Robert Fullerton shot - 1 Oct 1885

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Robert Fullerton shot - 1 Oct 1885 - of for Da- that our south In and the poo and...
of for Da- that our south In and the poo and into the so divi- will of obtained. be admis- and Dakota connec- Shall tho' give make build mat- of Bis- CAltllUTH'S LKJUI1) AMMUNITION. An Astonishing Dakota Invention. "An- ex- and to tho de They of the with fin- an- to all hoped abun- Van and was been day huge, tho the of a there if I fetch [Kelt-nine liell.] Some genins has invented "liquid gunpowder" and it is said to bo fully equal for shooting to the ordinary kind. There is of course nothing against inventing it if he wants to, but if he expects to make anything out of the sales of it he will be disap- pointed. It can never become popu- lar. In using this liquid explosive it would doubtless be earned in an ordi- nary flat bottle or flask the same as certain other necessary adjuncts of tho chaso now are. This would make it very easy for mistakes to occur. The way a successful hunt is now conducted is for several sportsmen to each get one of these flat bottles, while in the buggy is a demijohn .to be used as a sort of supply depot. Tho party then start out, some of tho younger members usually go also tak- ing along guns and a livered colored dog which looks as if its ancestors had had nothing to oat for several generations. When this dog begins i to wear his nose on tho ground at ' tho proper rate tho hunters drive tho team up to a shock of wheat, get out I of tho buggy and follow the dog. After a while it sights game and tho hunters proceed cautiously (ill the binl ilios up when they all shoot. If by some mistake it falls they all stop and the leader steps slightly in front and gives tho party an all-including i and eloquent wink, at the same time 1 reaching for his flask. In case the bird gets away, as usually happens, the same programme is carried out Also, when after a reasonable time no game is found, similar tactics are employed. After the flask is taken out tho proceedings aro of course clear to the intelligent reader. If the roader isn't intelligent ho should go hunting once. Now right at this stage of sport is where the danger would come in. Sup- pose tho veteran hunter should mako a mistake and take out the liquid powder flask? The reader who is not intelligent, may say that it would be easy to distinguish between tho two flasks, but the other kind of a reader i knows that, and especially toward tho i close of a successful day's sport, it ] would be one of tho most difficult ! things imaginable. Any ouo who has 1 seen an experienced hunting party ] return knows how it is. j Just imagine the result of such a j mistake. Why. if this liquid guu- j powder should come into general use ! every hunting party would have to carry a feather bed along to bring ! home those who had drunk up th«ir j amuuition so that they wouldn't bo i jarred enough to explode tho powder. i If it ever becomes popular, scenes | like this will take place when you j meet an old friend who is anything i of a hunter. j "Why, hello! Havu't soon you for ! a month. Shake." I "No, look out! Das'ut shake hands. | Took a pull at this fluid powder the ! other day and am afraid to move j much for fear it will explode." i So it would go; all tho bust hunters i would bo laid up with gunpowder on | the stomach and boys and others who . know nothing about sport would go | out and exterminate all the game. A 1 few years of this liquid powder and I there wouldn't bo any prairie chickens | left. The protection of game would j alone be a big argument against it. People who have an idea that to kill is tho sole object of hunting should be frowned down. So this is why we say liquid powder wont work. It will never become fashionable to wear I your ammunition in tho stomach. thought some was the a to beaming Un- tiro had tri telling of not reino- it to- at i Sail Accident. i [Mitchell Keiiulilican.] j On Sunday afternoon little Robert, j sou of Thomas and Jennie Fullerton, j of this city, was shot by the hand of one of his dearest playmates, little | Howard, son of Mr. aud Mrs. Theos | David at the homo of the later about four miles northwest. About four o'clock in tho afternoon a brother of Mr. Theos David was seen galloping into town and a few minutes later Mr. David hiinsof driving toward homo urging his horso at every stop to tho utmost speed. The startling informa- tion soon spread that little Robbie was no more. The two families have been particu- larly intimate, the little boys playing together and visiting each other fre- quently. AVhou Bobbie and his par- ents drow-up to the David homestead, Mrs. David left her three children in hei bedreom on the second floor and descended to welcome her guests. Scarcely were they in the house be- fore Bobbie heard thechildrons voices and rushed from his father with a laugh to join them. Tho children greeted him with great glee and be- gan to show their new playthings when Howard, the eldest about eight years cf age, said: "See how 1 shoot" Picking up a breech loading shot gun which at once went oil, shot passing through the top of Bob- bio's head almost horizontally, lead- ing to tho supposition that the butt of tho gun had rested on jthe foot the bed. Tho fane was not disfigured in the least but he lived less than half hour in an unconscious condi- tion. The grief of thw two families is beyond expression and the suffer- ing of the two mothers is pitiable the extreme. Tho body was.brought iu lust evening. Mrs. David accom panied Mrs. Fnllertou and remains with her in scarcely less agony than Mrs. Fullerton, who has lost her only child. Bobbie was live years old last February, and was considered by all the neighbors aud friends an unusu- ally bright boy. HK'ITKIi TIIA.X NOLI). Aye, KVIIII Tliiin (in-ill MValtli iir llthmt Tim,.*. ] Fred Codditigton has struck it rich. While boring for water on his place, tho drill penetrated a vein of natural gas. The flow- was rapid and voluminous, tho vapor rushing out to a groat height with roar liko that of a terrific wind-storm. Tho vapor ascended through a '2A inch pipe to the surface, and when first ignited tho column of gas was found to bo quite 20 feet in height. It burned with a bright blaze and with a roar that could be heard feet distant. When tho gas first be- gan to rush out, it throw gravel sand, violently followed by coal tar. Thon came a smell of gas and one touching a match to it, tho shot up twenty feet, but soon dimin- ished to four or live feet. From this it is argued that tho vein will soon play out At this rate it has burned ever since and has continued to in sufficient quantity to boil potatoes and do other cooking and illuminat- ing. Tho bore is 1-12 ft. deep, and the flow is evidently inexhaustible It has burned steadily ever since about noon of Wednesday. It flows with such force as to throw out plug of tho pipe, though weighted down with twenty pounds of ballast. Should tho supply prove never-fail- ing, Fred has a bonanza which will be a first-class stepping stone to in- dependence, aud at least assure him of freedom from tho oppression of hard-hearted coal dealers. A farmer in the Stough neighbor- hood made what is believed to be similar discovery, but became fright- ened at the rush of gas from the and incontinently filled up the well, at the bottom of which ho had bored to a depth of 14.0 ft. from the surface. He thus probably shut off a full ply of light and fuel. Very Remarkable Recovery. Mr. Geo. V. Willing, of Manches- ter, Mich., writes: "My wifohas been almost, helpless for five years, so less that she could not turn over bed alone. She used two bottles of Electric Bitters, and is so nuich im- proved that she is able now to do own work." Electric Bitters will do all that is claimed for them. Hundreds of tes- timonials attest their great curative powers. Only fifty cents a bottle at Geo. A. Fessenden's. OF THE YAT," OH "WALKING IN THE SHADOW;" Will be ready for deliver? after 28th of Sept., 18S5. Price for paper cover, 'Jo cts. Published by O.A. CHEENEY SONS. BOOK. BINDEKS, - - - Huron, Duk. For First-Class Insurance Against FIRE, LIGHTNING, CYCLONES, HAIL APPLY TO Pinkney King, Office First National Baik Building, MOD. "We Represent Insurance Company of North America Aetna. Spriuslicld Fire and Marine. City of l.omliin. North Brltlh and Merchautile. I'lucnlx. Orient. Niagara. I.ivcr]ool, London, and (Holie. Fire Insurance Association. Washington, Pennsylvania Fire. Sun Tire Olllce. Kritifli America. COMBINED ASSETS OVER §100,000,000.00 R. J. All

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  1. The Dakota Huronite,
  2. 01 Oct 1885, Thu,
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  • Robert Fullerton shot - 1 Oct 1885

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