Roxana High School Graduation- Connie Fair

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Roxana High School Graduation- Connie Fair - Roxana High School Graduation Friday Dr. Donald...
Roxana High School Graduation Friday Dr. Donald Harvick. superintendent, superintendent, will be principal speaker speaker at the 8 p. in. Friday graduation graduation exercises of the Roxana High School Senior Class in the school gymnasium. Robert Kissack, principal, will make the presentation of special awards to members of the graduating class. Dclbcrt Cobinc, Board of Education Education president, will present diplomas diplomas to 271 members of the graduating class: Perry Allison, Gary Anderson, Dennis Arnold, Linda Badgley, Patricia Baker, John Barnard, William Barton, Becky Jo Barnes, Gerald Bassett. Gary Bedwell. Donna Behrhorst, Behrhorst, Gerald Bertram, Diana Biencmann, Barbara Ann Biggs, Carl Blackwood, Susan Blair, Linda Bohannon, Deborah Bone, Joe Broaddus. Cynthia Brooke, Sue Ellen Brooks, Richard Brown, John Brumitt, Scott Burgess. Michael Michael Busby, Robert Bushnell, Raymond Byrley. Lorna Caldwell, Caldwell, Deborah Canham, Rodney Carroll, Douglas Chambers. Glen Chatham, Debra Clifford. Robert Compton, Evelyn Cooper, Cooper, James Copeland, Sally Cox, Janey Grader, Judy Cranmer, Philip Crause, Sharon Crouthers, Crouthers, George Gulp, Janice Culpepper, Culpepper, Charles Cunningham. George Cunningham, Joseph Dallape, Diana Daughhetee, Dan Davis, James Davis, Howard Howard Davis, Paul Davis, Quentin Quentin DeCota, Margaret DcMand, Douglas Determan, Louise De- Vouse, Victoria Diet/el. John Doerr, Katheryn Doerr, Marcia Donnelson, James Doyle, Steven Duncan, Mary Dunn, Janice Dungy, Janet Ealey, Janis Edelen, Luana Egeditch, George Eich, Glenda Elam, Carol Elliott. Luther Elliott, James England, Mark Ewen, Connie Fair, Curtis Curtis Felton, Debra File, Peggy Flowers, Stanley Floyd, Dennis Ford, Sharon Fox, Pamela Fraley, Fraley, Connie Freshour, Kenneth Fulkerson (Jones). 1 Roland Galletla, Cecil Giles, Lindell Giles, James Goltz, Stephen Gordon, Judy Grafford, 'Rhonda Griffith, Dana Grover, Thomas Guccione, Cynthia Gust, 1 Suzanne Hale, Connie Hall, Janet Janet Hall. Michael Hammer, Jacqueline Banner, Jeffrey Hanselman, Gregory Harden, Cathy Hardesty, Hardesty, Patricia Harvey, Valerie Harvey, Barbara Hawes, Michael Michael Hawkins, Belinda Heater, Joan Heigert. • Thela Herbert, Robert Hinkle, Bobby Joe Holder, James Howard, Howard, Marilyn Howland, Amy Hubbard, Jean Humphrey, Bon- ,nie Jackson, Wayne Jackson, Vicki Jacobs, Dollie Johnson, . Linda Jones. . Richard Jones, Kevin Kanter, Kirk Kanz, Brian Keister, James Kelsall, Karen King, Linda Kinser, Kinser, Sandra Kinser, Edward Kinsey, Richard Kokorudz, Connie Connie Kravanek, Romala Largen. Mary Lawrence, Michael Laws, LaDonna .Leake, Constance Constance Levey, Deborah Lewis, Gary Liley, Sharon Linkeman, Charles Linville, Judyth Lobos, Evan Lockwood, Melvia Lomas, Cecil Longwisch, James Ludwig, Ludwig, Carl Lueking, David Mai- lory, Jeffrey Mangers, Susan Manus, Sherry Marlow, Betty Marmino, Wilma Marsh, Lois Mason (Barnett), Richi Mason, Richard McCall. Michael McClellan, Rick Me- Cormick, - Debra McKinzie, Jeanne McNabney, Steven McPeak, McPeak, Donald McReynolds, Susan Susan Meisenheimer, Melody Metcalf, Metcalf, Rebecca Melts, Terry Metz, Hedi M'Kadmi, Monica Moffet, Shirley Moore, Susan Moore, Mark Morgan, Kent Morse, Kathleen Mudd, Deborah Deborah Murphy. Donna Nelson, Karen Nelson, Jackie Niepert, Richard Nooner, Jackie Oiler, Michael Opel, John Oschmann, Donald Ott, Lois Owens, Richard Owens, Debra Powell, John Peters, Cletus Cletus Piper. Phyllis Pipkins, Steven Platter, Platter, Gary Poling, Theresa Pries, Richard Purdy, Randall Rader, Warren Ragsdale, Gloria Ray, Charlotte Rea, Debra Redden, Charlotte Redman, Robert Reedy. Kimberly Remmers, Jerry Revenburgh. Vickey Rexing, Rosemary, Rhea, William Riggs, Rhonda Rhodes, David Rice, Susan Rice, Michael Richert, Erich Robertson John Robinson. Robinson. Beverly Saxon. Frederick Schell, David Runyon. Runyon. Freddie Schien, -Paul Schwabc, Donald Scott, Janice Scott (Zinkan), Robert Searles, Joseph Sears, Scott Secqr, Helena Helena Seibold, Carla Jo Sexton, Darrel Shewcraft. Gary Sheppard, Otis Shoemaker, Shoemaker, Deborah Sidwell, Karen Simpson, Wayne Sims, Robert Skiff, Lynette Speed, Michael Spiroff Pamela Sprague, Jamie Michele Stransberry, Mary Steiner, Shirley Stimac. Lawrence Stivers, Perry Stocker, Barbara Stoecklin, Ann Stokes, Charles Stratton, Lora Stuart, Suzanne Sumner, Ra mona Taylor, Trudy Taulbee George Teasley, Karen Tester Carol Thallman. Janet Thornburgh, Patrici; Tietze, Benjamin Timson, Lana Turner, Phyllis Twente, Car Uetz, Jeri Lynn Unsell, Dennis Urspring, Meda Vice, Robin Vidakovich, Linda Voorhees Steven Wade. Katheryn Walker, Daniel Wea ver, Max Welch, Frank Wheel er, Carolyn Whitaker, Marilyn Whitaker, William Wiemers Kenneth Wigger, Julie Williams Terry Wilson, Pamela Witherow Kenneth Wood, Sharon Wood Brenda Workman, and Jamei Zipprich. Each graduating student ha: been alloted a specific number of tickets as seating space is limited, school officials an nounced, and only those per sons with tickets will be admit ted. On being black People-watching hurts By SANDRA HAGGERTY From my living room window where I sit daily at - my typewriter, I can see the bar on the corner and its around- the-clock patrons. I see the children waving on their way to school, a tired-looking mother hurrying to catch the 7:40 a.m. bus. From my window, I oeople-watch. On Monday: I don't know if he was a boy who was prematurely a man or a man who was still a boy. His brown complexion was smooth and clear, adding to his childlike Features, He was almost pretty. He nodded, as if under the influence of drugs. His walk was alternately bold, then unsteady. His whole demeanor changed back forth — boy, man, boy, man. Perhaps I had not yet attuned myself to the cadence of his being, for when he viciously kicked the woman who had just approached him, I winced in pain. She sat down on my neighbor's neighbor's lawn. He walked a few feet from hor. Looking back, his expression expression changed. I thought he would cry. He motioned for her to come to him. She did not move. His hand fell to his side, as if made of lead. Turning he walked away — boy, man, boy, man. The woman rose, fingered her ankle only momentarily. Ad' justing her dress, she walked into the bar, On Thursday: The little girl of about 4 ran down the street, her shoeless feet barely touching he ground. Behind her came her mother, holding a bloodstained towel to her face. The police stopped them in front of my house. "What's the problem?" asked one of the officers. "Your husband do that to you?" Crying, the woman nodded affirmatively. The husband now stood about half-a-block away, holding the hand of another child. "Do you want us to take him in, lady? Do you want to press charges?" asked the officer. The husband walked in their direction. The little girl's eyes widened and she crouched behind the flower bushes. "What's your problem?" asked the officer as the husband approached. "No problem," shrugged the man to the policeman, He gave his wife a venom-filled glance. Barely controlling his obvioui contempt for the man, the officer officer began deliberately, "Your wife is out here bloody and beaten..." "It's her own fault," he saic sullenly. "Besides, it's nobod; ilse's business. .." "It's the public's busines now," interrupted the officer 'You're out in the streets. It' my business now." "See," sneered the man a his wife. "You shouldn't hav ran out here." The woman continued t cry. "Well, lady, do you want u to take him in? We can't d anything unless you're willin to press charges." "What can I do?" sobbed th woman. "If I do that, when h *ets out he'll come back an kill me." The officers and the coupl continued to talk. Finally, th couple gathered up thei children and headed back in th direction they had come. Th officers drove away. That evening as I was abou to close my drapes I saw th little girl again crouched behiri the flower bushes. Some days people-watchin hurts. Senior Citizens organize club at East Alton East Alton Senior Citizens Club became a reality Tuesday with the adoption of a constitution constitution and by-laws and 83 area members registering for membership at the organizational meeting in the East Alton Community Recreation Center. The second and fourth Tuesdays of each month were adopted as the regular meeting dates of the group with the second Tuesday scheduled to convene at 10 a.m. with a business session, a noon-day potluck dinner and a social afternoon of table games and dancing. Meetings on the fourth Tuesday will be in the form of an evening social. Space will available at the center for club members at all times, Jerry Clapsaddle, recreation director, told the group. East Alton merchants have expressed, their interest and support of the new club by contributions of cash and equipment, according to Walter Gill who is spearheading organizational details as chairman pro-tern, Election of officers and the c o m p 1 e t i o n of official organization are scheduled for the June 9 meeting. All area retired people who are interested, interested, are invited to attend. a

Clipped from Alton Evening Telegraph28 May 1970, ThuPage 23

Alton Evening Telegraph (Alton, Illinois)28 May 1970, ThuPage 23
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  • Roxana High School Graduation- Connie Fair

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