Review of DeWolf Hopper San Francisco Chronicle 12 Nov 1895

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Review of DeWolf Hopper San Francisco Chronicle 12 Nov 1895 - Muaxciscd HRONiqiiEj troEsixAa ScyvpjimEEj J12...
Muaxciscd HRONiqiiEj troEsixAa ScyvpjimEEj J12 jisfe we - THE De WoH HopperMakes His Appearance WANG IS ENTERTAINING DAZBY HAS A MELODRAMA AT THE CALIFORNIA New BUIa at the Alcasar and the Grand Minstrels and Opera Variety The expectancy which showed in the faces of the crowded audience at th Baldwin Theater last night waa ful - nied ana De Wolf Hoppers engage ment is likely to be a flattering suc - la the nursery rhyme songand dance by the children and Wang and the Crown Prince which made a great hit last night as well as the old Man In the Moon song which we hear for the first time in the original place There is promise of a crowded business this week A great many of those incidents and situations - which make the usual melodrama fall gracefully Into line in Daleys melodrama The War of Wealth produced for the first time In this city at the California Theater last eveninj The War of Wealth Is not so even a play as that other popular Dazey melodrama In Old Kentucky It Abounds with such time - honored phrases as Ah Here he comes and the hero approaches I hear her footsteps and lo the heroine is there But when they do come they have such a tremendous amount of good hard work to do villainy to expose poverty to extol and virtue to unhold that the hackneyed old phrases become secondary and the stirring scenes quicken the pulses and stimulate the palms to ready action The War of Wealth might have been a pantomime and the audience could without difficulty have correctly supplied the lines The two exciting climaxes the rescue of the heroine in the first act and - the run on the bank at the end of the third would make a success of a much worse play than The War of Wealth The cast is about up to the average of IEEI1HE I Seven Men ta Handle the Product - STANDARD FOR EACH CLASS PLAN FOR DISTRIBUTING TUB PROCEEDS A Southern Bleetlng to Be Held In Los Angeles on Thursday ot - This Week jirv Sl The plan of the sweet wine men to maintain their product at paying prices has been made public It provides for a deed of trust to a board of trustees and it is claimed for it that It will en - tall little expense This will principally consist in the employment of an Inspector to ascertain the kinds and quality of wines turned in by each vineyard the rent of a small office and the services of a bookkeeper The trustees will give their services free and as they are the representatives of the largest sweet - wine - vineyards In the State It will be to their interest to conduct their trust as economically as possible The four trustees selected at the generalgeneral - meeting last week assembled yesterday for the first time There were present L P Drexler D Henshaw cn WAtcG N WANCr TELEGRAPHIC Wang is old and In the house were a great many who recalled its presentation in New York and the East Some of them may have noted that there was not the same lavish display of figures and costumes as then but we cannot expect that Hopper can afford to bring across the continent the ex ceptional contingent he can put on cheaply In the metropolis We have heard pirated most of the things In It which when It was new made it an enthusiastic go but it had a freshness and a vim which overcame whatever influence that might have exercised To say that It went merrily all through means so much more therefore than if It had been all new material Of its kind Wang is one of the best productions we have seen The plot Is humorous and the libretto on those lines of laugh - making absurdity Is clever Cheever Goodwin understands that work better than any man In this country and he writes it with facility and felicity Woolson Morse has a com mand of Jingle as well as ability to put in here and there a pretty strain The whole show is full of movement color and life while the Interest In the leading characters Is much stronger than usual The Idea of the Regent of Slam in his desperate financial state having to marry a widow with a whole com pany of children to get hold of the treas ure chest Is of Itself funny but there Is a piquant difference which is very effective In the contrast between him and the little Crown Prince and In ract every Doay else It is the rarest thing on the stageto find an immensely tall man funny except by contrast De Wolf Hopper Is not only amusing by contrast but he Is funny by himself Indeed he Is the cleverest monologue performer of any of those comic - opera comedians His Interpolation last night of his celebrated recitation of Casey at the Bat and some other things was as entertaining a part of the play as any He is a fine reciter and touches comedy tragedy and pathos with an ease which none uf his rivals in the business possesses He has an unusually good voice and sings when he likes well He speaks clearly and can do a patter song with remarkable enunciation and personally he has magnetism Even with a lame foot which seriously interfered with his sprlghtllness last night he put plenty of life Into the Regent The performance of Edna Wallace Hopper who has only been away from home three years came as something f a surprise to those who expected a good deal That in this short time she should have absolutely gained a mattery over the stage business of comic opera Is quite notable As the Crown Prince she was as dainty merry and refined a little fellow as one could Imagine She trod the stage and went through her part with the perfect assurance of a veteran she was graceful really young mannishwithout staginess of any kind and although she has no great singing voice it was not her least clever feature the effective way In which shegave expression to her music She is certainly one of the most talented girls In comic opera and while there is constant aggressive assertion about the soubrette in a boys character as a rule she has none of it at all Her success pleased the audience and led the way to the reception which was given later to her husband De Wolf Hopper grows on you as he progresses until everything he does becomes - funny There are plenty of gags in the play some of them new some of them old and lots of the business would be silly if it were rot for Hoppers doing It He Is less of A clown than - some of the others we have seen he does not go away from the business or the character as mucn ana ms funniest - work is In what one might call the logical aosurdity of the thing He has brought some clever people and although he and Edna Wallace are the two central figures they do not quite monopoliie the good work There la really comedy In Guises Colon pi and Alice Hosmers widow Is a straight performance or great merit Bertha Watxlnger sings prettily and acts well and Ida Lester is an attractive Gillette Alfred Kleins Pe pat Is a very humorous performance and all the parts are taken In a harmonious spirit of what is called our comic opera t There is - plenty of music and some ot U - very taking A very pleasant bit 11 i whwi ii 1 rw vr min sKraon wy lilM SC IT pNA the usual melodrama company The villain A S Llpman wears a silk hat clenches his teeth and plots his basest while balancing on his toes but he is good at all that Malcolm Williams takes kindly care of the hero and dashes through the glass door of the bank just at the proper moment with all the skill of a trained athlete Frank J Keenan as the old Southern war horse did some excellent work as did also the California favorite old Ben Cotton as Cas - sius the Majors servant Fanny Mc - Intyre Laura Booth and Marian Earle were fully up to the requirements of their respective roles as was also Miss Belle Bucklln who has already made for herself a popular name here as the hoyden with the strawberries In The Girl I Left Behind Me The play was effectively mounted and the many changes of scenes in the third act very cleverly managed It is booked at the California for a two weeks run and will doubtless draw crowded houses It Is hardly necessary to give any extended comment now to the performance of The Private Secretary in Leonard Grovers version which is the bill this week at the Alcazar Theater It is one of the best representations the play has had for Leonard Grover Jr is a very clever Comedian in Spauldlng and Grover Sr Is a capital Cattermole The play has plenty of vitality in spite or its many performances in this city The Open Gate a particularly pretty little one - act comedy Is also on the bill It is charmingly played by Jennie Kennark Ida Park Lothian and Powers At the Tivoll Opera - house Madame Favart is still drawing good houses and it will be followed next week by Carmen The Orpheum last night presented to a very large audience an important batch of new variety people who addet to the successful people of last week made a very lively bill Granto and Maud Amnions Clerise Trio Topack and Steele were all most favorably received and the band of Samoan warriors Is ft specially Interesting attraction Money Mad one of Steele Mackaye strongest melodramas ably played ana elaborately mounted at Moroscos Grand Opera - house is likely to make - money again It Is powerfully written much above the usual melodrama Professor Ruchwaldy the Siamese sorcerer gave a magic performance at the Bush - street Theater last night There is some novelty In 1U G - JLKas - teliz gives a musical entertainment - betweenbetween whiles The Haverly Minstrels are popular at the Columbia Theater They had a big house last night and will do well for their short engagement A Contented Woman will give Its last performance at the Mcdohough Theater Oakland to - night The Passing Show Will be there on Thursday and Friday nights and Saturday matinee-- - Ward H Trevalyan and Frank A West Captain Youngberg was instructed to go south to - morrow with the deed of trust in order to be present at a meeting of sweet wthe men which is to be held in Los Angeles on Thursday He Is to get as many additional signatures as possible and Impress upon the producers of sweet wine south of Tehachapl that 90 percent of the gal - lonage of the State is requisite in order to put the plan into execution At the Los Angeles meeting two more trustees are to be chosen to act with the four already selected in the center and north of the State and a seventh Is to be hereafter named It was reported yesterday that a number of additional signatures to the agreement had been obtained By It the sweet wine makers deed to the trustees for the Joint benefit of all the amount of wines set opposite their names and authorize and empower the trustees to make such contracts for the disposition of the wines ain their judgment may be most advantageous One of the conditions of sale however - must oe the payment in cash not later than the Sth of the following month of all wines purchased during the preceding month Payment Is to be made by the trustees to the signers as follows On the 10th of each month a statement is to be made of the quantity of each kind of wine sold Then there will be distributed to the signers of the agree ment in proportion as tne amount of each kind of wine deeded by them bears to the whole amount of wine deeded an amount equal to the net proceeds ot the wines after deducting all necessary expenses The proceeds of each kind or wine are to be kept separate the amount realized from port to be dis - tnnutea among the deeders of port In the ratio that the amount of nort bears to the total gallonage of port deeded ana tne same plan is to be pursued with angelica sweet muscat sherry and sherry material A standard quality 01 eacn ciass or wine aeeaea is required to be guaranteed by the signers of the ded of trust In general terms they must be of good salable color marketable clear and sound in quality pure free from acid orv anyantiseptic and undiluted by waters In particular it Is required that - angelicas shall contain not less than 20 per cent alcohol and 10tt per cent sugar tweet muscats must meet per surplus - vit J anout and ao rcnaeu digestion

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