Holzbeierlein Bakery in Pure Food Show on Nov 14 1909

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Holzbeierlein Bakery in Pure Food Show  on Nov 14 1909 - 3T T - 44ihJm V 1 - IS 4 - V mhmW...
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breaker in many respects The grocers planned the exhibit on the broadest lines and incidentally spent J8500 in getting Convention Hall ready for the displays There are more exhibitors at this show tnan ever and the demonstra tions of food product covers the widest field Although the exhibits demonstrations and enterprising men arid women con nected with the show proved a sufficient attraction for many thousands last week General Manager Perry P Patrick has planned many novelties for the closing days of the exhibit Something special will characterize every day and night this week Food and Suffrage Tomorrow evening the Equal Suffrage Association which has an attractive booth where women distribute literature will hold a meeting in the center of the hall The College Womens Suffrage League will participate in the meeting and its members will be asked to make hve - minute speeches on the question of franchise for the American woman Invitations to attend have been sent to the students at the National Park Seminary Trinity College Washington College and several other institutions where the subject has been debated within thejast two vears On Tuesday evening another equal suffrage meeting will be held the Political Study Club of Washington being the guest of the women in charge of the booth A fruit punch made by the equal suffragists will be dispensed during the evening Wednesday will be White House day Manager Charles E Greeley of the White House coffee booth having planned a number of contests and the distribution of many prizes and samples Thursday promises to be oner of the oiggesi aays or the entire show Moie than 5000 orphans from the institutions in and around Washington will be the guests of the management All the exhibitors are planning to give the little ones the time of their lives and each will strive to outdo the other in lavish ing good things upon the tots The ex hibitors will have an extra supply of samples or toothsome sweets to distribute and each little orphan will be given as much Velvet Kind ice cream as he or she can eat Here Come the Babies On Friday afternoon an exhibition of babies is to be held Three prizes are offered in the baby show Two are for handsome tots and the other will be given the mother of the fattest baby Wives of the officers of the grocers association will be the judges Saturday night will be Grand Giveaway Night All the exhibitors will empty their booths into the arms of the men women and children present on this night Besides these special features the concerts by Pistorios band will be continued each afternoon and evening and fancy dancing by the best pupils of Miss Cora Shreves school will be witnessed nightly The most elaborate display in the entire show is the demonstration of modem break making conducted under the auspices of nine leading bakers in Washington The firms are the Boston Baking Company Berens and Sons Grosby Brothers Havenner Baking Company M Holzbeierlein Gaorge KrafCfs Sons John G Meinberg Schneider Baking Company and F Stohlman At the south end of the spacious hall the bakers have a bakery equipped with the most modern machinery and make several thousand loaves of bread and rplls daily All the products of this up - to - date bakery are distributed to visitors Heres Your Hot Rolls The bakery is In charge of J E Wihl - fahrt of the Flelschmann Yeast Company and the working force is composed of half a dozen of the most skillful bakers in the city The bread seems to bake itself so complete is the mechanical outfit installed The dough is mixed kneaded and molded into the shape of loaves mechanically In the roll and biscuit - making process the immaculately clad bakers place large lumps of dough in presses lower a lever and raise the cover to find a score of evenly cut blocks all of uniform size and weight These are run through another molder and then placed in pans for baking The oven is smokeless and cleanly and has a capacity of 3000 loaves an hour A huge crowd can always be found around the bakery and the bakers seem to take delight in handing out bags of hot bread and piping rolls The Dwindell - Wjight Company blenders and roasters of the famous White House coffee have an attractive booth in the western portion of the hall De licious coffee and tea Is brewed through out the day and night by Mrs Greeley wife of the manager of the booth White House coffee is made from the best berries which the Dwipell - Wright Company can buy on the market The coffee Is blended by experts Of more than a quarter of a centurys experience and roasted by heat from coal This gives it a better flavor than coffee roasted with other heat according to the experts The factory and warehouse of the firm in Boston is one of the largest in this country Thousands of bags of coffee from every country in the world where the berry grows are kept on hand at all times although 30 tons are roasted dally in fourteen of the most modern roasters So great is the popularity of White Hpusecdffee and tea that thousands of carloads are shipped to all parts of the country annually and the Boston plant will be enlarged in the near future Demonstrators Kept Busyv Six demonstrators are kept constantly buy handings out cups bfxsoffee at the food show Thi iisihe same force employed at the - Boston food exhibit which lastedfiye weeks yhe flavor 6t White House cLfcofleeJ has charmed ihe ipafateVof scores of epicures notablanibngElhem J V c f 4 - - - i f e being the Judges atjhe Jamestown Expo - J Eitiqn who awarded it - agoldimedalf or excellence - 1 Manager Greeley offers a first prize t of 5 and Ave Jl prizes to the six - school chll - drertwhogive thejbest - explanatipiras to why the coffee was named the White House Yesterday he Informed the managers of the show that on WJhite House day he would vgiv free admission ticket to thevfirsta100 women who called at Tils booth - and - would distribute G00 sample nuVa cm eitTAiJfttial3tTmai tat - man and women presenting coupon ironvjo - aay - a wtwnington iost t Two contests inaugurated by MrGreeley are attracting great deal ofattentlon One of them Is a first prize of 5 and flye1 t srizesotdr th six most popular clerks Jn grocery stores where JWhite House coffeeand tea are sold Similar prizes are offered to housekeepers who senuioiaiy ureeiey me pesi nome ruie Jot making - White House - coffee In an ordinary coffee pot - - - KoalcqforthejThirsty One hundred and seventy - five thousand glasses ofMeHcIousNoalco have been handed by the demonstrators - for - the Washington Brewing Company - This Tat est product resembles beer but the marc and hops are so brewed that no - alcohoi is to be found in the drink Noalco lsari appetizing and invigorating drink and is recommended by physicians - as ajbody builder and blood purifier jit nourishes the nervous system vwhets the Jaded appetite and renews strength Jn cases or exnausuon isven to a person in robust health it is most delectable and 4he flavor is delightful On the opening night of the show Dr Harvey Wiley of the Department of Agriculture who has Tiaged such relentless war on manufacturers of impure food and drink and who recently strongly denounced makers of soft drinks said I know there is something pure in this hall and that Is Noalco When I get through talking Im going down there and get a big glass of it Although comparatively new on the market Noalco has - becomebecome immensely popular in Washing - ton and many large orders have been taken at the booth in the food show Speaking of Salt Little attention Is paid tosalt by the average person but the Standard Salt Company has an arresting argument In favor of Its product - on its booth in the center of the hall Two glass bowls filled with salt tell the story of salt purification and refining One is filled with a moist lumpy yellow salt of coarse grain The other is brimming with snowy white salt of dry fine grain This is Standard salt manu factured by the only salt refining com pany in this country The salt is re fined by a process invented by George J Mueller and is not only the cleanest ever seen but has a higher per cent of flavoring quality Through a secret chemical process the iron lime and magnesium found in the salt when It is first taken from the well is eliminated by the Standard Salt Company and thus the yellow coloring is removed After being put through this process the salt is refined to pure sJlne from which all the moisture has been eliminated This not only takes away the harsh bitter taste characteristic of ordinary salt but prevents the grains from congealing Because of its purity a smaller quantity of this salt Is necessary for seasoning More than a ton of the salt has been given away at the show Forty gallons of variegated flavorings and extracts comprise the exhibit of the C F Sauer Company of Rich mond Va This firm is the proud possessor of ten gold medals seven of which were awarded in America and three in Europe and England for the sunerioritv of its products The awards were made Jn London where the firm was given the grand prize in the extract class at Madrid Antwerp Jamestown Atlanta St Louis Philadelphia Charleston Richmond and Nashville Some Class to These Flavors seThe flavorings and extracts manufactured by the Sauer company are sold in carload lots in 27 States A B Saunders and Albert Triplett who have charge of the exhibit declare their firms products conform with the pure food laws of every State in the Union and at no time since it began business has any change been made in the formulas All the extracts and flavor ings are manufactured from the best and ripest fruit obtainable in this and other countries xne nrm not oniy manufactures every kind of flavoring made by other concerns but has originated several including rose violet pistache and fruit - blends Hundreds of gallons of Altamont spring water have been given away at the show and those who received it agreed with the bottlers that it is one of the purest and most refreshing thirst quenchers and health givers ever placed on the market Altamont water is indorsed arid recommended by some of the leading physicians in this country and the large bottling and sterilizing works in the Alleghany Mountains attest the volume of business done by the firm which had the good fortune to obtain the use of the spring Taken from the spring as It gushes from the earth this liquid crystal free from organic maitter disease - breeding germs and objectionable mineral properties is immediately bottled in a model plant where cleanliness is the keynote Altamont water is placed in bottles which have been sterilized in streaming steam at least twenty minutes With this added precaution for purity the sparkling mountain water is the essence of purity The severe tests given Altamont water by eminent chemists and bacteriologists covering a period of more than twelve years and showing but slight variations during the different seasons establish the fact that it is without a superior amon natural waters It la uses a a largeiiurnber of i Washington homes and bjUsinesslhouses and the management of uier spring nas - many leiiera uiv jiue rromVmen and - women ir the National JapitaC l - f Chapin - Sacks Coupons Throughout the remainder olrthVshow thfl flhaniri - Saeks ComnanvwiH elve all Callers atthelr booth A coupon witli which they can obtain naira dozen at - iracuve pictures oy presenting it at uie firms Ice cream factory1 Jhis practice was Inaugurated to getmen and women to visit the piantf - where thej Velvet Klnd - of IceVream is manufactured - Thomas Phillips manager of the exhibit declares that nine qutvof every tetfpersoriswhoj vlsjt - theplant order Ice cream sent to their homes and form Velvet It On the sides are - large brass1 rails on which the customer resti while the ma - fhlnA trms rOtlshoea Into new Inside the cabinet a simple machine composed of a - few cog wheete rpcketsa chain several daubers and three large brushes By1 dropping a nickel in a slot the customer Starts the machinery and pltees his foot on the Iron stand In the opening1 uf the platform Two minutes later his shoes are shlned and the machipe Is ready for the next customer Thyme as Meat Prereryative - From the iibnaon Globe A correspondent haswiitten to us mak - lnga small contribution to the chemistry of the kitchen rtom a number of expe - rimentshe has made he finds that If the the habit ofeatirigonly - - thevVeavet - K3nd - HBvery - evenlngDrGrffin - bac - lherb thyme either green or dried be teriologlst for the Chapin - Sacks Com pany exhibits photographlcJplatearof Ice cream made by then firms andfthe Vel vet Kind These - plates drive home a convincing argument as the Velvet Kind Is shown to be free from any bacteria gennsibf microbes while so much - - can hot be saidof the other creams J The companys I60 - 000 manufacturing planf Is one - of the cleanest places in - the Districts The Chapln - Sacks Company Is the only firm of ice cream makers In Washington which Jias a rating of 100 per cent in the District health office for purity of product and cleanliness of plant Throughout the show the Velvet Kind booth has been thronged with men women and children who have spoken in the highest terms of - praise of the various flavors of pure cream served there On Thursday afternoon 25 gallons of the Velvet Kind will be served the orphans for the asking Up - toDate Laundering The demonstrations of ironing collars and shirts have attracted large crowds of men and women to the Tolman Laundry booth near the entrance of the hall Manager MacKenzie is conducting a guessing contest in which more than 100000 estimates as to the number of pounds of Ivory soap are sealed in a large jar on the booth shelf The prizes offered are well worth trying for as they include a 35 damask dinner set and six Cluett Peabody shirts The weight of - the soap Is unknown even to the management The contents of the jar will be weighed Friday night and the man or woman whose guesses were nearest will be awarded the attractive prizes which are displayed at the botth The statement that only filtered water1 Ivory soap and wheat starch is used in laundering clothes at the Tolman Is easily believable when one sees the class or work on exhibition at the booth The snlrts and collars on which The House of Reliability and Good Workmanship specializes look to be whiter and more evenly starched than others and the hand ironing by expert laundry workers makes them set better than those ironed by machinery Because of the purity of the materials employed laundering clothes and table and bed linen at the Tolman the wearing apparel and other pieces have a fresh odor which Is not the chief recommendation of some laundries The Tolinan laundry has been located at Sixth iand C streets northwest for 30 years and the plant is one of the largest and most complete south of New York It Is known as The House - of Reliability because work promised is delivered on time Electric Shoe - Shining That theres nothing new under the sun is refuted by the electric shoe shiner which has done a land office business at the show The machine does the work quicker than human hands can do it and all shoes are given a uniform and lasting shine This novel device created a sensation In New York and is one of the hits of the food show A Washington firm with an - office in room 7 of the Provident Bank building is introducing the machine in the National CapUal The machine is about 5 feet tall and equipped with a platform with an open - Ing large enough for a man s foot cut in used freely on meat before cooking It largely diminishes the risk of the development of poisonous bacteria ptomaines c particularly on thesmall pieces of rolled meat much used by the - poorer classes of the community 2 Therubbed or powderedherbhe says should beplaced7lnalrthe crevices and particularly on the small pieces of rolled meat the treatment Improving theflavor and possibly reducing the danger of in testinal poisoning i - - tiMiMuitUMr M Post Food Show Coupon Good for 10c Present With 15cand It Will Admit Youto CONVENTION HALL ANY NIGHT THIS WEEK THIRD NATIONAL FOOD SHOW Doors Opes 130 to 530 and 730 to 1030 P 6L Finest Show Washington Has Ever Produced - r Without This Coupon Admission 25c SECOND WEEK NATIONAL FOOD SHOW IhI 1 ulWu ST RIAL EXPOSITION AT CONVENTION HALL Greatest Demonstration of Foodstuffs in the World AFTERNOON and NIGHT Free Samples Educational Exhibits Superb Decorations Fine Music Splendid Amusements Admission AFTERNOONS 10c Doors Open 130 EVENINGS 2cV Doors Open 730 Tickets at Your Grocers Good fbr 10c Evenings National Food Show given by the Retail Grocers Protective Association of the District of Columbia E I HEADER Pres PERRYTg PATRICK Mgr DAILY DIET HINTS By Dr T J ALLEN Food Specialist Copyright 1809 by Joseph G BowUi ECONOMICS OF EATING The cheapest meal and the best cheap meal is corn meal mush a substantial ration of which can be prepared at a cost of about 2 cents The most expensive meal is that in which much meat and butter are used Beanspeasi cereals and peanuts are the cheapest sources or the protein which is the chief element of nutrition in beef Milk is a cheap food at 6 - cents a quart requiring no preparation and containing no waste but mixed with other foods than toast - or dry staTe bread It may do more harm than good The peanut is the cheapest source of albumen for which meat eggs and cheese are eaten and also the cheapest source of fat commonly supplied in butter bacon and lard It is best uncooked and combines well with whole cereal bread Butter is the most expensive of all Toods - except boiled cabbage whfch yields no nourishment while requiring a great expenditure of energy for digestion Refined cottonseed oil is preferable to lard - Uncooked cabbage Is the cheapest and best source of supply of the mineral elements of food so essential to health commonly eliminated from wheat to make fine white bread and made more or less unasslml - lable by cooking Thoroughly ripened bananas - eaten with oliye oil or peanuts or cream only are a sufficient and economical food At Pure Food Show FREE SOUVENIRS At Their Booth The Velvet KindKj PURE ICE CREAM Pasteurized Cream used Exclusively Eyer Ujtensil SterilizeiP Tis Made in the Most Scientific and Sanitary Ice - Cream Plant In the World 2 - 3 A Miniature Ice - Cream Cone PLANT IN OPERATION Explanation in De - - tail by a Competent BACTERIOLOGIST DONT FAIL TO SEE IT Chapin Sacks Wig pf safes - - J oS 5fiJA m - fii rr 5Sf3EE5sT5 - tj r i - - i4rff4 - - 3i - - - - lf Aug - 1 r ri f y s

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  • Holzbeierlein Bakery in Pure Food Show on Nov 14 1909

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