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Personal Mention - Y : . H i ; O'Con in, PERSONAL MENTION....
Y : . H i ; O'Con in, PERSONAL MENTION. --I'ntl. II. A. Cl U I" Hi*" I'ity. --(i'-a. N T. JtickKon vi«Urd hi* old borne In ChfimiNg county '««t we-k. -- Miw K;t!e Ot-rnuiB idab^nt. *'rft- itiff tnr »i*ter Mrs. Hurty, at St. Thoni- ai, Orii. --Mr. John R. Warner, of W a r n e r llron. Cu.. Buffitlo, was a culler at this ofBw Saturday. -Mr. W. D. Bristol, with S. M- Uxm- llioii. has arrived home from a vinit to MilwaiiUee. --Hon,Theodorr A.Ctdeof EtMnRton. was in'th^ctty Friday, emraiiiinjt the 'looks of Grand Hccord*r ArmBtronji, -Mr. H. C. H. Smith, the Third Direct cljr»r manufacturer, Is on the ick list at his residence on Deer street. -- Mr.Orln Monroe, Jr., of Cleveland, formerly of this city, spent Saturday and Sunday with relatives and friends Bra.J- Williams, U S, -Mr. Alexander Williams left Frl day last, for New York, where he goes in the interests of the ucw shirt manufactory. manufactory. --Henry Polinski and Miss Hannah Stt'lzer, the latter from Gowanda. will be married on Wednesday morning of this week. --Thomas Faiton has received the deserved promotion from the position of pasaenfrer tircmau, to a freight en- giueeron the Brie. --Dist. Attorney Bradley hae return i =; from his brif) business trip to the Metropolis. Did he See Langtry? UV-11, we should smile. --Mr. Wade, manager of the Island home, Tolpdo, accompanied by hie wite, were in the city last week, visiting friends and relatives. --Mr. James H. Van Buren sustained quite a fall on the sidewalk ot Central nvonuc last Wednesday. No serious injuries, exeept a sprained wist resulted (rum it. --W. W. Holt, Ksq,,assignee of W. 8, Stater, began the sale Saturday night of rlie stock in the alore in the Opera House block which Mr. S. formerly ou- Will be continued uightly.and sold regardless of cost. --Hon. C. D, Murray was tendered tm invitation by the Manhattan C l u b of i --Mfsprs. BoDgTcel A Marsh are visitors visitors In "Biddj Got hum" this week, yet have their "weather eye" out the tuitminotii stock they Intend to the new store with. --Tli* social of the Qermatm Vcrein at t h e i r hall on Center Thnok^ivinif eveitluy, was a highly enjoyable afftiir The dam-ing Was kept i up to the "we sum' hours," and all I participated are loud m their praise the occasion. --Advertisers who wish to insert matter in the OBSERVER or to "inl«," iiiijet have, the "copy" at the OBSKIIVER office by ten o'clock of the il*y they wish tha matter to appear-- Kem«uiber, --Don't fall to leave the J5 cents the first month's subscription at the plaee where you have ordered the left, as the boy collects to-morrow and all delinquents will miss the OBSERVER if they don't "come to front" --Mrs. Frank Morrison, Miss Love Holcotub, Miss Jessie Howes and Emma Mulkin, visited this city Saturday, Saturday, to purchase wedding presents the fine stocks now held by our They will be tendered on the of the tnarrige of Mr. Clarence Ellis Laona. to Miss Allie Morrison of Creek, which occurs on Wednesday this week. --Mr. F. L. Morell, agent of the Line and stationed at St. Louis, married Miss Margaret Gerrans last summer, is dangerously sick with typhoid typhoid pnoumuniit. Saturday afternoon Mr. Jug. Gerratii?,the father of ell. received a telegram, summoning him to the bedside of his son-in-law, the above place. He left, in company with Mrs. Gerrans, Sunday on train We hope (or the recovery of --Just about now, exchangee which come to our iabl« are not indulging sneers ut Dunkirk. On the contrary, they are praising the efforts making here to add to the wealth and prosperity of the place. The grand bonus given to the steel works, and the inception of a liro daily paper, are their fruits in gaining for this city hi- York City (opurtioipatc in the reception reception to be given to the Hon. Grov- pr Cleveland,lately elected governor of ims State, which comes off to-morrow. --We see Mr. Bumpiis is In the city making some minor repairs on the Lighthouse tower ami Keeper's dwelling. dwelling. Cup t :iin Divis, Lighthouse Kngi- neer of the tenth and eleventh districts, has an "yc to the interests of our port. --Wv can't find room (or hulf we wiint to s:iy to-d:iy. Du l shall have lo!= to say lo-morrow. --Thanksgiving hroujihl Mr. Alfred yiTraiis of Buffalo to In* friends in city, and he icasted on the bird" at the bonrd of the Hon. f" D. Murray of Central five. credit for enterprise that haa not acterized former criticiams. Aod the beginning haa but set in--before the end comes these papers will have material lor a vast amount of praise. --Last week Hoa. C. D. Murray in Jamestown, engaged in the suit between (Japt. L. L. True, complainant, antl Adam Hersperger, W. C- Wegefarth, Wegefarth, Uustavus Wegefarth, and Itebec- ca Wegefarth, defendants, to determine the interest of the parties in tht- steamer Moulton. The case wag tried before before Hon. \V. H. Henderson, of Randolph, Randolph, ae refeiee, Mr. W. H. Teti- imnt, of MiiyviHe, assisted by Mr. Murray, appeared for the defendants, antl White Panlec for the plaintiffs. suit was adjourned to Mnyville, Dec. foi 1

Clipped from
  1. Dunkirk Evening Observer,
  2. 04 Dec 1882, Mon,
  3. Page 4

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