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 - mmmmmmrmmmmmmmm n ? Tv.ll. LLOYI) GARRISON,...
mmmmmmrmmmmmmmm n ? Tv.ll. LLOYI) GARRISON, Editor. VOL. XIV. NO..' 40. REFUGE OF OPPRESSION. From tLe Cotton Mercantile Journal. Abby Keller. The ataid editor of the Exeter New Letter wm lately enticed, by the expectation of hearing the vocal music of the Hutchinson?, to attend a Convention at Portsmouth, N. II., where he had an opportunity for the first time to liaten to the eloquence of Abby Kelley, the famous anti-slavery orator. The effect of her eloquence on the feelings of our friend the editor, as appears by the following extract from an article on the subject in the Newa-Letter, appears to have been neither very convincing nor satisfactory: It was holden in the Temple, consecrated to Temperance in drink, and, if not to Intemperance in every thing else, it is open to almost every thing of a public nature, whether extra, ultra, or moderate. Upon this occasion, it was occupied by Miss Abby Kelley, who was making a zealous harangue against the Constitution of the United Slates the Government 'under which she was living and enjoying (perhaps too much) the privilege of unsexing herself with impunity. She held the Constitution in her hand, and railed ogainst it in good set terms. She swung her hands stamped with her feet smote on the desk shook her garments struck her breast courted notice -and defied opposition. To those accustomed to sush exhibitions, it might be well enough ; but to us it was novel and painful. We had heard of women in Europe, who were yoked up like cattle, and ploughing the fields of France ; or who, harnessed in carriages, were drawing coal in the mines of England. We had heard, too, of women, .in corrupt and profligate cities, who were among the most vicious and abandoned of the human race and we had read of females who were fore1-most in war, and hurrying into battle, kept their husbands and sons engaged at home, with the dishcloth or distaff: but we had never chanced to see any of these Amazons,' slaves, or reprobates. The women of New-England are of a different class an entirely different order. They are mod-esf, retiring, delicate, sensitive shrinking from the public gaze, devoted to home, and constituting the charm that makes home so delightful devoted to their husbanda, and constituting the sunlight of their existence devoted to their families, and constituting that Bilken cord which binds their very hearts indissolubly together. O may woman be ever and every where, such ! But such was not Abby. She stood in the midst of the great assembly she sought th'eir applause she heeded not their censure she was unnppalled, unabashed, and boldly met the gaze of the boldest. The temple wus filled not a seat was unoccupied at least a thousand persons were present listening to her crudities, or gloating at the public exhibition of her form and gestures. She talked fluently, superficially, impertinently, and seditiously. A man would not be tolerated whoshould speak as she spoke, and act as she acted. ?he trampled the Constitution of her country under her feet gloried in the act and declared that it was a libel on humanity, a disgrace to Christianity, accursed of God and accursed of man! Whether the crowding to hear such a lecture, and such a lecturer, is creditable to those who make up the crowd, we leave others to judge. Being upon that occasion one of the number, ve are not disposed to judge them harshly. Probably many of the assembly went as we did, and waited as we did, to hear the Hutchinsous. But Abby's fluency was cx-haustless, and there was no checking it till afterl) o'clock, when the songsters gve us a 6hort specimen of their powers, which, we think, must have filled the Temple on Wednesday evening to overflowing. Wo regretted much that we wero obliged to leave Portsmouth before their Concert. -They are admirable singers ; and the expectations of several hundreds of decent and sensible people, who endured the penance of the lecture for the sake of the song, were fully realized.'

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