Bennetts play on Brownsville football team 11-1-1930

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Bennetts play on Brownsville football team 11-1-1930 - a How Pickers Did It TEXAS LOOP MEET OPENS...
a How Pickers Did It TEXAS LOOP MEET OPENS First Quarter Callaway kicked off 50 yards to Benway, who returned 23 yards .to Brownsville's S2-yard parallel. Benway reversed a yard at right tackle. Wilson spun two at center; Esch- began a great day by inter- "Cift^i ui~£u" a. o *w«.w ,,,,., ,,., » -Into · Brownsvi ii e ' S 39- the ^ hjt right tackle for ^e count ^ ^ speer ^^ up Vaileyites. ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ ^ their main ^ ^ ^ ^^ an aeria ^ ^ ^.^ ^^ coold not -^ ^ w come Iftter whgn Speer can snot a nine yard pass ^ j^sim for first down on Brownsville's 25- yard line. Callaway picked up a yard at right tackle and Eschberger added another at center. A pass, Speer to Eschberger, found no receiving hands. Speer then shot another pass, this time a long one over the goal line, but the receiver was ized five: Speer's punt was grounded on Brownsville's 17 yard line by Vickars. · · : -Wilson threw Garza for no gain at the line of' scrimmage. Egan punted to Speer and Escobar downed him on Brfownsville's 40 yard- line. · _ ' · ; . ' · Speer passed to Eschberger for 10 · yards and first down. Speer fumbled and -Brownsville recovered on her 23 yard line. ' Bennett passed 17 yards to Me- j Minn for first down. A pass,. Ben-. nett to Garza, was incomplete. Parr threw Bennett for a -yard lass;. Egan's punt was recovered by McMinn, but the play was 'called back as an Eagle was offsides. Egan punted to Jureska on' Robstown's 40 yard.line. " . Trjjlllo stopped Jureska after a four yard gain. Speer ..dded four at the right side of the line. Eschberger .picked up five yards for a first down on Brownsville's 38 yard stripe. He added four more on the s, they On the being downed. Eschberger picked up ______ _. too j tackle. Escobar, who played a not on the spot. The ball went over ] next play at · right guard. Jureska to the Eagles on their own 20-yard , gained three, but Robstown _ was line. ' ' """" " ' Richards threw Lee for a three yard loss when he attempted to cut back through the right side of the line. Belton puntrd out of danger, lifting the oval 4a yards to Speer who returned nine to Brownsville's 35-yard line. However, a Picker was offsicies and the play was called back. Bennett made a yard at center and Belton kicked to Jureska, who fell on his tracks on Brownsville's 45-yaTd marker. Eschbergor picked up four yards through the right .side of the line and Callaway added four at center. Speer circled left end for two yards and first down. An alert Eagle recovered a fumble on the next play. Wilson got away for five at center. Bennet rammed his way 12 yards to a first down on Robsuown's 40-yard line. Lee lost three at left end, while Bennett obtained a bare yard at left tackle. Brownsville was offsides and was penalized the cuitomary five yards. Speer intercepted Bennett's pass on Robstown's 35 yard line and returned 10 before .offside on the play- Jureska missed Speer's Ions pass. Here the Pickers began a series of passes which culminated in a Bobstown's last touchdown. Speer passed to Wilson once and- Jureski twice for a total of 27 yards and a first town on Brownsville's nine yard line. Eschberger hit the line for a yard, and a basket pass to Wilson resulted In no-?ain. Sneer circled left "end six yards, placing the ball on. Brownsville's two yard line. Eschiberjrer carried it a.round left end for the remainine two yards to a touchdown. Wilson's kick was wild. Score 19-0. Speer kicked off to Bcnwav who returned 15 to Brownsville's 42 yard line. Caraway threw Tni.iillo for a three yard loss as the half ended. Third Quarter Lee kicked off to Eschberger on his 15 yard line and he returned to Robstown's 40. A backward pass, Butler to Speer, netted six yards around right end, Eschberger took it out of bounds and on the next Many Change* Are Up For Consideration At Ft. Worth . . - J- FOBT WORTH, Nov. -1--0P)--Ex- ecutives of .the -.Texas Baseball league, here today for. their annual tall meeting, expected -to hear suggestions from President J. Alvln Gardner for changes in the league's regulations which, if adopted, would, be far-reaching in effect. Among other things, he expected to recommend: Alternating- the schedule so Dallas and Fort Worth and other who have been meeting on opening day for years would have new opponents the day the race starts. Pooling opening day receipts to be equally divided- among the eight clubs, as has been done .on July and- Labor Day.- Elimination of the financial benefit derived from the Dixie Series by owners of the .pennant winning team, and after all expenses are : B , ow ^ paid, equal division of the owner's A J share among all clubs of the leaeue. Institution of salary limit that would prevent the big cities from hiring teams far more expensive than smaller members could afford. Increase in the numbers of re- a great game for Brownsville, batted down Speer's pass to Jureska. Speer punted 60 yards over the goal line, but the play was called back and Brownsville penalized for offsides. Speer then duplicated, this time doing even better, punting 55 yards out of bounds on Brownsville's two-yard line. Takii.» no chances, Bolton punted on the next play. The oval went play added enough yardage for a three a t ! first down. Pass, Speer to Callaway, ' incomplete. Speer hit the line and then punted to Bennett on Browns- o£ bounds on Brownsville's 20- this | y nr( j ] lnc _ Bennett stopped Eschberger .after } ga j n _ Eschberger tried again, | time picking up three yards. i A. pass, Speer to Jureska barely [slipped off Jureska's fingers. Had he the held it, it would have been a touchdown certain. Not 'daunted, Speer passed again, and this, time Esch- on Browns- j ville's five-yard line for a first down. at ol was Callaway failed to gain. McMinn recovered Callaway's_ fumble on Brownsville's 10-yard" line, ending a dire threat. Belton kicked out of bounds on Brownsville's 32. The ball dropped on the Robstown band's drum with a loud thud. Speer was stopped at right end without a gain, Speer tossed 15 yards to Rader, who raced across the Brownsville goal line standing up. Callaway converted point with a perfect kick: Score 7-0. Callaway kicked off 50 yards to Benway, who returned 15 to Brownsville's 25 yard line. Wilson hit the line twice, failing to gain. Robstown penalized five for off- sides. Bennett picked up four, but Robstown was offsides again and was penalized. Bennett hit the line for two small gains for a first down on Brwnsville's 37 yard line" as the quarter ended. Second Quarter Bennett two yards at right tackle. ,\..:ii Joe Garza went in for Lee. Bennett picked up three yards and a pass Bennett to Garza ^vas 'cd the for eight yards, Garza tv e owns was by New U . stands held its breath, but he held on to the jiggling oval. The Eagles were penalized five for too much time for signals. Bennett lunged five yards at left tackle. Wilson failed to gain on a spin at center and Bolton punted to Robstown's 28-yard line, the ban going out of bounds. Speer circled left end 11 yards for a first down on a backward pass from. JureSka. Herring mafle six on a basket pass and a run around left end. Butler went m for Callaway. Herring took a pretty basket pass, but failed to get past the line of scrimmage. Eschberger made three through the right side of the line. It lacked six inches of a first down and he carried the oval asain for .1 two yard gain and first down on Brownsville's 47 yard quired rookies from live to six. Delay starting night play in all parks until June 1. Require the same standard of liBl.tihc in the parks- of all member clubs. NEW YORK, Nov. 1--W)--Half a million .or more fans were on seeing eastern football games. today. A "half dozen stellar attractions on the crogram accounted for over ville's 18 yard line. Bolton punted to Speer or.i Robstown's 45 and lie returneu four. Pass, Speer to Butler, goodJor five _ _ o _, yards. The same pass was attempted | 300 QOO ' spcc tators The Yale bowl, again but was incomplete. Speer's kick was grounded on Brownsville's five yard line by Bailey. Bolton's kick was blocked .and Robstown registered a safety on the play. Score 21-0. Lee kicked off to Speer on Robstown's 35 and he returned to Brownsville's 46. Speer took the ball out of bounds after a four yard gain. Speer passed 11 yards to Eschberger for a first down on Brownsville's 30 yard line. Sneer's pass to Butler found no receiver. Speer hit right end for a yard and then passed to Eschberger for another. The Picker flash then passed to Butler who dropped a perfect pass near the Brownsville goal line and the ball went over. Bennett failed to gain at center. A pass was intercepted by Butler on Brownsville's 46^yard parallel. Thomas batted down a pass. Eschberber made seven yards at right tackle. Washington threw Eschberger for no gain and the Picker came back with a three yard with Yale and Dartmouth Dlavin?, was the magnet for 76.000. As many more fans in Philadelphia were attracted by the intersectional clash between Pe;inylvania and Kansas. Carnecie Tech ar.d New York University counted on having about 50,000 to watch the renewal of rivalry while nearly as r.ianv spectators at the battle between the powerful lines of Syracuse Brown swelled the list. Two undefeated teams, -nlaying in New York, contributed fiO.OOO more. Columbia was host to unbeaten Cornell and mizhty Fordham entertained West Virginia. Harvard drew thousands although expectintr no hard task with William and Mary. g a n for first down, A pass, Speer lor .no gam ana j to Callaway. was incomplete. The!stab at the hne. next toss, this time to Butler, was good for three yards. Butler hit left end for lour yards and a pass, Speer to Eschberger, was incomplete. The ball went over to Brownsville on her own 30 yard line. The Eagles burned a pass. Bennett clipped three yards at center and a pass, Bennett to Lee, was incomplete. The Eagles were penalized live. Egan punted to Callaway on Brownsville's 38-yard line and Washington nailed him in his tracks. Speer made a yard at right end. Robstown was penalized five for too much time on signals. Eschberger failed to gain, and Speer punted to Bennett on Brownsville's 30. Bennett returned 13. Bennett passed 10 to Washington for a first down. Speer intercepted an Eagle pass and returned to Brownsville's 43 before being downed. Speer passed 12 yards to Eschberger for a first down.on Brownsville's 30 yard marker. He then tossed another to Butler, and this was good for eight more. Eschberger reeled up two more for a first down. Speer's long pass to Rader was incomplete, Escobar intercepted the next toss, returning to Brownsville's 45-yard line, stopping what was a dire threat to score. Here the quarter ended. Fourth Quarter Bennett attempted to take the ball out of bounds, but was held in bounds for no gain. Lee made four Pass, Bennett to Garza, incomplete. Caraway stopped Bennett without a gain. Egan punted to Robstown's 38 yard line. Cailaway took It out of bounds for no gain and Jureska failed stab at the line. A pass, Jureska to Newell, was good for 13 yarus arid first down on Brownsville's yard stripe. Thomas intercepted a Picker pass. Seaway made four yards at tackle. A pass was burned and Bennett stabbed the right side of the line for three yards. Egan punted out of bounds on Robstown's yard line. Benway nailed Jureska for gain. Newell . picked up no sneer Picked u p f i v e at left J*nto at left tackle and Bennett end cort£ modf thttackle Esch- tailed at center. Belton kicked out hf-r-er took the ball out of bounds, f ^^^ ° n Robstown s 12 yard inn n yard. Tru.iillo went Into "^ e - the.Brownsville backfield. A pass, Speer to Butler, was good for 11 ysrds and first down on Brownsville's 30 yard strioe. Sprcr passed to Butler for two more. Here Sneer not away around right end, snrjnt- ing 27 yards to a touchdown. Sneer's attemot to kick goal went wild. Score 13-0. Speer kicked 1 off to Garza on Brownsville's 20 and he fumbled on Brownsville's 36 yard line. Robstown recovered. Escobar downing thr Picker hard. Si/eer's pass was crounded. ~or- tez threw Jureska for a .yard loss. Speer's pass .to Jureska was Inv complete and'.Robstown was penal 5 ' 1 Speer punted out of bounds on Robstown's 47-yard line. Here Rocky Rundell took out his main spring-Speer and the Brownsville stands rested easier. Garza made two 1 at center and a.' 1 pass was incomplete Bennett picked up a yard at center and Bolton punted out of bounds on the 20 yard stripe. Jureska picked up five at right tackle and Butler added another at the left side of the line. Jureska hit the line for tliree and Callaway punted to Garza - on Brownsville's 40' yard line, who returned five, -. · ,/ Rader threw Bennett for a 10- yard ' loss on an. attempted pass. - ?hV"ough7h; C righ P t"sTde of^the i Butler made a yard at center ana then fa t l n over o*! ed out then failed, the ball going over Robstown's 44-yard line made three yards. Another pass was incomplete and Egan punted out of bounds on Robstown's 34- yard line. · Juresira. hit right end for two yards and punted out of bounds Brownsville's 48-yard stripe. Bennett's pass was Incomplete. Newell intercepted, and packed oval to Brownsville's ten-yard line. He was hard hit and the ball rolled from his hand and-an Eagle were offsides on a covered. Both sides kick. On the next attempt, Robstown was offsides. On . the third try Robstown obtained the kick midfield. Butler took It out of bounds for no gain. A pass was knocked down. A pass, Jureska Meitzen, was good for six yards. Washington threw Jureska for a seven-yard loss as the game ended. The starting line-ups: Robstown ... Pos. Brownsville Left End . · ' Herring McMinn Left Tackle . Caraway Escobar Left Guard Richards Enns Center Vickers '. Thomas RIgho Guard Pr,rr' : Cortez Right Tackle Russell Bennett Right End Rader'' : · Washington V Quarter Back Speer ...\... -....-.. Bennett Gallaway Jureska . Half Back ' Half-Bacfc' - Benway LCC ull Back- . Eschberger Wilson

Clipped from
  1. The Brownsville Herald,
  2. 01 Nov 1930, Sat,
  3. Page 6

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  • Bennetts play on Brownsville football team 11-1-1930

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