First issue of the Nebraska Commonwealth, 7 Sept 1867

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First issue of the Nebraska Commonwealth, 7 Sept 1867 - '. ! - i ,' V ,. . ' r - J i 1 ' .1 ? .1 ! :...
'. ! - i ,' V ,. . ' r - J i 1 ' .1 ? .1 ! : i.-Jt I'- i i a . . In P " ill ' k r- r yyly -tfg'4 gMf Pt ft Tig ?f; f'( . f : 'T ,: P. :."'! 1'. -It , ,.. ' ;.. , -i 54 1 -? jf 4 4 i rm , a ti mm m a, hhj wsiij a DEDICATED TO TlteffeOPLE OF NEBRASKA, AND TO THE DEtfeO)P)IENT OF THE RESOURCES OF THE STATE. ( TKrtMS 02,00 VOL. 1. is IJNgBlN, NEBRASKA, SATUIU, SEPTEMUER 7, 1SG7. NO. 1. JESUS ON TIXS WAVE. ' - . . - t : Th nn went rtowii on Silcin taorcraj And ocr boVy Fjl"ti:e f-f a- Wet tth'.n M'iin the. Wlthi" vrore dear; nuxUmttarV'. i1 WlMdaBteJ- TUiKen tt T utters K,Jii J t vil2r ret a- n r t ft A Vr-in fiM-T( nf '..rSO 4 4 AUm iland Urnm'Sfinc. tr..u1ije'l?- I vent toJidaurters : they care me prinwicm to eswlbtelegrnpli for a question or two Tbf report was not eflcour-gi"S- ? iK?v . j'i . Xt wag our Gerard tbe oniccr Daa Fccn tle fiishnd brrd tlie report -nn extre-iqcy londrepf it,, M if tbtre liad been two charges or powtier In ths carbin. - Tiie bullet wu fbaal in the eaddir. and one artrJi r5jpii5:ng from hit twtn-t j rotrad,f 4 5 - Court ms3iaaJu)3eclarel h-.m truilty, pd the geiRaSr confirmation of the 8ew Unco hiiJijast'anived. Fifty lushes in tliceimpirjaarf. and four years' icipm-cpment -ia tbe cirl! jail." EverjlKnly Tfery rrVi.Wt halite convinced ,be bad :x -. ; -na X' arhat ruotirn. nothing would satisty licr but that he should mix np nme medicine for her out of the bottles r.f his little travelling ca?. There she was, handling, and snif ting, and tasting ererj t Ling like a child ot ten rather than a girl of eighteen. She sent him about the room ; ni-ide him brin books from tbe opposite side of it so that she might read about the proper-tie of the drills : and. in short, hehared so like a lnnatic that I thought the trouble about Gerald must hare affected her mind, 1 prot lu r aw ;,y at last, and intended to insist tn her remaining in the What a change ! in lesa tfcs rminute I stood by the fallen triangUVp'fp'th centre of three lines of living Bt&tar.lj JKot a sound : not a inovment. (' ' "Jdajor Jackson, refot'flTr relum".' and break, off the men," said tji Colonel ; and then walked away wiybtp-j-yetf and my sister. j "Hat what did your sistefdfllicre" "Well, she Lad promised (I'.'rald ' that he sbouid not gnff.-r the diflcc of the lash, and had, during the hUT I thought she 'Wfas fooling with the do;j, managed to get hold of bis bottle of ftfcssic acid. and bad rushed out with balf r.f it for hira house. nd puttinr- some ice to her head It was nnite nnree-saary ; the minute wc ! and Lalf tor herself; anr liejppearnnce left the surgi-rv slic waa calm and silent I h i i bo thoroughly furiwisoijj tverj one surgi-rj a an. "Well, th dajs pa&ctl in tome Artf arlTastrn till ctcitib mnp IltlR i la fcn during tbe UT lW n d'M-'H' - ir . " T rail oot wit !tl I T M4 J'T a 'r 7 T ' r ilasteuKtit 4i iaenfi4,ayt:jat lie ime nlia practice, si-tome temporary ySi!? i anf-'r'; rthpj-Vi'.-M r - -krbt. nic ' j 'ad beca returuing frdm gunr J, when Le ifc.irk?, and I went dov. Si ; JJ. I I I - Whb'aoniriit I f i -- ihvdr. j rt.nemlicred rttt tic had forgotten to. It vas rather late when I rV.c up to h-Y(i- I c-erioVVrp'- I -n' m a booS one bf the ,fii;xrs ha 1 the-firi;:g point, ard they were j:.ft leav iw , Jlli ncVfil -m in Krmcr in from th town ! I3(? v!t: and ( lie 01 tLeai came un alia in i Vlist oilier f iot ;-' Wli it Other i-ltt i Tn-v -ho;i' I tiav,- h. 'fee (hwj ! - id forlmf jj Kn. fv ti.- B..' not :ifr:.:. : ti I :' !" -ri':')-Arvd aii-M'-rcl 'tt-.vV-m-' I'- - 're" Ac! !.i;is.-i t .t .--u:i : iSi- '.; ,r . ThcreJ 'it 'A tae.n ur.i nu i!"" fcaa. Cfe ! "Ciem of P.--.ti!ty. 4 -.r.l of U.'f. ino ai from sacred !ii cn, Bttow nroP Thy chr? f.i uniw. Hucb giicc an tJwy iay uejd,.: And whtu aHo'ii our irc'nWiar sou.'. Thtiife wjnl- !,ol ijI v. . lave. Oil ! let u in our iir.' ii-'li t. And hear Thee, J'V-iis on tie e. same thhv; miles distant. Without ttoij- i said: pia ' to t'liiak ifc walked off at once, jct i ' I sny, Captain, cell the cr.-i.'f of thee ihc book, aad ta within halt a mile t-i'tnew bntietj inside ui:t?" ai d he that Che hid reached the tr.'-jt&les, and altoostrafaert la to hia livJlvthdoe-- icurut in OicuU-a, some six ui'-ntlis afterward, the ld C'o'.rnel presented to tinmen a new offievr. dipt. Ashton, at ling ' If he makes hall" as good an offi r as he did a nldio-, there will not be a bitter in her Majesty's service." "And your sit. r Margaret " '01, I've j-.j-t sent a little er:e, lined with velvet, and I'Wt hirtg inside rngr.iv-ed "William (-irald Ashtou, freai hw till ectionatc encle." " '-Nmv, i;i ;s, tberr s the 'out i.Liuts. so "As sure a dtath : I's tnv that you marrii-.l h-r io- ca ie vou lured yiiur?ll uufe t o dol ; Msry." "Now tli.f por !yord all endurance : a eiinspi we'll turn in (juictly, and m ike bulri. fi a li ? exe'aimed Williston. " Ik t!:?re racy mu i;t me ? ";, gvnt'.T, Br friend. The min i i rr-ver cli tr w In u ilit'ir,e 1. Y-u ! .v (l.M.i-t. There. i 1.0 dout in .)-w.:il of thru. l.irr-.i lur. i:i 1 do Luc her verv iharlv. i vo;ir love unsl eves at everr shot to marrow. Select oetrt). i IN A CBUBCHYARD- - tiiu-yue L:t the tiger, -ure t!:i aauther 1S; wa 5ln (grntcttainw$ 3tcri, it or- BULLET Kf EES. - -- - 3 We were sitting rnas our trt one t ning last ytar at "ixni ctsfu -tiil "t being otr in:ijortle cttaEn 1 our romp.iiir, hii .coveriiigr jc-Tj:il. 1 P9iai n tiuaois, ana a ctaaii :-.sp;x--. i i wit, my seit. We wercdririlcing pi!.- a'.e ivj smoking, aa was every one else in t.:e hundred tents nround ;;i, 'ilere' my last bui-'s cyr;,w and thr v r-gefitit j'roduced; from !i's c-tc. ; h u tened bullet, t'uraed - u. ' de t r. a: Ly a3 possible.. T .'. -'What' ti cause cf tlat, I -r. Icr'?'" said the carporal. "You see, said tfceCnr-ai:i '-k i-zz ;vn engineer he as biBd t; K .. tbe puint of th 'rtltt, part of the lestd j-. me'i -"" 'optnent of heat cf.nsed ij l.-rest ef thBilllei'i Gi .tio-i, ar.d the splash, threaf of" the but. tend by the bcaan l iiisn.u parts uattsJ stoD In their order ! . itimit whon h'fffunf ipil he s.iw a ti-ser. lie got bebtadO'e bushes to watch, and saw one. jnakiDg for the distant camp.--Anxiou9 tosecur?. the prize, he iccautious-1 r ! r'oke oneukf of his package, atid ' '. d, to have a shot at it. lie had cjv-I ercd tl.o last a"d was firing at the ticrer vh- n l:o ivard a&otbcr report simaltan eonjlj-witk that '.-f his own carbine. Ke 'tv thetSger roll over aa if shot, uad then bennd away, " In another Instant the offi-. cr came ro the tope bleeding, and rd: ri -1 iiii-.i intx errest. He was tviiu- a-!a ei,ai..j :is nr; (l r.t t:ii ulled the- tr'gz-r Of -o-:i -if- - ...h :. htm.: statement l.aa v.i' ff.-i t, and I.j n as sentenced. 1 ( oufi run heip thinking that tlicrc 7:-.i M flaw i.i Le evidence, lluw was it I tl.erc wa.i, a- agreed, a loud rep-.rt v-!:-'cli ni.'.-aiit a fulf charge of pow der i'.ia tlie !nlljt stopped at th .--add'; in-4t a I oft gi"g through both saddle a i ! It -r-e. 1 hat was a ireit dlscrejaney a hargps woaia liave :ua i; a iolj re-and sent 'itVjaJit through anvth'.iiir li.-itanctt T-'Oa yard. 1 felt' then--jniijthirg wrong, and mide up my ' go ei tbespct I had but ix i: if, t'UEia'Kii m i e tie- O.tnJe.l a bu'iet reVi-.-se.. : j-lt sucli au-lhcr a-s WilUams has in hii hai.d. j I took it ju3tt J explain the ::i tter to j him, v.'o-jn a though trn-k through my uutid like a :isi: o: Uo-htenm';. i -sm. nt iut aved, b7 Cid !"' I Who': got that bull t out cf the saddle ?"' Wh-.t b.t.ct V "(Jev.;M'a.i;,y cousin's."' 'Oil! '(J.:ntleiaan.s Jack's affair. The doctor's got it."' "Where he ?" Don"; Ip.ow-qtiarhrs I tl.::ik." ' No, liu' cone into 'own: I saw hici on u:e roa 1 we ea'jic- br," L-'vInsr tbem to an 1 sp-. r.t inor the doctu-r. At las littei t., i-y nlf-a-cd rs i.ndirtg wc I . r: : 1 : r .-. r ; t a little Uiuised and a;.H blunted at tut were i !ii'.-e Sjcen 'just scant war; i at :nt insisted d goirg with me in f all I eoijl do o kt-cp her awi-y. . e T i. t4one eli yu w :l;c 1 aie to I. - -..-e .'- bee a out her! '- i)r, for :'3.:al; .. let me have uiv wav in r h;-:i t in - r.t - up the cjuatrv m r'z wa of o-unio. as one of t! ' -tarF. a 1 ; -.1 ixt ce poor Ueraid, wh..-.i i iou:. j j !!;.' t'Ut Vf. den't ms.d tba irapriaptuaeit ;,it'a 1 srv-d . t'li'i.: -- ' th.n t ., 1 rni In a;n fu! al'tJ j II.- L-( i: --t;'ucK. I th-. vent to the rfrant who had charge of the nineteen rounds of ammunition were found in (Jerald s pouch. Al-'O .it Kiii slight I con'.r:v;'d tt him. i;i 1, after voino liitle djlay I got pjscs ion t t ':,;ii. I th'. u returned to the duetor, and we compare'.; the nineUsn ba I-, ts n it !i the o;:e l'-iunil u the caddl'. I thr-n ran to the telegraai tierk. rou-ed Iiim out of had, and ilt hiui to tclroraph to the he'ad jnrters ir C.ilcu:;;', to my lieuteuant is chafira d 1:ip uiag iiric-s. A J'ter an hot r's waitini:. ri::-'irtr at the : ; - i . nil r.'.e".v r cn;in. watehnian v.-.-u. I -Vt..h tiie I tUKil S-trt mc4Bge No. 1 : "Exaiair.e tbe ijooks and r:e th date "And how did the affaire .Was (b general of t oe Hiviston satitJMT? $ 1 don't think he would haft been wlt tna: alone, anU gf -re w; J about to ha. ;t r more. I btggi-d tlrt, we had ;". so much, Gcrahl migl I oe pcriTi:t:ea to aeeotupai'T B party. 4p search , under a g ;:ard, to riudt'.ie Quuioi; I tiger. W e, went there; Meggie. ipled on joining u . A'.! the officers offduty fett, I and abent ha'.i' t!te i:tn. Gerala tl.ea p.-ii.t(d out thcpotivher he ha: stoo l, and 'aheie ht sast the tijrc, and from that poi it we stait&i, crotfi and recrosing, till there conM'tiot have been anv'.l.i:-. as larre as a-fiilf cronn that could be bidden. t t I Megie Mid I were riuinadn front tlic ! line when Metigie exel aimed : . ? "What s horrible smell tomt from that corpv." : "LV-s't snif'.l anythinc. Megs! ' 0 ' 'V'-U're lived here fu leng ttat jou've do s-4ire of smell left." , .I. Of e- iirsc. ?.s V.c-:z'' was witl-us, Blink- o i crs was t!..-re too. Illii k'-rg" wfauced t the c.'-i (e p a.-.vt J and ru!d nilde-l ucatu ta- gris, t.srking as . 1 Jn fm iatei 'liitre'ii foiiiethinj in t here-'WitUek" So:..c ot the ot a .-rs comiajr iuV,w ntia1 "d o.;,- wav into t hejei)tl'.s, rru'iic-d bv the Ah. J..'raif onrocrow, . r a nTd rrf Ji, r-.d : A.ul- . r- ji i wc bwwic 'i ri-- Tit m.y .nt lnd. tifc. L-rtire of t:i.- (i'-piirrt.-a, rir'i. r'-v e'-'-.i'. Ti e m.til, U ( i.- tl'e l-'"ii':- t.'arted, II.. s-.ii u. -. :..-:: ..u : Jiat i-i the jrcal qsiestioi now at ism? A boy lov a rijy pea. h, and climbs after it th.t he mit f j'T it! flavor In hat did your love ef .NlaTiry ditl'.-r from hi- l .'.v's love of the )H-ac h S'as it to blis-i the ewee'. maib-ti to gire her yourself that you .'O.ijl.t lu--witb a Wer'ii ardor T Or. i- it ta !! ms iov of irii irg i.p even lii veiy life's Iva ;'o: aa-'ther. ' i)f.ii Margy :" lu- i.d, Fpcakir.g te h'l.-.vtlf in thi new fcUte. "1 be tramp of miv hcedir foot- must hare lefH very c-)Uimr. t' hav extorted taat cry of ot sedishncss was l"it the vo ee i.-f uU-ring that culd Oft !e rr;-.rtd. Mai x : ha-i 1 tramph-d .:;---n. insy t m-s w n h-3 " !"vc jriv -en to rue s ;i,-;!!)v ; ! i;' nt-vt-r 'h fr iid the brniird 1: -a-t -v.-al its a"p;jh." T..e t( 1 bat jr 1-hi 1 from t'.jf eye! cf Mar.-y Wi!l:on.a h.-; h j-baud turned so cold v from beran-I lrft the hon-r, raia-A on f'.r over an nr: 1 r tae grester psrt of th t .:a,-. 'ae itdu gt-d in ax-usirg l ho'.:ij. ,! h-? vvt.-it nfir i:.tanee af;rr iustani-c of his svlGsh disregard ef her pleasure vod rexintd tbe itanYtitsirs i he1ia4 ZiVn ""P be r griUfjJiia fpmsrws woaldlritelierr 3tT df i "t 11 t,. - Ho.- 'lav - .-' T!- Id- wl,. i thinK (.it,, . ill!S".. i vou H,i a ! r (ii PC ' give cliietly of yoar iwu jy o Put awsv that i:on -1 ia'i. v .v n l i .-.' eon . . t i i . i '". -i -'i-t. ; . X I i 1 1 1 tobowrd, la wircti ber tttf,a- i id an .--porhm'ty t paV. The wy n'V'v C"verii p ia -! i a - .a". .- i- ! over t.- IS 1 1 ; n- 'fa ' : . and ir u pitt"- -. -i :iid .: ' t iT..' : - ar.d .( .!" to be L'.;t i,i it - -hsi. ! r. ; f .:. mind. oiiuta n A 'I L I,.- i as ' : ; wb-vi Nov. r 1 I-rgv f o; t i .- of my own fjrat- tasit d.3ct i many .t I etjy tuay bi, i f 1 i niat p!i .avffjfj;;x, , Ai Ti i T A: ! a: ri fteiri e f s 4 k. b- 'i ac Sin J titer v ft i::fj t -io i oye inn i.l he r: A n 1 ; f . e r 1 - -r i 1 : i v. o r i . i. - . r. t : - ' '.at '. l- il! . 1 con LOVE. A GIVE ii. tia: tic bai k linkers. iner lii much scratched and torn, form I ourselfj. i;i the ceiiti r of a trampled ci ( le of juST 1 renaaim jr;e riss, wan '. u; uali-uevou ot a la re t iL'er. The d - tor win sent f-r, an 1 th wottfift d:se-rod : the- ! cast bad evi -mtljr bee latiud. : oe oiiit t I; w .-'.- -is. evident that, woi was. i". had i:.onie lon till it v. '. r. ! I . -1 a a the i I.eU. Hi 2 lit a;.:. ia-t !tv t'.ie go. iiorr. ole an i aft cru-t '. : o 1 i . a '. i; : e - t a k -'f: r uu 1 he bad died only itcd by s iortor cvi'i: rching i'-.r s Isbt-r. th fore Icg.-- it.i as it ::irre k io .;l:hin tlie le nat i w. t'uee 1 the the bulbt. most di d ii:u( -.1: i -:".:!!, was I 7 '' - r i. I u; 1 ilatli-l.ed i' :: the Inn 1 an in 1. th.- A to ial ol "You'r. i -:,!: Th-- wor-i-i lei; JfTy ni.'.i ; se. 1 . beaut i tu I f ice, an loe m the br'.g'.t n-f-. If the soft l and laid a bi scarcely th fe iii:irh '.- f hira a ttu-iri-U' bb-"i. A"f.-.-1 cr(4 Dot ' Hi-.- 'ee:i rn -j.. Mlp.- oj hurt. -V'.tidi :" I: -vaibeSrst titoe -1 do In 1 be n lu' I -J tloor. ' It " enerotu '. .w " yfh ot uasclttsb to ftSire,'' i hcre's-nt a tnran trait in. ! chsr3. T.'- Suf thinjw fcud heca sa: 1 it j ":'u it-r ad omjRiii, a:1 jxtc . bonefi his ear by partial or - iuiereU .rsfrit luwrnvsi'iitnt wiievea niBKH tri" -i- -S.1 i . n "I ) : --,1. .a - w : b; :i- " ' y c V." v -f'v. I tr .-.v. f .. r n r a V , if !. e del" iv hL ml rr ir .!. Hi on which the last. arunJtmitioa was sent i Ntve-sha.l I toig t t';e p'.iisure Ltc"rv'wicatio1i of vm?eIfj,fcHrs. A- 1 ; -. t ytt Jf 1 1 1 'ak-1fih Rjm" by f.j'tu rofe.Bonrnwueihnt lorik . . - - .. : - c : a - . - . f t- : . s . , : . ; - . :. 1 u'- - : 1 - -, 1 t .io ' "ii.'i i' ' . . .. l ttouM w t .i. - o mottle ' r'- b i " T:- v fiad 'K i: the f - -irr-'f, tbe rr.'-.T -t. : a i flaabed T. !:n 1 t- n a quick :-.i.p -t. ii'. '. ng a&d bUad - v . !. r w ' k and rjia . " . - : i .: rlT wi-rff a v.i3 ye. -upS? f " " -r " - e at hl. "f , ' ' Je hoi5rMAd'B" - g :eto thaoai "S, ;, .-y fjilt cf i Sie-. ' . u hef th-' We4rt ool1 tily.'ifv.t iU Ukicmt . w n. - . n :jc;i1 .Br 'iSi'faJrrll boprible bid' dor con 3iite,.Iietr6. d. OIu W:.i;e, d 'rmrduH&i ' h v-r?--. tbtrjg.o r w htm. 5-"irr1u,l all t.jps i-ke Lr-tlt-e-; sfd sfa--f "tbl:. do. 'Int's f ters, whn one 'v'r.- w :k" in : f.; i be 1 so-p -t!;.:i' t. at will sopie nii 1 1 e iTi n th is;. Xfjkf,' a do it. t, do Uiiojs ofr'aotjialj "' 4r' I for the use ot tne,0;h JJraoons : tind ! when 1 aw on in: re cue' i u 1 the same uarcel nd talsfullv remove one i 5, w ith a dot as t eh md, cfr VMr;;W.Sn.&J Alt tfen irnt i loot 5m,l come trosu thi ire&7 f fffrBWVf-"! tortseaffo be-ealk-d "a at-! Sab rw-d toe .lo,- pen, anidth aV ft. IL of etipof H.TJetsti4ci.. r .' burnt, the baru CCttlttC 3 'jita? "AVXq w-wftf .Hiat Alijr.-d Willi' l'et Jrm-HBd rou had th- .run .: J"I .SvA TTe 4 , ' f " T8"a c -r came back that he under- ' gic. Th- wbmieyChc'fi6', t tyijaed 4mJ betxe bi pifty wife. ry ber tau-s, yr.;i wul'; find deli!; ilZL'li'f,'thrtht M.'. - Li . auu 'y w u . iu n . . i y i it..., 1. 1. . i i i .w'pm - . - - w u j- r. - , . - - i. ' - - i - ..- - - i " V V I otil l not live wuhfiKf a i: -.-... .i --hip to her. IIo tritl.e to . 1 j.i.le- man, and there wpsi iitt'e ; ,- 'y !:-. is He had only a !ur Jred a -u , i :-.r father did not thin: ''hat w - en v.jrb, though Gerard l:d :'phrrc w.-. -..o n!.t; tiou a; all in other rej-.-cti ;-t bin eatt. wonte more and thev -. would e --wsit :. little you know ti- kUad cf ci.'-eg an i Id m wounl sy' w ell, eo Ha said lie feittliii-. th.-ic was no scopr f 2 bis ei he- we, aid go and gei it- did. I urged upn him '.hit be .-h-.r.d a -t aornethirrg to do. lie Iiid beft wr'.l i-ucted. aiv'. a clerksbin tlr so:.. ":u g of the kind couldle Lr t f fhitn ;f h- ,-iil resolved not to go c,n t 'a: i; - p :ai. Mo he would rra. Tur wr; t.'v one thtnsr did do wei' 'hit wis hoot ; and h'; would crrv his t i ties to a mar ft pld fellow; pet m L iter an hour end a balf the came !Tncicr answer t'.s arc numbered ok.witliA- iite a i n 1 -f iii.-." k iiko tba'. tirrald; there' Bii.'.ske in it. Don't -ieipitii' i oer-'the ground gain sten ! il ic;dc him teil fill tut-over aain. u me, Gerald, we o sh'-MV tha: vnu : voa . we w i..L the i "me ir-H rs, ar. D :."t- :aie in t". r. y i l,;, ; 'T 'ep.'' I whole s' x j it - en f---W fhioEr-i ty. V.'e vsut the t:g.:r L that we't 2et ; an I to the pm-'erv of the ot'ae: ' AI! the b a t on lth'-a s-rit i.i: sr'C No t?: i.xaiai'..' what e..; ti idr s ber th Ji. 2. v.-Iih a d..-: nb xiu- left, and report to whom isn. d. and w'.j, r. r-nr.-t n lickly ej." want rt'l a n re not i i --hot at. ' :i, : I --a min'i lii'c d . pen. Is on j A ir-i i u I waited another - v.'e;- oi'iie ! i: was o.-til -ir laf :- h-.l i f it;- '.!.!- naiad - -.-oul-l tali : m & Oh, ?'ve tliou-'ht id" it ail till I'm k. I -on't care what happens n wait'tili the day before it's to ite; ' oM', and then break my head siinot the j walU." :: ! " i) ! 'tbeafool Gerald! I'm sure you avis mr-ioent. so u .naroaret. I ur'e i more stu- rd We l:av" ten men at i hour. f ;c p o he r-; work Mo ans-two: a! !y c.atp.e : breakii:'' atiilt ffftt fbcre va one thitlitiiV4ir f lf muM !'t3"-C1undot.V H'tvr' &i. Uiq lt S'burTleijIack oftrw Vord u'd ti ffftt'fatdtbirawiaatt- V " Imeaiiirytjrl'mi'r. mhi . - - - . .' . .jv t. t i atmbmsioireiTisneiH- any r.f ; t"ei cur, i y s.pvrpiy uiirri-a ho." nCtTa' aliased ssfKof thi r i ' U: u. il rv. and there Svrisli. No t ik:::e back thi ;r ' ma" l:a l j tones, d it. V-juwon'i let her ibave her will in everything."' "Yo' have said it ' ty friend. i-i rar, sOvT- wy-wTe:-vi, ,.0ora. ss-'s me so int.. a as t-'pc Lir "STntbirp the ofilci'M aliased anyVof ihi tUnokislv enough, tliwinty n hoC was a pun iK-toBifir: p tlie tain. 1 asked, di . be reku-iu'.J the Ue did. D wa j'ist a stiude ier thin the bore oi" t ii;- r .M.neht il car j-.- could ive.emi bu.iet' d iWtl by a trot 4 .-al i t .'lafn-t.e. ng. i I ii )v iir-in--i.: i u-i mv theory; that th- w-.u'd f .1 ! I- h'.ve : j ; i i ii :: ve jrrs.: ir- d To b:i-'a i e:r re -- '" P! j . v pa pa- y it t- T is f-rv k tVi It Hi as t : i )ey, or the hna.ryc-.' h.- i ef tjnrit timt -r- :e j I rv 'k. soBieies, ar- 1 fe- .ron-" Il there had 4or bo r- - r ' . n - " ll.if'.pn ar- " :', . i rt-r haT IT - "' r ? r-"'A cpe:i birr-.-lj a id scarchin; No No. bull No. o li.d 1.".-: tind fa a tb- -p. -n-t.-.t p...-: r. n.y fr tain'-. tr.'si;;g r::'.-', lor the p'if't of the . a- - ! r ..- a " . 1 ; o i -e bu:.'t was ia-tri.1- with ringJ e- 1 cm. -'.id a-, .iv.-4p.ai1.ta:.' wl.o .a' ,1 tw . niter 1 a -or-;oan ; ecm- i'i ket where they wou'-l t n Alrxl so, at: th ' mature ag cf rr.-ei' .y he left u. his prot'essi-iu,. his 1: rou?. bis proapectB. lie disappeared, and sis; mr'li We heard lie was -vith fST'tlic -; ."!i" gooas, :a India: " We wrote ahd off reu buy hi el. irge ; but he would ' h-. ccrptw -1 jic liked it very y, ell ; . alrt-s-t . ) s-l ; ejfo.s I the thre? "'.r:---i rr. was 'Gentleman Ja-i;" witU.ltis Some six mnth aftorUj'- I ru sent out to India with a comply : ui. 1 ss ,n-:V sister was getting tbin, and UoiT j etiher signs V the des'.iao'.'.ity ot" a.-i vnyijCTe aada warm climate, it wasrgf tlft should take ber over. " r We reached (TUcrtita, atx.) yiai -a few ecks settled ,dowb, . "1 Tliefe waa war going, esp, ?uti'2 was paced ia:cbarge nf ione of ti ohif j3feot fnrma!l vmis a nrf ' imiu.'lf-ni Iiraiiiaa. y bTi4ginj regUiar duji 'Ye-, so ar n o u - e I e. t ii;e. if I live 'W ;:. 1 n what. . can . 1. c a hutiirti otii' re ; b'i It's b.iee day; 1 a. 11 dl.-gr:.cs 1 i'-r : :-t leave you now, ar.d ?c 1 i '' A t last it come "One b:r. 1 No the-' iic sl'ipm: u-'!(. ar.e. Sold for .-- as obi a-'.c e -ik-s so.i-.e ti-.ue I hid le-.:nt a t i back ' 1 ct mo v- :'.i wii'c'.i I liad ;.t.vcr parte i-lera- nut hi h.i id. ,V tlitt.lie. r'm the 1'. -! Co pr id a-. 1. . 2 in stor-s; th- rest of cut w.i damaged and tu bulk t ii::t; v dealers lion! a ope of theeJear- 1101st therelore l.a .ow, . 'oi wes fi.. l notlJ ur in the fiV fir ,-ut .j se tnars: n.i . I m m.Hl v c.-. . , ing. 1 tneti propof.i u i' e be made with ;jve liv-: rainutcs vi t:t : r f'TScd tl: ou!-l. I sp'trr- tic bulbt-, fr. Ill ii; my p' h. i.-.i o scene. : camp tl men I i -.v .5a 11 r some ten r.-.oia.--, si;e iiiu.-t jea Loue . Qncilxy I was diwn at stuir, wfeca I slei In wer-- draw.' up in three sides of a .U-ire , it! she 'e'.-e of the s. lare were the tri- ai '' :, wiili Gerald l-h-d to them. I -e- 'then I came il.iv.a the hill take , niT liisja-ek. 'and 'ash his wriits. I s.) -i r.. I ;;!. .1 see the oi l ("oi.):icl with the '. paper ia bis hand, standing a"'r.e, an-1 : ti.i n I naw re th:r more, t.r a bp in the road eonec a'e ( theui ; as I res 1 again to ! th.- trefct at Its -than a quarter of a mile, I j t.dUJ oyer again always the exceeanif-1 saw a wor.ian rn iu iroia pet.vcen trie infjjj loud report, and the fouled and stih f racks tow trd tit triangles, boltitttir some- ! stSiing c trbine. j thine; in 'ner ban L I dirtcd on, and rush j 'hi W''j.d," sai-.l the Captain, "biave giv- j ed into the som, but jat in time to ' ef (be price of my coia:nision rather than j seize the iarries's arn a3 the lash was dc- Ctye had it happen, ii-e s r.s line a fellpvr ! spending, ana o sec that tree w man was ai ircr set en a horse brave, kind, and! my sister, atid th; t she was Jeiitg lei a biorough a gentleman as the o-olonci 1 awav detweu two -crjrean'.s. h uiself. I alvvavs made him mv ordsrly 1 ".uiu, Coloaeh for :.' (: love cfGod!" I coali,so 3 ta W company, 1 cried, with mj? hand still grasping the i tave ll iiience to Drove al-ne en '. ai .Me:r: ae. ,s!ctt.n, I cou'. i no: sre how I coa'l get ;.ny t'rc-U c-vl.i-.-Kee, and wit: oat) p. a: a ...prieve. - p js-tp -nfiient wjs iioj.oisSibte. went t lu:; d ofn. er. tbe cap taiii. of his o"A r. e eiipa.'.y, and g t him to tea iiisowti st erv; H was but tbo sa::ic Jti (ceiaie to jron; taaWi did my best at the Jarrier s arm ill I i tar sister arrived, pale and " 'I,rok, Chat lea, poor GeTzSH'i ia b-eed-tul trouble." I pat her into ;;n orSiec diaiy, aatd txk tbe newspaper, and read . i f "Yesterday eveniDg-as aa rtSwiff tlie 40th Dragoon Gcards w:is rcisiaiog to - erno he was shot at from behJklaachinip of 5a)iesbe baillet strnek hjk im the - trie thhrh !fSilodged in this sad3;. -A1- f led qp.t-eir?'it':arUirj. an.- .aVnsif ttlSrx'-.FysVrff"1""? -fc. - ; . ; pt wi:hth3 g;ti-ral preiiiing iQr;'ear ' l.tlicp theolonel the balret rsnj tuy ststenientg'--thill yjFai bit ur' tbaVlak casat froiw-e -saddle aadjjie iresi;.ii so as to iYortb-rprisiooer. I otbers'frooa tbie poueli, . tod pointed t 'IS thoutru wiitttif tndad so scvereTT b ilsal.tbe t presence of mind to ride ttra'rSV ieKthe j bnsbes. and there found oJse of bis ' ow:v men, a corporal of tiie troops, i ittii raid "Gentleman Jack'' by bis ts-mradt s, wbosef rifle was still stroking frn thedscferge.f Fortunately, at this niooitrnt, tkeriar arrived, and tha man was .ono AT re ted. A court martial will, of KS)t.r$i, beld at once, and althoagb tbtfi?HKa8 previously borne a good dwuctjrf 4yTi 3ff reported to be respect fully I oanj&&i Ji' is to be hoped he will receive ttf "jiHpaf reward for so abominable a criafe.-." . "J0h" Tsaid, uthis i3 all mnt- Gerald's no murderer, or eisa fcas4rj nacb. changed. ef f- 111 what thersart hca3"iTiars5rP r . fr "Do for God's sake ga. ..-If ;Anjtla appejied to Gerald I aiioald ' l(?9ztj(u-. - most sm vt4 led when I heard the se5-, a if he had been my own brother. I ue meirare mad about it : there has not bea- a lash or public punishment of any kind in the regimtnt far the last twenty tiveyeara." I bardlv know bow to pass the' time; I the - tried to think, but my ideas only travel- in the'sarne old srroovesi arain bappej eii to Gerald I aboald 'c?stit Jin. give mysetr, tor it l baa run away jvitb him when papa was so ensej, ,be would have en tiftsd it alL ' Don't talk nonsense, Megtriyi Uoij" hooie. and I'll etie itb tba teltjrrripih niws. Uim.thit whife one was markeil .iCo. tha others we alt marked No. 5, with a dot. I assured him, on civ houor a an eflicer and a gept'.emar,, that it was almost irppossibie that a Na. 2 bttllet could by any chance gel into a packet of No. 5 bullets- He T.-.s only too glad to bear me. and agr-d to pustptone tbe sentence till ferrher ordes froui'the general of his dirt on. I've heard sirne sbout, and I've seen some cispluyj of enthusiasm iti my time, but I never skall f.erst the shout that rose t4cfti--"!ti. for iu the army thy have not j themiajte tlait the Coionl had pr-moan-qujte made lip their minds whether a j ced that the execution of the sentence on full fejrcli should for at lefp I two mi o i viind from w here tl" shot wjf'iired 1 i see if any traces co l d be feus' of eithc: the man "r '.lie -r : n. iw We made the m ist earufl w.rth; pris t i.'uy I catne to a stone on the i ud itself, marked in a most pc.nliarinai .t. "What's the CiiJs.- of tiieU marks'-" a: 1 1 ti the Pi-re ; of the tro.t, who had volt: r.tiered to he. p. and v. ho d be nev-r felt marc gralef ii to aay one iu all his !.:"..' to. in he dni to me for atjceiing his wrist s : b i-d that d v. "WbatV the rii:-,i-? It's b .. used a a ioiiaio.-r f r s.. uiet b 1 "fr a nail in u khoc.' "Sjyii h.-.i Is are tij l ire." ' T:v.e foi you these are ro'Ord. 'Io y-.u thiak a ramrod waild make thee marks?"' a .- It j would. Sonebodv'Vleea driving dw a a hard bullet WHdi Jets "o 1 ihir.k. Now take thi atone aid thr w it atraigbt over that jap in tbe cii idle at tbe cops, and I'll ujurk, wjiere it f-cnu to falh" &t-- He threw it, and marking tlw apt w found oai way into t he junl( . and t!Te within a few yards o!" 'he. vtyvie, unfier irtbl; remains of a native. ipfW,rrtre-ly of flesh and ?kia excrpt r ybstds and faet, and with a grout wovicd in the skull; and in the inside. Inch the ants harl perfectly cleaned ott, was a large piucc of the breech of the bJli.,gUa that p t't'y . s- :k? .-if ' i w a: !'.-:' d I. -,r i v 1 ve low al: r ti-! . y..i; I i". :'e-s w ni st-;-e i ,- . , yv xi ft-.-.-: . Tbe f'J vrs.- :V . Ii' '. t -u- : .:' . n: r - ., ..-.. It -as . if,. . ? tr ' ! ; e --i i or v e. si.- : . be- - e " ' . t i-T- :!' '" ' '-' ' ;"' '" !"- t'e'oo. v tl.- w"' . a "-.v ' f. : : . IP-- v r "' i ' lk'" ' ; " " ' ' ' . . n . -- ,7 - , - - - : : -v T - I ' a-. .... 1. i t - - v f - ;: : : '- : I Lie : :. . b ,: . s : . - ol . : f -. t1 ' - '' : i - - no - . . v- -, ; I- .1 ; r . : a .1 ;!;'.; ' ' :-: : .'" ; ' A'ttr f. p i -:i '' -','- i - ' i ' ! -. ia '. -' . : - - v ' - - - , tr ; - - ' v -'- ' ' x- . r c - i"'"f' - .i . iil.-v i.p- ir 1 r'- . - 1 it -k - ' ; ' J i. t . vc b '. W -t : :' : .e - : i.- 11 1 ' a ' " " r I .at. i.tu e :... p .... .... -, .r. . ; ,- ... . - ' ' c-. -r .--.- 1 :.r r. t - . . i ' - - -.' u i '.." . . ' o.:'-.- -i-. . : r . jr ... - r. r - : ' .- i ,rp . t : ' ' : : . ' :' "' ' ' 1 " v " ' " ' c ' -. .f ev-'.-e ' ' th" '.V --v.- . ,- -v-ri - ' f - .n--e: v..'. P. ". 'v i- :-.-i loP'K i'i' v -e A . I . v i, i . a or - .. r ! . . - . , .-v . ' .- ' ... - ' ''-.'- ---' f- f !.;-.' I-:''!-.'-. ' '". v r v.r r-. " I th i.r tn:e. a 1 ':: AIL ALOUI :ee sex. 1 i II. 1- b n I , r n rrv.r-iZ., let; It a ib?e . of ' ebrar-d i&te'uigejil, .an lu do i X-'tx, S 1 lit Her a'n i r.t i lb-it) mv v W :t v. an I invited the AssitantSurgenn to come up to my qtmrtcrs, nnd introduced hsrrl io my siister. He was quite a young feilpw, anil seemed quite flattered by my simple msdical on;cer saotiol ie treated as gec-tlemar,; but the strangest thing I eyersaw in. my life was my sister's conduet. Of cobrse, sp-'akir.r to you fe lows I ahau't be misunderstood, and some ot you hav ' eei her. She laid herself out to pleise hintoan extent I never should have tljoiight my dear grave Meg capable pp. i ; :::ri -rPnvo.l . l,;. ma.l i ejjr-5 it him till I thengbt her brain was ttytr.ed. Site said she should so like to aeie bis qtaiters, asked him to ask s to lach, aud abut nie up like a rat trap fvyjbeu I ventured to hint that it might n&t br convenient. Well, be went away at last, as mad as tbe, I spoke to her after he was gone, aid she fell into my arms, without a w-joril of explanation, ran out of tbe ro.m. ' Next dayve wcr.t to his qntrters, s.nd Corporal Aslitoa would be pospoaed until further he had b. Lis si 1 The whole evidence was there ; two empty cartridges cases; arothcr.No. 2 bullet ; eight untouched currridj. It tii clear enough the loan, wbocfr be- was, had taken the Captain's guQfc4l5d putting in two r. barges of powder, rajfincd down tbe two large bullets with tic Mows of I stone on tbe now braised efdlTthe ranis ! 1 . J . , . , - . . , ; uu me wuuwpDrc tna-tjtne witnesses spoke of was as !onapb8 simultaneous report of the discbart. of three tip-- r . i . 1 !.. 1 . C-it -v remiuicl th friend. thing, -and vry apt to hid sa : t t i t.i " . s ll ,i r . . s 1 from a US .. 1.1.-... car. with is! .V 1) - . V ; i '..: m vs. n so Its ! ha 1 a vry '; on ' to".' hij.rr I b.s l b tt ; i . t i lied every .piv, uti-l th s.'tt tbe conciUs.oii that I'm p. neighbors." Well, I desfio a sclflsb man. He's "tIeut?Hfi creator alive !" Willirton rvoL-o with ",T of indienation. "He'a mean j ust'ajTMtE th1 he'f Ttrye qa"ity. it 4 ru-jch ofteatr love of selusb," replied tbe mehd. "Al7SrI w W1 ,0 91 in oigert tecut. are all mora or lei selfish, we aj-eattnpir,' e onbtppine la or le Dww 1 dia't sec bow we are to j tbe i$irk ""ac. which. 00 tbe tbry get awav P.m that ceinel,ion" 1 nf rttnil 1org n'T-n'l' Ta Cslf Miasw WjUiti "il'IU(.wii Hlic one wnj ibT'lhU vJiCl , noved or vf ni-. wetr btTnMfM v4af. tV fcvSl aeuilnfi : ! ?' aih- irvfarr hl doh..- y Q.t wftrg, help her ! rtSc-ctton, " wlij take jaj- corseur Ha- Uii-ugva au '': 0 -." 'tu :.ii:.." iriUTTuyU;4 the a(fUni-hni ci'H U-t, ' '. tbeAQ do yBf canst'" aint r.. goi f ' Ko ! then wbatabatl I taker. njtfebtr i-tf-airrd the patient 7ka7F4 1 ' ' . I'loi-caa bead t2tC" "u'-ic I"'SjOt tk-irsf t nitaVi il 3 "" '- 1 am eaij1.! von .. '1 ulin-r j' ed the f.It; d. ' Ves." "Win' The I er I Tliat's the tnniboi '.'' Tv." young h'tiliand't d-betrayt-d tl. faet. s-ne lul led v u selfi-h - Ma-gy '. ' t if. - id to p "c right ip'i-.i.-. I al vay- knew o t i i -it s-n : ;t .1 And i,..i :i;t! II: penin Co :'. a ' G-vo.1 i -liiietr- their hr Vi s ;i ". I '. ;t. e-e.h-h: lints i i:etii :. id voa rtaiiy fancy that you weit unel .isii - This h..l i in' pi sport ll m earn' -t had the ctT-et iatend' d A !sg-,t c; :rp-of bimH.-it. as : en 1 v acot her s c vi t -.ive imp: es.-ion, snd let in a j ! Wi i is'., n a new ..e . r . j , , . . . , , tiaaics wi p'.i.aer couia nianric, nue i aiiio: a t. tns peir.g aio the want of force in tbe ballet was ar I ' And v a tiPe.k The men had been standing at ' atten- i counted for by the bursting f- "b r.-n ' a ton of" .-i.rn.-U-. ' V-V! any oi mem v, uu tue tears roiiing , v e took; tiomc tlie skull, arti f he bu--' ' bc-n i I: id tion, many the skull, artl f he bur down their cbeeks, but wher. they beard i rifle, and the cartridge eesA'-thea- with "iostpt)Ded,'' they broke rank, rushed up I some remnant of c'.otuing- 4rl we th; ee to the trianrjlee, cut the lahing. broke ' found out the! rr.urfi.jfsr to h.ive been a new die.; 'Darv r. l As far as this w ird 's heart is tbe misl re'..1;''. g'-tli -r h -"' be : Ign- diibe 1 cr ::(Y r; rtect . i i 1, in ii-1 e's ,t." i, the 1 ... ! w :le i t m.-nio' j n ;n . , d f - tne tvut not .eoiy ajxi-s-r . -m--ti aef f5b,.-bXlt cover yoe-. v If-nt Vlsfes.' -, - .tsr-l. t :-'---d iH tifS-".!-s Trvy r.-"-i r5!' - ? '.,";i'pt'ili'.s , hr had sh"r,n !',i:ns.-if gifted i frebl" 'Dipt, of -.f -ier ial. "1 hi !:'i-.n and ls w. ft. !- on-ruj sp;r;; si,, a ; more 1 Ler l.a received a e. t : . : n t-ii- t: j xcd ir.-isio and art H-r s--ul re.prri Ud lov -'v rt l-oautifu'.. A..; r bis fper l llistoi.. :n the r.e-.v 'pht which trod 1. i m'n i h- g-jn to s- e lie and his t P .cer l..twtf p h"n?c' ..'---''at apects. One iitti an e.k'-r w as r a h d i-n fr .r -: I- (i : on-irv. If the cat, screamed, shouted, tiauced Lke madmen. "Tbee cheers for 'Gentlemen Jack' and his wii:.gHin ! a?a;n, boys!" Officers aad all j .in-d "in for a few minutes. Thera stood the eld gray headed Colonel in the midst of a scene that out-bedlamed bedlam. As for me, I was like a man in a dream; I felt a hundred bauds grasping mine. I had my sister sobbing ia my anai3, and then I heard the Colonel say t the bng'er: "Sound the assembly." " O 1 1,0 .jjtptus uf the i .i'-wn irp.c borB'r hipped a -.Mvev. i. . ... . Dorse d 1 voi:rs. ji 1 V-t been oije ot tne svees Capraia, th'.t "-he had monin Deiore lor lii-ui whi:h he had chanre. Of course there wes a neiy trial brderl and as the evidence was ttaqtjestloaable, Gerald was discharged. At fl, "Did he leave the rcginleaiYV V' Not a bit why should betjltjiie men worshippe-1 hina, ami the oCirfet who was wounded wa invalided ;ati3 tevbud his comrades managed matters "inlasft them 1 1 well that at the first pafadtof the reg ? - ti ie d-t," d l ; perh ips. . i I , i -ii.i-p a i:..:l lb. j -.'et tpe y".jr l.-ea sr- r..-t, I . i list detini; .on iiere " ' -lay b I can 1 vrion. Wtx -.ii tei ' fVcaus- I !-.T-:d l:r-"Are joi qp.te si.te witu prvo-tiiig calmness. "Take -'.re. Fred: I shall get angry." "Oh. no. You're too wtisibie, and to well poired for : hat Answer mv question el" p you tn a c.onrer tn .try ilargv f r" said the friend. 1 Are yon quite st;: a e : ' i i i :-. x -; .'. i" inn ' 1 r. : I he . 1 1 ii;p. ..Pin a th.- k. - ' ! baie -: ferorv A n-: mind o: fee, ire. nee. s. j eom.-t ii R3Tth:r i viewed, a . art :::-;i ar. v n- s. i ') '.! .ial Ir. ra- - ' f ! :c-s f y ( a- it ( a s vp rten M it L.s.' in he ti -. f. h Sirh . t iom -k If-do 1; bad !rt y t- iefer ber an 1 he coiod w. rab e F: she rau-t .crLfke of e-. inV'-it tjrTan to psevade tbe 'Vi listor. ; a do tvr ar.d ten lerei r hi yiMiog wife, and in this m-nt lie h-i-i a jr.cirtin rf 2 purer and fa'.ler of :, v thin : btrctcfor exr-:ri.o.-i -the rt- V.. - i rmkii yfith srt-av. f. . . ! L .it.e- iii-i I. in ' r -tnrr b.ra to I - " -. b t vi-t'ae - ' ' i s : -. .1 t:i: :: re tv! 'u :v? .: re. to .a hi-ii . a r. ; l ; : a t:.d p-.-.. t. N. r ' I t i. i... 1 . ' - - ':': - " , - ;jy i. 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  1. The Nebraska State Journal,
  2. 07 Sep 1867, Sat,
  3. Page 1

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  • First issue of the Nebraska Commonwealth, 7 Sept 1867

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