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Chess by Isaac Kashdan - g ygrttl-SUM.,AUQ.25,1957 aMLQg 3nggltg Cfmeg...
g ygrttl-SUM.,AUQ.25,1957 aMLQg 3nggltg Cfmeg CHESS BY ISAAC KASHDAN INTERNATIONAl OKANOMASTEX AHnu ! M CfM Idiior, iJk. Nana tat Ahm 43. Coi. FISCHER TAKES OPEN EVENT AT CLEVELAND Bobby Fischer, 14-yer-old student at Erasmus Hall High School In Brooklyn, won the Open Championship of the U. 5. Chess Federation in the tournament concluded last week at Cleveland, according to a report from the New York Times. Fischer, who had been tied with Donald Byrne of Ann Arbor, Mich., before starting the final round, was held to a draw by Walter J. Shipman of New York. That left him with a 10-2 ecore, with the final result ull In doubt. th ifltfral came U. 5. Champion Arthur Bisguier was with Donald Bvrne. A - . win for Byrne would mean the championship. But Bisguier was (n hia hst form and the point was his, giving him the same in-2 tal v already reacneo. The tie-breaking system had to be computed by George Koltanowskl of San Francisco, who directed the tournament. The first report had Bisguier on top, but further involved arlth-mat innvpd Fischer Into the winning position- The reaction of tne large Buaienue tieauj indicated that this was the popular result Donald Byrne wound up In 4A niops with Fourth place was a quadruple tie at 9-3 among snipman, nuuen nf Tnrlianannlisi and Edmar Med- nis and Anthony E. Santasiere of New xorx. Tiort t RtvaW were Paul TlranHt and Anthonv F. Saidy of New York and J. Theodoro- vitch of Toronto, bcores or 8-4 led hv William G. Addison of San Francisco, Atil- lio Dl Camillo of FMiaaeipnia, Hans Berliner of Washington, TVC. Orest Ponovvch of LaKe wood, N.J., Morton Siegel of New York and Gerald Fielding of Reeina. Can. The following games were played at Cleveland: rrari'I TvniAM DEFENSS ID. Brrna riscner WhIW 22- P-BJ 23- P-K 24- N-B2 I 2S-P-RS , 27-PXP i 2B-R-R 29-PxP ll31-P-R3 32-NxB 1 33-Q-N4 34-K-RT I 36-R-Q 37-R-B3 3R-RXN 39-K-N lUl-R-B 1 1 ReJlini D Bttm White 1-N-KB1 3-P-B4 3- P-QNJ 4- B-N2 B-P-K3 5- B-K2 l-O-O S-N-B3 9-R-B 10- N-K 11- P-OJ 12- PxP . 13- NxI 14- B-QBJ 15- P-ON 16- Q-N3 17- P-B5CB 18- P-BS 19- Q-N2 20- P-N5 31-P-QR Whtla 1-P-Q S-P-8B4 3- N-KB1 4- P-K3 5- N-Bl -BxP 7-P-KR1 -P-K4 9-P-OS 10- B-KJ 11- PlP U-Q-Ml D. Byrna 1-N-KB1 8- P-B4 3- P-QNJ 4- P-N3 5- B-KN1 6,0-0 7-B-N2 r-n-bi 9- P-Q4 10- P-KRJ 11- N-QJ 12- BxN 13- P-ON4 J4-R-B 15-PxRP 1S-Q-F4 J7-P-B9 1A-KR-K 19-P-B3 30-K-R2 21- Q-Q . 22- P-QR4 flscherl biacc N-KB3 P-KN3 R-N2 O-O P-Q3 P-K4, R-K P-K5 M-K4 B-B4 KxKP BxN a.KRi G-K2 K-R Q-K3 a.n? P-N4 P-RS QUEEN'S GAMBIT Xmm PROBLBM 2887 WHITB t Wbltt mttti In two. TIMES PROBLEM 2881 BLACK 8 iujj Esil Jk iasJ WHITE 4 Whit mUi in tbi. wh. iriui kev and four (rood un covered mate, in 2887 make thl. a owns p. - ',r rr "V yueen , . ,",?"- inl. sne gen HOLUTIOW TO PROBLEM 2B83: B-R5 S2,,,iiS in PROBLEM 2884: R-B6 oului.v.. - -7r , , N-B7; II FXHi d n-n"- ' ' - if P-N4. 3 R-R4ch. u .: ' 7 p finodwln. W. M. Vii- iSiD. Bevlll. N. Lesser, S. Mann, s. w. i;j, Waisn, u. y. "v .,,,, In proniem inn, ;ir. Th. defense 18 P-N7. 2 n-wo. n xtq kt i several buiv" w.w. looked thii resource. BUck B-B4 B-K3 Q-N3 K-KB OR-K RPxP P-N5 OxKP O-04 R-R QxN O-O P.R NxKBP RxR RxPch O-RRrh H.Rrh Q-R7ch ilrnmm Black P-04 PxP P-QR3 B-N5 N-Q2 P-K3 B-R4 P-QB4 H-N3 PvP JI-B3 R-B BlstUtW White 13-B-K3 14-R-Q 15- 0-0 16- R-Ol 18-N-N3 19- BxB 20- BxPch 21- B-K6 22- N-B7ch 23- NxQca. 24-NxR P.ETI OPENINO Fmter BUck P-Q4 P-QB3 M.R1 P..P.4 P-K3 CN-Q2 P..R4 O-O B-K2 N-K5 NxQN N-B3 P-ON3 P-OR4 PxRP G-N3 -R3 KR-N B-N3 a.Ki P-R4 C-N2 PxP n Rvrn White 24-PxP 25- P-K5 26- N-B4 27- P-N 28- RxN 29- Q-B3 30- R-Q 31- N-C! 32- R-KB 33- R-Ni 34- OxR 35- Q-R4 36- KPxB 37- R-KN 38- QxRP 31-Q-CRrh 40- QxPch 41- -08ch 42- P-Q7 4.1-0-R4Ch 44-Q-R")Ch Black B-Q3 O-O R-K N-KJ BxN H-QN5 RxQ . K-R UxB K-N RxB Reilini Vnnter Black 0-B2 N-Q4 P-R5 NxB B-N5 R-Q BxRP R-B7 R-N RxR B-07 BxN B-K5 -N2 R-K7 K-R2 K-N K-R2 0-N7 K-N3 K-B3 45-P-&81Q) Maia WcClaln Whlta 1- P-04 2- P-OP4 3- N-QB3 4- Q-B2 -PxP 5- B-N9 1-P-OR3 S-P-K3 9-B-03 10- KN-K2 11- P-QN 12- 0-0 13- P-R1 . 14- B-KBt 15- NxN 16- KR-B 17-N-K2 NMZO-INDIAM DEFENSE Mcclain White 18-BjB 21-R-B3 22- OR-QB 23- O-NJ 24- N-B 25- NPxP 26- PxP 27-RxR 28- R-Q 29- R-N 30- BxB 31- N-R3 32- N-N4 33-Q-N7 Bokoler Black QxB P-N3 M-D2 QR-B R-B2 KR-QB- P-OB4 PxP RxP RxR 0-QB3 ekeler Black K-KB3 P-K3 B-N5 P-Q4 PxP 0-0 B-K2 R-K ON-Q2 P-QN3 B-N2 N-B 1J.KS NxN P-QB3 0-B3i34-QxN Resisns BKSHEVSKY, BYRNE 1RAW TWO IN TIME SCRAMBLES Sfll penalty for procrastination, then 1 Russia gained a reprieve, m me secorm r,.p;K4 game of a 10-game maicn against Donald Byrne of Ann Arbor, Mich., according to a report from the New York Times. After 36 moves of the game, played at the Manhattan Chess Club In New York, both play-era mora unrfpr severe time pressure. With Referee Hans kmorh standinc by. the flags f hoth rlnrks fell. Kmoch's de xlelnn cava th pamp tO BVmC Reshevsky appealed to the tour nament committee, wnicn ruieu that in view of the unusual circumstances, the game should be considered drawn. With the White pieces, Byrne started with the Reti Opening, which Reshevsky turned into a Queen's Indian Defense. Repetition of moves marked the early maneuvers and both did considerable shadow-boxing. Whsti thpv rparhpd the mid- riia atatr nf the came they were obliged to move so fast that the play became anytnmg mil ac iriti Thrnneh it all. Reshev- sky steadily gained in material and at the end had the decisive srivanta?a of Oueen against Pnnk npediniT only time to in cur thp u'in. Th first came had a similar 1m arramhle but wound UP in riraw after 38 moves. Reshev- t.r. will ho tne sue 01 PQllfnrn a ODen Cness v-uaiu ir,chfn next week ena. uver 100 players are expecieu 11 all parts of the State to exceed voar'i record-DreaKing ai- iiwv J--" - n of 96 In Santa car- Kara Thre Tounda will d piayea Qaturrtav. startinsr at 9 a.m., ana uvm , j ach on Sunday and Monday. The time limit will be 30 moves an hour for tne nrst A alnwpr rate of 40 moves In two hours will prevail for the subsequent rounua. rut,- tournament will be un j .u. .enir nf the Califor uer tne nu.i'- , nia State cness r eaerauou u ,ti v. f:nthri McClaln. The entry fee is $5 plus $2.50 for membersnip m me ieu action. All net receipts are used . nn a anarilQI ha about 1UU l)iua a bf-"" trnnhv. I For reservations write to Sgt. Robert A. Karch, 987 Franklin St.. Monterey, or uumrie p Clain, 244 Kearney St., ban Francisco 8. Players are urged to brine their own sets nu clocks LOMBARD Y SCORES 110 TO WIN WORLD JUNIOR TITLE winiam Tombardv. 19-year- old New Yorker, in an amazing demonstration oi cness wu, ,.,n 11 etraieht. games to win the junior chess championship of tne woria. ims was u wai perfect score in years recoraeu in a major chess tournament. Second place in the tournament whirh was contested in Toronto, was won by Mathlas nornsoi nf Knnn. vvesi viei b-r3 manv. with a score ot y i. Aiex- qxbi.j " inncroma nf Amsterdam p".R3iHniiand vas third with 8V4-2Va- 3-S3i .. , v.. f ollowing are games mu wic tournament: R0T LOPll Lorn- ISell-bardy mano Tl S A. j Russia Black White P-K4 22-P-B4 N-QB3'23-PxP P-OR3i24-N-N3 N-B3 25-Q-B2 B-K2 26-PxN P-QN4 27-QR-1 0-0 28-R-K3 P-Q3 29-KRxB M-OR4 30-RxB P-B3 31-P-N3 K 33-KI 1 l-Vi" R 14-K-R3 N3, 35-PxP PNI37-R-KR PxP 3H-Q-BJ B-KN2I40-K-R3 B-K3.Reiltu. R-BSi vmni tNDtAH DEPENSB .Innisma Lombard I Jmk.ima Lomnarny 2- N-KBJ 3- B-N5 4- B-R4 5- O-O S-R-K 7- B-N3 8- P-B3 9- P-KR3 10-B-B2 11- P-B4 12- QN-Q2 13- P-QN1 14.R-N2 15-P-ON4 16- NxN 17- O-KJ 18- CSxP 19- QxP'3) 20- O-Ui 21- N-Q4 R- B- P- li tem-bardr Black P-B4 T P OR-Q BxB B-Bb BxN BxB RxP KR-OS P-B5 Q-R4 P-R4 CxPch P-B6 0-Q4ch R-Q7ch CxRch K-N2 n a Black P-B4 QxQch P-KS NxN PxP B-B7 PxR R-Q K-B2 R.R B-02 N-B3 PxN B-B2 K-K2 Holland. O S.A. Holland White B'Vrniiir. S-N-OB3 P-KN3 20-O-B 3- P-KNJ B-N2 21-KxO 4- B-N2 P-3 22-N-O 8-N-B1 0-0123-PxN g-O-O P-K4;24-N-OS 7-P-Q3 N-R4i25-RxR R-Q-B2 U-OB3 2fi-R-B t S.R.S "B-N5I27-N-K7CB io-p-kj S-S'1?!-!;- 12- BxB QB ' 30-P-R3 13- P-BS K-B3 31-N-BS 14- P-NS N-Q 32-PxP lS.PxP PxP 33-BxB 16-B-R3 N-K3 34-R-BS 17-rxr f-D,Kc". 18-KR-B SANTA MONICA TOURNEY The Santa Monica Chess Club, which meets Mondays and Wednesdays at Lincoln Park, 7th and Wilshire, announces an open tournament to start Sept 16. Paul Wrangell will be the director. Anyone interested should call him at tx. o-b'JD. club will play a learn Tha r-lnh xx-ill nlav a . ..n i ,. hi lnttiLiirh Mnnrtav avpnintf. sent. I turn, later needed a lightning with the members divided Into finish to avoid overstepping the time limit. Reshevsky was a Pawn ahead, but perpetual check was threatened when the draw was agreed. j SELTZER WINS IN FINALS R. Seltzer, winner of the Santa Monica section of the Expert Candidates Tournament, defeated B. Kaklml of the City Terrace Ches Club to take first prize in the event. The first of the two-game set. Trtavad at Citv Terrace, was ramnt ii. T. Abel will cap- ltain one team and Ray Martin the other. COVINA KNOCKOUT CHESS An all-dav knockout chess tournament will be staged on Labor Day at the Covina City Park as rart of the YMCA car wit-al in Pnvlna lll'm The tournament, conducted by the San Gabriel Valley Chess Club, will start at 10 a.m. En tries will be grouped imo sec tions of eight players each. Win piaeu at irMt. ""'.lions oi eiui inajti j c.ui. drawn. Seltzer won the declsive!ners wm continue to play until . Cnnt. Vfonira fn takrt .-no CiWlon U'lnnare the match by will qualify for the final round, In the play-off for third andWnich w ill commence at 6 p.m. fourth place R. Clark of City preliminary section winners Terrace and 1. bzanr or &ama,wju be awarded six montns tree membership in the club, wnicn meets Friday nighu at the YMCA, Rowland Ave- west of Barranca Ave. The grand prise! Monica played to a tie, each tak ing one game. OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP IN MONTEREY NEXT WEEK The San Carlos Hotel in Mon-wiU be a gold chesi trophy,

Clipped from
  1. The Los Angeles Times,
  2. 25 Aug 1957, Sun,
  3. Page 66

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