Atheists' rights; pageant magazine article

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Atheists' rights; pageant magazine article
 - The Public Forum Senator Moss Explains Obscene...
The Public Forum Senator Moss Explains Obscene Mail Bill Editor, Tribune: A recent without infringing upon our By n , Headers letter from David A. King, Layton, both misquoted a statement in my "Newsletter" about legislation I am sponsoring to control the traffic in pornographic literature, and misunderstood the purpose of the legislation. The bill would not, as Mr. King mistakenly says my "Newsletter" states, "regulate the traffic in salacious and pornographic material now being offered for sale on our news stands." Nor is its .purpose to "legislate morals," as Mr. King suggests. The bill, which has already passed the Senate, would establish a commission to explore the traffic in obscene and noxious materials, seek means of coordinating action between federal, state and local governments in suppressing such traffic, and bring together religious and civic groups to set national guidelines in the fight. , Efforts would be made by the commission to alert the public, particularly the parents of school-age children, about the seriousness of the traffic, and give them guidance in suppressing Us distribution. I know of no legislation aimed at newsstand sales, which would require a decision as to what is and is not bad. including an evaluation of the classics of literature. There are other bills before the Congress, one of which I am also sponsoring, which are concerned with mail-order smut, and would strengthen criminal penalties for those who mail this smut to the children of America. If Mr. King feels this mail- order traffic should not be controlled, I suggest he look over some of the items in the Post Office Department collection of pornography. Many of them are so lewd, lascivious and salacious as to leave no question about their offensiveness. The problem is to devise methods of controlling the distribution of this literature basic, constitutional rights. There is no doubt in my mind that the matter is serious enough to deserve the best efforts of federal, state and local governments, and of church groups, civic groups and the parents of America. I worked hard on this problem as Salt Lake County attorney, and am gratified to have the privilege of working even harder on it on the national scene. FRANK E. MOSS United States Senator Atheists' Rights? Editor, Tribune: Referring to A.C.'s letter (Forum July 14th), it is true that atheists are discriminated against and denied their constitutional rights. This is a fine situation in a so-called free country. .The First Amendment to the Constitution begins: "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . .." Article VI of the Constitution states: "No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office or public trust under the United States." The July issue of Pageant magazine carries an excellent article on the subject of Forum Rules "Letters from Tribune readers are welcomed. They should be brief (preferred limit: 200 words), typewritten if possible, must carry writer's correct name and address and be in good taste. (Pseudonyms may be permitted, if requested, if writer's name and address are signed to original letter, but letters signed for publication with writer's full name will be given preference.) The Tribune assumes no responsibility for statements appearing in the Forum. Writers are limited to one letter in 10 days. And letters which exceed space limitation may be cut bv the editor. the injustice meted out to non-believers under the heading: "What Happens When You Don't Believe in God?" I quote the following from that article: "There are today 'some five million Americans who do not believe in God. In every crowded classroom there is likely to be an atheist child; on every faculty of 100 teachers—despite all the college deans in Texas— there are likely to be two or three or more atheists. . Among the 40,000 who watch a ball game at Yankee Stadium there are probably over a thousand atheists. There are; thousands in the armed forces. They are part of America. They are entitled to the constitutional rights of any American." Could anyone in his right mind consider famous per. : sons like Luther Burbank, Bertrand Russell, Julian Huxley, Thomas Edison, Chas. P. Stcinmetz, Clarence Darrow, and the historian H. G. Wells second-class citizens? All were non-believers. This mentions only a few. The list is endless. There are more atheists today than ever be.fore in the world's history, and their number increases with the spread of secular education. LYDIA BURNHAM, Prescott, Ariz. Reckless Spending Editor, Tribune: Congratulations to the gentleman who in a recent letter stated that it is time to support the mayor of Salt Lake. It is hard for me to believe what has been going on in the city government for the last 10 to 15 years. Finally the people of Salt Lake are seeing where their taxes are and have been wasted. In the past and present it seems that most city commissioners are in politics for their own self-interest, and do not serve the people who elected them. It is about time that some of the present city commissioners started working for the city and helped support the mayor to stop reckless spending of our tax money. ULISSE C. PARDINI

Clipped from
  1. The Salt Lake Tribune,
  2. 24 Jul 1960, Sun,
  3. Page 5

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