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JtlTRAL 8TII GRADE STUDENTS Of 43 DISTRICTS TO RECEIVE DIPLOMAS Mt. Carroll, 111., Mny 22—Graduation 22—Graduation exercises for rural eighth grade students in forty three districts In Can-oil county will be held In the Mt. Carroll high school gymnasium this evening at 8 o'clock. Exercises for pupils from twenty other districts districts were held last night in Chad- Wick. Following is a list of district teachers and graduates: District No. 6, Clifton, school, Diana Diana Campbell, teacher. Graduates: Wayne Speer and Pauline Schocn- haar. District No. 7, Washington school, Mrs. Mary R. Elliott, teacher. Graduates: Graduates: Billy Sikkcma and Mabel Fitzpatrick. District No. 9, Sage school. Mary ICilpatrlck. teacher. Graduates: Ethel Tipton. District No. 11, PoLsgrove school, Cordelia Hamilton, teacher. Graduates: Graduates: Reva Larsen, Lee McCall and Merle Zink. District. No. 12, Zion school, Florence Florence Larson, teacher. Graduates: Ora Schnitzler, Rachacl Bork, Gnll Frederick. District No. 14, Olive school. Virginia Virginia Farmworth, teacher. Graduates: Graduates: Fern Carson, Errna Pauley and Herbert Davis. District No, 16, Oakton school, Bernice. Johnson, teacher. Graduates: Graduates: Gen-ace Law, Paul Miller and Lorraine Thulcn. District No. 17, Renncr school, Ruth Derrer, teacher. Graduates: Marion Mummert. District No. 19, Woodland school, Lillian Smith, teacher. Graduates: Betty Edwards, Raymond Merchant, Wilma Bowman. Robert Edwards and Donald Keller.' District No. 20. Fail-view school, Dorothea H. Rttcnour, .^-teacher. Graduates: Dewalt Keefer and Ronald Ronald Ritenour, District No. 21, Arnold school, •Helen Switzer, teacher. Graduates: Ellsworth Bowden. District No. 22, Slick school, .Ruby .Fritz, teacher. Graduates: Kenneth Kosher. ; District. No. 24, Arnold's Grove school, Dorothy Metz, teacher. Graduates: Graduates: Virginia Emery, Marcella .Yochcm, Margaret Ellen Bissikumer, Frances Buckwalter, Merle Sislcr and Hartzcl Haislet,. , ^. District No. 25, 'Freedom school, Dorothy Wolf, teacher. Graduates: Betty Law and Thelma Kingery. District No. 26, Hazel Green school, Winifred Brcnaman, teacher. Graduates: Evelyn Petersen. District No. 28, Straw school. Mrs. Esther Kneiss Haugh, teacher. Graduates Ray Ditsworth. District No 29, Rogers school, Wales Gossard, teacher. Graduates: Merle Frederick. District No, 30, Georgetown school, Lucille Schneider, teacher. Graduates: Graduates: Robert Turner. District No. 31, Rowland school, Marjorie Ploeger, teacher. Graduates: Graduates: Ilcen Derrer, Mildred Hawbecker Hawbecker and Virginia Lynch. District No. 32, J Cloverdale school, lona Heuerman, teacher. Graduates: David F. Engelklng. District No. 34, Lost Creek school, Fern TJ. sturtcvant, teacher. Graduates: Graduates: Leo McAuIiffe. ff District No. 35. Evergreen school, Mnbelln Woessncr, teacher. Qrndtinl.cs: Qrndtinl.cs: Kennc-th Wocssncr, Carolyn Neaemclrr. § District No. 37, Plen.sftiit, View school, Edith 1.. Minders, teacher. Graduates: Esther Swnlvr. District No. 38, Good school, Mrs. Alien Snider, teacher. Graduates: HHdrrd Grnvensl.ein. District No, 30, Miller school. Ethel Wolkrr, t.rncher. Graduates: Raymond Bowers, District. No. 40, Cowen school, Ruth Knox. tefir.hrr. Graduates: Donald L. Schrciner. Distrk't No. 41. Maple Grove school, Kathryn Courts, teacher. Orndufitr-.": Emerson Chervsemtm, Russell Michael and Gerald Pbrry. District No. 45, Center school, Robert, noyrr. trnchrr. Graduates: Mnrjorlf! Knmpmeicr, District No. '1(5, Eastwood school, Gladys D. Tollman, teacher. Graduates': Graduates': Dorothea Sturtz. District No. 4R, Otter Crock school, Beatrice Livelihood, teacher. Graduates: Graduates: Robert Mower and Robert Dambniftn. District. No. 52, Maple Grove school, Lucille Smith, teacher. Ornduntes: Ornduntes: Alnn Hclslcr. District No. S3, Union school, Dorothy Uupp. tcae.her. Graduates: Lucile DrGsbneh nnd James Miller. District No. 5(5, Oakvlllo school, Lucilo M. Grny, teacflfcr. Graduates: Dorothy Prey. District No. 57, Daggett school, La urn M. Daohler, teacher. Graduates: Graduates: Lewis Gnlor. District, No. 00, Center Hill school, Gladys Wcidman, teacher. Graduates: Graduates: Raymond Foley find Erma Fulrnth. District No. 01, Pleasant Hill school, Florence adinniderj teacher. Graduates: Betty Neuschwnnger nnd Eva Ycnncy. District No. 62, Union Grove school; Lois Frederick, teacher. Graduates: Ralph Oilman. District No. 63, Locust Grove school, Arlou Keanwghan, teacher. Graduates: Robert Marth. District No. 05, Fair Ground school, Mary E. McGrath. teacher. Graduates: Allen Sllfer, James Knaucr and Lois Wcidman. District No. 6(1, Ferrln school, Mary K. Strauch, teacher. Graduates: Graduates: Maurice P. Becker. District No. 67, Oil Valley school, Mildred Turn bruin h, teacher, Graduates: Graduates: Rlchnrd Llbberlon, Wayne Etnyro nnd Harold Foil,/. District No. 69, • Plum Grove school, Anna Heinz, tenchcr. Graduates: Graduates: Lucille Warfield. District No, 70, Excelsior school, Lucille Kelm, teacher. Graduates: Robert Slovert. The following program will be presented: March, Dorothy Mel.z; invocation, the'Rev. J. H. Fetterolf; song, graduates; salutatory, Esther Swalve; quotation, Ifarlzej HaUIet; quotation, Mnbel Fltzpatrick; quotation, quotation, Billy Slkkcml; song, Frances Buckwalter. Quotation, James Knaucr; quotation, quotation, Lois Weldmnn; quotation, Merle Sislcr; recitation, Ronald Ritenouf; recitation, Dewalt Keefer; piano solo, Margaret Ellen Blsal- kumer; quotation, Kenneth Kosher; quotation, Wnyne Spccr, quotation, Pauline Schocnhaar; recitation, Ray Ditsworth; recitation, Hildred Orav- mistelri; song, Mnrcnllo Yochem; quotation, Ethel Tipton; quotation, Ellsworth Bowden; quotation, Reva Lnrsen; quotation, Lee McCall. Quotation, Merle Zlnk; piano solo, Virginia Emery; quotation, Ora Schnltzler; quotation, Rachel Bork; quoinMon. Gall Frederick; reading, Robert Hower; piano solo, Robert Marth; quotation, Oervace Law; quotation, Paul Miller; quotation, Lorraine Thulen; recitation, Dorothy Dorothy Frny; song, Fern Carson; duet, Erma Pauley and Herbert Davis; recitation, Betty Edwards; recitation, recitation, Raymond Merchant. Quote tlon, Richard Llbberton; quotation, Wayne Etnyre; song;, Ilcen Derrer; song, Mildred Hawbecker Hawbecker nnd yirglnla Lynch; recitation, recitation, Wllma Bowman; recitation, Robert Edwards; quotation, Thelma Klngery; piano solo, Betty Law; recitation, recitation, Donald Keller; quotation, Robert Slevcrt; recitation, Lucille Warfield; song, Marlon Mummert; recitation, Ralph Oilman; quotation, Betty Neuschwongcr; quotation, Eva Yenney, » Reading, Robert Dambman; saxophone saxophone solo, Dorothea Sturtz; quotation, quotation, Alnn Helsler; reading, Merle Frederick; quotation, Harold Foltz; quotation. Maurice Becker; music, David F. Engelklng; quotation, Robert Robert Turner; recitation, Leo McAu- llffe; recitation, Kenneth Woessner; recitation, Carolyn Neserneler; piano solo, Lucile Drcsbach; recitation, James Miller; quotation, Lewis Galor; Galor; reading, Raymond Bowers; song, Raymond Foley and Erma Fill rath. Quotation. Donald Schreiner; quotation, Emerson Chcescman; quotation, Russell Michael; song, Evelyn Peterson; quotation, Gerald Forry; piano solo, Marjorie Kamp- mclcr; valedictory, Allen Sllfer; presentation of diplomas, Miss Martha Martha J. Ashby, county superintendent of schools. HUNDREDS OF EXTRA FARM HANDS HIRED Allcrlon, 111., May 22.—(/I 1 )—Delay caused by rain was given as the reason reason for hiring hundreds of extra farm hands in Champaign, Douglas, Vermilllon and Edgar counties as farmers sought to catch up with seeding. ••%>?••:< *.**>*»****No *.**>*»****No gift con compare with a Bulova—none will live so long in useful useful service. And right now, values are probably probably greater than they ever will be again!

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  2. 22 May 1935, Wed,
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