Gone Wrong Again- Gov. Watts is listed. Watts Swindle

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Gone Wrong Again- Gov. Watts is listed.  Watts Swindle - be is in a a at no all is GONE WRONG AGAIN....
be is in a a at no all is GONE WRONG AGAIN. That Preacher Editor is Getting Worse and Wilder. "ASSISTING THE DEVIL." Under the above caption one J. S. Holden, editor of the Fort Gibson (Senegambian) Post and ex -bunco steerer for the Watts swindle, in his paper of June 15, makes a most unwarranted, uncharitable personal attack on us for advertising, aiding and influencing the sale of whiskey in the prohibited district of the Indian Territory.—Howe Herald, June 29th. ^ The above is a brief extract from a lengthy article in-the same paper, edited by Rev. J. C. Stuart, a Methodist preacher in charge of a church in the Choctaw nation. The Rev. gentleman does not deny Our charges against him, which are e'ear, but seems to think we were too hard on him, which is a matter of "opinion.— One Slethodist preacher of unques. ti'inable standing after reading our article entitled "Assisting the Devil" said : "Hit him again! Any preacher who will aid the introduction of whisky into this Territory, needs rebuking, and needs it, bad," so it may be seen that opinions will ^ifTer But making criminal j and false 1 charges against an individual, is quite a different thing, and that is what the editor of the Herald has made against us in the above extract., when he chai'ges^us with being "ex- bunco steerer for the Watts swindle" which is au unmitigated falsehood; and if the Rev. gentleman did not know it when he wrote the article, be knows it now. We care nothing for his ill-natured fling, "Senegambian Post," or, in plain English, "Nigger Post," which only shows the narrow and perverted mind of the writer, and injures hone but himself. But object to being clased with criminals, and propose to give the Rev. gentleman a chance to sustain his charges in the "Watts swindle" or any other swindle, dishonest transactions or unlawful business whatever. We can not say definitely what the Rev. gentleman means by the 'Watts swindle;' but if he means the "Cherokee citizenship association," of which W. J. Watts was chief, we challenge him to show where we ever advocated anythiug ( wrong, dishonest or of au unjust and swindling nature in that connection, or ever obtained as much as a dollar that was not got in an honest and honorable manner. We never went into the Cherokee citizenship business, and never obtained a dollar in that way. We did pub* li8h and advocate the right of all bc- nafied Cherokees to citizenship in this nation, and none others, ana on several occasions have published that any person who would come into the Cherokee country to procure land on false claims and false testimony, were fit subjects for the penitentiary. We have complete files of the Muldrow Register for about seven years, which show our position on thefWatts and citizenship business. 1 We fell out with the Watts' because we finally differed with them on the citizenship question, and they are our enemies today, but do not think that any of them will say that we are dishonest, a rascal, hypocrit nor immoral. At one time the Dawes commission thought the Watts' were entitled to Cherokee cit~ izenship. We were present about 4 years ago when four members of the Dawes commission took dinner at Gov. Watts house, including Mr. Dawes of Massachusetts and A. S. McKenon, who was a personal friend of W. J. Watts. At that time Mr. Dawes and McKennon thought the Watts entitled to citizenship, but on further investigation changed their views, and the 'Dawes commission finally decided against them, as did also the Territorial and U. S. Supreme Court. If the Rev. gentleman wish to know something of our connection with the Watts and citizenship association, from an authentic source, we refer him to Hon. A s. McKennon of the Dawes commission, who knows all about it; also ex-Indian Agent Wisdom, who has known us since we came to this Territory. If, upon proper investigation, the Rev. sdttor of the Howe Usrald finds bis ' against u to bo wMt,M« man, if not as a preacher and professed Christion, we may expect a correction. «'Thou- shalt hot bear false witness against thy neighbor." Were we your personal enemy and had a desire to jnjure you, we might dwell with malignant glee on the ri. diculous and absurd position you have taken in another part of your article; but having no personal resentments to gratify, leave you with your own concience. This much, however, we will sa3': as a professed Christian and a preacher of the Gospel, the use you have«Snade of your opportunities might have been more honorable to yourself, but could not be more instructive to the public. FROM FAB OFF HONOLULU. /• — A Fort Gibson Man Stops thereon His way to Manilla. Imperialism and expansion appears to be the order of the day, and the United States seems bound to have- coloneal possessions. It seems to be the policy that whenever the American flag is once raised, it shall never be hauled down. Such were our thoughts on parusing a copy of the "Evening Bulletin," of June 7 1899, published at Honolulu, R. I., the new American possessions in the Pacific ocean, about half way between the United Srates and the Phil-' lippian Islands, This paper and two very fine silk handkerchiefs were sent to the family of W. A. Scott, Fort Gibson, by a former resident of this place, Fred Mosloy, of Co. H. Sixteenth U.S. lul'uutry, which stopped at Honolulu, on its way to Manila, The paper is a six column quarto, and live all over. Even the advertisements are interesting, aud show3 American enterprise and push. Among the local news is the permission by the city council to import 900 Italian laborers under contract which is a pointer to Americans. The price of boxes at the opera house to hear Othello, are $10. Suburban property three miles from town is considered cheap at $450 a lot 100x150 feet. Cheap board and lodging is $35 a month. There appears to be most all kinds of advertisements and lots of them. Goods appear to be high. The names of several Chinese firms appear as merchants, contractors and builders, te- sides other trades. Dogs appear to come.high, there being a lengthy advertisement of such. A common yaller cur that isn't worth kicking on the streets of Fort Gibson would bring a fancy price over there. Civilization has arrived there, for there are saloon advertisements, and the police court report shows that two Russians whose names were too difficult to write were fined $5 and costs for a plain drunk like "Mellican Man." Altogether the paper is quite interesting. Chief Mayes and the Fullbloods. Chief Mayes, on his way from Tahlequah, .where he had been attending official duties,, stopped over a few hours at Fort Gibson, last Sunday, on his way home. He said that Cherokee matters are progressing quietly, the general election which takes place next month, being the tamest ever known in the Cherokee Nation. He says that there are a number of fullbloods who seeni not to understand the situation, being misinformed and mislead. Only last week a delegation of these people awaited on bim in the executive office, and requested that he issue a proclamation for the election of sheriff and district officers eleminated by the Curtis law, as they were satisfied that the United States will give them back their lews and jurisdiction,-— Chief Mayes listened to their appeals and then showed them that there is co hopes of an}' such thing, with laws relating to the same, act of Cherokee council signed by Mr. "Wolf Coon, fullblood candidate for chief, who acknowledged the authority of the United States laws which abolishes Cherokee jurisdiction. The chief thinks that any one is in mean busines who would mislead these people. Lovers of flowers would ho doted to se« the oolkcttoo cBridoiiitlb* yard " of to is to party it to au to property of

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  2. 06 Jul 1899, Thu,
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  • Gone Wrong Again- Gov. Watts is listed. Watts Swindle

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