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Oliver Sabin 6 Nov 1911
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A large audience of fashionably dressed met? and women stood awed In Rauscher*s yesterday afternoon and hardjy believed their eyes when they saw Bishop Oliver C Sabin, of the Evangelical Christian Science Church, pass his hands gently over the faces of sbc lame, blind, and ill persons, and then saw bandages, eyeglasses, and canes thrown aside, and the afflicted^ones regain what appeared to be good health. The sick were apparently as surprised as the spectators, and in a moment were gathered around Bishop Sabin clasping his hand and calling down blessings upon him In expectation that Bishop Sabin would give a. public exhibition of the power of mind over matter, a score of men, women, and children, suffering from"! everything from blindness to headaches, went to him for treatment, and~ more than 200 spectators gathered in the small ballroom of Rauscher's to see what would happen. Many came assisted by friends or carrying canes, others had bandages about their heads, and on the faces of several were -expressions of Intense pain The bishop, who left the church of Mary Baker Eddy several years ago, because, as he explained It, he believed it was being run to nil the pockets, of Mrs Eddy with money was exhausted physically after he had administered treatment to four women and two men He then announced that the strain was so great that he could treat no more Many who had witnessed apparently wonderful cures effected, pleaded that they be treated, but had to depart disappointed Warns Against Fakes. Before beginning the ti eatments the bishop assaHJed the late ittr-s. Eddy and her followers of the "mother" Christian Science Church, Alexander Dowie, and Frank W Sandford, leader of the Holy Ghpst and Us sect. He declared that all of these "so-called religious leaders" were merely out for money and cared nothing for saving souls or healing ailments He characterized them as "fakes, frauds, and false leaders " "They were frauds for the simple rea4 son that they pretended that they had more power than their fellow beings," he declared "Mrs Eddy and her followers cared nothing about spreading the truth about Christian Science, but everything about getting as much money as possible. I once belonged to her church, but left in disgust.^^ Bishop Sabin warnedJ^U present that he would make no attempt lev-cure scofferg, or those who bad oorae to I make light of his prowess He taHt-*h£m further he could cure any ailment so long as the patients believed m him, and in the power of God, to cure them without medical attention. Then he called on the suffering to come forward Instantly men and women and children pushed toward him Many had to be assisted by friends, while others limped painfully. Blind Woman Cured A woman, who said she. was Mrs 3 F Maney, of 614 Nineteenth street, apparently was suffering more than the others, and the bishop called her About her head was a bandage and she complained that abscesses had formed on her eyes, and that she had been totally blind in one eye for nine weeks Her husband ^as with her, and confirmed her story She groaned and twitched in pain Pushmg back the bandage about her head, and looking straight in her eyes, Bishop Sabin slowly and soothingly passed his fingers over her brow He said nothing aloud but muttered a prayer below his breath, all the while making mystic passes before the woman s ejes Everone -4n the hall watched breathlessly^ and even the skeptics displayed a deep Interest In what was transpiring. Several moments passed, and then tbe watchers saw a smile about the corners of the stricken woman's lips, and the eye which had been closed, slowly opened. For a brief moment the woman stared about her as In a dream, and she trembled and gasped as if fighting for breath All tbe while the aged bisbtp continued his gestures, gazing intently at the patient" Suddenly the silent throng heard Mrs Maney gasp aloud, and her hands went to her face Her sight had been restored, f Bishop Sabin stepped back and smiled, _ "Do you feel better'" he asked "Why, I feel fine " the woman replied "All the pain seems to be gone and I can see with both eyes. I do not understand it at all My eyes for rtne weeks Have felt as if they were burning up, and seveial phvsicians havejtalled to mate them better I could not o"pen my right eye at all, and have been using my left eje entirely" Another woman, who said her name was Mrs Annie Reed,, 363! tFlourteentli street northwest, and who complained that she was suffering from neuralgia and rheumatism in her head and foot, and who carried a cane, was next led forward Passing his hands lightly over her head and back, and praying In the same manner as before Bishop Sabin treated her silently for a few moments, and then she, too, smiled and said the pain had vanished Others Take Treatment. Other men and women were led forward In quick succession Each gave their first name to Bishop Sabin m order that he might pray for them One man, wfeo Mi4 feta first nan* ««· Joan, bat who refused to give his famllv name tiis neck had been paralyzed for a num- bei of jears Another complained of having a terrible headache, and one had iheumatlsm h* one foot All were apparent^ cured They said the} had never met Bishop Sabin before "It seems like- a real miracle said the man whose foot had been cured "I have been suffering with intense pain, for months I have tried several phvsi clans but none of them bench" ted me Tt Is the most wonderful thing I e\ci heard of Wnlle the bishop was treating me, I seemed gradually to lose all sense of pain and mv bad foot began to feel ]ust like the other one I hardlv had ans sensation at all while I ^as being cured " After the six persons had been treated others crowded forward but the bishop waved them back Persons who had to the meeting anxious to be cured, who confessed skepticism, were now eagei that he trv their cases He sank into! a chair, however and refused further treatment He was mentally exhausted ho explained "I wish I could help ou all, he said "but I find I am completely tired out The work exhausts both the bodj and the mind, and it is impossible to cure many at one time But tf all otfteis will come to me I will be glad to do e thing possible for them ' Says Cure Is Easy Those who apparently had been cured wonderingiy inquired what the bishop had done to drive away their pain seemed hardly able to belle\e what had transpired ' 'There is nothing wonderful about this cure ' explained Bishop Sabin 'Any one can do likewise after a little studj In order to cure it is imperative that per sons understand three things First, who and what is God. His relations to us the universe Second, who Is man how was he created, by wham what were rights, and what his rights are now what his relations are to God and to surrounding things Third, the language between God the Father and tnan the child "If you understand these thing* 1 jou have the science of metaphysiqs at the end of our fingers, and you cap demon strate an thing you wish Thje reason why the world can't heal the sijtk is cause thev do not know how to praj They do not know to whom t o , p ' When I healed these people I merely prayed to God that they might be and placed my hands on the injured in order that they might feel my and be strengthened They fel|t the influence of m mind praying to the Almighty that they might be ^ell, and feeling this they believed that l[hey TV well and therefore were cured. I did cure, God did " Bishop Sabin warned the audlerce not to scoff at physicians and attack them grafters Too nfuch of this Is dqine bj called "New Thougnters," he paid He advised all suffering with contagious diseases to consult a physician at ones, order that tne law might be complied with "" "I advise this because to some people certain diseases are contagious he continued "If a person suffering ^ith scar let fever walks down the s1»«et find others who know be has the disease certainly will spread pfirson knows how to w M^stand contagion br"the exercise* *»f ^Js wlll*]iow«r, he never will catch such a dlseaaf Thav* been In places where scarlet other plagues were rampant, bi contracted them." STARTS HOME TO President Leaves Hot After a Brief Vacation. But It a .prings TOUR THEOTTGH THE Mr. Taft Will Depart From Cincinnati Tuesday Wight for Thousand -Mile in Kentucky and Tennessee--Due in Washington November 13--To Consider Case of National City Company SOUTH Hot Springs, Va, Nor 5 -- Afler a days' rest here, President TaCt left to night for Cincinnati accompanied b\ Mrs. Taft, Miss Helen Taft,, and Mis Thomas M Laughlin of Pittsburgh Secretary Hllles and Maj Thomas I Rhoades, the Presidents phvfHcun, v.ill meet him m Cincinnati tomorrow Mr Taft expects to appear hefoie the election board in Cincinnati and q u d l si) that he can vote at the clt\ and ty election on the following clav On Tuesday he will address the American Society for the Judicial Settlement of International Disputes, and will dine with the commercial Club Thousand-Mile Tout Leaving Cincinnati Tuesda night the President begins a 1,000-mile tour through Kentucky and Tennessee during which he will make half a dozen speeches Thursday he will participate in the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial building at Hodgenville, K The trip ends at Knoxville. Tenn l«Jovember ifl, and Mr TaJt should reach Washington earlj on the mornlng.of the next day The President spent today feuietl* He attended church this morning and was driven over miles of mountain roads be- fpre dinner Secretary Hllles Is bringing the President the details of the action of the National City Company, of Ne^r York, in surrendering its bank stoclt holding^ This matter the President ha|d promised to settle Immediately after hip return to Washington Situation Entirely Changed The action of the National Cit* Company has entirel changed the situation removing the whole cause for complaint in the report of Attorney General Wiclv- ersbam, which first raised the question of validity of connection between national banks and savings or trust companies or other national banks Now that the National City Compans has voluntarily given up its, holdings it remains for Mr Taft to decide w!i*tiier the organization of the other natioml banks of the countrv m connection w i their trust company application'' ^ to questioned under the national banking- law Secretary MacVeagh is anxious for legislation legalizing m some wa a con nection between national banks and sav Ings and trust companies BT STRAY BULLET. Hunter Believed to Have Been Victim Another Sportsman's Kifle Machias Me Nov a --A jstrav bullet from a hunters rifle is behe\ed to have kftled George Ackley, whose bod was found in the woods near Marion yesterday - Ackley 1 *iad been gunning for a week. with other hunters, but none of his companions knew of his death until tils was found near the carcastr of a cow moose, which had apparently fallen by *bot from hi* rtfle. _ __ _ i

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