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 - Here Is How the Sales Tax Wm Affect YOU (By the...
Here Is How the Sales Tax Wm Affect YOU (By the Amiociated Press) Topeka, March 31.—Prom the standpoint of Mr. Average Citizen, who is touched directly in the poek- etbook by it, the 2 per cent sales tax law was one of the most important important measures enacted by the Kansas legislature. Here are the answers to some of his questions about it: How much will it cost me? It will cost 2 per cent on virtually all purchases you make. In other words 2 cients on every dollar you spend in making purchases; one ceht on each 50 cents; two mills on every dime and one mill on every nickel spent. If you spend $100 monthly, you will pay $2 in tax. How do I pay the tax? You will pay the merchant at the time of purchase, using sales tax Definite Suspect In Model's Death Father of Ronnie Gedeon Questioned at Length by New York Police (B7 the Aasocisted Press) New York, March 31.—After questioning questioning three men for over four hours. District Attorney William C. Dodge announced today that police "have a definite suspect" in the triple murder of art model Veronica "Ronnie" Gedeon, her mother, and a roomer, Frank Byrnes, Easter Sunday morning in a Beekman Hill apartment. His, statement followed lengthy questioning of Joseph Gedeon, father father of the 20-year-old model, and who was estranged from his wife; Robert Fowler, 25, whose marriage to "Ronnie" at 16 was quickly an- nuled; and George (Prenchy) Gueret, Gueret, 46-year-old unemployed chauffeur chauffeur and former roomer at the Gedeon apartment. Girl Friend Questimed Too. One of "Ronnie's closest girl friends, Jean Carp, 20, also a model, was questioned again today. "Is this suspect a man or woman?" woman?" District Attorney Dodge was asked as he took time out from the questioning to talk to reporters who thronged the East 51st station house. "Now, now," said Dodge smiling broadly and obviously pleased v^ith developments. "I might Just as well tell you the name. Things look verj' promising and I am certain the case will be cleared up." Beyond reiterating that '.'I can state positively that we liave a definite definite suspect," the state prosecutor would offer no more Information. No arrest has been made as yet, he said. Only Father Remains. The cast of main characters in the station house dwindled to Gedeon, Gedeon, the father; alone as first Miss Carp and Gueret, then Fowleji were permitted to lesive. ' Gedeon remained under constant questioning, repeating over and over again his story of his wandermgs Saturday night and early Sunday morning. Police previously accepted accepted as "iron clad" his alibi of the places he visited and" the persons with whom he spent his time. tokens or money; tokens generally for purchases under a dollar. Where will I obtahi these tokens? tokens? From the merchants in change for poinies the same way you now receive change for other purchases. Merchants will obtain the tokens from the state tax commission. What will the tbkens be like? May Be Made of Zinc. The law says they shall be made of scrip or of zinc mined in Kansas. Kansas. They likely will be the size of small coins it made of zinc. What will be the denominations of tax tokens? Tax commission meinbers have not yet decided. They may be in one and five mill denominations. Ten mills equals one cent. On what articles that I buy will I not have to pay a sales tax? You will not be required to pay a tax on gasoline and cigarets or oth<- er articles now„under a sales or excise excise tax.. The law provides exemption exemption for sale of electricity, coal, gas, and petroleum products for use hi farming, processing, manufacturing, mining, drilling, refining, irrigation. building, construction telegraph and telephone but tax commission members members said this provision likely would require construction by the courts. Tax on Utilities. Must I pay on my light, gasf water, and telephone bills? Yes. , Who will administer the law? The state tax commission. How much will tills tax raise a year? Proponents estimate it will produce produce from 8 to 12 million dollars annually. Where will this money go? First into the state treasury. Then 3 per cent will go to the state tax commission for administration expenses. expenses. Next not tlo exceed $2,400,000 $2,400,000 annually wlU be earmarked for social welfare purposes; $2,500,000 will go to the state school aid fund; $200,000 to the crippled cliildren's commission; and 80 per cent of the balanpe will go to the counties for distribution to local taxing to be used to reduce jgerieral property taxes. How will merchants pay tlie money? money? Most Remit Monthly. They are required to remit monthly monthly to the state treasurer an amoimt equal to the total tax they liave collected during the month. Can a merchant absorb the tax? No, the law specifically prohibits a mCTCtiant from absorbing or from ad\fertising he will absorb the tax. The consumer must pay it. Can I not buy .jBguw.^Jiiagsb. other states hot having a sales and thus avoid tliis levy? The legislature also enacted a law providing that if purchases of over $20 montWy are made in states not having a sales tax as large as Kansas', Kansas', the purchaser must pay the Kansas tax, minus wiiatever tax he may have paid In the other state; Proponents of this law pointed out bills of sales on purchases such as automobiles, tractors and farm machinery machinery could be traced easily. When does the sales tax law become become effective? It will become'effective July 1. If you miss The Register call 471 or 520 before 7:00ro'clock.

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