the Indications

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