Oliver Sabin 13 February 1911 Washington Post

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Oliver Sabin 13 February 1911
Washington Post  - in A to iy of be of to MEDICINE WITH FAITH 01...
in A to iy of be of to MEDICINE WITH FAITH 01 on to his a So It in in it I I I I I I of it is - B E of at a of of of of a Christian Science Cannot Cure All Ills Sabin Says D0CT0ES NEEDED AT TIMES Belief in Prayer Alone a Menace Bishop Sabin Declares Sermon at Rauschers Creates Sensation Head of Rival Church Says Healing Is Legitimate but Medicine Should Go With It Severely criticising the followers of the late Mrs Mary Baker Eddy for having nothing whatever to do with physicians and charging that they are committing a crime against humanity when they advise advise their adherents to shun members of the medical profession Bishop Oliver Sabin of the Evangelical Christian Science Science Church of Washington yesterday preached a strong sermon at a meeting at Rauschers Bishop Sabin - also condemned in - no uncertain uncertain language the opinion of Magistrate Magistrate Freschi of the Tombs court in New York that Christian Science healers illegally practice medicine and should be held amenable to the law Decision Asked Here The magistrates decision rendered on Friday during the trial of a healer of me naay church caused all Washington Christian Scientists to denounce it The matter reached E H Thomas District District corporation counsel who was asked for an option That official however declared declared that so far as he knew the question question had never been raised in Washington Washington At present Christian Science healers are not allowed to sign death certificates but he said they may evade this provision provision by getting a physician to sign them Until physicians agree not to sign such certificates the question never will be brought to a test here Mr Thomas declared declared m case a healfer fails to get a physician to sign a death certificate the coroner will be forced to make an investigation investigation and then the courts will have to decide the matter he concluded Attack on Courts Ruling Bishop Sabin in denouncing the decision decision of Magistrate Freschi declared the magistrate acted In violation of the Constitution of the United States which guarantees to every person freedom of conscience in matters of religion Bishop Sabin charged that the physicians physicians of the country are back of the fight to force the Christian Scientists to stop their operations Through the efforts of the Christian Scientists the amount of sickness is being rapidly cut down causing the regular physicians to fear that their profession will be ruined he declared Every Christian Scientist should go right along practicing his religion with no fear that he will be molested advised advised the bishop If necessary he said the Christian Scientists will take the question to the Supreme Court in order to get a decision Charges Termed Folly To charge that a Christian Scientist healer is practicing medicine in violation violation of the law is the wildest folly Bishop Sabin asserted A science healer gives a patient no medicine and therefore therefore cannot possibly harm him The Christian Scientist merely spreads his religion among the people and by its help sick i people are made well and healthy persons are kept well Bishop Sabin declared that in cases of contagious diseases It is only proper that physicians be called In Our church believes that in many cases of sickness physicians are necessary necessary The followers of Mrs Eddy are committing a crime against humanity when they tell their patients to shun physicians under all conditions Diseases are liable to be spread by this policy and thousands may die from plagues Bishop Sabin declared that the decision of the New York magistrate struck at the very roots of Christian Science belief belief Unless the decision Is reversed hv the higher courts thousands of people will be forced to forsake the tenets of their religion he declared Freedom in Religion There can be no dispute that the na tional Constitution guarantees to every person perfect freedom of conscience in following his own religion he continued Christian Science is certainly a religion religion the only true religion which really follows the teachings of the Bible Thousands Thousands of people are annually joining the church and are learning to cure their ills by prayer There can be no doubt that back of the prosecution stand the physicians of the country Their opposition is founded entirely entirely on jealousy and fear They know what wonders have been accomplished by believers in this wonderful religion and they realize that their influence is being constantly undermined Magistrates Decision In his decision Magistrate Freschi declared declared that in view of the circumstances of this case I am of the opinion that the practice of the treatment of diseases and sifcknes by prayer as taught by the book of Mrs Eddy violates the law of this State The Christian Scientist has the right to believe that he can heal by prayer but I am of the opinion that if he carries and puts into practice that belief for hire and solicits patients by advertisement advertisement then he exceeds his rights as an individual under the constitution He must subordinate his beliefs to the rights of the community when the free exercise of such belief either impairs and endangers th health of the people or tends to place their health in jeopardy so hat the safety of the state will be affected Case Before Court The New York case originated with the arrest of Willis Vernon Cole a healer of the Eddy church Cole was arrested on information sworn out by two women who oharged that the man bad prayed with them charged them 2 a piece and then told them that they probably would be cured No cure followed Tn Tfenderinir his decision the New York magistrate quoted Justice Thur - man of Ohio to the effect Acts evil in their nature or dangerous to the pub lic welfare may be forbidden and pun ished though sanctioned by one religion nnfl nrohlbited bv another Thus no tlea of Ms religion should Bhield a murderer or bigamist ror tne community would be at the mercy of superstition if such crimes as these could be committed with impunity because sanctioned by some religious religious delusion t t t t I

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The Washington Post (Washington, District of Columbia)13 Feb 1911, MonPage 12
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