Angus Secord's new hotel (the Marr) 7Mar1890

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Angus Secord's new hotel (the Marr) 7Mar1890 - MARCH 7, 1890 , - rtorseil ym TISZA RESIGNS....
MARCH 7, 1890 , - rtorseil ym TISZA RESIGNS. THi; KISSIAN .NIHILISTS' CUT. DiiliriiroukiifT (.i ts a I'uckatre Contain - i iic a Woman's Head, the liwdy ( nt in 1'ieces. I A Direct Steamship Service between .Mexico and ( hina anil Japan i Is Kidiculed.' Elected Grand Master. Berlin. March 7. Prince C'arololh Scoen - aicli has been elected (iraud Master of the Free Masons in Prussia. Ejection the Tenants. Dublin, March 7. Forty writs of ejection against tenants on the Ponsouby estate were granted at Voubal yesterday. Hungary's New Premier. Vienna, March 7. Hen - Tisza, ilun - garian Premier, baa resigned. lie is suc ceeded by Count Von Zapjtry. The Cabinet w ill in all other respects be retained without change. llerr Tisza w ill continue to act as leader of the Liberal party. The Mexican - China Line. City of Mexico, March 7. The idea of establishing a direct steamship service between Mexico and China and Japan is ridiculed by the press here in spite of the concession sought for and obtained from the Government. It is pointed out that the trade from Mexico to China would only consist of the exportation of silver coin as bullion and the importation would be limited to a few articles of luxury, occupying little more bulk than precious metal, such as bronzes and china. NEWS FROM LONDON. Abraham Lincoln's Funeral A Horrible Story From Moscow. London, March 7. A horrible story comes from Moscow showing how the Nihilists seek to maintain their conspiracy of terror. A mysterious package was left at the ollicial residence of prince Dolgoroukou", Governor General of tho city and Province of Moscow. It was found to contain a woman's head and a letter ill which the writer says he will yet out - do the deeds of Jack the Hipper. The remainder of the body discovered was cut in pieces and packed in two sucks. The corpse is believed to be that of a Nihilist traitress. Largo numbers of arrests have been made, persons suspected of Nihilism being instantly taken into custody wherever found. The funeral of Abraham Lincoln took place at the residence of the American Minister this morning. The services were ! private. Dcsides the members' of the family Col. White, first Secretary of the I Legation, Counsel - General New, Vict ; Consul Johnson and a few friends were 'present. Dev. Monro Gibson, formerly of I Chicago, conducted the ceremony. He made a brief and feeling address in which he I referred to tlie fact that he baptized the lad t now deceased. He exhorted the parents to i fortitude and faith in God. The body was taken to Keusal Green where it was tie - I posited in a vault to await transportation to I America. 'There was no further ceremony, ! those who had accompanied the remains to j the cemetery standing by in silence. In a case brought by Baird to restrain a i political club from ejecting him, tho judges refused to entertain the application. 1 WANTS A SLICE. i Tlie C.mailiiin I'aclllc ti Work Its War Down the Coast. Hubert Kerr, says the Tacoina Lfiiger, general passenger and ticket agent of the Canadian Pacific mad, and D. K. lirov - n, of Vancouver, assistant general passenger and ticket agent of the same line, passed through Tacoina last night. .Mr. Krown was cu route to Portland in the interests of bis company, while Mr. Kerr was going to San Diego to attend a meeting of representatives of the transcontinental lines to be held in that city on the loth of March. In speaking of the facilities ottered hy his line, Mr. Kerr said that by the first of October he expected a passenger could board a Pullman in the cities of 1'tiget Sound and step ( il' the same in Halifax, N. S., without change, making direct connection with steamers tor Kuglandor any part of Kurope. In regard to the application for a receiver for the Seattle, Like Shore k Fast - ern railroad, Mr. Kerr said that it was simply a bluff. Tho road is all right, he declared, and w ill soon be completed to the Canadian border. The Canadian Pacilic lacks but twelve miles of track and one bridge to bring the road to the international boundary. W ithout say ing so directly, the ollicials gave the impression that if the La' - .o Shore road conW he pushed to completion, it would be taken in hand by the Canadian Pacilic. The road then would he extended to Tacoina and then to Portland and eventually to San Francisco. The Canadian Pacilic wants a slice of the Sound country business and can't get it without coming to Tacoina. Whether it gains control of the Lake Shore or not it w ill get into the cities to the south in some way. The Ledger might, with safety, have added and generally the C. I'. K. succeeds in any ot its pet scheme's, lioston to Sail Francisco now appears to be its ruling passion. BUILDING IN THE EAST. An Kleirant Family Hotel A New Ilrlck JIotel - HaiHlaotue 1'rlvate iiesldcncea. Building operations are just beginning in the eastern end of tho city and promise to be most active before many more weeks have paused. The line view obtained of the two harbors, the city anil surrounding scenery, make it a most desirable situation for private residences, many of which are in course of construction or contemplated. Worlc is being pushed forward on Mr. Angus Secord's new hotel, on the corner of Dtitilevy Avenue and Powell Street. Mr. Seeord takes charge of the carpenter Work himself. The building has a frontage of 43 feet on Powell Street, extending !)0 feet along Dunlevy Avenue. It is a three - storey frame building of excellent design. The office occupies the prominent comer of the building, and is spacious and convenient. On the ground lluor are tho dining - room, kitchen, sample - room for this hotel is intended for a commercial as well as family house and smaller necessary rooms, besides a neat little store. The first floor consists of parlors for guests and bed roonu, and tho third storey of private parlors, rooms en fvite and single rooms. The house is specially arranged for a family boarding hotel. No liquor will besold, and every provision will be made fur a quiet, cheerful, comfortable residence. A balcony for each storey surrounds the building, to which there is a ready exit from the spacious halls within. By this arrangement, w hether the guest wishes to sit in the shade or sun, he may do so at all times of the day. From the balconies the most delight fid view of the surroundings may he obtained; but better still, there is an exit upon the level roof, from which the scenery spreading out to view is grandly picturesque. All the smaller conveniences will be supplied, such as bath rooms on every lloor, and electric liells in each of the thirty - eight rooms for guests. The interior is being finished in cedar, stained and varnished. Mr. W. V. Glover has the contract for the painting, and has already begun the work ou the interior, the outside having received its first coat some time auo. Mr. I George Stevens supplies the electric bells. 1 The hotel will be ready fur occupation by j the 1st of April. Almost adjoining Mr. Secord's hotel on ' Powell Street, Mr. Goodmurphv yesterday . Iieg.ui clearing out the foundations for a two - stor y brick hotel, oU feet square, with , kitchen and dining - room wing, '25 feet by I 40 feet. This building will also be fitted j up with everything that luxury and com - I fort demand. There will be forty rooms for guests, with electric bells, bath - rooms, ' and everything complete. Mr. Goodmurphv will superintend the building himself, and will have it ready for occupancy by I July 1st. It is understood he has already : secured a tenant for it. Mr. Geo. A. Keefer, engineer for the : Waterworks Company, has a fine residence i on Hastings Street nearly completed. The j structure is of frame of elegant and elabor - ! ate design, two storeys with an attic. No pains w ill be spared to make this a beauti - ! fill and comfortable residence and excellent - ly litted up. Mr. Geo. McFarland is gen - ; eral contractor for the whole work. V. ; Black is sub - contractor for the brick work ! and plastering, Muiiroc and Luiidy for the lathing, anil Uloole anil Kalph tor tlie plumbing. The electric bells w ere put in by a Victoria firm. THE HOUSE OF ASSEMBLY LAST SESSION Fifth rarliament Varioun Items of Buainesa Transacted. TWKVrV - AHCOSD HAY. Victoria, March 5. Petitions from James Morrison, William Kaye and A. St. George Hamcrsley, and from the corporation of Vancouver, asking to be represented by counsel in the consideration of its bill, were introduced. The report of the Railway Committee was received. The second reading of the Nelson & Koo - tenay Lake Railway bill was moved, but at Hon. Mr. Robson's suggestions the bill was allowed to stand over. A supplementary return of the names, etc., of collectors of revenue paid hy commission was presented by the Premier. The Crow's Nest Railway bill passed its second reading, and went into committee. The Mischievous Animals bill passed, after some clerical amendments had been made. The debate upon the Speaker's ruling, begun the day previous, was resumed, and tbechair was sustained by a vote of 14 to 0. Tho second reading of the Wagon Tito amendment bill was lost. The Cattle Ranges' bill passed its second and third readings, and was adopted. A resolution, "that the practice which has obtained in the House since Confederation with respect to parties appearing before the Private Bill Committee in support of or against any private bill shall be allowed to prevail during this session," was adopted unanimously. A return was presented of the remission of assessed taxes for tlie year ending June, 1SVI. The House went into committee upon tho Westminster Street Railway bill, and Mr. Cunningham moved the insertion of live new sections, prohibiting the use of Chinese labor. A long discussion took place, in which Messrs. Cunningham, Croft, Robson, Mason, Beaveu, Davie, Martin and Smith took .part. Ou tlio vote lieing called, the anti - Chinese clauses were lost. ix -, Davie, Duck and Cunningham alone voting yea. Amendments to the municipalitiesamcnd - ment bill were moved, two of which were adopted. The Westminster Klectric Light Company bill was passed. The Registration of Births, Marriages and Deaths bill passed its second reading. With the House ill committee the B. C. Mills, Timber and Trading Co. bill was reported complete with amendments. The Pacilic Coast Fire Insurance Co. bill passed its second rcadin to be committed j on Ihursday. .Motions will be made at next sitting in reference to the application of Donald McKenzie, and in ri'terencc to the Spokane Falls & Northern Railway or the B. C. Southern Railway, and another in reference to the marking of timber. MORNING NEWS. The P:th of the Night's Wirings in Short Paragraphs. The police raided two bucket shops in New York yesterday and arrested about (i0 men. The school question is occupying the attention of the local Houses, both in Toronto and Winnipeg. A lire at Parry Sou:.d, Out., yesterday destroyed the house of W. Robinson and three children were burned. A lierce fight is already in progress between the Cartel parties and the Centrists, to socuru the presidency of the new Reichstag. The Czar has received a letter from a woman, signed Ichebeikova, menacing him with the fate of l'eter III., Paul I. and Alexander 111. The masters of the cloth factories at Lam - brecht, Germany, have decided on a general lockout, owing to tho exacting demands of the employees. More letters were discovered in possession of one of tho Nihilists arrested recently near Anitchkoff Palace, implicating several persons of exalted rank. Major Wissman, with a force of 500 Soudanese and 4 - 0 German officers, carried the Bwanaheris fort at Mieinbalu on January 4th, guarded by 1,500 men. A bill to reimburse the States of California, Oregon and Nevada for money spent in the suppression of the rebellion is passing through the U. S. Senate. Thorsten Nordenfcldt, manager of the Maxiiu - Nordeufeldt Gun Company, of Lon don, recently pronounced bankrupt, about to pay his liabilities in full. is J The strike of the Liverpool dock laborers promises to be a bitter contest. Already there are 2,000 imported "blacklegs" working and the companies find no ditliculty in getting men. A subsidy of $3,200 a mile will likely be granted by the Federal Government to construct the railway from Madawas' - a to Moncton, a distance of 210 miles. This is an extension of a Irand Trunk short line to the Maritimo Provinces through Canadian territory. The AhyMinla Arrives The ss. Abyssinia arrived in port last night at 10 o'clock with China and Japan mails. She left Yokohama at 7 a. m. on February 20th, making the trip in 15 days, 8 hours actual time. She experienced strong N. E. and E. winds until within 700 miles of Vancouver Island, thence to port variable winds and tine weather. She brings three Baloon passengers, Captain i Waterhnuse from Hong Kong, and Mr. and Mrs. Wilkinson, from Shanghai to New York; five second class, Mrs. Schor, Mr. Mackay, Mr. Aoki K.iveo, Chum Hop, and Miss Chum Dee, and 108 steerage, 12 Japanese and 90 Chinese. She carries 1,000 tons of general freglit for Canadian, and Atlantic, and Pacific Coast, points. Ou her outward trip the Abyssinia experienced some very rough weather which delayed her considerably. The work of discharging cargo began at once and to day the vessel and freight sheds are a scene of animation with busy workmen. and side, ricf A through apparatus resort w steam the

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