1918: Where American Survivors Landed on Irish Coast; Zone of Probably Attack

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1918: Where American Survivors Landed on Irish Coast; Zone of Probably Attack - juli'AUul! U i 5 y u u -a' fH3 i Pin i PPn no...
juli'AUul! U i 5 y u u -a' fH3 i Pin i PPn no iiTTPTF 4i NEXT MAILS Frnri San Franrisco Saturday, Ib. 'K For San r 'i"cnco Saturday. Feb. 0. Fcr Australia. Monday, Feb. IS. For O.ient Saturday, Feb. 9. KiwB; iff If t J t':f t MM f 1 ! J rl t 1 ry i ? im j h r i m jJ Li il I Jo 1 1 l iizi3 livening BulMin. Est. lv-2. No. 70U Hawaiian Star, Vol. XXV, No. -jT- 10 PAGES HONOLULU, TERRITORY OF HAWAII, THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 7, 191S 10 PAGES PRICE FIVE CENTS i 1 i t Li m "n m?.Ea n 77?!K?nan; rHnnnrT3 nnrTTsfr3 T?n Hi.,: i- h L j 1 h nyWf It I iV 1 vM'UUliu u j avis' U UViiUU UL! U UaV' UUUViUULi3 tl m pi il mim mm i J M 0:irm 01 fl -4 'iiri rr r H il b In LW' li rim V ill M..,ti ' -.Desirea Bill! By D e p a rtment Commander in Recommendation to War Department Says Prohibition Snculd Facilitate Carrying Out the Lav;; Washington's Action Inspired By Governor Pinkham's Plea DEPARTMENT COMMANDER'S -f CABLE TO WASHINGTON ON m PROHIBITION FOR ISLANDS Jim 1 0 0 f 0 S I I E 1 . JUSlFcE SOOr! 9 4- "Zone of prohibition similar to that now prescribed for cantonments and camps to include the whole of Oahu Island earnestly recommended from military view-point. Prohibition should greatly facilitate carrying out the law." Action by Governor Tinkham in wiring Secretary Lane at Washington, fcrgins that ho use hi3 influence toward Fccurins prohibition for Hawaii waa responsible for the war department' cablng to the Hawaiian department commander for a recommendation on the liquor question from a military standpoint. In a statement given today to th Star-nulletin, the department commander makes known this fact, and states the Riat of the message that he pent in reply, indflrslnprfrom military viewpoint action which would in-force prohibition for the island of Oahu. Governor Pinliham, today, following the statement by the department commander, made public the radiogram In which he urged, the banishment of liquor in the territory of Hawaii. It was uuder date of January 11, 1918. end is as follows: 4 "Honorable Franklin K. Lane, "Secretary Interior, Washington. "If you can induce the president or any federal authority to prohibit if possible liquor In this territory or any part of 5t I urge you to do so. I have done my utmost. "PINKHAng, Governor." The department commander stated t.'iiy that he received a cablegram fr m the war department to the effect i that the governor had proposed to es-j tabiish a zone of prohibition to include the whole of the island of Oahu, which cablegram ended with the following words: "Your opinion from military viewpoint is desired." His answer was as given above. The fact that Gen Wisser, department commander, was not opposing t prohibition because he refused some ' weeks ago to sign a petition to the president which the chamber of commerce was circulating, and that he voiced hi3 views concerning the I'qnor question as soon as the proper opportunity came for him as an army officer Is borne out by the foregoing message. i NEW YORK STOCK 1 I MARKET TODAY i Officials Say His Appointment Seems Certain; If So, Kemp Goes to Supreme Bench (Special Star-Bulletin Vv'ireless) WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. 7. It now seems virtually certain that Associate Justice James L. Coke will be named chief justice cf the Hawaiian supreme bench. All officials of the depart ment of justice say that this is absolutely the best guess. In such an event, Circuit Judge Kemp will be given Justice Coke's place. C. S. ALBERT. Nhere American Survivors Laodad on Irish Coast; Zone of Probable Attack JT LANT! C OCCAM ! n t h i t Tnn.' vessel A This corresponds to some of the recent private information received here in which it was declared that Circuit Judge Coke is virtually, certain to be elevated to the supreme bench. Jp EELfAST.oX -"V. DUBLIN -r N , 50UTHMPTOM FRAMCE FM1LLI 1111 iry JLIiflLL President's Power to Declare "Dry" Zones Limited to Training Camps Only The only way Oahu can set prohibi tion is by Congressional enactment This is indicated by a cablegram re ceived this morning by the chamber of commerce from its Washington rep resentative. George McK. McClellan, to the effect that the president's pow er in prescribing "dry" zone3 applies to training camps only and is not ap plicable to army posts. As the only training camp on Oahu is at Schofleld the president, there fore, cannot invoke his power beyond a 5 mile radius of Schofield. Mr. Mc Clellan, however, indicated that he is at work to secure tjx exception for Honolulu; The cablegram follows: Opinion of ths advocate general is that president's power is limited to training camps and not applicable to army posts. Trying for exception. Cable date expiration saloon licenses. Whether the war department desires to know whether saloon licenses expire in Honolulu with a view to finding a loophole in the law to extend the president's power to Honolulu is not known here. All saloon licenses here expire June 30, next. Ye Today day i Alaska Gold American Smelter American Sugar Rfg. American Tel. & Tel. .. Anaconda Copper Atchison Caldwin Loco Taltimore &. Ohio ...... Fsthlehem Steel i'Calif. Petroleum Canadian Pacific C, M. i St. P. (St. Paul) Colo. Fuel &. Iron Crucible Steel 55' 2 Cuban Cane 3Q?4 rria Common General Electric General Motors, New Great Northern Pfd. Inter. Harv., N. J. . , .vnnecott Copper Ltnigh R. R. New York Central . . Pennsylvania , Ray Consol. . . Reading Common Southern Pacific 8C14 105 106 '2 61 ?a 84 5'2 50 75' 2 15'2 14558 423,4 361 i 134 '2 135! SO 2'2 82 i 106 10754 63 sm 76 16'a 146' 43 , 373 31U 135;.. 136Vi 91 H Curtailment of iheat SSiioments onsidered Reports Yesterday From Pet-rograd Partly Confirmed E5y German Nevspapers Nov Associated Press by U. S. Naval Wireless.) LONDON; Eng., Feb. J. Despatches from - the contuient today say that the German newspapers now hint at a probable breach between the Teutons and the Bolsheviki peace conferees. The German press is also hinting that the Teutons are preparing to reach a separate peace agreement with the Ukrainians. LINER TLSC UNKNOWN: U-BOAT AN!A ELAKD; EXACT Nil IS SUNK OFF RA D TUESDAY NIGHT Further News Awaited After Statement .Vessel Probably Sent Down Early Wednesday Relief Agencies Rush Men to Ireland to Meet Survivors American Figures Are 267 Missing, British Say 168 BULLETIN. LONDON, Eng., Feb. 7. On the basis of the reports so far received, the survivors of the torpedoed British troopship Tuscania approximate 76 ofBcers and 1935 men of the troops, and 16 officers and 125 men of the .1.1 i -- t crew, wim tnree passengers ana os unspecmec. The steamer was torpedoed on "Tuesday, night. h WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. 7. On the basis of the figures reported here, the missing number 267. The British admiralty figures differ con siderably, the admiralty setting the loss at 168. The Americans aboard numbered 2179, mostly men of the 32nd Na tional Guard Division. (ASSOCIATED PRESS BY CABLE) (Associated Press by U. S. Naval WinMsss.) WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. 7. Secretary of War Baker today an nounced that Major General Peyton C. March, now in France, will return to the United States to become acting chief of staff. General Tasker IL BIIssT now chief of staff, will continue on furlough. GeneralVJohn Biddle will remain as assistant chief of staff for the present, and later will probably be assigned to duty in France. LIVERPOOL TROOPS -SCORING. IN RAIDS mlB G 32 70' 4 46' 73?i S23u Etudebaker 4314 Texas, Oil 152' 2 Unicfi Pacific "... 113?3 f ?.' S. Stee! 93U Itah : E1 VVtstern Union f Wcstinghouse SO1, 41 j 33 701a 4S 23 1 '2 74?4 84 52 1572 1141 2 S4H S2 .4 90'8 4H2 Bid. f Ex-dividend. tUnquoted. G. C. Pott?r and John I. Gruer? were Official cognizance has been taken by the national lood administration cf the suggestion by the federal food administration for Hawaii that white flour shipments to the islands be curtailed 2- to -3 per cent. A -wireless message received today states that the i suggestion has been "laid before the war trade board. The message follows: "Have communicated with the war trade board your constructive suggestion for curtailing wheat shipments to Hawaii. The necessity for increased conservation of wheat is becoming more acute daily." This is in reply to the following message sent to Washington on January "2D; , "We think there can be no objection to your curtailing white flour shipments !.o Hawaii 25 to 35 per cent, if desirable, by an embargo from San Francisco if necessary." James D. Dole, chairman of the terri-toril food commission, exrressed tr- (Associated Press by U. S. Naval. Wireless.) LONDON, Eng., Feb. 7. Liverpool troops have again won signal success in trench fighting on the west front. Today's war office announcement says that the Liverpool men carried out a successful series of raids easterly of Armentieres, capturing prisoners and machine guns. Their casualties were light. Hostile artillerying today took place southwest of Cambrai and southerly of Lens. PERSHING-R PRIVATE! WOUNDE EP OHTS finrn m iSLLLU, 8U (Associated Press by U. S. Naval Wireless.) WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. 7. Major General Pershing repprts to the war department that Private Rufus Atkins was killed in action on the front on February 3, and that 10 other American soldiers were slightly wounded. rtnn nn UiULuUH 00 DS I LL D RETURN (Associated Press by U. S. Naval Wireless.) WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. 7. Chairman Smith of the senate interstate commerce committee is making a favorable report on the administration's railroad bill for the Eastern ! roads. The provisions of this bill guarantee an annual return of ?D45,- . Senator Smith believes that the major-j ity of the railroads will "accept these j terms by the government as a just and . fair measure under their constitutional rights." THREE DOCTORS HURRY TO ROOSEVELT'S SIDE iuim tuiiij tu i rf-uif?- uo m in h. j 1. our win ua useu in ttawau as soon Ik-ti court this morning and fined $25 jus the corn meal fro;n Maui and Ha-each. I ..aii is in the markets (Asso-latrd Press by U. S. Naval Wireless.) NEW YORK, Feb. 7. The sudden arrival today of three physicians called hurriedly to Col. Roosevelt's hri- the opinion that much less wheat side, gave rise to the report that the colonel a condition was less favorable, Daniels Sap 0. S. nd Allies In Submarine Var (Associated Press by U. S. Naval Wireless.) WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. 7. Secretary of War Daniels stated yesterday that the United States and her allies are winning against the submarine warfare of Germany. NN. REVOLTERS AT LOYALISTS WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. 7. The British steamer Tuscania with 2179 American troops aboard has been torpedoed and sunk in the war zone. No statement as to the loss of life is yet available from either the war or navy departments, but it is stated this morninfj that 1100 of the American troops have been landed at Buncranna and Lame, Ireland. The war department gave out the official announcement cf the dis aster; v ' " N The advices are meager and no. names either of survivors or victims have yet been learned here. The pariiculars are promised when they are received, the war department stating that there will be full publicity. It is announced that the Tuscania was manned by a British crew of gunners and that a naval guard of British warships convoyed her. -WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. 7. A brief despatch today to the war department from London announced the disaster to the British troopship Tuscania, and this despatch also reported the landing of 1100 survivors. It was first assumed that the sinking occurred early Wednesday. The state department an-aounces that "the ambassador at London, Wal:er Hines Page, has sent military attaches to Belfast, Ireland, and that the Red Cross and the Y. M. C. A. and other associations for relief have also sent representatives with full power to spend all the money needed. "The lord mayor of Belfast is also rendering aid." WASHINGTON, D. C, Feb. 7. Nineteen hundred and twelve officers and men who wort aboard the steamer Tuscania have been accounted for to the American enibagsy at London snirl an esrly despatch from the embassy which the war department announced today, following the news of the disaster. - . . The war department also announced that the records showed the following military organizations of the American army aboard the Tuscania: Headquarters Detachment and Companies D, E and F of 20th Engineers. 170th Engineer Train. 107th Military Police. 107th Engineer Train. 107th Supply Train j 100th Aero Squadron. ; 158th Aero Squadron. 213th Aero Squadron. Replacement Detachments 1 and 2 of 32nd Division. Fifty-one casual officers. The 32nd Division was composed of National Guard troops from Michigan and Wisconsin who had trained at Camp MeArthur. - The 107th Engineers was composed of the 1st Battalion, Michigan Engineers. ' i The 107th Military Police were from the 4th and 6th Wisconsin Infantry. Mrrr: The supply train was from the 4th and 5th Wisconsin Infantry. Later announcement by the war department today says that it is established that the 107th Engineer regiment was not aboard. The 107th Engineer Train, reported as aboard, m the headquarters company. The sixth battalion of the 20th Engineers, a forestrv regiment was not attached to the 32nd Division of National Guard troops. FACTS ABOUT--II TUSCANIA itufliiiiCTi --1911101 figBAi rwni nnr (A ssociatid Press by U. S. Naval Wireless.) LAWTON, Oklahoma, Feb. 7. Captain Phineas Christie !oi rrniaaeipma ana Privates Glenn Vandvear and Jacques (Associated Press by U. S Kaal Wireissi.) LONDON, Eng., Feb. 17. The Fin- ni':3 revolutionists or "red guards" have surrounded Tammerfors. the Finland! ci-y, General Mannerheim, leader of Here are th facts about the British the government forces, who won a vie- liner Tuscania, sunk off the Irish tory a few days ago, has been de-;coast witn American troops aboard: feated and is retreating toward the Name Tuscania. gulf of Bothnia. Both sides have lost! ? t(.ms tons. iBareillfist nf ih 10tli ViolA A;nw t.:nj 549 feet long, 5 feet broad. 41 tixxcAj, wcic milieu iuuav m an heavily, according to the Russian of-l flcial news agency. j j This statement, however, was noc con- firmed by his physicians ROOSEVJEfLT SPENDS A COMFORTABLE NIGHT! port at Glasgow, feet deep. ( Duilt by Stephen & Sons, Linthouse .Shipbuilding Yards, Glasgow, in 1914. Owned by Anchor Line, with home (Associated Press by U. S. Navar Wireless.) NEW YORK, N. Y. Feb. 7r Col. nuuseitii, ii o i in me nospiiai ior j an operation for abscesses spent comfortable night Type, etc. rine s?gna!s, 4-year turbine; subma all latest devices. Senator Lewis of Illinois ureed that cipiusiuu vi a xrencn seventy-nve ' gun. Privates Oliver Smith and Carl Andersen of Battery D, 9th Field Artillery, were probably fatally wounded. aja few German bomb stop the outras.es, GUARD OFFICERS ASSIGNED Orders Issued from headquarters of the 1st Hawaiian Infantry, National Guard, assism recently itromotel offi- plotters be shotcer3 to the following companies: Capt. Alex May to Co. B: 1st Lieut. Frank I. Stevenson to Co. B: 1st Lieut. Leslie C. Thompson as adjutant, 3rd Battalion; 2nd Lieut. Arthur S. Heywsrd to M. (J. Co.; 2nd IJent, Kii-chi Iwanasa to Co. D; 2nd Lieut.' Wil-helm Smith to Co. B

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  • 1918: Where American Survivors Landed on Irish Coast; Zone of Probably Attack

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