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Chess by Isaac Kashdan - 8 Part I1I-SUN.:DEC. 29, 1957 IH gngelfflt...
8 Part I1I-SUN.:DEC. 29, 1957 IH gngelfflt Uimtj BY ISAAC KASHDAN INTERNATIONAL OIANDMAJTCI AUnm hum to Ch Hh, UL Ilm Us &! It. Colli. CHESS SHERWIN LEADS IN U.S. TITLE TOURNEY James T. Sherwln, former New York State chess cham- plon. Is leading with a score of 4-1 after five rounds of tne u.&. Chamnionship Tournament, ac cording to a report from the New York Times. Sherwln Is undefeated, hav- Ing won three and drawn two tames, in the play at the Maa hattan Chess Club in New York. An equally good total has been posted by 14-year-old Bobby Fischer or Brooklyn, who has three wins, a draw and an adjourned game with Samuel Reshevsky which should also result in a draw. Reshevsky, who, based on his success in the Dallas Tournament, is favored to win the event, has a 2-0 score, with two evenly contested adjourned games and one postponed. The only other undefeated player is Edmar Mednis of New York, with two wins and three draws. The first round was marked by an unusual event in the game between William Lombardy and Sidney Bernstein. Lombardy's flag fell with five more moves to go. This was evidently due to faulty mechanism, as Lombardy still had about two minutes before the hour was up. Bernstein claimed the game when he noticed the flag fan Ing. Referee Hans Kmoch, who was aware of the situation, re fused to forfeit, pointing out that the time had not actually run out. During the discussion, which took place while Bern- stein's clock was going, the flag on his clock fell! , , ; , Kmoch tried to solve matters by moving both clocks back to one minute before the hour and ordering the game to pro ceed. Bernstein, who realized that he had a lost position, re fused to continue, and was promptly forfeited. The decision was appealed to the tour nament committee, which up- Held the referee. r 1 At the opening of the tour nament addresses were made by Gerald Spann of 'Oklahoma City, president of the U.S. Chess Federation, Walter J, Fried, president of the American Chess Foundation, and Mor ris Steinberg, vice-president of the Manhattan Chess Club. Following are details of the first - five rounds and games from the tournament. . dm. , na TIMES PROBLEM 5t2J By W. A. ShlnkmM LACK I m fl p L. r A mm WHITE U Whits matss In two. TIMES PROBLEM JM4 Br Dr. W. Sptckmann BLACK I ROUND ONE Sherwln 1. Turner 0; Kramer 0, Berliner, 1: Mednis ft. Bisguier 'ft; uimaaray i, Bernstein 0; Penker. 14, Seidman ; Fischer '1, Keuersteirr 0; DiCamllio vs. Be-ihevijky, postponed. , . . ROUND TWO Turner H. Feuerstein Vj; Sherwln H. Fischer hi; Krshevsky 1, Denker 0; Bisguier 1, 'Lombardy 0: Berliner Mednis H; Sherwln 1, Kramer 0; Bernstein vi. DiCamllio, postponed. ROUND THREE Kramer Turner ty: Mednis tt, Sherwln hi; Lombardy Vt, Berliner tt; DiCamllio Vi, HIsKuler H; Denker 0, Bernstein 1; Kcuersteln 1, Seidman 0; Fischer vs. Reshevsky, adjourned. ROUND FOUR Turner 0. Seid man 1; Reshevsky 1, Feuerstein 0; llornsteln 0. Fischer 1: Blseuier 0. iienker 1; Sherwln Vi, Lombardy Kramer u. Mednis i; Berliner vi. DiCamllio, adjourned. HOUND FIVE Mednis, J, Turner 0; Lombardy 1, Kramer 0; DiCamllio 0, Sherwln 1; Denker 1, Ber liner u; iscner i, tiisfruier u; Feuerstein 0, Bernstein 1; Seidman vs. itesnevsKy, aajournea. BENONI COUNTER GAMBIT Lombi White i I-P-Q4 WHITE 4 Whits mates In three. The key piece In 2923 has several moves which look equally good, but only one will work against all re plies. Problem 2924 Is similar In this respect. The right square must be picKea to avoia aeiensive resources. SOLUTION TO PROBLEM t: Q-N3. SOLUTION TO PROBLEM SWO: P-K4. Threat. J K-N4chi if 2 KxPch.- If BxQch, J KxBchi If R-B6ch. J KxRi If HXI. 2 KXBcni If P-R4. 3 K.-N3Cfll If KXP 1 KxPch. BOLTER'S LIST vi Mit. T r naa.,M m T aehu. W. H. Griffith. W. W. Irwin, j. Kaufman, w. a. Moore, f v. Mel-sen, E. E. Renter, N P. Rosenthal, L. A. Victor, O. Wiseman. Three point J. R. Goodwin. Two points H. G. Bingham, C. L. Inman, N. Les ser, K. s. wortn Jr., u. Rosen, j. w. Selby. One point J. Lembke. T. Ogino. ombardy Bermteln BiacK N-KB3 P-B4 P-KN3 B-N2 P-03 0-0 N-R3 B-NS BxN N-B2 R-N P-OR3 P-N3 QN-K N-Q2 P-K4 PxP O-KJ i J-P-QB4 J-P-C5 4-N-QB3 5-P-K4 4-N-B3 7-B-KI ' S-0-0 -P-KR3 10- BxB 11- B-B4 12- 6K2 13- P-OR4 14- B-N1 15- R-K 14-P-B4 17-PxPe.SJ 1I-B-N4 Lombardy Bernstein White 19- P-BS 20- K-R 21- B-KJ 22B-R1 23- PxP 24- N-K4 25- NxQP 24-BxN 27-B-QJ 2B-R-KB J9-RxR 30- Q-N3 31- PxN 32- B-R2 33- P-NJ 34-R-KB 35-O-Q Black . B-OSch P-KR4 Q-N4 NPxP RxP 0-R5 NxN R-K R-B7 N-B3 QxR NN5 Q-RSch B-K4 QxP(5) q-ol flait. Black lost by fori Blssultr White 1- P-04 2- N-KB1 3- ON-Q2 4- P-K3 , J-P-B3 - 4-N-KS 7-PxN JS-PxP 4I-P-K4 . -'' Seldmifi White r , J I-P-K4 .5-PQ4 . t 4-NxP . I-N.QB3 s 4-B-KN5 4J-P-B4 ' 4-OBJ ' -O-0-O 10- B-R4 , 11- NxN 1 JJB-Q3 , fax QUEEN'S PAWN OPENING Lombardy Black N-KB3 P-K3 P-B4 P-04 JN-Q2 NxN , . N-Q2 ' P B3 P-KN3 QxP PBS SICILIAN DEFENSE Bisguier While 12- B-B1 13- NxP 14- Q-Q4 15- PxP I4-Q-R4 17-P-Q4 H-B-NS 1V-BXN 20-B-Q4 xP . 21-tixp Ischer i Black P-QB4 P-Q3 PxP N-KB3 P-OR3 P-K3 . B-K2 Q-B2 Seidman White 1S-KR-B 14-BxN 17-W-QS H-PxP l-BxP 20-KR-K. 31-BxB 22-R-Q4 PR3I23-RK4 N-B3 . OxN B-Q2 ORB P-QN4 24- P-B5 25- P-BJ 24-RxB 27RxPch 2K3-N4Cfl Lombardy Black OxKBP 0-QB2 R-KN B-N2 N-B3 OB3 P-N4 OxN B-B Reslsns Fischer Black P-N5 PxB PxN Q-B2 RON B-B RxB 0-0 KR-K K-R2 PxP Q-N3 e.K"N Draw 1 1 Happy New Year to all Chess Players SUHR IS FRESXO PREIY E. H. Suhr was elected presi dent of the Fresno' Chess Club at Its regular meeting last week. Bob Baker Is vlce-presl dent, Del Bevill, secretary, and Mark Fhetteplace; treasurer. Fhil smith, champion of Fresno, played simultaneously! at the club, winning 13 games and losing two to Ernest Cook and Otto Maschke. LEAGUE MEETS JAN. The Southern California Chess League will meet at the Herman Sterner Chess Club at 8 p.m. Thursday, Jan. 9. The main business of the meeting, according to President Irving Rivise, will be the election of omcers and formulation of plans for interclub matches. All clubs interested are invited to attend whether members of the league or not. CLUB IX TORRANCE AREA John B. Thompson of 2509 Ridgeland Road, Torrance, interested in reorganizing a chess club In the Torrance, Lo- mita, . waitena ana Kedondo Beach area. This club was ac tive a year ago and several for mer members are trying to re vive it. Any interested Players mav call Thompson any evening after 7 o'clock or write him at the above address. DALLAS TOURNAMENT FORFEIT EN DS GOOD GAME Naldorf trot control of the cntr ana set up some powerful threats with the Pawn sacrifice 19 P-Qj! Reshevsky was badly tied up after 22 N-Q5 and had nothing better than to return the Pawn as he did. Toward the end Najdorf missed several moves which would have made his task easier; 37 KRxP, fol lowed DV SIS f-M5. wnnlrt hav wnn rather quickly, as Black's threats would be met bv R-Q2; 38 P-N5 was better than N-B5 and 39 P-N4 raiea aneaa of K-KY. Najdorf, with a minute and a half for his 40th move, kept looking at 40 RxPch and 40 R-N5. with fre quent glances at the clock. Ha was still debating the issue with himself when his flag fell, and he was loneitea on time. A sad end to weu-piayea game. QUEEN'S INDIAN DEFENSE Naldorf ReshevskvlNaldorf Reshevsky White 1- P-Q4 2- P-QB4 3- N-KB3 4- P-KN3 J-B N2 4-0-0 7-N-B3 5- Q-B2 a-QxN 10- P-N3 11- B-NI 12- QR-Q 13- N-K 14- NxB 15- 0-B3 14-P-K4 I7-P-Q5 tl-OxP It-P-M 20- P-ON4 21- N-K3 Black N-KB3 P-K3 P-ON3 B-N2 B-K2 0-0 (White I 22-N-Q5 I 23-KR-K II24-P-QR3 ! 25-PxP ! 24-N-B3 i'27-NxP N-K5 2K3-BJ . NxNI.Oxn P-KB430.N-B3 , B-KB3 Q-K2 P-QR4 BxB N-B3 Lsrsen . White l-N-KBI rP-KN3 v 3- B-NI ' 4- 0-0 5- PB4 4- P-04 7-NB3 5- P-Q5 4-N-OI P-QR3 11- P-ON4 12- N-N3 13- P-K4 14- KPxP 15- B-N2 14-P-NS 17-PB4 11-PxP IV-OBl 70-N-O 21- R- 22- BxB ' j STEIXER CLUB ELECTS v ''An1 almost completely new Blate of officers and directors Was elected at the annual business meeting of the Herman Steiner Chess Club. 108 N For mosa Ave. Gene Rubin, former vice-president, took over the presidency to succeed Charles - Henderson, who had held the olhce for the last two years. Evans Farber Is the first vice- president and Robert Misner the second vice-president. Edythe Langdon will continue as secretary, with Shirley Glass-berg as treasurer. Directors of various functions are Lyn Henderson, publicity; Lena Gru-mette, Wednesday night classes; George Soules, league representative, and James Hunt, social and house commit tee. A tournament director is still to be appointed. , George Goehler, acting tour- . nament coordinator of the club, announces the third annual championship tournament vwhich will be divided into four sections. The masters' section will be limited to 12 invited players who will contest a round robin commencing Jan. Ui-n'-n 19. The entrance fee is $10. Trse other sections, also .planned for 12 players each. FSSSr1 . will be for experts, Class A and."'1,.. . trance fee is $7.50 for the experts' section, $5 for the others. All entrants must be members of the Herman Steiner -Chess Club. Prizes and other 31-N-K4 3Z-BXB 33- R-K3 34- N-Q4 15-K-N1 P-K5 34-RXP P-K4i37-QRxP PxKP 34-N-B5 N-R4134-R-K7 PxQPIwhlfe lost by ever. N-B3I stepping the time c-rj'iimif. FORLORN MINOR PIECES Larsen aavanri hi. paum. An the Queen's wing, then blocked them, leaving bis minor pieces on that side looking forlorn. There was more test to Olurorlc m mump HKainsa tne iving. Alter 25 tho Black pieces moved in rapidly auu miiv resistance was posslDle. KING'S INDIAN DEFENSE CHoorlclLtrsen Biacx wntre N-KB3 23-N-B3 P-KN3 24-NxN B-N2 25-0 R B O-O 24-N-02 P-03 27-N-K4 P-B4 7S-R-K3 ' N-B3 24-K-R N-0R 4 30-Q-K1 P-K4 31-RxQ -N332-BxB N-N2 33-B-N2 N-K 34-B-R3 PB4.15-RXRP NPxPi3-R-KN3 -t N4 IS-R Nr 9-N3 3-R-M BxKP 10-B.-KRI N 83 4I-R-R6CK OR-kl42R-K4 K-N5 43-Resisns PxB I WA6ENINSEN ZONAL tOURNEV ENGLISH OPENING Trelenescn LarseniTrolanescii '4 Denmark i Rumania ' Denmark Diacxiwhite P-KB4;I5-P-K1 N'KS3 14-NxKcTI WMia IP-CB4 N-KB3 3- P-KN1 4- B-N2 i-0-0 7PN3 B-N-B3 ilhl 10- N-K 11- B.B 12-N-05 p33 3- B-N2 4- PN1 5- 8-N2 4-P-G3 7-0-0 -P-84 -42-02 1A.M. At P-03117-k-Ra r-n ihhj B-K3I0-I O0,20.p.KR4 P-B4 2l-B-0Sch N-B3 22 B-B3 B-K3 23-PxR N-KM5 24-k-N OxB 25-P-k ?0! 24-0-K Si 2; B-Okff flANCHETTOGAME SzatwiHannlnen Hungary. Pin (arm Black !wti.'e N-K 63 14 NxN P-KN3 15-PNS B-N2il4-P-43P4 P-03;I7.B-0R3 -. P-K4 14-PRS O-014-BiP . P-B4 50-BxR . N-R4 2l-e8 N-063 22-PxP P-KS3 23-N-IC3 P fM J4-0-N4 P-BJ 2J-B R1 I-"" 'MrM6 C (Hj Is JS 1 J will .be mnnouncedn'-N-os 'pC5l conditions later.

Clipped from
  1. The Los Angeles Times,
  2. 29 Dec 1957, Sun,
  3. Page 45

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