Coal - 21. April 1892

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Coal - 21. April 1892 - to he It Hi ommonded lu a lung time and cverr...
to he It Hi ommonded lu a lung time and cverr <jno spoku ,....... . llorlarty said that Mr. stover doesn't live at No. 147 Kontf 111 street. That Is tho Kiilld address, llcllvo&on tho sixth lloorol u ttiifinont house, over a saloon. 'Mint wasn I. a nice plnco lor teachers to call. He Is a man without a home nnd without n family. Ho didn't think lain a proper person fur irustee. .Ml', inibbell explained Unit Mr. Slovcr «us Boinit to move from the niiunloror HID sixth rioor to the splendor of the tlrst, llnnr. and that ho proposed DavliiR a private study In which to receive tin; trnc,u>rs who would call. Jlr. iitover was made a trustee. A COAIi WAU &EKS1S LIKELT. The rena*ylvnnln Ilonil Cut' Uotvn It* Itiitu to Thlmriitrr. There Is no doubt that the move of the p«nnsylvanla Itullroad In llxlug a new sched ulo for hauling coal from tho mines to tidewater, tidewater, If It Is not the tlrst. gun of a coal war Is at any rate a measure of protection for tho Interests of tho Pennsylvania company as against, tho now gigantic Heading Coal Trust. The exact points of lUo reducUon In coal rates, so far as tho Pennsylvania pcoplo urn willing to have them appear on the record, are best given in tho letter which was sent out on Monday last. I treads: Tnr. PKN.15VI.VASIA RAILIUUD rosirAST, ) OrriCKlirTHKlir-MKIIAL KltKiUlIT AllEMT.f 1'HlLAUKl.rUIA, April la, IK'J'j. ) E. n. Ho'ttfn. £«'/.. r*Auir,imn Anlhracttf Jititi Camniiltte, \eir I'orfc. PKAn RlR: HeferrinR to the discussion at tht) recent moating In »>v Yor_k of th» nip' reseniatlvc pauloj, at i ol the anthracite coal cerrying com- Khich the question of trausportati rales on anthracite coal was considered, 1 now desire desire to reiterate statements then made. A» >ou are aware, during the past jear thn Lehiph Valley Uallroad Company, directly or through Us coal organization, thn Lelii^li \alley Coal Company. maOe with Individual operators contracts tor the purchase of their coal upon a perteuUu.a ot tlie prices realized at tile tide. Ulher railroad railroad interests traueportiug coal irom the same rocion have aiao been transporting uoal under til tame genera! or Im " bu- a In the suit coal ImulliiR fnun the fli-lds no wcslern section or the Slate of Penn- iylvn'"la?an^\iie'Tjram"ng"coni|Vany may In case ol wnr ilu a little ronil liiilldlni; ana liubble up somi' (if llils prolltnble business. Speculutors point out that tlw Kendlni; ha( tn nay some very liberal dividend!) tu t no companies assoclniod uiitler It for tin' L-iiarnn- I'M mailc ami that If there Is nny Intcli In I ho wllcy of " Inlornol i-couomli-s," which was iroinlscil, thorn will oc very Illtln left to glvo value to liendlni! slock. ilc»ce tho weakness nrihaton the list, Tlio Pennsylvania Com- oanv stock Is held very strongly anil In very •onservailve bands, and It the prospect of wnrifi'W stronger a the omc'tsut the Pennsylvania, who me now so rull ot light largely because their protcsslnnnl nrldu luu-) iii'un hurt by the looming up of this Heading clant. may lie sliiirply callml down and told to regard dividends miner limn dignity. Altogether thn slum- tlon is very Interesting to the B«'« l Pi'bllo .slltlnjt on the lenco and ready to prollt for a tmu' by a conl-llliiglnjj nght and probably pay for tho fun In tlui end. nts. lAtely.the Reading; Hallroad Company Company directly, or tnri'UKh its coal organization, the Itcadlnff Coal and Iron Company, has ertecleu like agreements witn a numfcerot miners and shippers shippers Ol anthracite coal, and, as a consequence of these contracts, it became uec.'ssary lor mirruad. If It was to retain the product of collieries which It has been transporting lor a number of yean past, to inter Into similar arrangements. / This change in the manner of dealing with thn anthracite coal trarlio necessarily requires an ad jUBtment of the rates for such transportation upm tho basis of contracts to whirli i have already referred, referred, for the reason that the amount received for the transportation must necessarily tie the dlflerenco between the percentage agreed to bo paid for the coal and the prices tor tue coal, In- eluulug freight, realized at destination. . The terms ot these contracts have been published repeatedly as bcinn lid per cent, ot tho seilliu price at tide for prepared sizes, and at dllferen percentages for sizen lower tnan prepared, I he average price at tide on prepared sizes Is now, say S;|.CO per ton. 41) per cent, of which, representing the transportation rate, would bo A1.44, while our present rate, as you are aware. Is *t.iO. It Is therefore necessary to name a rate ot $1.44 to seaboard seaboard at New Vork, which we will now dn. I would further Btate, however, that if the prices of coal are changed, the transportation rates will be decreased ur increased correspoudiugly, in the same ratio of 40 percent, of tho tolling price at tide. Yours truly. WILLIAM II. JOYCE, General rrelght Agent. Kverybody saw much between the linos of this communication and explanations began to come quick and fast from everybody who ouL'bt to know all about It and irom everybody everybody who ihoushl he knew all abt,ui u. H S. iM. IT. W. Th. K. i s. was a mitgnitlcdiit bear i.otnt, uno Wall street —! '— lei'- It, us did thu riillailelphlit Exchange. Tho Headlnc people seemed tu lose their tuin- „,.,..„ pure, and spoke 01 tho move as a malicious —| qno on the part of iho I'oiiusylvarjlii roud. •- •• --•••At --•••At tho hpulo otllco of tlio I'euns.rlvimla Company the greatest rt'tlcouco \vaa observed n la among the otnclals. rrcsldeut Kobcrts wus • not in Philadelphia, and Vlce-l'rosldont Thomson, In whoss territory iho mutter realty comes, declined tu speak for publlcn Pretty on the BIIn*rfl. POTTSVIM.E, Pa., April L'O.-AII the Philadelphia Philadelphia nnd Heading coal and Iron collieries with tho exception of Lincoln and lirooksldc will again cease operations this evening tor tne remainder of tlio week. They will resume ncaln on .Monday. It Is not known how long the collieries will bo run according tothlf plan, but It Is thought It will continue sonv lime. _________ KO STRIKE ON THE LEIIIGH. VALLEY. Tlio Slon Said to l!o SntUHcd -with tlio Kcdtictlon In Force. There were no Indications ot a strike on th New Jersey division of the Lcblgh Valley Hallroad yesterday, despite tho rumors of tin past few days to that oITcct. .Many of thu engineers and firemen met In Kaiser's Hall, Johnston avenue and I'liv street, Jersey city, last, night and dlsciisaei the company's reported Intention of rcduclni Its force, one of the engineers salillliomoi at this end of the read had no grievance Four crcwa-bavo been laid off within the Ins low weeks, and coal trains are run only fou days In tbe week Instead of blx as formerlj This, the engineer said, gave the men a much needed rest, and Instead ot being dlssatlsllet as reported, they are pleased with the ron tin Ion of affairs. He said there was no tnl of a strike among Hie men. Nearly nil the men employed on the I.chU Valley Halirond are members of I.atayutl Lodge, Hudson Division. A mooting will b hi'laThiiiwIay nlglit, when the qiirstlon o the proposed reduction will bo olllclally dls cu&sud. SHIPPING- NEWS. pril s'Jlir 01, to Schr pril Scrir Nchr " " miber Par"•hr Schr Hchr Srhr Hchr 1, Hchr la, la« trong ^prll marked Hchr oth Kchr III Sch'r Hchr Sohr stone Schr Hchr Schr Schr Schr Schr Schr Schr Sclir Schr Schr Sohr SB Ss Ss S» S» Ss Ss SH Ss Ks Ks Ss Ss Via Ss tion, saying that ho thought tho wisest policy was to Ki'ep silent. other Henusylvanla Kallrond otllcUls denied denied that there was anything malicious or unprecedented in their action. " Whether or not it tufcans a coal war," said General freight Afjont Joyce, »• no uue Is nt present, lu a position to state. It is a cut In (he Pennsylvania Pennsylvania tariff rates to moot a previous rc- ducitunontho part of the Hciidlng. Sumo six or soveh months aeo the Lchlgu Valley road bcgau making contracts with Individual miners and shippers to curry and market their coal for -to per cent. 01 Us value at tluc- wutcr. When the l.eulgh Valley was leased to the Heading tlin latter begun renewing old contracts and making new ones. " Tills called for some action by tbe Pennsylvania Pennsylvania road, and »o met R In Ibo siunr way, except that we have Ilxeu thd tlde- walor prlco at ifll.OO Instead df li'iivlng Its valiiti to tue market. We were obltgeu tu do this In order to retain the 8 per com. transportation transportation whlrh Hie Heading, 1 sue, (,'rauts that we liow linld." on the quorulan of incroaalnj tho percentage percentage 01 his company Mr. 'Joyce addon: "Wo sunll not rt'fuuo patronage. 1 don't mean to say that Ir, was a deliberate attempt on our part tu cut prices ur Inaugurate a coal war. The iiuw.rate will bo 91.44, a reduction from * 1.70. and It wus carefully ll^urod out on the best lu lot-mat Ion us to thu coal prices that were obtainable. Kvcrytlilng lias been "done openly nnd above Imard and lucre Is no Uasls for the uhjcrli n i whlcli tlie Kvadlng has put out, We arc run: Ing tlio I'enifsylvanl i Hali- rouu In Us own interest and lu Hit) intorusls of Its patrons— not of tho Heading's." • • lu tLo past managciniMH of tlio whole anthracite anthracite coal business by tlio railroad companies companies the Pennsylvania has tukeit but very Ran rlies San BetB iitiiiao for Tu*l)tijr> 5.13 ( Moon rlins .......... 3. 38 (J.iSIJIoon iatB ......... — 111011 WATER. LOW WATF.H. A.M. P.M. A.M. P.M. 1.60 ' tt.aa 8.12 8 42 a.i;t -J.M H.r,:i y.n Sandy Hook. lle'i G*a*e'...'.'.'.'.' i!6ij 4".47" ID.'Jl lO.a'J KASTEHN STANDA11U TIME. New York mean time. To nnd liasteru standard time. BUbtract four minutes. tlttlu lu part. ections, thu In tuo .Sir aatd ^ W cao n lluvlut: a luruu truflla In othur dli'LTlloua. and wltu ItH track ci-nvuoil wkli lasseBfcr uhd irel^Ht trntns, eupecluily at astern unds, tho company lias nut sirlven lo o Into iho poiirliit'OI coul lino the lldovvutKr 'uceptucle. Tlio uotnbluiiilon allotted to iho ompany tuo Imuulliii; of luss tluiii lu per out. of ilio output and, In fact, Hie great bulk'of tbo coal uttrrlnd' uyihu I'tniisylrnnla oud lias been ilellvored lo und conbuiued al points on Us own Huts und not lu com- lelltluu «'IUi Hid other uuiil Hues. Tbe ocont stop lo tlie ironl ol President MoLood and ibe sominvjna pyrotueluilo send off given tlio Heading deal 1ms piqued thu Pennsylvania penplu and many rxprcsslons dropped und uinnil moves mado 12.00 u 11. Ill) A M ti.aoA u A u ,12.Ill) M Dpped flint;. ebow ibelr fouling. There was u rate ot »1.70 per tor. lor haulage by tbo Heading and by the Pennsylvania an well, but thlx was ridden around by tho Loklgb Valley ami followed followed by ibo Headline aluce thu mcrglni; by muklnir the price to tbo operator a percent- tigu of tho lldowater Belling rato. TblH meant at ureavnt urloi/B that the company company wim ' frelgntlng Hie coal for $1.44 per ton and It WUB to tblu rule wblcb tbo 1'eunuyl- vantu. road reduced. There are not many TO-DAY, APRIL 41. Jfn«« tit,-, Nonnannla. llamburit 0.01) AM KantiaEo, Nassau.. 1.901-M Trinidad. Bermuda l.UUru State of Ncbiaska, UlasKOW.. I.'KIDAY. APIUL22. rjhattahoochee,Savannah LroquoiM, Charleston btitte of 'l«xan.' bt«rnau,lliia .. SATURDAY, Al'ltlL 23 Amsterdam, Rotterdam Auironrui-k, KiiiKslon Aller, Uremon Alliitnca, lllo Janeiro..., Ktrnria, Liverpool l^tninpl,!, Olusfiow La Bruta^ne, Havre... 1.UOAM New Orleans, New Orloans... • — Nevada. Liverpool, — Nnuces, tialveston.... ; — Orlr.aba, Havana 11.00 A M Philadelphia, Ueuayra 10.00 A M 'IbluitvaUu, Christlaiittaud. ...ll.OO A M Invpnilnu Steamcra. DUK TO-DAY. APIIH. 21. Weser, Bremen April 5. Colon, (Jolon April 13. Trave^ Uremen April 12. o 1'IHDAY, APIUL22. nenvenne. (Uhraltar April 7, Italy, Liverpool April U. Workeudam, Hotterdum April 0. . sATuia>A'Y> APIUI. m. City of Chicago, Liverpool April 1U. Columbia,'ilamburit April 1C. l.a Tonratne,-Uavre Apill 1(1. Suotlish Prince, Ulbrallar April 0. SUNDAY. APlllIi 84. Alaaka. Llv«rpoo>Aiiril 111. Auranla, Liverpool April Id. • DiirniH.udt, Ilrenieiv April SH. Ulndousuu, (Jlbraftur April I), MONDAY, AI'KL SIS. Ems, Uremen April 10. Dovonja, CiUsKoiv April 14. Uity of Washliiiilon, Havana April 21, Oeflurt, iiamliun April I'll. Ueeperla, Ulhraltar April 11. 12.00M U.OU l» M ' — 4.00 i>M 9.00 I'll SMJOl'M 2.00 r M 12. Ill) M 12.30 PM U.DOVM '-'. 00 p M 'J.II01' M 4.00 AM H. 01) !• M il.0lll>u II.00 I'M 1.1)1) I'M l.oor u 1.00 I'M at Herman anil Philadelphia, In Klnn (J A Bon, port. vllle Haslund, witll H 1' New brig ,7aco Lonu (i 11 do tlio Co wiw not .. only tuo wn un " Pcinuaylvanla'Upmnany • tlioy were liandicappc winch wqro iiiiidis »iicl i . . private collieries feeding. Into tho vanla; at least not thoBO Bending forward lor the tldewuter maruci. Hut there wore Borne operator)) and they went to the ofilccro of the -------- ' " 'Utid cxplalni'tl how icd by ilio ciinlrncls ..... — .. ,._ _______ _____ , making by the Head- lug company. It la likely now llml tbo rate has been set'eveu 'that Inore -openuorH will Beek to market' their output through tlui 1'onusylvanla. road, if this la «o itluuovut all curtain that tuo TeunBylvnnla Company will loul lllto vocosnlzluu' a periAOntagu arrangement arrangement prepared for It by Hie Heiidlng ollgareby, uud at oiido ibut great bogy of tlio sales ngeut, over-produol Ion, will knock ilio circular prices to amltheraciiB nml it line old- style coal war will bo upon, Uiu carrying cor« puratlouuinuo Umo, - .• i Jfuiiiora uro already busy on varlouti polnta of the campaign wliluli the BpOunlutora ln- alst tbe tivo companies auiul ciigaun In ioitli- ivlth. '1'bo Jtcnulug rouU.lii8i.cti Its carriage tlio ivna 91 -To piioDUog'tho amootli. mallow toxtu-.oi '• STOIIU KINU WHISKKY" no bark or uum IH llbOd. H 18 PITD Hlllbkl'J, UlOliaiU lib Mill moulCH q( oia inliiifluu n lues, so us 10 mnko n cojiiUliiiuloii ot till) cliiilco lluvori oiotliur \\lilaki- y» ' ,1. C, Cm i us i (o, ,HU sen A\ u, «J to *n a gallon mooi Uluj; lo ugi. '." H.INU'B FIKK I pimiryilB —llarcaluH extraordinary extraordinary In FuiiNiruilJ. ot new designs may be found «tU£o 0 FLINT tue loitolOJ Wun I AlilvouNT,.N. ,7 , |u one o . Biiburbii Qua uiodern opttai,e, nlno loomu, lor Addresarairuiount Laud Oo , lotl Broadway. f tlin most Invltliic nlno loomu, loraale. fl * A dirootgry of plages t 'arms a new and important THE! WORUJ ALMANAC for 1863, • 1'OUT OP NEW YORK. . AU1UVKD. , • ' :' WK'>NMnAT, April 30. SaMalMtto (Br),' Pnrwll, Liverpool, April 13 and Quefnatcwi 14. with mdse aud paaBcngore to II Maltland ivurtey, ' . Arrived aVtliebamt 10.48 'A. M. ; 430 •cabin , l)5Uiiteeraii 40.1 MtoorftKopawqujiem April 17. laMt|.&7, IQU, 7, iiahHou a Ntvtlpnal Unontiniuer liuuad wtmti- tuv.i, luTut 41.'Ju, .Qi.611,41, puBBuiia UrUtn)C\ty Una bUamt'r bound wont, '1 Imu uf po»«u({ej*) Uaye; 1 hour, tl minute^. \Vaealuuil. fHolc). SR \VaeHluuil.(Hole), Grant, Antwerp, April !>; ,tl»,6ll«oLiu anj(. tHJtl B^ovai:flnftMHori((6rji,.>r r rlvcdatthebarll A itcuvaiiH pftMHonirttrn, nr* ,. .. -.. April 18, at U AtAI, lat 4V.UFI, lon» fiU.U, tuirL Artiaatt (Ur) Irom rtt Jdhnu, K Ii, fur .with i.tiavy Hit toHtnr- I)nurd tiaitio I'tiio, lut'U.OO, lunv OD.'JI, larKun- " ••' •--•-"—- - fiUlrcUD,.bound ttw i ' , linu, Hhowlnu lettorK (Ul), tJUHhlnx. l.lverpool 'j riu \evada (111),' ijuemnx, l*lverpool''April I) and Di]eenstowii.'lUtii,,nith wise.aud 'lia cabin and IAI7 Hteernge ptiiouxers to. A AI Underhlll i (Jo. Arrived tlie bara tia. (Hr), p»t. 1.10 I'M. joni,' London 'April & with .. ..... , ',) Hurst. Arr ved at Iho bar, 5, JJO A M. ' '%V. .pvjiejlhlH Kiln• Kiln• - . , at-44,4ll,'lon 4'.I,UH% on 'April Iho bar, 5 pr , -,,on .,. . iroKof Urcniloekjj bleerlngri, aVl.. • Steamer MattenUriugo (Ital), .Uirera; Leghorn. March U4; HU'wiua. IJHilii Naples,' Aprll'l, .Km! (>lbrallar, tin, .with u\4t» and l,0«ltuajuetigera .to I iinuh, EiljoiC'o, Arrl.oj .at' llio, lj«r at 8.t)u Ss' Kt Pauuras (tir). Young, LlvorpoQir'Aurlli $ t ivlttl mdse toOhas I'Siiinnerit Clo; arrlreil at the bai at 11PM lUthi had light euatorly nfiidi/ _and bai at 11 PW jiozy uoattiari lUthi ha n the ohi o Vtrii »...«.! mini, tlimiue fv lat f liui fl , ^_.,, th™.iiigder»telo«trou« gales,, with dir uhtrli) l«t.43.«J IOMK H,ue, tliunoo pk, inodei'atB to freab^br " utneriM ' '" ,^ r ,- Btulflrlt-'i iofriiiia.ipr uopoi o> lrluiior(a XL,,, .-^, '"„— ighuni JO. Palermo »8. Sormnto 21, WH JoUa 28, y.loiio a April 1 ami OibralUr radne, 8 cabin an dmoii flrpi ' - Hook, inodei'at'e to f real) ^breozeu from S to nw aud line weather! 'April 18, l*l'4T;U6 long Un.46, ipokeihlp 5i.lklrk,'ir Moltlsud, Ml, from 1'iilU- dulplilaior Uoponhn»en, • ' Si 'Ifliinorija (Br), Thomsou, O«no» March 4, h 4, Q6, tfn ola Apri I aud Gibraltar wfn d 91(f alnnz* pawongeni to Hen. rrltod at the b«r 0,38 A, M. llad |ii^»i vltU B«»ty uwd «o»», Kel

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