May 8, 1875

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May 8, 1875 - llaalers Meara Fuller, Banbury, jad Oo. ;Maars....
llaalers Meara Fuller, Banbury, jad Oo. ;Maars. Coutu aad Co HOME for INCURABLE CHILDREN, 53, Mii4v rala W. Palroo - 1I.K,IL tbe rtnoas CHRISTIAN. DONATION - ) aadHUBscBlPTIONS ar earaaUy aoUdtaL Bankers - Maara. Uoarea, 17, I Vet street. E.U L. LLoYH. Hon. rWratare. fTK) the PRESIDENT, X and and rlubacrtbers to I bo ROYAL HOSPITAL for INCUR ABLEn. lb" lirour i'f your VOTE aud INTEKMT for tbe rnautng elctK b rarnvV'y aillcited on behalf ot Mia EMMA RObIXSoN. liar hue - land wal aiersly wxialod at toe battle r,f Prroeabuhar.wbea aereing lu tba (Juaen's Own under Major - Geoeral Sir H. ll. Smith. Ban. Ha olitailied tbe Puomuu McdaL and alter W year' service died of cholera ta India ou 23th July, lteL His Ho (the aopUantl tupportod ha solf as long a ah wm able by ctiug as talk oura, but now, betog afflicted with ao Incurable ulaeaa, she la perfectly belples. and has no relativa alia l.i inaintalil ber. And alia who so lou uinlatorod to tha comforts of others, now brneif tal thoa comforts which can nowhere b so well supplw - d as in tbe aboie excellent Institution. Mra Boblneon seams to us tberefora to be a moet biting ob)rct lor ad - miatoaanu w sirungiy reooinmeaq nar caa .wajor - oeuerel taateau. Ilenaj OUAUIllOB. Cransloun, 3, Blni - gsruns ; hi rs. Dobtra. no. Ao. Ladbrok - rod. W.; Dr. G. Da Gorreuuer Grldlth, 0. Lupue - street, Plmlicu. J W.; lira UunUton. 4. Poauall4rdena, HouusLw. W.: LiautenantOeneral Sir G. St. Patrick Lawrebor. 20, KeoatDgtnu - Cirk - gardena W.: Mrs. Pai. Caterham - ealler . Dr. Madura, 34. llar - r - attat. Cwraodlah - aiuara, W. ; Walter A. MloberL Eei . bO. Tbread - rieaxuw - atrret, tvc. AU'i. ti. i horn too Moetyn. 22, Elclu - roaC.Kanslng. ton - part ; Richard Nugent. Lab. L Whllehail - iirdrna. H.W.; Dr. Joshua IlaskAU, 2b. Cbapel - streel, Pelgraee - enuara, S.W. Protiaa WIU a inaainuty vecive - l by tho - a marked thus rt0 the GOVERNORS and SUBSCRIBERS of the 1 ROYAL HOSPITAL for INCUlLABLEiL - Tl farourof your VOTE'S aod INTEREST U raniaaUe solicited on rashalt of ANN EVANS, ag U, who bat suffered 15 )eari trom euniture of the spur ; sb baa also dlae.a of tb bsart. and la generally much drulli - tetad. Ia early llle she wa maintained in comfort by Iter parent, wbo, after tbe loa of all their property, fa many years depended upon th labour of tb applicant and her two aaklea listen, which coastals ot making tb old - faanlonod haird - mid atari. From lucremain. - ia being alao iftlictad. have It not in tbeir uowa to maintain ber. Tha slaters Evan wooid be truly grateful for order for work ; machine having sutverseded band work, they f or several years past bare found to greaxeet mmouitr in procurum tbe bar recreant ot we. This Ann Eeeoe' lllb amdicaAruu , ib bs been yean trYiiig to succor ibe bas now pulled 722 rotes, and as lea thla L100 will not secure b f lecUou. a most urreot ippcal Is made for aaalatanoc. Tha caa barblr recommeaded br the following rentlemea T. Hntchinarai. Eat.. Wlilca - eottaga Lpper Clapton ; Thomas Copcmao. Eaq, Upper Clapton :G. B. Woolley, iu 129, WoodtraetT E.0 : Dr. Hart. io. i Tusa - sxrvvv isiHigioa ; it. rursett, aa, ttusaail - squar; t. u. Harwaru. Eao . 3. Hubkury - ptrk north. Rev. G. T. Mostm. M. A Rev. Rev. Joeeph Uarriaou, St. Joha'a. BethriiJTvau. Prvilea will b tbaoktoUy noatved by w. J. Uutchloaon, Eaq, 202 to 207, Tooley - street, S. E. aad by lb applicant. It, Roblnaoo aroad, Approacb - roed, ricaoria - para

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  1. The Times,
  2. 08 May 1875, Sat,
  3. Page 4

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