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 - at p m B. Reported Ktprttsly for Ditrton*'...
at p m B. Reported Ktprttsly for Ditrton*' Daily Timtt. Last Night's lleport--10 O'clock. St. Louis, Oct. !. The Overland mail arrived last night. Some of the San Francisco papers evince a dl-positum lo nuke it appear that Senator Broderick was the victim of m conspiracy, but the most prominent ones, assert that the duel was conducted in strict accordance with the code of the duello. Urqder- ick's pirtol went of before It was raised in a line with his antagonist Terry's shot took effect two inches from the right nipple, canying away a part of the breast bone. Broderick suffered intense pgony from the time he- was shot till he led. When the mail led two hours after his us snail a stock in of so now.- out. full will will the afflicted, Wabash week in him a next about three that as w e diy u ^stolei di- look man carH Sanctuu off,: thatTM it was »« have we till ««*- that samo eath, all the tlags in the city were at half mast, ml cmplcius of mourning were begining to ap- )par in all parts of the city. Judge Teny had teen arrested. The public was much incensed, {roderick'funeral was the most imposing evei ritnessed in San Francisco. At the election in Nevada Territoy on the '2d ilt., the Constitution framed in July was adopl- n by 400 majority, and the full Territorial Tick- t elected, headed l.y Isaac lloup for tiovcrnor. Victoria dates to the 7th nit., vv ere received. The Colonist says, the United States troops on San (uan are throwing up fortifications on the hum- nit of the hill below the Hudson's Hay Compan es Station. Portland, Oregon, papers of the 10'hult., pub- ibh a reply by llarney to Douglas's letter of Augist 13th, in which he accepts Douglas's ex- .dananation as an apology for his past conduct jut evidently reposes no faith in the Governor's professions, and declines to withdraw the troops From San Juan until the pleasure of President Iluchanan on the subjects is known. Little business was doing in San Francisco.-The market was sensibly weaker, New Orleans, Oct 0. The sehooner Star with advices from San Francisco to the '20th, va the lahtuus of Tehuantepcc, arrived here to day. The steamer Johh L. Stephens and Orizaba, which left San Franri-co on the- 20lh for Panama, took down l,8oO,UOO in spi- ie. Business in San Francisco dull and arrivals were numerous. Maikets weaker but no decline noticeable. Candle'; heavy and lower. Latter from Mexico.--Vera Cru/., Sept '25th.-- Advices from the City of Mexico to the- '23d in-t., state that a conspiracy had been discovered among the leading officer* Miramon's army.-Their ubject was to overthrow Miramon and recognize the government of the Liberals. The Lib- digested them of their outside coats, white collars and other articles which might present prominent targets on which to take aim. The two principal-, were divested of their watches and the in tlifir pockets. The e-oin taken from Mr. Ihoderk-k, his second Mr, McKibbvn, placed in his ownu-sl pocket. Judge Terry threw his the gtound carclesslyi One of the seconds then read aloud the code duello, from a written manuscript, which occupied but a short time. Mr. Coulton then addressed the two gentlemen, baying in elFiet that he wished to be understood that he should count one, two after the word after he should say stop, no .shot must be fired after that. During this lime the two principals maintained their positions and listened with composure to these dotails. Judge Terry stood with his head thrown slightly back, looking towards his antagonis. Each held his pistol in his hand, pointed to the ground. Each was dics.scd in blaek clothes and were a Palo Alto hat. Mr. Uroderiuk stood erect, but his head rather down, he pulled the rim of his hat down his eyes, as if to shut them from the light. The positions o f t h u two were somewhat Judge Terry maintained that of a practical duellist, presenting only the edge of his person to his antagonist, and keeping his. left Iruid shoulder wdl behind him. Mr. llrodcrk k on the contrary, though at assuming a position somewhat similar to that the other, seemed to prefer a more careless ton-trained one, and gradually presented more his body to the fire of his opponent. His he held in his hand rather awkwardly and seemed to fed this himself. He once or twice his the men f to on i the wrist of his pistol arm to the right with left hand, as though endeavoring to comply some prescribed directions prcv iou-iy gtv en He took one good look at his antagonist and his eye rapidly along the ground from him to position, as if drawing a bee line between From that time he- did not raise his eyes word was given to fire, once his right foot fraction beyond the line, when Mr. Mclxibbe-n .stepped forward and and replaced it. The bearing of Judge Terry, though he ed a more practiced and motionless attitude, not one jot more that of an iron nerved was that of Mr. Broderick. At a quarter before seven o'clock, Mr. prjiiounccd the words: "Are- you ready?" " Re-ady," responded Judge Terry, and " was uttered by Mr. Broderick immediately after. Fire, one, two, pronounced in moderately quick tune, Mr. Broderick raised hi-; pistol and had brought it to an angle of forty f i v ·Trees fiom it- downward position, and in a t i, c line towards his opponent when, owing to ik-lii-acy of the hair tiigxcr, it wa-s dNcharge-d, the ball e-ntcrin,; thu ground abjttt four paces advance of him. Judge Terry lit oil .1 fe-.v instants later, deliberate aim. There w as a perc -ptible tlUlll/lV: 1«1V |j»/l\,l l « I I i V i » » "- m..*- -,-, cuds at vcra Cruz weru making active prepara- |i,, the two teporK At that instmt Mr. ations to M.-i/.e upon Jahpa, Cordoui and the Capitol. thy i bol of j, r ; MJ ,,,. r |, ,d .,,,K jMidontd. C. Sept. 11, undertaken on a (·en. Corbas' divi.-sion wascntiie-ly routed on the- 12th by the Liberal at On jam. A large nmii- bcen i-aptuied, but were af The British .Minis'cr Olivay leaves in the- British steamer on the :id. Mr, Connor, Consul at Ma/.itlah is 0:1 boai ! thcSlar, He has secured concession-; of gu-al inpoilani-e to our Coinmeree on tbu we-stein coast. The British j-hip-of-vvar Calv pso, had .smuggled :j; 100,000 from a port near San Bias. Tho Sur brings large mails and government cast of his old j (!ro- Andy learn running Wabash dispatch St. Louis, Oct. 10. The Santa Fe mail of the 15th ult., rcaeh-d Independence tluVinoming, Messrs. Oteio, Poi- tcrand Crcnshaw, arrrived. They confirm the rejwrted attack on the mail party. The Indians took all the muks, provision and rick was observed to «-lap his left hand to it side of his hrei-t, w h e n it was W-.unde.l. He levied slowly to thu lift, before his seconds i-tuld u-ach him he fell his le^ doubled under hi n, anil still mi; bis -veapon. W.I' we well the State weeks woman business affairs restored with his W.-B way of Patton let the hotel intrudes and which the some feel- Terry, which clothing, but did not molest the mail which was taken forward by the next outgoing parly. The incoming party found the dead bodies of four nun,supposed to be Pike's IVakor.s, two days subsequent to the attack on the oulvvor d bound mail. The- detention of the- incoming party was owing to their waiting for an ox train behind them, hiving he-en appraised of the difficulties ahead by a Mexican. The combined strength of the two trains probably prevented another attack. A company of i-av airy 1m been ordered to Fort Riley to chastise the Indians. St. Louis Oct. 9. The- Utah mail brings intelligence of tho trial and sentence to two years in the penitentiary, of McKen/.ie, the forger of (Jovernment checks. New York, Oct 10. The San Francisco Times of the 4lh says, in accordance with the anticipations of most the community, the expected duel between the Hon. David C. Broderick, United Slates Senator, from California, and Hon. David S. Terry, Judge of Supreme Court, took place yesterday morning at a small dell or valley, some ten miles distant from Merced lake. Tho parties went out of tow n the night previous and passed the night in separate localities. At a quarter past 0 o'clock Messrs. Broderick and Terry arrived on tho ground in their respective carriages, and attended by their .lud^e Teny upon disi-hatgmg his pistol ini m-diiti-ly folded his arm-, hoi ling the pistol .smoking in his h in 1, but did not move The seconds of Mr. Btoderii-k iminediilely lo his aid, and Dr. Locke commenced to s the woun.l with lint. The bullet had entered just forvvatd of the nipple and lodged, as it supposed, under the- left arm. After the duel and p i e v h u s to Terry w i t h his friends le-lt the field, dm idly into town, and .-I irted at once for Ueach, ft here a boat was in w a i l i n r ed to Oakland, where- he- look a private ance to Mai line/.. A telegraphic dispatch iccelvcd late last fio:n that point, states that Judge on his found some difficulty in getting ferried across Kemcia. On his arrival at Bcnicii he took land conveyance to Sacrauu-nlo. Mr. Borderie-k was taken to the house of friend Leonidas Haskell, E,v., at Hlai-k Point nearly two milc.s from the pla/.i, and phced bed. Here Dr. Loche, "awycr and Powell attended on him during the diy, and hundieds tho friends of thu Senator hurried to learn worst. He was able-to speak during the afternoon, but owing to the wounding of his the articulation vvas indistinct. A correspondent of the Cincinnati Times as Terry is the contest Terry did, and for ccn- than for having been for having would it War on Brod- ® ,, _ _ seconds and physicians. Hon. J. C McKtbbin and Mr. Coulton as seconds for Mr. Broderick ; and Calhoun Bcnhnmand Thomas Hays seconds for Judge Terry. On descending from their carriages the parties seemed to bo in the best of spinls, neither appearing at all anxious or nervous as to the result, About half an hour was occupied in arrangements. Ten paces were marked off and tested by the seconds, and the principals placed in their itUtive positions. Their bcconds had ahcady atqutiter past nine o'clock a. in. M. brisilhed his last. Gloom and sorrow the com.nunity, flags are half mast, union stores are i-losing and public and private are drajieil in crape. Farther Point, Oct 10. The steamship Indian has arrived with j.ool d ites to '2Sth nil.--three d lys later. It was rumored that the definition treaty the peace helwe-en France and Austria would singed in a few days. The- overland mail hail furnished advices China to the 10th August. The whereabouts of Mr. Ward the minister was not known. The repairs of the Great Eastern are going forward and tho Groat Eastern will ably proceed to Southampton and finish The telegraph cablo between Sicdy and is successfully laind. The I/ndon Times tm another leader San Juan difficulty, and lam-Mits that former difficulties should hivo left any pretext which has arisen, ami says it is case for earliest possible settlement. The Karl of Derby has carried out his clear his D»on estate in Ireland so far as

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