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Judge - Freeman - Wednesday, June 29, 1949 nudo o o l...
Freeman - Wednesday, June 29, 1949 nudo o o l giil. and thc\ myster- alkali, suburban his Coward found Police so to arrived wore near when attacked Chicago mm to lake, but said out his other was water the money out " and he l n o s lips said i h - e m p - broken o l d town man to- in a collision after- suffered ick m- a tuick foi Works the u k e e in ho --Clifford Studio Photo THE FRIENDLY TONGUE--A grocery store where Spanish is spoken a,nd Mexican specialties are carried carried has been started in Waukesha by Alex Ramlro/ (loft), shown waiting on Freddie Garcia. Ramirez holds a jar of Nopales, a vegetable cactus, while Garcia is pointing to a Spanish sausage called Chorlzo. A Visit by Alex Extends to 10 Years; Now, He Starts a Store for Mexicans By James McCrory, Fre»msn Staff Ten years ago Alex Ramirez stopped briefly in Waukesha, on the way to visit his grandparents in Minneapolis. With the exception exception of the time he served In the armed forces, he has been here ever imce. The first few days Ramirez planned to spend in Waukesha lengthened into months Pie stayed on to become the first Wsukeshan o£ Mexican dctccnt to be drafted In World war II nncl now he has itaitccl the c i l y s first Mexican food stoic With an enviable war record-42 record-42 months overseas--and a successful successful past behind him, Ramirez Is already building for the future His plans include a law degree and a larger, better-equipped grocery grocery store, among other things The reason for his plans lies in the needs of Waukesha's unusually unusually largo Mexican-American population population When Ramirez first came here, he quickly recognised the need for a grocery store where the Spanish tongue was spoken His Idea was bold in abeyance during five yeais in the aimy, but in 1947, after a long period of hospltalizr- tlon for wounds icceived on Iwo Jlma, ho came back to Waukesha and stalled a housc-to-housc food loutc in the section near White Rock avenue and The Strand, where most of the city's Mexican- American population has settled Build* Specialty Trade The route prospered. Ordering much of his goods from Chicago the only place where they could be obtained, Ramirez stocked up on hard-to-gct specialties such as pickled cactus, dried rod peppers, tortillas and chill powder He had built up quite a trade when the opportunity came early this month to move into Corner Market, 112 E Main st, which was being vacated He invested in a larger stock and moved in Judging Judging by the size of his trade, hes there to stay "Many of these people," said Ramirez, "especially the older ones, speak English very poorly. They go into a store and *re ?TA- barrassfd Purchases take time and the whole process is slow. In heie we speak either Spanish or English, depending on which tongue they feel most tjt home in, They can order without any difficulty difficulty " The young veteian pointed to one of his customers just leaving with an "Adlos " "He speaks English English fluently," said Ramher, "but in here ho would just as soon speak Spanish " Broihtr Helps at Sior* Helping Ramlre? in his store are his brother, Arcadio, and--as soon as she arrives In Waukesha-his Waukesha-his sister Mary Arcadio, also a veteran, is a second-semester junior junior at Northwestern college, Alva, Okla. The Waukesha story began for Ramirez back in Dccombci, 1919 when he f u s t came to Wiukesha on the way to Minneapolis. He started out with a job on the railroad, railroad, switched to farming, and eventually went to work for a Waukesha foundrj In May, 1941 seven months before before Pearl Haiboi, Ramiic^ was drafted, presumably for 18 months After the Japanese sneak attack on Dec 7, 1941, his atmy unit wns sent to California and from there to Canton Island, a lonely outpost in the Pacific, about 2 500 miles east of Hawaii After a long hitch on Canton Island, his unit was retuined to Hawaii and then Rarruicz participated participated In the invasions of Salpan and Iwo Jima As he says, "Iwo was as far as I got" He was wounded in the face and the hand Makes Hound of Hospitals Then followed a succession of hospitals--Guam Hawaii, California California Kansas and finally Wood WIs He still isn't through and will have to take time off this summer to go back to Wood--there's still some shrapnel in his face which he wants to have taken out "I suppose I should have done it before," he said, "but you know how It is, there's always something something else you have to do first" Last February, Ramirez stait- cd his college career at Marquettc university Si the! college oi liberal Ho hopes eventually to at- tiw" sc.ool, a«cl even this Is related to Waukesha's Spanish- speaking population, "Now when they want to sec a lawyer, they must go with a friend who speaks fluent English," aaid Ramire/ "That is not a good thing. A visit to one's lawyer is much like a visit to the doctor or t h e confessional -- everything should be kept a seciet between oneself and the lawyer, "When a friend must act as interpreter, thc ; thing is no longer private. Perhaps the friend tells his mother, she tells someone else and it is all over town, eventually It 1? only right that these people should have the chance to talk to a lawyer in their own language language " It Mexican Organiiar Ramlro? is secretary of thp Mexican Mexican Mutual society, an insurance gioup The society regularly holds two celebrations every year and Ramirez, who is insurance agent, acts as master of ceremonies at the festivities At a festival in May, a newly- formed Mexican - American orchestra orchestra played The orchestra was oryanlrcd by Ramiro/, and it has been accepted by the musician's union and an appreciative public, In addition to all this, the Wau- kcsha votran is a mcmbei of the local Disabled American Veterans and Military Order of the Purple Heart chapters In less than 10 yoais, Alex Ramirez Ramirez has dono much, both for himself himself and foi his fellow Wauke- shans of Mexican descent His fu- tuic Includes big plans If the past 10 years is any measuring stick, that futuic is a blight one for all concerned Settle $50,000 Libel Suit for $1,000, Costs MILWAUKTE, (UP)--A $50,000 libel suit against the Milwaukee Journal was settled today for $1,000 $1,000 and court costs The suit was filed in ciicult couit here by County Judge Mcr- ull R Farr, Eau Claue, who claimed his reputation was damaged damaged by a Journal editorial. The e d i t o r i a l ci'kicizefl the judge's handling of a disordeily Obituaries Mrs. Nora Trenhaife Mr ». Nora Venctta Tienhaile, 75, died Monday at the Hall Convalescent Convalescent home In Merton She hid lived in WauKesha since 1941 She is survived by two sons: Bunn of Waukesha, and Bob of Peublo, Colo ; Jour sisters Mrs. Myitle Crockett, Long Beach, Calif, Mrs,. Vcra Tower, Luverne, Mjnn., Miss Inez Adims, Winona, Minn., and Mrs. Ida Orlup, Parker, Parker, S Dak., three brothers Glen Adams, Luverne, Minn , Howard, Butte, Mont, and Bud, Pierre, S, Dak , and three grandchildren. Funeral services will be held tomorrow tomorrow at the Weber funeral home at 2 p. m. The Rev O. L Merritt Merritt will officiate and burial will be at St Joseph's c e m e t Friends may call at the funeral home after 4 p. m, today Mrs. Ella D. Davies Ella Deglcr Davies, 333 N. Hartwoll ave , died suddenly last night of a cerebral hemorrhage at Waukesha Memorial hospital. She was 65 ycais old and the wife of David E Davies, who buivives her. Mis Davies wai a member of the Piesbytorlan church, and was bom in the town of Brookficld She ib fuither, suivived by two daughters; Mrs. Emerson Abendroth, Abendroth, Decatur, 111 , and Mrs John 0, Colcman, Milwaukee, a son, David G. Davies, Waukesha, and a grandson, David E Abondroth Private funeral services will be Friday at 2 p m from the icsi- dence The Rev H G Scttlage will officiate and burial will be in Prairie Home cemetery. Friends may call at the residence residence after 7 p m today and anytime tomorrow The Handle funeral funeral home is in charge of arrangements. arrangements. Mrs Davies was the aunt of Drs E B. and Gwilym Davtes. Number 1... (Continutd From Pagt 1 on what they ahe«dy have This means that universities and teachers colleges would get no new funds for construction, and plans for a new mental hygiene laboratory laboratory would have to be junked Rennebohm's original proposals for welfare construction are slashed slashed a little under 20 per cent The goveinoi would make no comment yesterday on the fate of his legislative progiam Ho said he "couldn't digest It" Immediately Immediately and would probably make a statement today about his views on the senate's actions The senators yesterday backtracked backtracked on their own tax decision. The $25,000,000 tax program, calling calling for a 25 per cent surtax on individual individual Incomes, had been tentatively tentatively agieed upon in a GOP caucus, caucus, And it had been adopted at Monday night's session But the Republican senators switched yesteiday morning during during a three hour caucus When they came out they had agieed to cut everything except the transportation transportation aids. conduct charge against Marshall Johnson, Eau Claire, shortly before before Johnson murdered a tern age Eau Claire boy and girl 2, A in Menomonee left the turn Rev, weie at were report, automobile, 23, when the and were insurance City, federation, Iowa was City

Clipped from
  1. Waukesha Daily Freeman,
  2. 29 Jun 1949, Wed,
  3. Page 2

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