23Apr1934 Article about the odd folk in the circus

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23Apr1934 Article about the odd folk in the circus - riN · 11 NEW YORK By PAUL HARRISON New York,...
riN · 11 NEW YORK By PAUL HARRISON New York, April 23--"Lissen, beeg glowered down Mme. Londy Wagner, who is the Giant Woman the circus, "you are not going to tomorrow about the great sadness, are you, which we have got? "The reporters every year come write write-ups about how we unhappiness yet because peo- look at us and we are what freaks-V . "An' lissen, son," said a voice down around my knees that from a midget named Baron Paucci, "we don't like that word ·freak,' see? Mr. Fellows, now, he us 'the odd folk,' which is Me, I 'am one of the Little People, but I am not so odd at got a big wife and' nice^ 2-year-old daughter who will grow up like anybody, anybody, and a big house, and I can as, much . as you can. Maybe more." . "Yah!" -jeered Clico, the African bushmari. "He cum ee' mo'm I cum. Yah, yah, yah!". . "Anyway, I do hope you won't do Pagliacci stuff about us," broke Ruth Pontico, the Fat Woman. just: stare back at the people stare at us, and lots of times think we are luckier.than they are. Some, of us like ; to be the way are, and--" "Me, for instance," said Ar. toria, the:Tattooed.Girl. "I got tattooed because I wanted to get tattooed; it's a nice way to make a living. You wouldn't believe, believe, though, how many people people come up an' ask me was I born this way. I always say yes, an' the doctors Hgure it was on amount of my mother must have gone to too many movies.'' Fat of the Land 'With most of us, it's just Q. of H. A. games was Q. A. broadcasting tallest. feet Q. men trips? the upon always when many along, day. Q. A. established They the and besides A. and that of Q. cannot glands," explained the ponderous Miss Pontico, who has read lots of books during her sedentary existence. existence. "I weigh 702 pounds, and I was a 16-pound baby. This is all to. an extra-active posterior lobe of the pituitary gland, and calories haven't got anything to do with it. My mother woman, too, is a professional fat but she is taller than on held induce banners prevent em- I and doesn't look quite so fat. "Some doctors up in Boston say I will gain another 100 pounds unless unless I take treatments to cheek my weight. But I don't mind getting a little heavier. ...All of us here have a lot of fun together. I'especially like the midgets, and two of them came from my home town, Cincinnati. Cincinnati. My best friend last year was :he Half Girl, but she quit the circus circus and I hear she's married. Yes, I'm married too." And Ruth smiled, dimpling in fourteen places. Israel Bressner of Baltimore is Slim, the Shadow, and the reason he is seven feet tall. and. weighs only 90 pounds is that he has a different kind of gland trouble. Doesn't worry him, though. He eats all he wants of everything except butter and milk, and in winters he plays first base on the Wimpys A. C. indoor team. . . . Jack Earle', El Paso giant, says the glands that made him more than eight and a half feet tall are still functioning, and maybe he'll grow a little more. Odd Items The midgets are glandular cases, too, because most of them were nor T mal babies and just didn't grow up.. Major Mite, whose real name is Clarence Chesterfield Howerton, grew the least of any ma.n living today. At 25 years, he is 2S inches tall. He has four brothers more six feet tall, and his mother and stepfather,, normal sized people, travel with him. Robert Crawford, the stepfather, stepfather, tucks the Major under one arm while .walking between their hotel and Madison Square Garden. . ' Margaret and Mary Gttab, the Siamese Twins from Holyoke, tass.,-make appoint of being as in- vidual as possible. They order dif- erent things, in restaurants, read iffcrent kinds of books, and play pposing.hands at bridge. Mary kes .the midgets, but Margaret refers keeping a protective eye voo Koo the Bird Girl, a grotesque ittle creature who is nearly blind. ..I tried vainly to remember a ew words of Cherokee to spring kmok, the South Seas Hea.d Hunter, ut had to be content with asking him if he spoke English. Amok - the Lawyers give J. D. J. was Dental The the The the for where D. aid "Certainly!"... .What made ,eo Hogan the Blue Man blue not.the depression but a. fall from scaffold when he was a painter n Nashville in 1916. I am not implying that he fell under a sliower of blue paint.-What happened, he says, is that his heart got knocked clean over on his right side.

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  1. The Kokomo Tribune,
  2. 23 Apr 1934, Mon,
  3. Page 4

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  • 23Apr1934 Article about the odd folk in the circus

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